Masters-level class in the flaying of obnoxious “journalists”

Today’s Quote of the Week of the Month of the Century comes to us courtesy of Tucker’s savage takedown of an Aussie shitlib “journalist.”

“Come on,” Carlson replied. “How do they get people this stupid in the media? I guess it doesn’t pay well…I don’t mean to call you stupid — maybe you’re just pretending to be.”

Heh. Well done, Mr C. But wait, there’s more. Namely, at 4:07 of this vid, where the stupid, ass-scalded bint hamhandedly badgers Tucker about gun control, kinda-sorta-indirectly defaming Carlson via an ill-advised insinuation that he bears some responsibility for mass shootings. Tucker’s devastating counterbattery cannonade is off-the-charts priceless.

Miss Thang’s dogged self-beclownment calls several quaint old aphorisms to mind: the dog futilely chasing his own tail until he finally drops from sheer exhaustion; the stubborn fool who either will not or can not admit that he/she is licked, wisely opting to simply walk away from a losing battle while he/she is still able to walk rather than having to be hauled off on a stretcher; the sage admonishment to never pick a fight with a much bigger, stronger, and/or more skilled and/or experienced opponent, etc etc.

It only gets worse for smug Down-Under “journalists” from there—deservedly so, I might add—when one of the bint’s imbecilic-droolcase colleagues makes the damnfool mistake of shoving his oar in, only to have Carlson hand him his own empty head for his trouble. This unforced error, mind, after witnessing the total evisceration of his female co-propagandist mere moments before, while it was presumably fresh in his mind (if any).

I hope y’all won’t think it gratuitously cruel of me to speculate on whether these clowns truly are too dumb, too vain, too securely cloistered amongst their own obliviously self-regarding set to grok just how YUUUGE a can of whup-ass a far better, more intellectually lissome, more articulate man than they could ever aspire to be had just opened on their hapless-loser selves.

Several more vidyas at the link, each and every one of which you are one hunnert pa-ssent guaranteed to enjoy enormously, or your money cheerfully refunded at the box office. Tucker was definitely firing on all eight that evening, deftly making mincemeat of a whole passel of credentialed professional dunderheads without ever breaking a sweat. I repeat: WELL done, sir, very well done indeed.


The Empire Experts strike back

Another long-open tab I’m finally getting around to clearing, this one a particularly noteworthy specimen.

Teach Your Children Well
What the push to federally “regulate” homeschooling really is.

If you follow my writing and podcasting, you know that I am a big proponent of homeschooling. My wife and I homeschool our five kids (at least, the ones who are old enough), and before I recently left California for Texas I was teaching history and literature to teenagers from other families in our homeschooling community.

Read on, and it fast becomes abundantly clear that Cali’s loss is Texas’s gain. Apart from those aforementioned “other families,” California would stridently insist it’s the other way ‘round, safe to say. But…well, y’know, California.

We homeschool for all the obvious reasons: public schools and even many, if not most, private schools are now hopelessly broken, “dark, satanic mills” of woke indoctrination; polls show that homeschooled kids are not only better educated but better socialized than public school kids; we value the freedom, family unity and self-sufficiency; it enables us to keep the kids’ passion for learning alive instead of having it ground out of them by the drudgery and routine of standard education; we can focus not only on intellectual pursuits but also impart life skills that public schools no longer teach; we’re free to include religious and moral instruction; and it enables me and my wife to control the pace at which they are (inevitably) exposed to corrosive cultural influences.

So at every opportunity I urge parents and grandparents to homeschool if at all possible, in order to rescue their children from the grim alternatives. But I’m also aware that homeschooling is a very demanding commitment that only a minority of parents are in a position to undertake, and I fault no parent for being unable to make that commitment.

The surge of interest in homeschooling since the pandemic is a blessedly welcome development for society, but it has brought with it increased suspicion and scrutiny from the current Powers That Be. Leftwing ideologues have been working on capturing the culture, especially education, for over half a century, ever since they abandoned marching in the streets to make the Long March through the institutions. Homeschooling is a deeply serious threat to the Left’s totalitarian lust for power, and that is why Scientific American, the nation’s leading mainstream science magazine, recently added its voice to the call that homeschooling parents be “regulated.”

In a May 14 opinion piece titled, “Children Deserve Uniform Standards in Homeschooling,”, the editors of Scientific American called for federal homeschooling regulations, going so far as to suggest that parents of homeschooled children “undergo a background check.” The magazine reiterated this message in its June 17 “Today in Science” newsletter.

The op-ed cited data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) which stated that nearly 3% of American children — that’s 1.5 million kids — were homeschooled in 2019. That number rose dramatically during and in the wake of the pandemic nightmare, which at least had the positive benefit of giving many parents an eye-opening revelation about the kind of dumbing-down indoctrination and predatory sexualization that their children were being exposed to in the woke public school system. The most recent NCES estimate is that 5.4% of children in grades K-12 were homeschooled in 2020-2021. I have seen estimates as high as 10%, however; it is a difficult figure to pin down, partly because eleven states do not even require parents to inform anyone that they are home schooling.

In any case, the op-ed admits almost grudgingly that many homeschooled children “are well-rounded and well-adjusted children who go on to thrive as adults.” But, Scientific American frets, “others do not receive a meaningful education” – a laughable concern considering what a catastrophic failure education in America is today. Never mind a “meaningful” education – our failed children today can’t even spell the word.

Scientific American doesn’t explicitly mention this, but other accusations often directed at homeschoolers are that the kids are not being fully assimilated into the mainstream culture (as if that were a bad thing), they are getting too much religious education (as if that were a bad thing), and they are being inculcated with – gasp! – traditional values (as if that were a bad thing).

Anyway, the editors argue that the “federal government must develop basic standards for safety and quality of education in home schooling across the country.” They add that homeschooling parents should be required to undergo a background check — the same as K-12 teachers. By the way, to see just how effective a background check is, scroll through the videos at Libs of Tik Tok for the countless examples of openly radical freaks and groomers that somehow managed to get hired to teach our children.

Scientific American editors also complain that parents “are not required to have an education themselves to direct instruction.” In response, I would argue three points: one, that there are plenty of video examples online of barely literate, foul-mouthed teachers who don’t know their dangling participle from their XY chromosome; two, that what “educators” are mostly trained to teach today are Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, and anti-Americanism; and three, no one is more passionately committed to give their children a solid education than parents. Countless fathers and mothers (not “birthing parents”) who homeschool have simply taken the leap and committed to educating themselves and then their children. It’s demanding but it’s working, and that’s a “meaningful education” for the whole family.

Those same countless parents across the nation are wised up to, and fed up with, the politicized public education system and its obsession with drag queens, pride flags, transgender indoctrination, personal pronouns, and Critical Race Theory racism. They are sick of the Left’s mission to drive a wedge between them and their kids in order to transfer children’s trust and allegiance to the State.

OHHH yeah, this note-perfect refutation is for sure and certain a superlative instantiation of the “you absolutely MUST read the whole thing” sub-genre of essays and/or op-eds—not only read it, but bookmark it, recommend it to all your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, &c, then sit back, relax, and read it again. Heck, I’d even go so far as to suggest carrying a printed copy with you at all times, by way of equipping yourself to bodily tackle random strangers on the street, sit on their chests or otherwise pin them (tuck several sets of flex-cuffs in your back pockets for use as restraints of last resort), and read it aloud to them as well.

When the forcible reading is complete, help your newly-enlightened chum to his feet; gently brush the dust, dirt, and/or debris from his back and shoulders; apologize profusely for any injury, imposition, or inconvenience he may have suffered; offer cash-money compensation for repair or replacement of any damaged clothing resulting from his impromptu detention; express your deepest gratitude for his kind attention and forbearance; then bid him a cheery adieu as you both continue on your separate ways. Hey, no need for you to be a dick about it, amIright?

My sardonic flights of fancy aside, serious kudos and a reverential doffing of the CF chapeau to yon author for some truly outstanding work on this frank, skillfully composed, up-close-and-personal examination of one of the most momentous issues of this or any age.


A meme out of place and time

At first I planned to hang onto this one for use in the regularly-scheduled meme post either here or over at the Eyrie, but decided it was just too damned funny to resist giving it its own spot tonight.

See, I just KNEW them darn ((((Jooz!!!)))) had to be good for something.


God bless ’em, every one

Taking matters into their own hands at the ol’ ball game.

What a beautiful moment, when those players scampered back out of the home-side dugout (I’m assuming; that’s the usual arrangement, but not necessarily everywhere) to line up along the first base-line again. One has to wonder, though, what the hell the visiting team was waiting for.


Headline of the decade of the century of the week

It’s Glenn’s prefatory quip that really makes the thing stand up and sing.

WELL, AND WHEN ANGRY MOBS ARE BURNING WASHINGTON AND HANGING BUREAUCRATS, CONGRESSMEN, AND JOURNALISTS, EVERYONE WHO COULD ASK THEM TO STOP WILL BE IN JAIL: Democrats May Regret Their Legal War on Trump: The unprecedented targeting of the former president and his allies invites partisan retaliation.

T’is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Glenn’s link, not transcribed here, is to a paywalled WSJ article, which I didn’t bother clicking through and reading. I’m so old I can remember the golden days of yore when WSJ editor James Taranto’s Best Of The Web roundup was a must-read for every ReichWingNaziDeathBeast OG blogger like myself, a primo source for impactful, amusing, and/or off-the-wall blogfodder articles, but those days are long gone, alas.



I see no possible objection to this young lady’s wish, except from transphobic bigot H8RRRZ. And Donald Trump, of course.


Quote of the decade of the century of the millenium

Righteous Englishwoman Katie Fanning lays down the fucking smack on a couple of Moslem immivaders: “We don’t involve ourselves in gratuitous violence and terrorism. We are white people; we desolate continents, we wipe out civilizations, and we start world wars. So far we’ve been tolerant, but you wait until that tolerance is gone—when that Anglo Saxon is no longer willing to tolerate the rapes, robberies, extortion, and theft of our identity.”

Fucking beautiful. You go, girl! Via Phil, who gleefully quips:

When the Saxon began to hate in real time.

And as CederQ and I have agreed to many times, it’s when the women get fed up and tell their men to go kill some sonsabitches is when it all starts.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. Shoulda happened a long damned time ago, if you ask me.

Update! Goddamn if Phil ain’t got a second tasty vid below the above one. This one I won’t swipe, I’ll just link to it. Believe me, you’re gonna want to go over there and watch this one too.


The most well-named website EVAR

Hoo, BOY, talk about yer Intarwebz rabbit holes! This one got me, and I mean but GOOD. First, it was this:

12 Stimulating Facts About Coffee
10 of 12 The First Webcam Was Invented For a Coffee Pot

We can credit coffee-craving inventors for creating the first webcam. In the early 1990s, computer scientists working at the University of Cambridge grew tired of trekking to the office kitchen for a cup of joe only to find the carafe in need of a refill. The solution? They devised a makeshift digital monitor — a camera that uploaded three pictures per minute of the coffee maker to a shared computer network — to guarantee a fresh pot of coffee was waiting the moment their mugs emptied. By November 1993, the in-house camera footage made its internet debut, and viewers from around the globe tuned in to watch the grainy, real-time recording. The world’s first webcam generated so much excitement that computer enthusiasts even traveled to the U.K. lab to see the setup in real life. In 2003, the coffee pot sold at auction for nearly $5,000.

Next, I scrolled on down to…

6 Colossal Facts About the Hoover Dam
of 6 Building the Dam Meant First Building an Entire City

Constructing a large-scale dam meant hiring a massive workforce: By the end of the project, the employee roster swelled to 21,000 people. An average day had 3,500 workers reporting to the construction site, though that number rose during busy periods, like in June 1934, when as many as 5,218 men reported to the jobsite per day. Bringing in that many workers (and their families) meant the federal government had to have a plan — which is how the town of Boulder City, Nevada, came to exist.

In December 1928, President Calvin Coolidge authorized the creation of Boulder City on federal land specifically to house workers. Construction of the town’s buildings began in 1931. Families were housed in cottages, while single men slept in dormitories, and meals were provided in a jumbo-sized mess hall that served 6,000 meals per day. Boulder City was also equipped with a state-of-the-art hospital to handle jobsite accidents, a fire department, a train station, and a movie theater.

After that, there was this.

15 Geography Facts You’ve Always Wondered About
of 15 Where Does One Ocean End and Another Begin?

Despite being divided into sub-oceans, there is only one ocean in the world, which scientists refer to as the “world ocean.” Historically, cartographers and government officials found it helpful to divide the massive ocean into smaller entities, which is how the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian Oceans were named. More recently, the ocean surrounding Antarctica, dubbed the Southern Ocean, has been added to the list. Despite being located in different regions, there is actually no way to tell when one ocean ends and the other begins — because the ocean is a singular continuous body of water. However, there is one exception to this rule. The Southern Ocean is radically different from the rest, with a strong current that surrounds it and notably frigid water, making it easier to recognize where this sub-ocean begins.

Cool, no? And STILL, I’m only halfway down the page. I warn you, folks: do NOT click on the link above unless you have nothing whatever to do, and all day to do it in.


A PROPER D-Day 80th anniversary commemoration

Leave it to Steyn to provide one, from the Canadian perspective.

A lot went wrong, but more went right – or was made right. A few hours before the Canadians aboard the Prince Henry climbed into that landing craft, 181 men in six Horsa gliders took off from RAF Tarrant Rushton in Dorset to take two bridges over the River Orne and hold them until reinforcements arrived. Their job was to prevent the Germans using the bridges to attack troops landing on Sword Beach. At lunchtime, Lord Lovat and his commandos arrived at the Bénouville Bridge, much to the relief of the 7th Parachute Battalion’s commanding officer, Major Pine-Coffin. That was his real name, and an amusing one back in Blighty: simple pine coffins are what soldiers get buried in. It wasn’t quite so funny in Normandy, where a lot of pine coffins would be needed by the end of the day. Lord Lovat, Chief of Clan Fraser, apologized to Pine-Coffin for missing the rendezvous time: “Sorry, I’m a few minutes late,” he said, after a bloody firefight to take Sword Beach.

Lovat had asked his personal piper, Bill Millin, to pipe his men ashore. Private Millin pointed out that this would be in breach of War Office regulations. “That’s the English War Office, Bill,” said Lovat. “We’re Scotsmen.” And so Millin strolled up and down the sand amid the gunfire playing “Hieland Laddie” and “The Road to the Isles” and other highland favorites. The Germans are not big bagpipe fans and I doubt it added to their enjoyment of the day.

The building on the other side of the Bénouville Bridge was a café and the home of Georges Gondrée and his family. Thérèse Gondrée had spent her childhood in Alsace and thus understood German. So she eavesdropped on her occupiers, and discovered that in the machine-gun pillbox was hidden the trigger for the explosives the Germans intended to detonate in the event of an Allied invasion. She notified the French Resistance, and thanks to her, after landing in the early hours of June 6th, Major Howard knew exactly where to go and what to keep an eye on.

Shortly after dawn there was a knock on Georges Gondrée’s door. He answered it to find two paratroopers who wanted to know if there were any Germans in the house. The men came in, and Thérèse embraced them so fulsomely that her face wound up covered in camouflage black, which she proudly wore for days afterward. Georges went out to the garden and dug up ninety-eight bottles of champagne he’d buried before the Germans arrived four years earlier. And so the Gondrée home became the first place in France to be liberated from German occupation. There are always disputes about these things, of course: some say the first liberated building was L’Etrille et les Goélands (the Crab and the Gulls), subsequently renamed – in honour of the men who took it that morning – the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada house. But no matter: the stylish pop of champagne corks at the Café Gondrée was the bells tolling for the Führer’s thousand-year Reich.

Arlette Gondrée was a four-year old girl that day, and she has grown old with the teen-and-twenty soldiers who liberated her home and her town. But she is now the proprietress of the family café, and she has been there every June to greet those who return each year in dwindling numbers…

That’s the late Bill Bray and the late John Woodthorpe with Mme Gondrée (pictured at the link—M) on the seventieth anniversary. The Bénouville Bridge was known to Allied planners as the Pegasus Bridge, after the winged horse on the shoulder badge of British paratroopers. But since 1944 it has been called the Pegasus Bridge in France, too. And in the eight decades since June 6th, no D-Day veteran has ever had to pay for his drink at the Café Gondrée.

They were young, but they were not children. Ten years ago, I listened to President Obama explain from Brussels that the deserter he brought home from the Taliban in the days before the D-Day anniversary was just a “kid”. In fact, he was 28 years old. I remember walking through the Canadian graves at Bény-sur-Mer a few years ago. Over two thousand headstones, but only a handful of ages inscribed upon them: 22 years old, 21, 20…

But, unlike the deserter and traitor honoured by Obama, they weren’t “kids”, they were men.

Gott damn skippy they were, whatever their chronological age may have been—real men, of a stripe they just ain’t making any more of, to our enormous cost. How many times have I said it over lo, these many years: if we’d had to rely on today’s twee, pampered Manwomen to storm the Normandy beaches back in 1944, we’d all be singing Deutschland Über Alles as our national anthem—in the original Churman, natch.

Update! Say, did someone mention “real men” just now? Why yes, I do believe someone did at that.

D-Day: When Real Men Held The Moral High Ground
One of the most popular books in the 1980s was the satire “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche.” It was a tongue-in-cheek homage to what even then was a perceived fading masculinity starting to infect our broader society.

One of the chapters listed “Historic dates in Real Man history.” Of June 6, 1944, better known as D-Day, it states: “150,000 Real Men storm Normandy beach.” In a way, I could end this piece right there, as I cannot offer a more fitting tribute to what occurred on those hallowed beaches 80 years ago today. But I will try. Because as the years pass, and the Greatest Generation fades to the point where soon they will be gone, this monumental event in the annals of war offers us both a remembrance of what was, and reflection of what we as a nation have become.

Sadly, one cannot help but think the goodwill and moral capital we so justifiably earned on this day of days and many others throughout that awful calamity that was the Second World War has been squandered, one ill-fated, ill-conceived act of military adventurism at a time. One can say that the advent of the American Empire could be traced to the sands of Normandy. And, as with all empires, we are destined to fall. We are, in fact, seeing the classic signs of decline today. Among them are the over-expansion of a nation’s military far beyond its own borders; we currently have nearly 800 bases in over 70 countries. Another is an insurmountable national debt; debt service is now eclipsing military spending. Another still is decadence at home; I’ll let you ponder this while the next “Drag Queen Story Hour” comes to your schools.

One must wonder, then, if any of the remaining D-Day veterans might take the measure of the country they were once willing to die for and find today’s America worth storming another Normandy Beach to preserve. I wonder.

What we do know, however, with absolute certainty is that a lot of real men did do incredible things on this day 80 years ago. They did it not for conquest, treasure, or vendetta, but rather to liberate a people they never knew, in countries they’d only heard about, from an oppressive force so evil it had to be destroyed. They met the challenge. And so we salute them all.

We do indeed, humbly and with utmost gratitude. Doughty men, valiant men, intrepid men, ordinary men—pride of the American heartland; scions of Flatbush Avenue, South Street, Orange County, Pittsburgh’s Polish Hill, Cleveland’s Broadway Avenue; from every sleepy hamlet’s Main Street, every jostling, jiving metropolis’s main stem, American men signed up for they knew not what, were transported they knew not where, and stood up manfully under a waking nightmare which no one who wasn’t there with them on that day of testing and abject horror can ever hope to comprehend.

Now most of those men have left us, one by one by one: their challenge accepted and met, their task completed, their mission nobly accomplished, their sacrifice redeemed. God forbid that I ever hear any shitlib utter the vapid, obnoxious phrase “toxic masculinity” in reference to the heroic men Reagan immortalized as “the boys of Pointe Du Hoc.” Should such an unforgivable indecency transpire in my presence, I refuse to be held liable for whatever I might say and/or do in response.



Today, June 4th, is the twentieth anniversary of True American Hero© Marvin Heemeyer’s righteous rampage through a Colorado town (link paywalled, but 12 Ft Ladder worked for me).

20 years after a bulldozer rampage in a small Colorado town, the legacy of the “killdozer” lives on
In Granby, Marvin Heemeyer’s homemade revenge machine “radiated evil” — but to some, he’s a folk hero

Only “some”?!? The hell you say.

GRANBY — Few physical reminders remain in this unassuming mountain town 20 years after a rampage by an aggrieved muffler shop owner attracted worldwide attention.

Marvin Heemeyer — convinced he’d been wronged by town leaders — plotted for more than a year, crafting and installing a 40,000-pound steel and concrete enclosure atop a bulldozer. He then smashed his makeshift tank into 13 buildings in a one-man act of revenge and retribution.

Tread marks are still engraved in the pavement in front of the Sky-Hi News building, which Heemeyer collapsed with his 85-ton armored Komatsu bulldozer on June 4, 2004, during a 2 1/4-hour slog from one end of town to the other. He and his dozer damaged or toppled Granby’s town hall, an electric utility building and a concrete plant as police fired high-caliber rounds repeatedly — but to no effect — at the slow-rolling behemoth.

At Thompson & Sons Excavating, what is likely the only remaining intact piece of Heemeyer’s fearsome machine — a trunnion that secured the blade to the dozer — now serves as a peculiarly heavy bookend on a shelf in the Thompson brothers’ shop. Back on that day, the chunk of iron fell off the bulldozer as it rammed through the front wall of their home.

Heemeyer, 52, fatally shot himself in the head after part of his bulldozer fell through the floor of a hardware store he was demolishing. His body wasn’t retrieved until the next day, when SWAT teams used explosives and a cutting torch to breach the nearly impregnable compartment he had built. He was the only person to die in the rampage.

The Grand County town of 2,100 has largely moved past the destruction wrought by Heemeyer 20 years ago this Tuesday. But the man who caused the damage lives on through music, on merchandise and inside the minds of those who see him as someone pushed to the edge by a heartless government — and forced to take matters into his own hands.

What struck a chord with some, especially those on America’s political fringes, is that the South Dakota native and Air Force veteran was acting out against government leaders who he felt had targeted him with unfair land use and zoning decisions. In some cases, he targeted their family members.

Now THAT’S some good old American ingenuity in dealing with unfair goobermint edicts, right there. See what I meant when I said “True American Hero” before? The man’s a legend, and has since gone on to be immortalized in extreme-metal song, bless him. Far as I’m concerned, June 4th should be officially declared a holiday in those dwindling few parts of America that remain, y’know, America.

Update! Stephen posts the appropriately Killdozerized version of the Gadsden flag.

I love it! Steve’s post has plenty more details.

Heemeyer, a 52-year-old small business owner, seemed at first like a good neighbor. An Air Force vet and a South Dakota native, he moved to neighboring Grand Lake, Colo., in 1989 after his USAF stint and seems to have been generally well-liked. 

Nevertheless, Heemeyer would spend the last 18 months of his life holed up in an otherwise unused part of his old muffler shop, modifying a Komatsu D355A bulldozer into an impenetrable battering ram. Calling it Marv’s Komatsu Tank (or MK Tank), Heemeyer armored the tank with concrete and steel plates. There were external video cameras — shrouded with ballistic glass and complete with compressed air nozzles to clear away dust — so he could remain inside, fully protected.

There was an A/C unit and fans. Steel-plated gun ports. Ballistic plastic. And enough food and water for a week.

At about 2:15 pm, Heemeyer busted Killdozer out of its hiding place and right into Mountain Park Concrete, owned by the rival Docheff family.

The city quickly took up arms, with civilians and police firing more than 200 rounds into KIlldozer to no avail. Undersheriff Glenn Trainer even climbed on top with his pistol, looking for a way to shoot inside.

Killdozer made its way through more than a dozen buildings and various streetlamps and roadsigns. Attempts to stop it with a front-end loader and two tractor-scrapers were brushed aside.

There’s also an inspiring video chronicle of Heemeyer’s Retribution Machine in action. You may laugh the guy off as just another nut, and perhaps he was nuts at that. Nonetheless: creativity, ingenuity, fearless determination—the bottom-line fact remains that, if America That Was is ever to be saved, it’s going to be nuts like Marvin Heemeyer in the vanguard, leading from the front, who save it, not mild-mannered, squarejohn family-types from the ‘burbs. Heemeyer’s situation was the microcosmic version of what all Real Americans are up against today, just twenty years before.


AOC outed!

An exclusive from winsome, pulchritudinous lass Diogenes Sarcastica.

MFNS – After months and months of researching sleazy corrupt democrats by our crack team of investigative reporters here at the award winning Middle Finger News Service, they have managed to stumble upon (?) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist -NY) secret “Only Fans” account under the name “Showering With Sandy” featuring her daily morning showers before taking on the serious business of saving the nation and becoming a legend in her own time.

Now, there are questions as to why our reporters were on Only Fans Pages in the first place, but in the spirit of Journalism, we would be remiss if we didn’t bring you their findings…with a warning to all from Thomas Sowell.

Yes, there’s a pic of them big ol’ socialist titties, albeit with the real meat of the matter obscured by superimposed stars—and if it’s real, they are spectacular. I’ve always said that girl missed her true calling in life, which is as a topless dancer rather than just another shitlib Congresscritter. This would certainly confirm that assessment, in spades.


Straw scarecrows, burning

If they only had a brain…

This is where the Never Trumpers always hoped we’d/they’d be: they’ll clutch their pearls pro forma for about 15 seconds, just to pay homage to the ancient platforms, oaths, and deities they long ago abandoned.

Then they’ll start clawing tooth and nail to become the Jeb3.0 Savior Of The Party, and try to make a pitch to last-minute supplant Trump on this year’s nomination ballot, aching to lose gloriously (a la Dole, McCrazy, and Romney) fighting Emperor Poopypants and his puppet masters with one hand tied behind their back, and wearing a full blindfold to the manifest gang-raping of our Constitution and the republic (when they’re not busy participating in it themselves gleefully).

That’s merely a brief passage from what I’ll call Chapter One, with Chapter Two hard on its heels. At first glance, the two posts might appear to be topically unrelated, but I must beg to differ. These days it’s ALL related, in one way or another.

In all the many, many years I’ve been pursuing this avocation, I’ve gotten to know quite a few fellow ReichwingÜberNaziDeathbeast bloggers, who between all of us have burned down a hell of a lot of Leftist scarecrows that badly needed the immolation. But of all those, I can’t recall a one who wielded a bigger flamethrower than our friend Aesop. Which is just my way of telling you good folks that you need to read all of these two. If you haven’t read him before, call it your baptism of fire.

No, of course I don’t completely agree with him every single time, on every single issue. If that was the case it would be cause for both of us to worry, because it’s a sure-fire indication that one of us (at least) must be bugfuck nuts. But hey—when he’s right, he is hand-to-God, balls-to-the-wall right. Which, y’know, is often enough to suit me.


Chip off the old block

“I don’t think there’s anything they wouldn’t do.”

Don Jr reels off so many incredibly tasty, dead-on-the-money quotes in this interview, there’s simply no way I could transcribe them all.  For his part, Tucker fires off plenty of well-aimed shots himself; both of them are top-notch rhetoricians, quick on their feet, and totally at ease under the heat of the bright TV-studio lights—a triple-threat skill set which makes their on-camera interaction truly a delight to behold.

Just watch the whole 38 minutes-plus of it, either here or over at the Renegades joint. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I swear, much as I like his dad—and I surely do, one hell of a lot—whenever I hear Trump the Younger speak about the shitty political situation, it sorta makes me wish he was running instead. The man is astute, articulate, insightful, and on point, each and every time.

Update! It suddenly occurs to me that, although he definitely inherited his father’s fearless, indomitable pugnacity, the most significant distinction between Don Jr’s attitude and his father’s is that, unlike his old man, Don Jr’s own impassioned reverence for ordered liberty American-style doesn’t seem to be adulterated with any of the all-too-common normalcy bias which insists—against all available evidence and the testimony of human history since Rome, at least—that there is still some way that our stolen nation, rights, and liberties can be reclaimed and restored without resort to unstinting, deadly violence against the Goosesteppin’ Left Hell-spawn that robbed us of that incalculably precious inheritance.

Trump Sr, whose abiding love for his country, its Founding ideals, and its people is simply beyond dispute, has been impeded by said normalcy bias. Now, he’s been rolled by the low, ugly expedient of having his unapologetic, heart-on-his-sleeve patriotism used as a weapon against him—by opprobrious, scurvy curs unfit to so much as lick the street-dirt off the soles of his fucking shoes.

As I’ve stubbornly maintained it would since 2016, Donald J Trump’s imperturbable belief in the basic goodness of a nation that long since ceased to exist turned out to be his Achilles’ Heel. Trump’s failure, mind, was not necessarily his fault, or not entirely so. He just couldn’t bring himself to believe that shitlibs might actually loathe America so intensely, that they could possibly be as just plain evil as all that. His credulous, almost child-like faith that, despite our disagreements, we all remain Americans at the end of the day has proved to be his undoing. Utimately, he’s not to be blamed nor despised for that naive, over-optimistic misperception, I don’t think; the Evil Left is.

A day which should never have dawned is now upon us: the dreadful day when faith, trust, belief in the essential decency of our (former) fellow Americans (now more aptly identified as TWANLOCs), and open-hearted patriotism have become weaknesses instead of strengths. It’s a calamity so awful, so horrendous, that a once-proud nation stands to be shattered by it, and that right soon.

I’ve said it so many times: no sane person on Our Side really wants the coming violence, fratricidal strife, and societal upheaval, and with very good reason, too. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna happen—clearly, the Left does want it, which means that it will be forced on us, whether we like it or not. If Thursday’s phonus-balonus “conviction” of President Trump hasn’t made that sad fact abundantly clear, I can’t imagine what might.

We have sat on our duffs and watched in incredulous horror as, one by one, the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, and now the Jury Box have proved unequal to the task. We are now left with the last of the Four Boxes as our final, desperate hope. Verily, I wish with all my heart that it wasn’t so. But it is, to our neverending sorrow.

Rat Rods!!!

Via WeirdDave, this may not be the entire reason why Twitter video exists, but it’s for damn sure and certain one of the best.

In case you’re unsure of exactly what you’re seeing here, what it is is real science, by and for real people (and, well, rats), not government-owned eggheads in labs coats afflicted by a grossly over-inflated sense of their own importance. I’ve watched this four times already, and I know I ain’t done watching it yet—probably never will be, in all honesty. This guy’s dad is a pure-tee genius. I just can’t stop laughing.


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