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Some language use, but y’all ain’t not heard it…


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  1. Ping from Igor:
    “The shaft is bent, and the rear end leaks,

    you can fix ‘er quick with an oily rag.

    Use a nail in the starter, I lost the key –

    Don’t pay no mind to that whirrin’ sound!

    She’ll use a little oil, but outside of that,

    She’s cherry!”

  2. Ping from Bear Claw Chris Lapp:
    Thanks I needed that after the salvation army story.

  3. Ping from Irish:
    The first pinned comment over at yootuub:


    “I know why the bolt is tearing up that belt. That’s an 80’s truck. By then we were using metric rocks. Yours look like SAE rocks.”


    By the way Happy Thanksgiving Phil, Cederq and the rest of the ne’er do wells here!!

    • Ping from Leigh:
      Just judging by the headlight, it is an 87 – 91. Regardless, the bolts in the engine were SAE, but the bolts that held the accessory drive mounts were a mix of SAE or Metric. It depended on whether the bolts were going through the mounts into the block or if it was securing an accessory to the bracket. And it wasn’t just Ford that was doing this. The mid 80’s was a shitty time to be a mechanic. Especially working on Mopars. Friggin’ K cars had three different brake pad types and at least two different struts in the same model year – dependent on build date and VIN. My boss had a 83 W150 that had a 10″ drum on one side and an 11″ on the other – from the factory. Iaccoca was srounging parts from every where to get inventory out the door.



      Whitehall, NY

  4. Ping from BusTed-Phil:

    I saw this at Vern’s while I was at work and laughed my ass off.

    It’s like TAKE MY MONEY!!


    Not only is that thing exactly like something I would own, I have before, several times.

  5. Ping from STxAR:
    Oh no…..  I guess it’s update time.

    • Ping from Leigh:
      Don’t worry, STxAR, your rig doesn’t look as neglected and abused as that one has been. Just a testament to the old 300-6, no matter how badly that guy cobbed and butchered it, she still ran.



      Whitehall, NY

  6. Ping from MIKE GUENTHER:
    Drove my ’95 F-150 back and forth to work on curvy mountain roads with no power steering and no reverse for six months before the transmission finally sh!t the bed. Just had to be particular about where I parked.

    Steering with a bad power steering pump is a lot harder than steering an older vehicle that never had power steering.

  7. Ping from Kid:
    That’s damn funny. We drove some real shit back when but I don’t remember anything that redneck.

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