RINO is as RINO does

What a disappointment this Eyepatch McCain fellow has turned out to be.

Why would Rep. Crenshaw go on a podcast, Hold These Truths, with Nick Troiano for less than a week before the elections to make America First candidates look bad?

Troiano said that most of the Republican nominees for the House “aren’t accepting the results of the 2020 election.”

Troiano asked Crenshaw what that meant for the future and claimed, “this is a, you know, real threat to our ability to keep the republic.”

Crenshaw claimed that people who question election results are attention seekers.

Oh absolutely, Dan. Say, know where else Da Peepul are forbidden to “question elections”? Oh, bastions of liberty like Iran, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, Somalia, garden spots like that. Jesse Kelly puts it quite well, I think.

Remember, now, Crenshaw still misrepresents himself as a “conservative.” Asshole. “QUESTION” the election? Hell, I’ll just say it straight up: THE 2020 ELECTION WAS FRAUDULENT. And the day I let some professional politician tell me I’m not allowed to say so is…well, it won’t be a good day, let’s just leave it at that. There are two pertinent questions remaining before us, and Aesop ain’t a-skeered to axe ’em.

It seems to me that what folks ought to be pondering about now, are the answers to two related questions:

1) If the 2022 elections follow the same pattern that 2020 did, and you watch it stolen in broad daylight right before your eyes, and the other side gaslights you into thinking you should ignore your lying eyes. AGAIN;


2) If there’s a Red Tsunami, but when the dust settles, and the media pants-wetting is over, nothing changes, because the Stupid Party is unalterably spring-loaded to feckless and studied incompetence, like always, rather than cutting out the civilizational rot with machetes, and burning it all with a flamethrower,


As I said the other day, I’m more and more leaning towards the belief that the Donks will try to bolster confidence in the integrity of American “elections,” now at their lowest ebb in our history, by letting the GOPe win this one, although I will also certainly admit to the possibility that they’ve become so emboldened by win after win that they’ll cheat just as a matter of long-established habit, if nothing else.

As for Question 2, that one’s a lead-pipe cinch, unfortunately. Which leaves us all staring down the barrel of that last one, the only one that truly matters anymore.


Things that make you go “Hmmmm”

Sketchy as sketchy gets, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Police offer new details in Paul Pelosi assault

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott confirmed that the intruder was specifically targeting the House speaker. “Everyone should be disgusted,” he said.

Sorry, not disgusted, not even a tiny bit. What I actually am is highly, highly amused.

SAN FRANCISCO — Police said Friday evening the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was “intentional.”

No, really? SRSLY? That there’s some top-quality sleuthing there, Depitty Dawg.

The man accused of entering the Pelosi home and attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer specifically targeted the California Democrat, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott confirmed on Friday. That was consistent with the revelation that the assailant, a 42-year-old Berkeley resident, had asked “Where is Nancy?” before his assault.

“This was intentional,” Scott told reporters, adding politicians’ families “don’t sign up for this.”

Oh yes, they do. That is, if the words of one Thomas Jefferson still count for anything.

“It is wrong, and everyone should be disgusted,” he added.

Nope, sorry not sorry; still amused over here, not disgusted. Here’s where things get sketchy.

David DePape forced his way into the home through a back entrance, Scott said. Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door and were let inside by an unknown person. They discovered DePape and Pelosi struggling for a hammer, and after they instructed them to drop the weapon, Scott said, DePape took the hammer and “violently attacked” Pelosi.

To recap, then: the cops were let into the palatial PeeLousy crib by who even knows, then stood idly by as two half-nekkid dudes were rasslin’ around. Then, when a verbal request to knock that shit off was ignored by the combatants, they looked on as the vicious skull-cracking went down right in front of their faces. Uhhhh HUH. I can see no problem with any of that perfectly believable narrative, not a-tall I don’t.

The emerging portrait of a politically motivated attack by a man who consumed fringe conspiracy theories has shocked San Francisco and stoked fresh concerns about elected officials facing violence.

Not on MY part they haven’t.

While authorities have not detailed a motive, DePape’s online history indicates that he subscribed to the discredited narrative that the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate and espoused a range of bigoted and radical beliefs. He expressed anti-Semitic views and appeared to embrace the QAnon movement, which posits a secret cabal of pedophiles has been protected by people in power.

SO, just another addition to the ever-lengthening litany of politically-motivated Left-wing violence, then. Making it exactly one (1) more of such than we’ve seen to date from us deadly-dangerous Right-wing Nazi radical white supremacist extremists, oddly enough. Gin-soaked hag Nancy’s office issued an unintentionally side-splitting statement regarding the bizarre incident:

Rep. Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office released a statement saying Pelosi, 82, was hospitalized but is expected to make a full recovery. The speaker and her family “requested privacy at this time,” according to the statement.

Yeah, I just bet you did at that, Skeletor. Nothing quite like the healing power of “privacy” to help one get through such a trying ordeal, I’m sure. Rand Paul reeled off a scalpel-sharp riposte in response.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wished Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery “unlike Nancy Pelosi’s daughter” who mocked the 2017 violent attack on the senator at his home that left him seriously injured. Part of Paul’s lung had to be surgically removed after a neighbor attacked him over his political views.

Heh. Also, OOF. If PeeLousy homme or femme had any capacity to feel shame, they’d be up to their necks in it after that semi-subtle slam.


Shady strategery

Don’t get cocky, but not for the reasons Glenn seems to be thinking of.

If there is anything that we learned from the 2020 election, it was to prove that elections could be rigged. After all, they did it in the open, bragged about it, then Time Magazine even did an article admitting to their part in it. We know that they will do it again. We know that there has been shenanigans in elections for decades. The only question remains: Can and will they do it again?

The election next month will be the test. We are less than a week and a half from finding out if we still live in a Republic where the democratic process chooses our representatives, or if we are living in a country ruled by oligarch fascisti. All of the polls, all of the data, and even history are pointing to a major landslide to the right in this election.

History usually marks a loss for the sitting president‘s party.

Watch each of those races closely. If a pile of them go the other way, start looking for fuckery.

I have to say, I’ve slowly come around to a somewhat different conclusion on this. Seems to me that perhaps it’s more likely that the DemonRats might well content themselves with laying off said fuckery and allowing the GOPe to appear to prevail this time ’round, thus keeping their election-theft powder dry and ready for 2024. With the integrity of American “elections” shredded to hell and gone by hinky “elections” going all the way back to JFK at least, it’s in the Uniparty’s best interests to bolster the voting public’s fading faith in the whole miserable charade now and again, and I’m sure they know that quite well.

Could easily be all wet on this little speculative theory of mine, who the hell knows anymore.

Update! And right on cue, if maybe a little earlier than is typical for them, the shitlibs start in with the usual howling about how “UNFAAAIIIR!!!” it all is.

What happened? Journalists and other Democrats have already started blaming voters for the party’s (likely) defeat in the midterm elections.

Seriously? Yes. As the Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this month, Democrats and their allies have a history of lashing out when American voters decline to validate their preferences at the ballot box. The election is in 12 days, but things aren’t looking great for Democrats. Polls suggest they are going to lose control of the House and possibly the Senate as well. That’s why the voter-blaming is already underway.

What are they saying? What they always say in these situations.

Follows, a representative sampling of the phony weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, of which my personal favorite has to be this one:

“It’s terrifying how many Americans will choose literal fascism, female serfdom, climate collapse, and the reversal of everything from Social Security & Medicare to student loan relief [because] they think giving Republicans the power to investigate Hunter Biden will bring down gas prices.”
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid, MSNBC host

Actually, you shrieking bint, not a single one of those notional transgressions you’re sqwee-sqwee-sqwee-ing so hysterically about has the proverbial snowball’s chance of ever coming to pass. By the numbers:

  • “Literal fascism” is YOUR side’s thang, not ours
  • “Female serfdom” doesn’t exist in this country, and never has
  • “Climate collapse” is likewise total bullshit, whether you’re intelligent enough to know it or not
  • The chances of the GOPe ever laying a reform-directed finger on SSI, Medicare, and probably even the “student loan relief” swindle as well hovers exactly where it always has: somewhere between None Whatsoever and Don’t Make Me Laugh, You Bastard

As for the spurious notion that any sentient being believes “investigating Hunter Biden will bring down gas prices,” who the fucking fuck do you think you’re fooling with that transparently fatuous codswallop? The only thing a thorough, honest investigation of Hunter Biden is likely to bring down is Hunter Biden, as well as maybe the Big Guy and his ten percent along with him.

No, what even the GOPe knows for sure and certain—as most shitlibs do, I strongly suspect; they KNOW it, they just don’t LIKE it, that’s all—is that the one and only way to bring gas prices down over the long haul is simplicity itself: take the US domestic-energy industry off the strangulating leash you shitlib idiots have put around its neck and free them to do their fucking jobs—finding, drilling for, and processing the oil we have in plenty. Y’know, as Trump recently confirmed, to the enduring horror of every Swamp creature currently extant.

There are readily-comprehensible reasons why gas, oil, and diesel prices have soared to record-high levels under the maleficent regency of Pedo Joe Biden and his skulkabout minders. Putin, the Ukraine, and Cracky Hunter’s underpants are assuredly NOT among ’em.


It isn’t a lie if you believe hard enough

Yet another wonderful quote from one of the best movies ever, 1984’s The Pope Of Greenwich Village: You don’t even bother to lie to me carefully anymore, Charlie. It’s an insult to be lied to so obviously.

FAKE NEWS: Newsweek Claims Ted Cruz Lied About Antifa Burning Down Cities

On the same day Newsweek ran a fake fact check of a study by MRC Free Speech America about Google’s censorship of Republican campaigns, the outlet also ran a “fact check” Wednesday smearing Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), claiming he falsely claimed Antifa “carried out a year of fiery, destructive protests across the U.S.”

Cruz’s comments came Monday on ABC’s The View, when he countered co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s attack on the right as violent: “Did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning and police cars were being firebombed?”

Writer Tim Norton correctly noted Cruz was likely “referring to the protests that followed the death of George Floyd in 2020,” and the subsequent destruction of property in cities such as Minneapolis and then “Washington D.C., St Louis, Kansas City, Oregon, Atlanta, Seattle and New York City.”

The whiplash continued as he insisted Cruz was “significantly stretching the truth, even if taken figuratively” even though “many businesses were damaged or destroyed as a result of arson” because “Antifa is not a formalized group or association” and Black Lives Matter inspired global calls to action for racial justice. Really.

In other words, Antifa isn’t real and BLM protests made people feel special, so Cruz was…lying?

Let’s unpack this schizophrenic gobbledygook. First, it was interesting Norton said Antifa wasn’t real seeing as how Newsweek tweeted this on November 2, 2020: “Antifa plans wave of demonstrations on streets as U.S. election polls close.”

And on April 24, 2021, Newsweek itself posted an article with the title: “Antifa Activists Vow to Keep Fighting—Even as ‘Terrorists’”.

And it wasn’t just them. ABC News wrote in May 2021 about the constant barrage of left-wing violence in Portland, saying that “residents have waning patience for antifa” with “[m]uch of the blame for the chaos, property damage and violence over the last year have landed on the self-described anti-racist, anti-facist far left organizers.”

If Wikipedia floats your boat, they compiled a list of over 60 incidents having resulted from Floyd’s June 2020 murder.

If Norton wants to debate the facts, it’s best he do some research first.

Debating the facts fairly and honestly is the very LAST thing shitlib propagandists like Norton want to do, of course. They want to browbeat, bulldoze, and silence defiant truth-tellers with temerity enough to tell it like it is, as Cruz was here. If it wasn’t for lies, shitlibs wouldn’t have anything whatsoever to say. “Schizophrenic gobbledygook”? Well, yeah. But it’s also part of a plan, a strategy, and Ted Cruz knows that as well as any other sentient soul with even a wee dram of integrity and observational acumen in ’em does.


“The Flight 93 Election” revisited

The Biden junta has vindicated Michael Anton’s brilliant, prescient, and justly renowned “Flight 93” essay. Not that it needed any; the piece acted as its own vindication, more than adequately so. But still.

Anti-Constitution insurrectionists have seized the American cockpit, and they must be stopped even if that requires electing a polarized Donald Trump, wrote social critic Michael Anton in 2016 under a pseudonym.

The Flight 93 Election” set off an internet storm. The late, great Rush Limbaugh read almost all of it to his audience of Republican base voters soon after it came out, giving them assurance that not everyone on the right hated their candidate after an ugly primary battle in which no less than National Review published a cover essay collection titled “Against Trump.”

Anton was as reviled as he predicted in the essay. But now, six years later, Trump’s four years of governance and the Biden administration’s willfully malicious reign has vindicated the overall accuracy of Anton’s analysis.

Anton said the U.S. administrative state’s gradual replacement of constitutional self-government has metastasized into a national emergency, an argument American conservatives have been developing for more than 100 years. The essay justified a vote for Trump based on his platform against open borders, endless foreign war, and trading our economic advantages to China.

Trump was a wild card, Anton noted, but every other Republican candidate had no idea what time it is, so we’ll have to play the wild and see what happens. The alternative was certain political suicide.

2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You — or the leader of your party — may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.

He was right. Nothing backs that truth so much as the Biden presidency. It is, as Clinton’s would have been, a third term for Barack Obama, which is to say another four years of planned national demolition and the astonishing expansion of unlimited government, which is to say tyranny. The evidence is more visible now than it was in 2016, and those who tried to un-person Anton over his arguments owe him, and the country, an apology.

Yet another thing nobody should be holding their breath awaiting. The piece goes on from there to a lengthy list of then-impending man-caused national disasters foreseen by Anton with perfect clarity and accuracy. The whole article is fantastic, out of which this next ‘graph is my own personal fave:

If we can’t make Americans out of Afghans in their native country, how can we pretend we can make Americans out of Afghans, Somalis, and Guatemalans flooding the failing institutions of a wildly polarized United States? We can’t even make Americans out of most of the people who are born here. Trump was the only person willing to even talk about this supremely important public concern.

Bold mine, because…well, I mean, YEAH. You know what you must do, Glasshoppah. Myself, I think it’s high time I went back and read Anton’s outstanding piece again, for the first time in many a moon.

Update! Yep, “Flight 93” remains at least as gripping—as trenchant, as apposite—now as I remember it being back when it first appeared, probably even more so. Herewith, an appetizer—which, as Cartman informed us, is what you eat before you eat to make you more hungry.

If conservatives are right about the importance of virtue, morality, religious faith, stability, character and so on in the individual; if they are right about sexual morality or what came to be termed “family values”; if they are right about the importance of education to inculcate good character and to teach the fundamentals that have defined knowledge in the West for millennia; if they are right about societal norms and public order; if they are right about the centrality of initiative, enterprise, industry, and thrift to a sound economy and a healthy society; if they are right about the soul-sapping effects of paternalistic Big Government and its cannibalization of civil society and religious institutions; if they are right about the necessity of a strong defense and prudent statesmanship in the international sphere—if they are right about the importance of all this to national health and even survival, then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff.

But it’s quite obvious that conservatives don’t believe any such thing, that they feel no such sense of urgency, of an immediate necessity to change course and avoid the cliff. A recent article by Matthew Continetti may be taken as representative—indeed, almost written for the purpose of illustrating the point. Continetti inquires into the “condition of America” and finds it wanting. What does Continetti propose to do about it? The usual litany of “conservative” “solutions,” with the obligatory references to decentralization, federalization, “civic renewal,” and—of course!—Burke. Which is to say, conservatism’s typical combination of the useless and inapt with the utopian and unrealizable. Decentralization and federalism are all well and good, and as a conservative, I endorse them both without reservation. But how are they going to save, or even meaningfully improve, the America that Continetti describes? What can they do against a tidal wave of dysfunction, immorality, and corruption? “Civic renewal” would do a lot of course, but that’s like saying health will save a cancer patient. A step has been skipped in there somewhere. How are we going to achieve “civic renewal”? Wishing for a tautology to enact itself is not a strategy.

Continetti trips over a more promising approach when he writes of “stress[ing] the ‘national interest abroad and national solidarity at home’ through foreign-policy retrenchment, ‘support to workers buffeted by globalization,’ and setting ‘tax rates and immigration levels’ to foster social cohesion.” That sounds a lot like Trumpism. But the phrases that Continetti quotes are taken from Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, both of whom, like Continetti, are vociferously—one might even say fanatically—anti-Trump. At least they, unlike Kesler, give Trump credit for having identified the right stance on today’s most salient issues. Yet, paradoxically, they won’t vote for Trump whereas Kesler hints that he will. It’s reasonable, then, to read into Kesler’s esoteric endorsement of Trump an implicit acknowledgment that the crisis is, indeed, pretty dire. I expect a Claremont scholar to be wiser than most other conservative intellectuals, and I am relieved not to be disappointed in this instance.

Yet we may also reasonably ask: What explains the Pollyanna-ish declinism of so many others? That is, the stance that Things-Are-Really-Bad—But-Not-So-Bad-that-We-Have-to-Consider-Anything-Really-Different! The obvious answer is that they don’t really believe the first half of that formulation. If so, like Chicken Little, they should stick a sock in it. Pecuniary reasons also suggest themselves, but let us foreswear recourse to this explanation until we have disproved all the others.

Whatever the reason for the contradiction, there can be no doubt that there is a contradiction. To simultaneously hold conservative cultural, economic, and political beliefs—to insist that our liberal-left present reality and future direction is incompatible with human nature and must undermine society—and yet also believe that things can go on more or less the way they are going, ideally but not necessarily with some conservative tinkering here and there, is logically impossible.

Let’s be very blunt here: if you genuinely think things can go on with no fundamental change needed, then you have implicitly admitted that conservatism is wrong. Wrong philosophically, wrong on human nature, wrong on the nature of politics, and wrong in its policy prescriptions. Because, first, few of those prescriptions are in force today. Second, of the ones that are, the left is busy undoing them, often with conservative assistance. And, third, the whole trend of the West is ever-leftward, ever further away from what we all understand as conservatism.

If your answer—Continetti’s, Douthat’s, Salam’s, and so many others’—is for conservatism to keep doing what it’s been doing—another policy journal, another article about welfare reform, another half-day seminar on limited government, another tax credit proposal—even though we’ve been losing ground for at least a century, then you’ve implicitly accepted that your supposed political philosophy doesn’t matter and that civilization will carry on just fine under leftist tenets. Indeed, that leftism is truer than conservatism and superior to it.

If you somehow missed The Flight 93 Election back when it originally appeared, then I urge you—nay, I implore you, I beseech you—to hie thee thither to rectify that deficiency without delay. I assure you, you’ll be glad you did.

“What are the consequences of not fighting back?”

Ask a silly etc. We already know what the consequences are; we’re seeing them every single day, LIVING them, all up front and in our faces.

Stupid Party: Kevin McCarthy Says GOP Won’t Move to Impeach Biden or Administration Officials

Sorry to have to clue you in so rudely and all, but…suuuuckerrrrrrrs!

In America today, we have a two-party system: the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. The Evil Party sets the agenda and pursues its aims relentlessly and ruthlessly; the Stupid Party registers a polite token opposition and then fully agrees to whatever the Evil Party wants, occasionally only arguing that it can implement the Evil Party’s program more effectively than the Evil Party itself. We saw this play out yet again Wednesday, when Stupid Party House Leader Kevin McCarthy (S-California) downplayed any talk of impeaching Old Joe Biden or any of his cronies if the Stupids retake the House in the midterm elections. McCarthy is still playing by rules that the Evil Party discarded long ago, and that’s why he and his fellow Stupid Party members keep losing.

Close, Robert, but no cigar. What we actually have is the Evil Party and the Evil Party’s Junior-Partner Party, scuttling around doing as they’re told, as any rumpswab worth his salt should. Awkward nomenclature, I admit; might be a more apt choice to swipe a page from the Mad Mullahs Playbook and go with Greater Evil Party and Lesser Evil Party, maybe.

McCarthy declared that Americans don’t “like impeachment used for political purposes at all,” and added that “the country wants to heal” and see a “system that actually works.”

Hopefully, for their own sake, Americans aren’t holding their breath waiting around on any of that to transpire, lest they all keel over from oxygen starvation forthwith.

That means there will be no impeachment proceedings against Biden, or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary and former Disinformation Governance Board supreme overlord Alejandro Mayorkas, or Gestapo chief Merrick Garland. Leave billions of dollars worth of materiel in Afghanistan for our enemies to use against us? No problem! Open the Southern border so that untold numbers of criminals and terrorists can waltz right into the country? Hey, we all make mistakes. Sic the woke FBI against parents protesting at school board meetings against the far-Left agenda in public schools? We all can get carried away! Impeachment? Forget it. It wouldn’t be the decent thing to do.

When McCarthy was asked if he saw any grounds for impeaching any officials of this lawless and authoritarian administration, he answered: “I don’t see it before me right now. You watch what the Democrats did – they all came out and said they would impeach before Trump was ever sworn in. There wasn’t a purpose for it. If you spent all that time arguing against using impeachment for political purposes, you gotta be able to sustain exactly what you said.”

This chaps my skinny white ass to no end: impeachment is BY DEFINITION POLITICAL. It is an explicitly political sanction, intended to be levied by politicians to redress illegitimate and/or unlawful political actions which were implemented to attain purely political ends. Literally EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of impeachment is political. Maybe on some phantasmagorical dream-planet where all motives are honorable, all politicians noble and above the sordid fray, and all hearts pure as the driven snow you might possibly see a non-partisan impeachment now and then. Regrettably, not a one of us currently resides on that lovely planet. Or anywhere remotely near it, for that matter. Hell, where WE live even the unicorns are cut-rate, kinda grubby and gay-ass.

Well, sure. There shouldn’t be any impeachment for political purposes. The two impeachments the Democrats perpetrated against Trump were travesties of justice; the framers of the Constitution never intended impeachment to be used as a weapon against a political opponent.

I’m kinda dubious of that contention too, Mr Spencer sir. I’m sure they hoped it never would, but I’m pretty confident that they, in their profound wisdom and foresight, suspected that it would anyway sooner or later. Never before or since has anyone understood the nature of government, those fallen sorts who pursue elected office in it, and even the mass of the national polity more comprehensively, more deeply, than they did. Which is why, as with amending the Constitution they bequeathed to us, they made impeachment so difficult to attempt, and even moreso to actually accomplish.

But McCarthy’s assumption that any impeachment proceedings that the Republicans bring if they win back the House in November would be politically motivated in the same way is unfounded.

And what if it wasn’t? Why, exactly, are we to consider that a good thing, prithee tell? Impeachment is a tool, a weapon, even. If the choice is either to take it up and use it effectively against our enemies or to perish as men without blemish or fault, our honor unbesmirched by petty partisan squabbling, I know which one gets my vote.

What if Biden, or Mayorkas, or Garland actually violated the law? What if they abused their power in persecuting “MAGA Republicans,” purveyors of alleged “disinformation,” and Jan. 6 “insurrectionists”? Could we get any impeachments then?

Of course not; by now, you shouldn’t even have to ask. As a fully-paid-up member in good standing of the Junior Partners In Evil Party, McCarthy is simply fulfilling his assigned role by foreswearing ever confronting his colleagues in any manner that risks upending the Holy Status Quo. He’s doing his job, no more nor less, and doesn’t care a fig whether a few dewy-eyed, scandalized Pollyannas who persist in deluding themselves as to what his and his Party’s real job is feel themselves hard done by because of it.

For McCarthy to wave away even the prospect of impeachment as stooping to the Democrats’ level and engaging in politically motivated prosecution is disquieting on several levels. The most immediate one is the fact that there may indeed be impeachable offenses that warrant serious investigation. Secondary but likewise important is the fact that the Republican establishment these days always seems to be adhering to the “decency” and “civility” that was said to be the hallmark of American politics in bygone days while they’re getting their pockets picked. The Democrats have left “decency” and “civility” in the dustbin of history with the old Democrats of whom they used to be proud, such as Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson (who wasn’t actually a Democrat at all, but they used to claim him). The Republicans should indeed not stoop to their level, but having a Republican president smeared, defamed, framed for crimes he didn’t commit, and vilified in the most extravagant terms for four years and then responding by saying they’re going to do the decent thing and not fight back is just asking for it all to happen again.

Ahhh, NOW you’re getting it. See there, that really wasn’t all that difficult to suss out, now was it?


Democracy dies in darkness dishonesty

Fixed it for ya, WaPo. No need to thank me, I’m happy to help.

As anyone with a passing familiarity with American history and demographics knows, blacks are found most commonly in Southern states as that is where most African slaves lived. While many of their descendants moved North, most did not. Even still, the blackest state in the Union, Mississippi, is “only” 37.9% black. So even though Mississippi has a ton of blacks, they have also had a Republican governor for 26 of the last 30 years. MS voted for Trump by a margin of 16% in 2020 and for Orange Man with an even larger margin in 2016. Mississippi last voted for a Democrat for President when Carter barely beat Ford in the state in 1976 but the election prior Nixon beat McGovern in the state by a whopping 78% to 19%.

You see, two things can be true at the same time. Republicans can hold political power in a state AND that state can have a large black population. Even the state with the highest black percentage of the population is barely over 1/3 black. You would think Milbank would use his tribe’s vaunted high verbal IQ to figure this out, but of course he already knows this is the case and is simply lying for political reasons.

You can have high violent crime in a state run by Republicans without making the leap to say that those Republican voters are the ones committing the majority of violent crime.

7 of the states listed on the top murder rates on the right are among the dozen states in America with the highest percentage of blacks. Curious! What about the states not on the list of blackest states? Well New Mexico has it’s own demographic issues. As of the 2020 census New Mexico reported a population nearly 50% mestizo and climbing fast, and adding in illegal aliens the population became majority mestizo many years ago with the largest percentage being of Mexican ancestry. As for Missouri and Kentucky, their homicides are overwhelmingly concentrated in two cities, St Louis (43% black) and Louisville (35% black) respectively.

Also, and again previously proven, blacks are responsible not just for a disproportionate percentage of murders in America but are actually responsible for an absolute and growing majority of homicides, breaking the 60% rate last year among known murderers (see: A New Record!) while the real rate is closer to 75-80% (see: It Isn’t Really 13/50).

Is Dana Milbank lying?

Dunno. Are his lips moving?

Milbank, for the legions of you who have far more important things to do than to bother overmuch about his stupid ass, is a smarmy shitlib chowderhead (BIRM) who has enjoyed a long, cozy sinecure at the execrable WaPo perpetrating serial outrages against actual journalism. Sido crunches the numbers to perform a most righteous, surgically-precise old-school fisking of the witless assclown, and it’s a joy to behold.

Tried posting this in Arthur’s comment section, but Blawgsplat ain’t having any of that, so I’ll just put it here: via the esteemed Divemedic, the elephant in the room vis a vis any discussion of crime, criminals, criminality, and urban dysfunction.

The nigger in the woodpile...
Yo, wuzzup?

What can one say but, Heh.


(Un)Righteous retribution

Is it civilizational self-defense, or state-sanctioned murder?

Here’s the thing – a civilization that cannot come up with the moral testicularity to execute a creature who murders over a dozen of its children is a civilization in serious trouble. The minimum standard for any culture that intends on surviving – and surviving means dealing with the barbarians within and without – is to take its own side in the fight for survival. Eventually, there will be a backlash. The only question is how ugly it will be.

This injustice in the Sunshine State – appropriately deplored by Governor DeSantis – is a symptom of the larger problem. You see it manifested across our culture – suicidal tolerance and performative forgiveness. In places like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and other blue cities – it is always blue cities – the inhabitants murder each other with glee. But more than that, they generally act like savages. We have all seen the videos. Random creeps menacing citizens on the subways, packs of thugs raiding convenience stores or shopping malls, pitched battles between groups of aspiring Einsteins in Walmarts, animals cold-cocking citizens who are simply minding their own business. But no one stops them. No one holds them to account. The cops’ shrug, because the blue politicians have told them to stand down. The answer to those of us who protest is always the same – shut up, racist, and also give us your guns so that you cannot defend yourself from what the government refuses to suppress.

And then there is the spectacle of family members of murder victims “forgiving” the criminals as if forgiveness was a simple act and not a process that demands action by the person being forgiven. This bizarre misunderstanding of Christianity is mixed with what seems to be a desire to front to the world as somehow enlightened – “I want to announce that I forgive the barbarians who raped and murdered my daughter. They did not repent, they did not seek forgiveness, and they have not yet been punished, but I’ll do it now anyway. Look at me.” Not that you want to take theological hints from a guy who grew up a Californian Methodist, but the forgiveness of God does not just manifest out of the blue; the one receiving grace needs to take steps to obtain it. These moral posers – and it is posing, sad and horrifying, but posing nonetheless – demand nothing to obtain forgiveness, so the forgiveness they offer is meaningless narcissism.

Yes, in case you are wondering, I am criticizing the family members of rape and murder victims who refuse to demand justice. Their moral voguing is perpetuating a paradigm where more people’s kids die. Forgive those who seek forgiveness; don’t hand it out as moral welfare and be shocked to find a society full of moral welfare bums.

Oh, and forgiveness does not mean letting them out of jail.

I must confess to being of two minds regarding the death penalty issue, and have always been. On the one hand, yes, there are certainly people who need killing among us, and I do get Schlichter’s strong conviction that civilization cannot long survive without defending itself against the wanton brutality of such ogres. Then again, though, I also have serious reservations about the State’s ability to handle this most grave of matters responsibly, competently, and correctly. As Divemedic concisely says:

This story is why I remain opposed to the death penalty in practice. You can’t trust anyone in our “justice system.” Even with a confession.

The guy spent 35 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit before his conviction was overturned. The cop who got his conviction was using questionable tactics to secure confessions for years.

And this is but a single case, out of literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of them. It’s been estimated that anywhere between 46,000 and 230,000 innocent people have been incarcerated due to a wrongful-conviction rate which hovers between 2 to 10 percent. Given what we all already know about how incompetent, ruthless, and untrustworthy government, at any level, all too often is—much less how thoroughly tainted and dysfunctional the American “justice” system has proven itself to be just in recent years—can any of us be too terribly comfortable with granting it the power of life and death over us? Can we AFFORD to be?



The risks that must be taken

TL contends that the first crucial step on the long road back has to be attitude adjustment.

Recently, where I work, because nothing I’ve written has ever been a commercial success and I like work, I ran into a Covid questionnaire at a customer’s business that I recognized as corporate required nonsense and for a while, not wanting to intervene in the relationship between these businesses, just sort of filled it out without divulging any information to which they had no right to obtain, basically, no, no, no, no, to get on with work. Sometimes I just wouldn’t, but every time I did, it grated on me. I resented it and finally, with a representative of that business standing there, expecting it to be filled out, having noticed that unless someone was there, I wouldn’t, I told him I resented it and he told me to leave. I expected to get fired over it. It was a big customer, a large part of our company’s income was derived from that source. I was grilled on why I didn’t just shut my mouth, fill it out and get on with work. My explanation was that I just couldn’t, it was wrong and if they had to fire me, then to get on with it.

Later, having kept my job, I was sent back. I refused, admitting that I hadn’t changed my mind and wouldn’t and sending me back there was just going to start it all up again. They did a work-around so I didn’t have to, but later still, they sent me to another facility for the same company. Braced for the clash, I entered and was quickly informed that those performing my task only had to sign one sheet and that was all job-related safety information, JSA to those who do them regularly. (don’t get me started on that)

None of us want to lose our jobs over this stupid, inane bs, but we have to be willing to risk it. This is how our successful society has been destroyed to replace it with the irrational, illogical commands of some quasi-authority, by failing to take these risks. Others have, the military washed a bunch of them out over it.

Now that it’s been revealed how deep the rot is, how it’s creeped into every corner of our world, it’s time to start being much more aggressive in defending one’s own rights. Question your doctor to find out how much of the pandemic he actually believes in; ask how much money he’s received from Pfizer or others. These are legitimate questions from someone asked to place their lives, literally, in another’s hands. Take the same aggressive belligerence they demonstrate into these interactions. If we want a free nation where individuals have rights, it’s obvious that we’re going to have to fight for them.

As emotionally and mentally draining as confrontations can be, I understand that few will want to take this advice, but it’s the only way. Maybe not every instance all at the same time, but something, somewhere. I’ve been lucky, I haven’t had to go through any of this before, because if they demanded I wear a mask, I refused to go there. If they got in my face over it, like they did at the post office one time, I got back in theirs citing that they were just following “advice” and that there was no law that required it. They promptly lost the package I mailed, the only one they’d ever lost. Forcing them to resort to that cowardice, that inability to do their job with integrity, was enough for me. Plus, we moved.

It’s in these battles that we must fight, until the great volcano, that’s currently building across the globe, erupts. When it finally does, all of this will be inconsequential, mere survival will be on everyone’s mind. One highly-connected and brilliant commenter recently remarked, “we will be counting our wealth, not in dollars, but ounces.”

All through the FauxVid scam, I refused to wear a mask, period. Even when I had to make a delivery inside the main hospital branch in CLT, I flatly told the security guy at the front door who tried to deny me entry unless I wore the Mask Of Cowardice And Submission, I didn’t; after a few minutes of arguing back and forth, the guy eventually handed me the stupid, grimy germ-catcher and told me to just carry it with me, so as to cover his own ass if anybody inside called me on it. They didn’t.

In fact, the one and only time I’ve ever come close to donning the MOCAS happened only a few days ago, as I was trying to pick up my insulin and other ‘scrips from the pharmacy I use for the purpose. I raised such a loud, intense ruckus with the lady at the front desk over their mask requirement that she actually went so far as to call the cops on the scary, one-legged, crippled old man. When the Gaston County Sheriff’s Deputy walked in the front door and over to me, I looped the thing over one ear and announced to those duly assembled that this was as far as I was willing to bend over for them. Whereupon Offissa Pupp laughed himself sick, slapped a thigh so great was his mirth, told me hey, that’s fine, and walked right back out again without saying a single word to front-desk bint.

From conformable to confrontational? Yeah, I believe I’m good with all that. In fact, I highly recommend it.


Spare the rod, spoil the brat

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first ran across this, so I’ll have to post it without proper attribution, which I am always loathe to do. Ah well, it’s a real sockdolager, as Huck Finn used to say.

Letter from an obnoxious toerag
Dear Neighbor: please indulge my obnoxious imposition

Is there anything more insufferable than assholes so deeply, passionately in love with their own magnificent selves that they don’t even realize they’re assholes? “Narcissist” doesn’t even EGIN to cover this. I’ll say this much: if I lived in that neighborhood, there’d barely be any paint left on the sides of those EV twatmobiles by now, because I’d be keying the fucking things every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Mark Tokowski takes care of business on these arrogant, self-centered little pukes so I don’t have to.

The letter above, sent to people living on an unspecified street in an unspecified community, simply reeks of smugness. I would guess the four electric vehicle owners are young, as the bulk of the climate alarmism has been directed at school children, who are now becoming adults. During the school years they were never given more than one side of the climate debate, and so they do not know the the supposed science is unsettled, and that the warmists could be (very) wrong,

The impunity with which they presume that their neighbors have to change their lifestyles so that the virtue-signalling EV owners can do God’s work is off putting, to say the least. As the person who brought this letter to WUWT noted, the meeting they speak of was probably attended by four people, the EV owners.

It gets worse:

The pair to the left struck a blow for saving Mother Earth a few days ago by splashing a can of tomato soup on a Van Gogh painting, Sunflowers, valued at more than $50 million. They then glued their hands to either it or the wall or the floor – I am not clear. No worries, art lovers. Museums do not put valuable treasures at risk. This particular painting is sealed and covered with glass.

This is modern schooling at work, the kids having no clue how wrong they might be, and not having the good sense to see even what Michael Mann sees, that this sort of publicity is not good for their movement. Further, these narcissistic little brats need a good hard spanking delivered by a caring adult, one who will not indulge them in their fantastic ideas and actions. Ground the brats, that they might someday be grounded adults.

The mere fact that they claim that CO2 is some sort of monstrous agent that is causing the demise of our planet, while at the same time opposing nuclear and hydroelectric power, both of which are CO2-free substitutes, tells me that their enemy is not CO2, but rather fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels make our lives easier, make us richer and more comfortable and happy in our lives. They are the reason that our planet can support seven billion people. And that is what they are against. People.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. To add a little meat to Mark’s bare-bones assessment, a few more specifics: what they violently, reflexively oppose is happy, well-adjusted, gainfully employed, content people. White people. Adults. Heterosexual people. People who derive genuine pride and satisfaction from making a meaningful contribution to their society. Grateful people. Humble, unassuming people. People who are content to just live their lives in the normal, traditional fashion, without making much of a to-do over it or calling undue attention to themselves.

As one could easily guess, they hate their parents above all else. Sniveling toerags like these are the best argument I can think of in support of corporal punishment, because ignoring the Biblical admonition in my post title is exactly how useless, annoying excrescences like them are created in the first damned place.


Get with The Program

From energy independence to beggar-nation in a single day.

Destroying America’s Energy Advantage To ‘Save Democracy’
Emptying the strategic reserve is at best stupid and at worst corrupt.

It’s worse than that, even. It’s malicious, part of the long-term DemonRat strategy to force America to its knees, and ensure that it stays weak, supine, and dependent forever.

“I have been doing everything in my power to reduce gas prices since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine caused these price hikes — these prices to spike and rattled international oil markets,” Biden said Wednesday. When Biden told a town hall audience in September 2019 that he would end all new drilling on federal lands, the national average for a gallon of gas was $2.56. That was more than two years before Putin invaded Ukraine. When Biden was inaugurated, long before the Russian invasion, the price of a gallon was $2.38. It was one cent higher when he signed an executive order pausing all new government leases on public lands — where nearly a quarter of American oil extraction takes place. Since then, Biden has handed out the fewest new leases for a president early in his administration since World War II.

Putin hadn’t invaded Ukraine the day Biden killed the Keystone pipeline, and with it 830,000 barrels per day – around 25 million a month —which was scheduled to open in only a few months. Nor had he invaded Ukraine when the Interior Department stopped pursuing drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. All these actions put us in a precarious position when the inevitable international event shook the market.

Biden can’t control prices, of course, but there are plenty of things he could do to mitigate the pain outside of incentivizing production. Instead of easing sanctions on the socialist kleptocracy in Venezuela, or begging authoritarian cartels to drill more until the midterms, Biden could repeal the Jones Act and lower costs. He won’t because Democrats need union cash. Biden could help increase domestic production by pressuring governors to overturn fracking bans, but he won’t, because he needs to pacify the climate warriors.

BZZZT! Wrong answer, David! DemonRats are far more calculating and cunning than that; Biden, for his part, doesn’t truly care about “pacifying” anybody, not deep down. Though he, and they, enjoy listening to their gums flap in recitation of those shopworn shitlib pieties as justification, he, and they, prefer to keep the actual agenda carefully tucked away and out of public view. Union gelt, climate warriors, and sundry other useful idiots are precisely that—useful—in the exact same way PantiFa, the BLM rioters, LGBTQIZVERUKNXXXers, vapid and vacant celebs, and the FauxVid hoax have been: as tools to assist them in glomming onto, consolidating, and expanding the unchecked power and control they so desperately crave, nothing more.


Don’t do it, Gov!

The historical quote I’d most like to hear DeSantis The Barbarian cite: “If nominate, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.”

Why DeSantis Should Not Run in 2024
Last week at American Greatness, Brandon Weichert explained why, in his estimation, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should run for president in 2024. His main argument is that DeSantis is excellent in every way—and I agree.

But I reach the opposite conclusion from Weichert. Here is why DeSantis should not run in 2024.

Among many DeSantis boosters, there is an undercurrent of nervous dissatisfaction with Donald Trump. Weichert avoids a direct comparison, but his view is nonetheless clear when he says, for example, that DeSantis is the pinnacle of professionalism and “will not rage tweet his rivals.” At the very bottom of that is an error many still cling to: If we could find someone who does what Trump does but is nicer and more professional about it, then maybe that someone would have an easier time in Washington.

Not going to happen.

I hate to break it to my friends on this side of the aisle, but the total, mind-exploding, apocalyptic hatred of Trump never had and still has nothing whatever to do with Trump’s “rage tweets.” It has everything to do with his actions in office: He fights the established, corrupt-uniparty way of doing things. He makes it clear that a peaceful and prosperous nation is good for everyone except professional politicians.

If you replace Trump with someone who takes his same anti-establishment tack, that someone will get the same Orange Man Bad treatment, just in a different flavor. Maybe they won’t go after DeSantis for tweets, but it will be something else. One way or another, they’ll make him out to be the second coming of Adolf Hitler. And then, four years from now, the media will have you saying “OK, we need a new DeSantis—someone who has the same policy views but is just a little less controversial.”

For heavens’ sake, stop! Stop playing their game. Stop trying to find a candidate America and Washington both like, because it’s not just undesirable—it’s impossible.

If you think that by switching to DeSantis you’ll get the best features of Trump without the drawbacks, you’re just playing into the Left’s hands. You may think this is clever tactical maneuvering. In reality, you’re reading the part of “Fourth Plebeian” in Shakespeare’s Roman forum scene: “Caesar’s better parts shall be crown’d in Brutus!” In case you haven’t read the play, this genius logical fallacy doesn’t work too well for the plebeians—or for Brutus.

This is not the only time for DeSantis to run. We’ll need him in 2028 and beyond. And in the meantime, Florida needs him now. In the battle for American liberty, states are the only real counterbalance against federal power. If you remove DeSantis, the only genuinely pro-freedom governor, from that office now, you’ll have killed two birds with one stone—for the Left.

A perceptive, insightful article overall, and I particularly enjoyed Gelernter’s grateful appreciation regarding what Trump really represented to his supporters, and why he mattered. Nonetheless, I do have a quibble or two, especially the penultimate ‘graph.

Only the political class is afraid of Trump and his mean tweets. Voters will back him in the next cycle as never before, even beyond 2020 election levels. We understand this is a showdown, and it has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats: This is people versus government. This is America versus politics. Don’t lose sight of that. And don’t try to out-clever the professional political manipulators. You already know who they fear the most: Trump terrifies them. The thought of Trump being president again scares them silly. That alone should tell you who our best candidate is.

Would that it were so. Alas, I still discern no sign whatever that they’re “scared silly” of anybody. They despise Trump, as they despise MAGA Americans, certainly. But seriously, now—”terrified”? Nope, just can’t see it. They managed to hogtie Trump handily enough the first time out, and from where I sit they seem to expect no more difficulty than they had then—not with Trump, not with DeSantis, not with anybody else you could name. Could be they’re mistaken about that; their arrogance might easily be luring them into the type of Pride that usually Goeth Before a very bad Fall, which is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

As you all know by now, I very much hope that DeSantis holds fast in Florida. As I told the redoubtable Christina Pushaw in our recent email exchange, we need him much more there rather than besieged in the White House, victimized by the selfsame Power that did for Trump.

As Gelernter so astutely puts it, this is now people versus government. In such a struggle, the sovereign States will necessarily have a vital role, being the obvious governing entity around which any Resistance movement will assemble, as our Founders intended and foresaw. DeSantis can be a key player in that conflict, whatever shape it eventually assumes, and can accomplish so much more there than he could as just another figurehead POTUS fronting for the real Power behind the throne.

I DO very much hope that both Trump and DeSantis are smart enough to see through the recent efforts to sow discord and division betwixt the two of them, another manipulation launched by the Men Behind The Curtain for their own quite obvious purposes.


Child abuse, by any other name

Man, this slope we’re on sure is slippery, ain’t it?

Parents could face abuse charges for not affirming their LGBTQ child under a new bill

Virginia parents could face a felony or misdemeanor charge if they do not affirm their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity, according to a state lawmaker with plans to introduce the legislation in Virginia’s upcoming legislative session.

Right now, parents’ rights and LGBTQ protections are a big focus in Virginia.

Thousands of students in Virginia have walked out of class protesting Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s newly proposed model policies on the treatment of transgender students at school.

But Gov. Youngkin argues school districts and school administrators shouldn’t keep parents in the dark about their child’s sexual orientation and gender identities.

“These same progressives in Fairfax County actually believe they should lock parents out of their children’s lives,” Youngkin said at a “parents matter” rally during the beginning of the school year. “They think parents have no right to know what your child is discussing with their teacher or counselor.”

DAMN the Repugnican bastige, for not acknowledging that It Takes A Village™ to raise a child…a village of pedophiles, degenerates, and the mentally ill, that is.

In response to Youngkin’s proposed model policy on the treatment of transgender students at Virginia schools, Democratic Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman plans to take legislative actions.

“The day that Governor Youngkin wanted to implement this policy, I immediately texted the policy lead of that committee and said, this is how we’re going to push back,” Guzman told 7News.

Guzman is a social worker and she’s planning on reintroducing a bill in Richmond that she says would help protect LGBTQ children from their parents and guardians who are not affirming of their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

“If the child shares with those mandated reporters, what they are going through, we are talking about not only physical abuse or mental abuse, what the job of that mandated reporter is to inform Child Protective Services,” Guzman told 7News. “And then that’s how everybody gets involved. There’s also an investigation in place that is not only from a social worker but there’s also a police investigation before we make the decision that there is going to be a CPS charge.”

“Mandated reporters,” eh? Gee, wonder what that might consist of, how one might go about getting hired on for such a position, what the position pays, who their bosses might be, and what ideological leanings might be Qualification One for those bosses?

“No, it’s not. It’s educating parents because the law tells you the do’s and don’ts,” Guzman answered. “So this law is telling you do not abuse your children because they are LGBTQ.”

Ahh, what godawful straits we’d all be in without The Law around to instruct us on the Do’s and Don’ts.

“I think that it’s extremely important that we show that as a community we are ready to accept each other for who they are and whom they love,” Guzman told 7News. “And this is not a bill that will agitate parents because we haven’t seen any parents to come against it.”

If that last contention is actually true, which I very much doubt, then it’s those inattentive, uncaring parents who need to be the ones tossed in the hoosegow—for child neglect, reckless endangerment, and a few other charges to be specified as and when.

Via Divemedic, whose title says it all: “We Always Knew They Were Going Here.” Well, some of us surely did, yeah. Man, I’m so old I can remember all the way back to the Olden Thymes, during the brouhaha over gay “marriage,” when so much as indulging in idle speculation on how it could open the door to all sorts of more bizarre and depraved escalations was haughtily dismissed as absurd, a complete impossibility, the exclusive province of unsophisticated knuckledraggers.

And now, well, here we all are. Prediction: within four or five years, marrying barnyard animals will be acceptable. Then, enthusiastically celebrated. And eventually, mandated under color of law.


Amerikan horror

I shouldn’t find this all that shocking at this stage of the game, I know.

And yet.

Severely Abused in D.C. Jail, Jan. 6 Prisoners Ask for Transfer to Guantanamo

Is this America? Gateway Pundit recently published a letter to Gestapo chief Merrick Garland from 34 of the prisoners who are being held under inhuman conditions in the District of Columbia Jail because of their role in the Jan. 6 “insurrection.” But can these unfortunate prisoners really expect any justice from Garland, a rabid partisan and sinister authoritarian who has sicced the FBI on parents protesting the woke agenda at school board meetings? He is virtually certain to ignore the letter and allow the heartless treatment it describes to continue. In reading their description of their treatment, the question is inescapable: How can this be happening in what was once known as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

In order to buttress their bogus “insurrection” narrative, Biden’s handlers have clearly decided to treat the Jan. 6 protesters, who are overwhelmingly patriotic Americans guilty of nothing more than supporting the former president and being concerned about the integrity of the 2020 election, as if they were dangerous enemies of the state. Based on the false claim that the Jan. 6 entry into the Capitol was aimed at nothing less than overthrowing the government, the Biden regime has created an American gulag and filled it with political prisoners. The prisoners wrote:

When one considers a society that distinguishes itself upon the standards of a “First World Country” allocation among the other numerous Nations around the globe, while informing its citizens that they belong to a country that ensures “Liberty and Justice for All”, it’s difficult to imagine then, that The United States of America, supposedly the wealthiest Nation on the planet, would subjugate its own citizens to that of incarceration and injustice instead, all while administering medieval standards of living to the agonizing occupants of its “Correctional Facilities”.

These Americans, whose most serious crime for the most part is trespassing, state that they “have and will continue to endure” a long list of horrors, including “Begging for Help / Water / Medical Aid / Mercy through a 4 inch by 10 inch window of cold metal doors”; “No Visitations”; “No Religious Services”; “No Attorney Access”; and “Mail delayed 3-4 months prior to delivery.” Their laundry is returned “with brown stains, pubic hair, and or reeking of ripe urine.” They have found worms in their salads at mealtime, and the food is so poor that many are now suffering from a variety of ailments. In their cells, they endure black mold, cockroaches, and mice, and are denied “basic cleaning equipment to sanitize Living Space.” They have been “Stuck in Cells for 9 days without shower.”

That isn’t even close to all of it; the prisoners even charge physical and sexual assault by the guards. They accordingly ask Garland: “We hereby request to spend our precious and limited days, should the government continue to insist on holding us captive unconstitutionally as pre-trial detainees, to be transferred and reside at Guantanamo Bay, a detention facility that actually provides nutritional meals, routine sunlight exposure, top notch medical care, is respectful of religious requirements, has centers for exercise/entertainment for its detainees despite the fact that those residents are malicious terrorists, real members of the Taliban, and few are United States Citizens, instead of remaining trapped within the wretched confines of cruel and unusual punishment of the DC Jail.”

This is not grandstanding. The few remaining prisoners at Gitmo are treated far better. Biden’s handlers have a far more positive view of the Taliban than they do of conservative Americans. It is breathtaking that anything of this kind could happen in America, and it’s an indication of how far the Biden regime is from our founding principles. But this treatment will continue: the regime needs its scapegoats, and its preposterous “insurrection” narrative, and so these unfairly persecuted people will continue to be made to pay for the crime of being in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021.

It surely will. It doesn’t help any that even most Righty commentators persist in bending over backwards to publicly display their dismay and disgust at the J6 “riots,” as if “parading” in peaceable petition for redress of grievances was some kind of unforgivable, intolerable Crime Against The State, rather than the exercise of their Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Spencer laments, “How can this be happening in what was once known as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?” Which is all the confirmation anybody ought to need that this obscenely warped caricature of America That Was is no longer either of those things. GP has the transcript of the original in its entirety; as Robert says, the above litany of suffering and injustice isn’t even close to all of it. Read the whole thing, painful reading though it most certainly is; maddening, appalling, nauseating, it simply beggars belief.


Biden marionette marching as to war

Vengeance is ours, sayeth the Deep State.

Treasury Department inspector general to audit DeSantis migrant flight spending
Treasury Department inspector general to review whether any federal money was spent inappropriately

The Treasury Department inspector general confirmed in a letter to Democratic lawmakers that the agency is planning to audit whether spending by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on migrant flights was improper.

The lawmakers asked the Treasury Department to look into whether Florida improperly used American Rescue Plan funds for the migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, which drew widespread media attention.

Florida lawmakers authorized a $12 million migrant program funded with interest earnings from the federal Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund, according to documents.

“As part of its oversight responsibilities for the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund campaign to deal out a good, hard smackdown to this uppity bastard and make sure he damned well knows he better stay in his proper place, OR ELSE, The Treasury Office of the Inspector General has audit work planned on recipients’ compliance with eligible use guidance,” the Office of the Inspector General wrote in a letter dated Oct. 7 and made public Wednesday.

Fixed it for ya, asshole-eyes.

Democrats’ appeal to the Treasury and the newly announced audit are only the latest in a series of attempts to push back on the Florida governor after DeSantis transported migrants from Texas to the progressive bastion of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts — a move Democrats have blasted as a “terrible idea” and a “publicity stunt.”

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., celebrated the announcement Wednesday, taking credit for spurring the Treasury Department into action.

Yeah, because we all know how very conscientious DemonRats like this Markey turdball are about making sure FederalGovCo funds aren’t misallocated or *shudder* frittered away for no good purpose and all.

See, this is exactly why I wrote to Christina Pushaw urging her to prevail upon DeSantis The Barbarian to stay in Florida and not waste his time and effort running for President. As they did unto Trump, so they will surely do unto DeSantis. And a DeSantis under siege in the White House, like Trump was, isn’t much use to anybody; like Trump, whatever good he might accomplish can only come about by executive order. And like Trump, every bit of it will be undone before noon on January 20th after the next DemonRat usurper defrauds his way into the seat of power, as if none of it had ever even happened.

And even that assumes that they don’t steal the election in 2024, for some incomprehensible reason. Stay in FLA, Guv; we need you there, not Mordor On The Potomac surrounded by Sauron’s orcs, trolls, and Winged Nazgul hordes.

Can a full-proctological IRS audit, a wee-hours FBI raid on the Governor’s Mansion, and a lengthy cortège of crackwhores claiming DeSantis coerced them all into having abortions after date-rape drugging them at one of his frequent crystal-meth parties be long in coming?

(Via Divemedic)


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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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"There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."
Daniel Webster

“A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
Ezra Pound

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
Frank Zappa

“The right of a nation to kill a tyrant in case of necessity can no more be doubted than to hang a robber, or kill a flea.”
John Adams

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."
Bertrand de Jouvenel

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged."
GK Chesterton

"I predict that the Bush administration will be seen by freedom-wishing Americans a generation or two hence as the hinge on the cell door locking up our freedom. When my children are my age, they will not be free in any recognizably traditional American meaning of the word. I’d tell them to emigrate, but there’s nowhere left to go. I am left with nauseating near-conviction that I am a member of the last generation in the history of the world that is minimally truly free."
Donald Surber

"The only way to live free is to live unobserved."
Etienne de la Boiete

"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil."

"There is no better way to stamp your power on people than through the dead hand of bureaucracy. You cannot reason with paperwork."
David Black, from Turn Left For Gibraltar

"If the laws of God and men, are therefore of no effect, when the magistracy is left at liberty to break them; and if the lusts of those who are too strong for the tribunals of justice, cannot be otherwise restrained than by sedition, tumults and war, those seditions, tumults and wars, are justified by the laws of God and man."
John Adams

"The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine."
Joseph Goebbels

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”
Ronald Reagan

"Ain't no misunderstanding this war. They want to rule us and aim to do it. We aim not to allow it. All there is to it."
NC Reed, from Parno's Peril

"I just want a government that fits in the box it originally came in."
Bill Whittle

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