Doxx their asses!

May or may not be true, but I sure hope that it is.

ATLANTA — The purported names and addresses of members of the grand jury that indicted Donald Trump and 18 of his co-defendants on state racketeering charges this week have been posted on a fringe website that often features violent rhetoric, NBC News has learned.

NBC News is choosing not to name the website featuring the addresses to avoid further spreading the information.

Because OF COURSE you are.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment. District Attorney Fani Willis faced racist threats ahead of the return of the indictment, and additional security measures were put in place, with some employees being allowed to work from home.

The grand jurors’ purported addresses were spotted by Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan research group founded by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI investigator and staffer for the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.

Founded by a former Fibbie and Swamp Senate staffer? Hey, sure sounds “nonpartisan” enough to me. I’m quite confident that this “Advance Democracy” bunch is nothing at all like those nasty “fringe” websites with their “violent rhetoric” and all, yesirreebob.

Me, I’m with Divemedic:

Remember back during the Chauvin trial, when people were threatening witnesses? The defense attorneys in the trial received death threats? Or when the jury members were found to be members of BLM and Antifa marches? All of that was not a problem.

Now that news outlets are claiming people are doing the same in the Trump case, it’s a problem again. I hope they are. Goose, gander, all of that. However, I don’t believe that it’s happening. This is the tail wagging the dog- the news is creating content to get people riled up.

If I *do* locate such a website, I will of course link to it.

As will I. These commie motherfuckers who stole our country from us want a fight, they by-God ought to get themselves one—a bruising, bare-knuckles brawl in which we deploy every imaginable weapon and/or stratagem available to us, in any way we can find to use them. Period fucking dot.


Smackdown: DEALT

The effete True Conservatives™ currently dragging Bill Buckley’s once-indispensable magazine through the shitlib sewer-pipe had the unmitigated gall to sniff, in the manner of Thurston Howell III, at Oliver Anthony’s smash song, and John Nolte is all over ‘em like white on rice.

This establishment elite is so above it all he dissects “Rich Men North of Richmond” lyric by lyric. Honestly, the best way to read these excerpts is in the voice of Thurston Howell III:

“Yes — it is a damn shame what the world’s gotten to. But we can fix it. We don’t have to just dream about it. Indeed, if we want to, we can fix it on our own even if Washington is standing in our way or looking down its nose at us,” lovey.

He also suggests Anthony remind everybody in a song of “what makes America a great land — a land of opportunity, not of guaranteed success,” lovey.

It gets worse:

My brother in Christ, you live in the United States of America in 2023 — if you’re a fit, able-bodied man, and you’re working “overtime hours for bullshit pay,” you need to find a new job.

There’s plenty of them out there — jobs that don’t require a college degree, that offer good pay (especially in this tight labor market) and great benefits, especially if you’re willing to get your hands dirty by doing things like joining the Navy, turning wrenches, fixing pumps, laying pipe, or a hundred other jobs through which American men can still make a great living. If you’re the type of guy who’s willing to show up on time, every time, work hard while you’re on the clock, and learn hard skills — there’s a good-paying job out there for you. Go find it.

What did the pedantic do before the Internet?

How out of touch do you have to be to rip apart a song that speaks to a disaffected group of people and says I get you, I hear you, I’m with you, you’re not alone, we’re in this together…? That’s what art does. The best art grabs hold of something inside of us and helps us to make sense of it. Art is firing on all cylinders when it examines and explains the human condition. All Oliver Anthony is doing is commiserating and reaching out to a group of people who feel they are under assault by America’s dominant culture because they are under assault by America’s dominant culture. He’s commiserating with us in the same way Sinatra commiserates with the lonely, Patsy Cline embraces the brokenhearted, Woody Guthrie speaks for the scorned, and the blues offer everyone a shoulder to cry on.

Hey, National Review. Why are you whining about a song? This is America, you crybabies, a land where you can write your own songs. You don’t need to sit around and wait for Oliver Anthony to write a song about how great America is–not in America. Why aren’t you pulling those bootstraps, showing some initiative, and writing the song yourself, my brother in Christ?

Finally, what’s interesting is how National Review failed to comment on this specific lyric in Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond”:

I wish politicians would look out for miners
And not just minors on an island somewhere

But that might be because National Review was publishing gushing articles about Jeffrey Epstein years and years after his conviction for procuring underage prostitutes.

What whores won’t do for a dollar.

But DAYUMMM, that one stung from all the way over here. Let ‘im up, John, I think he’s stopped breathing.



Bayou Peter on Yertle McTurtle’s Bidenesque mental lockdown the other day, whereupon he was whisked away from the podium in the arms of a couple of nearby handlers.

One gets very tired of politicians (irrespective of their party) when they’re performing business as usual, jabbering on inanely about subjects of which they know little or nothing, and expecting us to support them while they actively undermine our interests. When their general incompetence is augmented by diminished capacity due to age and its effects, it gets even worse. Based on what we saw this week, I daresay a case could be made that both Senators McConnell and Feinstein should be mandatorily retired as incompetent to exercise their office. The signs are very clear that they’re both “past it” – and they’re not alone in that.

I might have a suggestion or three regarding that “mandatorily retired” option myself, which I shall refrain from going into details of for the nonce, because Glowniggers reasons. Anyways. Onwards.

Perhaps a general age limit for elected political office (and, for that matter, appointed office, too) isn’t a bad idea. The Catholic Church requires bishops to tender their resignation to the Pope when they reach the age of 75 years. He doesn’t necessarily have to accept it, but in most cases he does, giving him an opportunity to bring in “fresh blood” to the episcopacy, and (hopefully) “cleaning house” of those who’ve become ossified in their thinking and reactions. Perhaps that’s a reasonable age limit for our politicians as well. If 75 isn’t right, what is?

That’s one of the reasons I’m very dubious about voting for former President Trump. Regardless of his policies, he’ll be 78 years old if he’s re-elected in 2024. Joe Biden was that age when he assumed office – and we’ve all seen the very visible signs of age-related problems in him even before that.

There’s simply a human and medical reality that as we get older, our capabilities and performance deteriorate to a greater and greater extent. Can we ignore that in our national and political leaders? I don’t think so. There’s nothing stopping an older person from offering really useful advice and insights, but to have such a person’s finger on the “nuclear button”? To have such a person making and/or approving national policy that directly and immediately affects not only our future, but the future of the world? To me, that’s a very dangerous situation.

I’m generally good with the idea, were it not for the part I put in bold, which is another instance of an assumption not in evidence: that the marionettes paraded around for We Duh Peepul as “our national leaders” in fact are the “people” in charge of FederalGovCo. In reality, they are no such thing. The people who actually DO run the whole dumbshow don’t ever stand for “election,” don’t ever make speeches on TeeWee, and are basically unknown to us, unless something goes horribly awry.


No reason it can’t be both

And every reason to think that it not only can, but IS.

Recently, in a conversation between friends, the hypothesis was floated: what if all the burning farms, derailed trains, crop failures, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad scary nauseam aren’t really enemy action, but more a competency crisis.

As in these things happen not because big-bad is plotting against us, but because no one knows how to do the things they purportedly do anymore.

Embrace the healing power of “and,” Sarah.

To give an example: Suppose you were hired to haul buckets from a well. But when you actually get the job, you find out, no. Because of inherited systems, and what your superiors expect, you’re supposed to climb down the wall, hand over hand, and bring up water by the cupfull. And there are regulations in the works to make that by the spoonfull. However, you’ll be fully held to account if you can’t provide the amount of water the company is contracted for. You. Personally.

So, you do what you can. You fudge the books. On paper, you’re getting all this water up. Where the water goes no one knows, every one down stream (pardon the pun) from you does the same.

If this sounds like the soviet system? It is. It’s just that the directives don’t come directly and traceably from the government. (Though under the infestation of Bidentia they increasingly do.) Instead, they come from “experts” “scientists” “Studies” “marketing gurus.” And sometimes they are curtailed or made worse by agencies and regulations.

Yes, the managerial or worse “expert” class is the same that furnishes government. These are not your friends, are not meant to be your friends, and are convinced they know much more than you do.

What they know in fact is “how to manage.” But it’s not how to manage anything. They know theory of management (or whatever) derived from no reality (mostly from the writings of Marx, if you dig a little) and pushed ALL THE WAY DOWN.

It’s like — exactly like — being run by “experts” who memorized the Little Red Book. It might please those in power, but it has nothing to do with accomplishing the actual job in front of you.

No coincidence, that. The mistake Sarah makes here is one all too many of us still do: assuming that “their job” is still what the traditional American understanding of that was. Nothing could be further from the truth. Under the present-day Amerika v2.0/Soviet-style system, these people are NOT “public servants.” They do NOT “work for us,” are not in any way, shape, or form answerable to We The People; they are accountable only to their OWN masters in goobermint, whose goals are not ours.

Once you’ve accepted that home truth, it all starts to make a sad, sick sort of sense—another of those things that, once seen, cannot be unseen, shall we say. Bukowski recognized all those years ago what the underlying problem is.

Apologies for y’all being forced to click over to YewToob to learn the answer, but hey, whatchagonna do. New category for this sort of thing, which I fear is gonna be populated all too quickly: Culture Of Incompetence.

Update! Well, whaddya know, after getting the dreaded “Video unavailable” nag-window in the MarsEdit post preview, the vid appears on the actual CF page, at least for me. YMMV, of course and as usual.


You’re gonna need another server

Several of ’em in fact.

Will Republicans Impeach Biden? Here’s The Full Corruption Timeline
House Republicans are moving closer to an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, according to Speaker Kevin McCarthy as party leaders continue to investigate allegations that the president accepted millions of dollars in bribes from foreign entities, including individuals linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

With the investigation into the alleged corruption of the Biden family — primarily Biden and his son Hunter — heating up, here is a timeline, according to House Republicans and other documentation, of the events that some lawmakers have said may lead to Biden’s impeachment:

Follows, the list, which DW claims is “complete” but, voluminous as it is, is still much too short to be truly all-inclusive. As for “impeachment,” might wanna hold off on that for a bit yet, McCarthy. As I understand it, Miss Lindsey Graham (Uniparty-Swamp) still has several blue-ribbon commissions working tirelessly to “get to the bottom” of the Russia Collusion hoax, the “election”-rigging controversy, and a plethora of other Biden-related scandals.

All of which leaves Ben Weingarten’s recommendation even more pointless and fanciful, if perfectly valid, than it already is.

Start an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden now — other presidents were impeached for less
Little could be more dangerous than for our commander-in-chief to be corrupted and compromised by foreign powers, including our worst enemies.

There is growing evidence President Joe Biden just may be such a corrupted and compromised figure.

So if House Republicans launch an impeachment inquiry into the uniquely grave offenses in which Biden has been implicated, they will be doing so on uniquely justified grounds.

Certainly, Congresses impeached Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump for far less.

An impeachment inquiry, which would arm House Republicans with the most awesome investigative powers possible, would reveal what the Bidens earned, from whom, for what, what the president knew, when he knew it, what he did about it, if and how he benefited and whether he has lied about it all.

It would also allow Congress to assess whether and to what extent his family’s dealings have influenced his policies — that is, whether he is acting in America’s self-interest or his own.

Oh, I think nobody is in any confusion whatever about that, thanks. Certainly in a better, more just world—on another planet in another dimension in an alternate universe, probably—Bribem would have been impeached, convicted, and tossed out on his corrupt ass long before now. Then again, in that better world he never would have been permitted to slime his way into the White(bag) House in the first damned place.

In this world, poor Weingarten is laboring under an assumption nowhere in evidence: that the Repugnicants actually want to piss off their D卐M☭CRAT partners in crime by impeaching the manifestly corrupt and treasonous Usurper In Thief. I’m beginning to think I should work up a sort of adjunct on the Mike’s Iron Laws page, for listing all these unsupported assumptions people still insist on making.


Bang for the buck

I’ve said several times that, after the tampering/rigging/fraud debacles of ’20 and ’22, the only interest I’ll have in national “elections” going forward will be for their entertainment value, nothing more. Which, for 2024, is already looking as if it might turn out to be much higher than anticipated.

Good news, everyone! Mitt Romney (D, but R when necessary-Utah) has a plan for victory in the 2024 presidential race. That plan involves forcing Trump out of the field of candidates. Romney outlined his pathway to victory in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. While bemoaning the fact that Trump will likely be the nominee, Romney holds out hope that The Donald can be defeated, provided the race is narrowed down to two contenders before Trump “sews up” the nomination. For that to happen, the mega-donors and influencers in the GOP must convince those candidates who do not have a realistic chance of winning to drop out of the race.

HA! To rejigger that great Morpheus line just a wee mite: Mitt, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

He concedes that this may be easier said than done, but the risk of having expendable candidates in the race is just too high:

There are incentives for no-hope candidates to overstay their prospects. Coming in behind first place may grease another run in four years or have market value of its own: Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum got paying gigs. And as former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu has observed, “It is fun running for president if you know you cannot win.”

Left to their own inclinations, expect several of the contenders to stay in the race for a long time. They will split the non-Trump vote, giving him the prize. A plurality is all that is needed for winner-take-all primaries.

Romney suggests a drop-dead date of Monday, Feb. 26. That is the first business day after the contests in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. He goes so far as to suggest that donors to lower-tier candidates extract a pledge from them that they will drop out if their prospects are dim after the fateful Monday.

Keep in mind that this is the same guy who was singing the praises of hot dogs just last week. And a man who has not shown his face at a single state or county GOP convention since he ran for Senate. I should know. I’ve been to more of them than he has.

Man, talk about your no-hopers—if ever there was one, it would have to be Mittens Romneycare, whose only real rival in terms of manifestly-doomed pResidential runs was recently-anointed grifter and pedophile Faux Jaux Bribem. As for Too Old Jaux, just a wweek or so ago his handlers announced his intention to conduct his “campaign” for re-“election” from his sarcophagus in the palatial basement of his Delaware home mansion palace, being far too frail and decrepit to actually come outside and attempt to move around any without the risk of falling and breaking his hip yet again.

Which jacks the entertainment value straight up to Everest-level heights.



Don’t believe a word they say. Not EVER, about ANYTHING.

The theme of the bumbling Russians was clearly preconceived and coordinated, and commenced in earnest within the first 24 hours of hostilities. CIA/MI6 fronts like Oryx, Bellingcat, and the war-mongering Kagan family propaganda mill The Institute for the Study of War have pumped out this narrative so relentlessly that it has now been almost universally enshrined as “received wisdom” in the western state-controlled corporate media and among large numbers of clueless, arms industry-compromised former generals – even to the point of entering into the body of assumptions embraced by many “experts” who I expected to be more discerning.

One of the more inexplicable narratives included in this disinformation package has been the allegation that Russian troops are poorly trained conscripts who are thrown into the meat grinder with antique weapons, little ammo, and so little food they are literally starving.

These tall tales are then woven back into the main strand of the narrative: the Russian army is a disorganized mob of demoralized “orcs” whose only real talent is plundering household appliances, raping young women, and randomly gunning down old folks on the streets.

Attached to this constant refrain are repeated comparisons to the allegedly incomparable professionalism, organization, training, and weaponry of US/NATO forces. The implication is that any undersized company of exceptional American soldiers would be more than a match for an entire oversized battalion of incompetent Russians.

I’ve concluded this unrelenting narrative must have as its aim the persuasion of the general public and policy-makers in NATO countries that western militaries are so vastly superior to their Russian counterparts that no one should entertain reservations about making war against them.

Well, I mean, DUH, of course they’re superior! Drag queens; dumpy, out of shape broads utterly incapable of meeting physical-fitness standards, necessitating continual relaxation of said standards for their benefit; “transgenders” only in it for the free dick-chopping; outdated, poorly maintained equipment and/or vehicles; air-“superiority” fighters that can barely even get off the ground occasionally; PC Wokesterism running rampant throughout the higher ranks; militant feminazi officers demoralizing the grunts under their command by making them parade around in spike heels publicly—C’MON MAN! With all that and more besides going for it, why on earth wouldn’t Amerika v2.0’s military be the most fearsomely powerful fighting force in the entire multiverse, striking terror deep into the hearts of all prospective adversaries?

And with that preface, let’s turn to the primary question: could NATO fight and win a war against the Russians on this same battlefield?

My answer is an emphatic NO – for three distinct but equally disqualifying reasons:

  1. There is zero persuasive evidence that NATO soldiers, weaponry, training, logistics, and command are superior to that of the Russians.
  2. Sufficient NATO forces could NEVER be assembled, equipped, and sustained to defeat the Russians in their own backyard.
  3. The very attempt to concentrate sufficient US forces in the region in order to take on the Russians would very likely result in the disintegration of the global American Empire and its massive network of overseas bases – thereby rapidly accelerating the already-in-progress transition to a multipolar world.

As to point #1 above, it bears repeating what I have argued multiple times in recent weeks: this war has seen the Russian military quickly evolve into a battle-hardened and quick-to-adapt fighting force. The US has not faced such a force since World War II.

Many believe the US is a “battle-hardened” force. This is utter nonsense. Of the many thousands of troops currently manning US combat units, only a minute fraction has experienced ANY battle whatsoever, and NONE have experienced high-intensity conflict such as is taking place in Ukraine.

Honestly, I consider point #3 more feature than bug, myself. Regardless of whether Russia is or is not really All That with a Cherry On Top militarily, unless and until

  • The US has thoroughly unfucked its own military, and
  • Its populace has outgrown its girlish squeamishness regarding war in general and evinces the will to not only fight, but to win, and
  • Its moronic political class is entirely forthcoming about US war aims, and what “winning” might and might not consist of

…Amerika v2.0 has no business whatsoever attempting to wage war against anyone at all, let alone any near-peer nation. Period fucking dot, end of fucking story.

Plenty more dispiriting but incontrovertible stuff in the linked article, all of it every bit as condemnatory of the idiotic notion of further escalating Bribem’s Needless and Futile War as I just was.

(Via WRSA)

Update! Scion of a family with a tradition of military service explains why he’s decided he’ll have none of it, yielding several priceless quotes in the process of so doing.

‘Eroded patriotism’: Teen shares why he now won’t follow in father’s footsteps as military recruiting lags
‘Symphony of sewage’ out of White House deters veteran’s son from military service amid recruitment shortfalls

Aden Gilbert grew up watching war movies, fighting enemy combatants in video games and listening to his dad’s Marine Corps stories. He considered following in his father’s footsteps but changed his mind as he saw the country and its leadership heading in a direction antithetical to his values.

“If we’re prioritizing being woke, and we can’t actually protect the majority of American people  . . . what’s the point of having a military?” Gilbert asked Fox News. “Is it really worth joining and putting our life on the line for ideologies that we don’t agree with and that we don’t want to necessarily protect?”

Military children have historically been more likely to serve their country than their peers. Ten years ago, more than a quarter of new recruits had a parent who had served, and around 80% reported having at least one family member who had done so, according to a Pentagon survey.

“It was something that a man of honor would do, to serve and protect his country and serve and protect those values that existed back then,” Gilbert, 18, said. “But I think things are a little bit different now.”

Indeed they are, son. Astute of you to notice.

The military is struggling to fill its ranks as young people like Gilbert forgo service. The Marine Corps and Space Force are the only branches that anticipate meeting their enlistment goals this year. The Army, Navy and Air Force expect to fall a combined 26,000 enlistees short in fiscal year 2023. The Army also fell short in 2022 by about 15,000 soldiers (25% of its goal).

Military officials have pinned much of the blame for lackluster recruitment numbers on a competitive job market and a dwindling pool of qualified applicants. Only 9% of young Americans are interested in serving their country, according to the Department of Defense.

“I would rather tiptoe around literal landmines than have to tiptoe around people’s pronouns,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert has always considered himself a patriot, but said the left has “successfully eroded patriotism” by pushing restrictive laws, “woke” ideology and “celebrating satanic themes in music and Hollywood.”

“It just angers me seeing our president as the conductor of that symphony of sewage,” he added.

You’re by no means alone in that sentiment, me boy. Not by a long yard, you ain’t.



James Woods brings us the feel-good video of the day week year century.

Same here, James, same here. Leftism, like stupidity, ought to be literally, physically painful. And, in this instance, WAS.

What a delightful vid: shitlib idiots shrieking in agony, the prospect of their obnoxious, self-righteous idiocy actually maiming them for life via the loss of their fucking fingers—really now, what’s not to like?


Tripwires and telltales in the runup to war

BCE runs through some of ‘em, which list includes one of our most beloved warbirds around these h’yar parts. So naturally, despite my near-total disinterest in Biden’s Needless and Futile War against Russia via the Ukraine, I couldn’t possibly restrain myself from mentioning it here.

Now that the wars are over, the majority of NG units are back to the trash they were BEFORE Iraq and Affy ‘went live’ so, in this case, my guess? Ass and Trash Mission to support bringing in MOAR trigger-pullers…My guess? A Battalion or Two of Heavy Armor (M1A2s in 1st Armored Division) as this Krainian ‘thang’ is almost a pure Armor fight…the fucked up thing is that we haven’t heard shit about any A-10s being moved

THATS the TRUE ‘tripwire’. Even tho the zoomies FINALLY got the A-10 kil’t off, they’ll still be in use, in the ANG/Reserves until 2029, but they’re RUSHING to get rid of them, even tho the Flying Turducken ain’t anywhere CLOSE to being a capable substitute. You hear/see/RUMINT the A-10s moving and sure AF war is coming ‘cos besides CAS (Close Air Support) Anti-Armor War is what the A-10 was literally designed for.

Now, the aforementioned A-10?


Seems that they have 2 Full Squadrons of A-10s

Attached to the Army Reserve

Not for nuthin’ BUT

IF you hear of ANY Air-Notional Guard Units at Moody AB in Georgia or any Army Reserve (Air) Units of A-10s getting activated, THAT is the ‘tripwire’ IMHEO (In My Highly Edjamahcated Opinion) then it’s now ‘off to the races’ in the Kraine. The F-35 Flying Turducken, despite the claims, is utterly incapable of CAS (Close Air Support) never mind ackchullydoing– REAL anti-armor shit like the A-10 was like, oh, I dunno…specifically designed to do during the Cold War!?!

Myself, I’da put “Flying” in sneer quotes before “Turducken,” but that’s a quibble, a mere bagatelle—a matter of style, not substance, as such only barely worth even mentioning. Anyways. Onwards.

SO Long Story Short:

You hear about A-10 Movements, it means it’s on like Donkey Kong. There’s ONLY 281 +/- A-10s left, and literally nothing in our inventory that can do what it does. So WHEN they start moving, prep for fecal oscillation storm inbound.

Big Country carries on from there with more analysis of what’s really going on with all this shite, beginning with US armor (in)capabilites—a gruesome sit-rep enlivened by plenty of been-there-done-that-WAY-too-many-times insider know-how—to arrive at a conclusion most gruesome, but nonetheless inescapable:

We go? Lots of body bags are going to be needed, and as someone earlier mentioned on Gab, we’re going to need a LOT of Graves Registration folks…Never mind a slug fest at 500 meters with NO air support…Air Support IMO is going to be ‘spotty’ at best as even OUR Air Farce hasn’t had a peer-to-peer challenge since the 60’s, and even then, the North Vietnamese and SOME of the Russians flying like the ‘Flying Tigers’ (contract gigs for experience points) shot a LOT of our guys down, which is actually why ‘the Top Gun’ school got set up…and the Rus these days purely own the skies over the Kraine.

If anything Ivan now knows HOW WE FIGHT as we trained the fucking tard-Krainians in OUR BATTLE TACTICS for use AGAINST THE RUSSIANS. And apparently, ‘the Book’ we used was dated from the “Time of Stalin” ‘cos man, they sure as fuck have adapted, improvised and kicked the fucking toofuses in of the Krainians stupid enough to utilize OUR book on the implementation of war against the Russians…And we keep crossing lines without impact…Note to our Leadershit:

Wir sind soooooooooo tot

(Look it up)

Having gleaned a VERY small smattering of Churman words and phrases from Brack back in our schoolboy days, I could readily recollect (to my own astonishment) what wir meant, but was at sea completely with the rest. So I did as duly and lawfully instructed and looked it up, and the translation is as follows:

We are soooooooooo dead.

That’s the fact, Jack. Not that the politicos, punditry, and sundry other shitlib bags of reeking shit—rabidly, unalterably antiwar, each and every last one of ‘em, until they maneuvered Their Boy into the White (bag) House—will be in the least troubled by it. Hell, for those evil schweinhundfickers, that only makes Bribem’s Unwinnable War proposition even more attractive.mjnk

Yet another imbecilic hoplophobe heard from

Again via Divemedic.

Oh, just this, shitheel: I would destroy your precious little camera by any means required—including but not limited to slingshots, crowbars, and/or ball-peen hammers—then, when/if you show up to replace it, we’re gonna find out how quickly you can learn to trip the light fantastic whilst dodging mucho-mucho Freedom Pills™ tossed at high velocity in your general direction—a course of instruction provided entirely free of charge to you, courtesy of the Hornady Critical Defense School of Dance and Proper Deportment.

Then, the third time you show up—also, should you prove so foolhardy as to actually do so, the LAST time—I adjust fire, stop shooting AROUND you, and instead shoot directly AT you, INTO you, and THROUGH you. Whereupon, your mouldering carcass will be:

  • Chopped into more manageable-sized sections;
  • Bagged securely, with neither ceremony nor undue fuss;
  • Strewn randomly about obscure, heavily-forested locations across four (4) neighboring states, rife with savage fauna which will be only too happy to complete the job of waste disposal for me

And voila! Problem fucking solved, far as I’m concerned.

I keep telling you idjit gun-grabbers: stop talking and just COME AND TAKE THEM already. Enough of this farting and fumblefucking around; put up (and get shot up), or shut up. Think 2A people ain’t serious about that? Best think again, Poindexter; fuck around, and I assure you you’re gonna find out.

Millions upon millions of Real Americans out there are practically writhing away on tenterhooks, just wishing and hoping and praying you’ll try it. Having myself interacted twice annually, for several years running, at the good old Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot with the best part of around 7-8000 of such men (and women, and even children), I can swear most solemnly that they will wade into you with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts. That being so, and it is, well…


Errata mea culpa update! Dammit, this blatantly threatening little screed was supposed to be tonight’s Eyrie post! Alas, to my sudden chagrin I went and assigned categories as per usual with any other CF post, after which I just hit the “Send to Blog” MarsEdit button instead of the “Save as Draft” one, essentially on autopilot at that point, with the results you now see before your weary, bloodshot orbs.

Not to worry though; currently, I have around 12 to 16 open browser tabs’ worth of prospective blogfodder awaiting my scrupulous attention, any one of which ought to do to get me off and running. Because of my bonehead mistake the Eyrie might be a little late, but fret not, it’s a-comin’.

Showroom statuary

if you build it but nobody wants it, it won’t sell.

The number of unsold electric vehicles at dealers in the second quarter tripled compared to the past year, signaling a weakened demand for the segment, said a recent report by leading auto-dealer data company Cox Automotive.

In second quarter 2023, the average inventory for electric vehicles (EVs) topped more than 92,000 units on the ground at dealer lots, according to the 2023 Cox Automotive Mid-Year Review presentation. This is up 342 percent compared to second quarter 2022. During this period, the new “EV days’ supply,” which refers to the average number of days a warehouse holds inventory before selling it, rose 166 percent, to 92 days from 38.5 days. While the pace of EV sales is up, it is “not rising as fast as inventory builds,” said Jonathan Gregory, senior manager, Economic and Industry Insights.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are facing a “field of dreams moment,” he stated. “They have built inventory, and now they wait for buyers to come. This is one of the hottest topics we’ve had this year.”

“Lack of public charging infrastructure and price have been the top two concerns for the past 10 months, along with related issues involving range anxiety, time required to charge, and power outage and grid concerns,” the report said.

Not to mention that little blowing-up-and-burning-to-cinders problem. A trifling concern, I know. But still.

While inventory is building up at dealer lots, a study by Cox Automotive found a wide gap between dealers and customers regarding future expectations of EV use.

According to Cox Automotive’s 2023 Path to “EV Adoption: Consumer and Dealer Perspectives” study, even though 53 percent of consumers see EVs as a future and that such vehicles will replace gas engines over time, only 31 percent of dealers held such a view.

“Nearly half (45 percent) of dealers surveyed feel that EVs still need to prove themselves in the marketplace,” said a press release on June 27.

No need for such an outlandish thing, not in Amerika v2.0 there ain’t. That’s why the Überstadt had to make the blasted yuppie-puppy toys mandatory, see. Which is telling in and of itself; as Jefferson told us, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”


Tucker to host “inquisition”

Showconservative Inc™ waves its chubby little fists and cries like a little girl over it.

More than one Republican presidential campaign expressed surprise, even trepidation, when RealClearPolitics broke the news in March that Tucker Carlson would moderate a presidential forum hosted by the Family Leader.

In the spring, several candidates accepted Bob Vander Plaats’s invitation to address his influential group of social and religious conservatives. None knew Carlson would be waiting for them on stage in the summer. “This isn’t prepping for an interview,” said a senior aide to one presidential candidate. “It’s an interrogation.”

Carlson is out at Fox News, half a dozen candidates have entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination since his exit, and whether they like it or not, six White House hopefuls will sit down Friday with the opinionated commentator described by one GOP campaign official as a “fast-talking, new age populist.”

Writing in National Review, Noah Rothman warned that “any competent political campaign with an instinct for self-preservation should avoid Carlson.” Sharing a stage with him for the 2024 field, the conservative writer argued, would be “a tacit countenancing” of his caricature of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as “sweaty and rat-like, a comedian turned oligarch” or the mainstreaming of his flirtations with vaccine critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Let’s see now, would that last be anything like you NRO NeverTrumpTards mainstreaming your “flirtations” with—actually, your outright endorsement ofHillary!™ back in 2015, for the simple reason that you hated Trump so intensely that it blinded you to absolutely everything else? Or no?

National Review to Endorse Hillary

Okay, never mind. As you were; forget I brought that unpleasantness up.

So basically, then, what we have here is the old-line Vichy GOPe losers, who would rather send the nation spiralling faster down the drain than it already is than countenance an unapproved outsider who hasn’t been a professional career politician since he was in knee-britches take office. Gotta love Rothman’s panicky-sounding denunciation of Tucker’s departure from the Swamp consensus on the Forever-War Sargasso in Ukraine, too.

I don’t give a tinker’s damn about the “race” for president, nor about whichever hapless sock-puppet the GOPe eventually decides on to help Uniparty Productions keep the kabukikkake going for one last run, before the whole shitshow gets closed down by an enraged audience who are no longer entertained by the sordid mess. With any luck, the stage will soon be cleared so’s something fresh and new can take its place. But Jeez O Pete, the BALLS on these worthless, double-dealing motherfuckers.



Is the day I’ve so long awaited, when shitlibs finally stop talking and start putting their money where their big flapping yaps are and just COME AND TAKE THEM ALREADY about to dawn at long, long last?

Here’s a promise, and it’s flat and subject to no negotiation or compromise of any kind: I will personally shoot in the head any left-wing private citizen who shows up on my doorstep demanding I allow him/her/it to confiscate my guns, or attempts to detain me in any way in the course of same. That’s my pledge to you, shitlibs.

You got one hell of a lot to learn about 2A people, Libtards, and very little time left in which to learn it. At least at MY house if noplace else, your gun-grabbing insanity is not going to work out for you quite the way you foolishly imagine. So be it, then. The die is cast, the sides chosen, the lines of battle drawn. Let’s get this party started!

Divemedic’s response is equally apropos, if a little more concise than my own.


Right back atcha, Slick

The hippier than thou asswarts of Ben and Jerry’s get a little of their own splashed back on ‘em.

Ben & Jerry’s has called on the US to give back “stolen Indigenous land” including Mount Rushmore — and now a Native American chief in Vermont said he’d like to talk about the land that’s under the ice cream maker’s headquarters.

The “Chunky Monkey” maker — which previously has waded into controversies around Israel and Palestine — divided customers this week with a July 4 tweet that said: “The United States was founded on stolen indigenous land. This Fourth of July, let’s commit to returning it.”

Ben & Jerry’s added that the US should “start with Mount Rushmore,” writing, “The faces on Mount Rushmore are the faces of men who actively worked to destroy Indigenous cultures and ways of life.”

On Friday, Don Stevens — chief of the Nulhegan Band of The Coosuk Abenaki Nation, one of four tribes descended from the Abenaki that are recognized in Vermont — told The Post in an interview that he “looks forward to any kind of correspondence with the brand to see how they can better benefit Indigenous people.”

“Correspondence,” hell. File a lawsuit, Chief. Or better yet, as Glenn recommends, a lien.


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