Yeah, Fuck You AND Your Jab Mandate

Dirty motherfuckers anyway.

I’m hoping this bullshit gets sued into oblivion.

My luck, they say you gotta be jabbed by January 6th or get tested weekly and I turn 62 at the end of January.

Um, yeah, pound sand bitches.

It’s not like we could live around here on what I would be getting from SS anyway, hell it wouldn’t even cover the fucking rent around here but I guess we may be finding out eh?

Because I am NOT, taking the fucking jab.

Fuck all of that bullshit.

Good luck to the outfit I work for too.

I think there are 3 guys in maintenance who have been jabbed.

You aren’t running that place with 3 guys left on maintenance, period.

You may be able to limp by part time for a little while but the first time something big breaks it will be done for.

The maintenance will back up and then it’s just a matter of time.

Hell, we can’t even keep up with it now.

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m not budging when it comes to this.

That isn’t a job where you can just put an ad in the paper and take whoever shows up either.

It literally takes YEARS of On The Job training and plain old experience to even BEGIN to keep that place going.

And yes, they do some things for DOD too.

So they most definitely will fall under this crap.

It’s fixing to get real around here boys and girls.


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  1. Ping from Foot in the Forest:
    We are in the same boat. I turn 61 at the end of January. I am a foreman for a commercial HVAC outfit that does lots of gov. contracting. WILL NOT COMPLY   Lucky i own the house and land. Guess i am going to be using years of savings, preps and learning how to small scale farm.   FUCK JOE BIDEN and the DEMONCRAP PARTY.

  2. Ping from enn ess:
    There are tons of people in this boat and I support them in sticking to their beliefs. I’m personally looking forward to the “proposed” nationwide shutdown Nov. 8th thru 11th (or 12th). Or thats the scuttlebutt I’ve heard. Whether it actually happens or not I do not know. Hopefully it will happen to wake their sorry asses up to how little power they actually have. And wake the people up to how much power they actually have when they stick together for a common goal. That lesson has been forgotten way way back when people decided to succumb to indoctrination by the people that said, “I’m here to help”. And they have accepted fully aware of the strings attached.

  3. Ping from Mark:
    I turned 62 two years ago and told them “Adios” then. Really glad now that I did.  I’m not taking the jab. Not now, not ever.  I’m Pure Blood, and I’m going out that way.

  4. Ping from JP:
    Amen! Preach it brother Phil.

    These shitstain commie douche-weasels just had to keep fucking around. Well, it’s gettin’ close to time for them to find out. Things will grind to a halt real quick if this BS stands.

    I will never take their poison. Ever.

    So thankful that I got laid off before the “mandate”, because I’d be getting shitcanned for sure, and I’m certain they’d call it insubordination. Former employer was heavily into GOV/MIL contracts. At least I got unemployment for a little while.

    My old company was losing competent people left and right anyway. Last I heard, the one senior Tech/Manager who basically held the whole operation together was getting ready to bail. Nothing but goldbrickers and hacks left at that point. They’ll go under within a year, if not sooner. I’ll enjoy no small amount of schadenfreude when that day comes.

    At this point I’m basically unemployable in Colorado since I won’t submit to their notvaxx… Oh well, long past time for me to head for Wyoming anyway. The Centennial state is no more, she fell years ago. All that remains is the East Coast of Kalifornia.

    Godspeed to those who resist! Never surrender, never give in.

  5. Ping from millerized:
    I’m retiring in 112 days. If I’m still employed when I do it, or if I’m fired in 3 weeks like I’m being told will happen, it makes no difference…there is no chance in this universe that I’ll willingly take that shot.
    Whether I have to collect unemployment, eat what I have stored and put bills on credit cards or suck pussy on the street corner between the 22nd and February 25th…you are not changing my mind. Only difference is active versus deferred retirement, and the financial difference is about $900yr before it’s taxed.
    So, please, fire me. I’m first in line, asking politely, please fire me.

  6. Ping from Kapt Kaos:

    At my house the wife is having a hard time understanding what exactly is happening. She doesn’t believe I won’t be able to work in this state anymore. Or probably more accurately; she can’t believe it because it’s absolutely bat shit crazy to purposely tank the US economy. I’m definitely looking for work out of state right now. It really sucks that these asshats decided to pull this shit going into winter because I work in heavy construction and you don’t get a lot of work in the winter. I guess I’ll have to worm my way into a sawmill or wrecking yard or something like that to hold over until I can make hay. No biggie. It’s not like I haven’t wintered in tire shops or autoparts before.

    I will not comply.

  7. Ping from Red:
    I spent over 30 years in Construction and Petro-Chemical making sure all the Accounting Paperwork was Contractually in order. The company I worked for laid me off even though I was written into the contracts. They lost over $40 million with me gone. Karma is wonderful.

    My cancer Doc said no jabs for me as many of the CURED patients that got the jabs had their cancers come back. They had different types of cancers and the only commonality was the jabs.

    The Spike protein from the MRNA Jab Destroys the T Cells and all the Cytes in the immune system. Ask them how they feel about being Death Dealers. Red

  8. Ping from Kenn M.:
    A VERY Smart move on your part by taking SS at 62. Even though you are collecting a smaller amount you collect it years sooner and you really don’t lose anything until you are 78 yrs old ( It’s a math thing). Besides you can still work When you want to, because you want to, Not because you have to, just be sure you stay under their limit for income especially when it come to tax time otherwise they will tax your  SS also.

    Point 2, Medicare is a piece of shit so look at Medicare Advantage Plans, even low cost ones, ours have save us tons of money and headaches……

    • Ping from ghostsniper:
      I started collecting about $1000 a month when I turned 62 and I’ll be 67 at the end of Jan, so yeah, I’ve collected about $1000/mth x 12 months – $12000 x 5 years = $60,000.00

      I still work full time as a self employed architect completely under the table.

      This is the only life I’ll ever own so I will live it as I see fit and nobody gets to say anything about it. One of these days I’m going to write a story about being an innocent criminal in the “freeest country” on the planet.

    • Ping from gnat:
      Agree with your first point but disagree with point 2.  Advantage plans may be cheaper up front but if you have a serious or long term illness it will likely cost more because of more and higher deductibles and copays.  And there is a limited choice of docs and facilities.



      • Ping from Greg:
        Agreed Gnat. We looked into all options and ended up going with Medicare with a supplement plan “G” (ours is with Cigna). It’s not cheap and never will be, but it payed off in spades for me; I had to have my appendix out last May. I was lucky; got a good surgeon the morning I went in, fully recovered now. I’ve no idea what the total payout was; most of the statements don’t even come my way, but I’m quite sure it’ll be many years premiums to get near to covering it.
        Bottom line is insurance is only self defense. Medical billing is so insane because it has to cover all the illegals who tie up ER’s day and night. A few days in a hospital will bankrupt even a large estate without insurance.

        • Ping from gnat:
          Yep.  Regular Medicare with the highest level supplement you can afford is the best way to go.  If you wait to sign up for a supplement or switch from Advantage to regular Medicare you can be charged more or denied a supplement.   Too many people skip the fine print.

  9. Ping from Sedition:
    Already told them that the day they give in to the mandate will be my last day there. I won’t quit, they’ll have to fire me.

    Then let the litigious games begin.

  10. Ping from Jimmy:
    Got fired last Friday for refusing to report my vaccination status.  Fuck them.

  11. Ping from Grog:
    Haven’t been sick in the last three years, will not get a chemical injection that is a lie.

  12. Ping from FishStyx:
    55 years old.

    Just had 25th Anniversary at work.

    Was told last week that anyone in our Fed/Public Sector division must be vaxxed.

    (These are inside sales people and pencil pushers. The only difference between them and the guy in the next desk over is a title. )

    Rule does not apply to me…yet, but we’ve been told that word is coming on mandate for large companies (we have over 12000 global employees).


    Wife is disabled and doesn’t fully grasp what is going on, but have told her to expect me to be unemployed soon.

    Not sure what I’ll do, as my job is VERY specific and not easily replaced.

    If I were younger…no sweat! Shift career or go back to warehouse work.

    Broken down body not buying THAT idea.

    Not sure how this will play out or what I’ll do for wife’s medical coverage.

    (As stated: Medicare is a joke. Also; none of wife’s doctors accept it anymore as they like to be PAID.)

    No retirement fund due to exorbitant med bills over the years, but we do have about a years salary saved up and we’re debt free.

    Not much, but we’ll eat for a while.



    Keep the faith, Brethren.


  13. Ping from Henry Acres:

    Stand firm my friends…I am just a weed waiting for the farmer.

    Perhaps Jerry Garcia was right when he and his mates sang David Grisman’s “Old & In The Way”.

    Here’s a few more sites to cling onto…

  14. Ping from lpdbw:
    I was fired in June for not taking the clot shot.

    I’m part of 2 lawsuits against my former employer.

    My unemployment runs out in December, but at least I’m old enough for Medicare, and I don’t trust doctors any more anyway.  Not that I trusted them a lot.  I worked in healthcare IT for 14 years…

  15. Ping from Kid:
    Makes me wonder if it’s not a stealth method for big companies to do major downsizing, especially in places where it is very difficult to fire under any other circumstance.  BS like this happens for a reason.

    • Ping from DeplorableGranny:
      They are only downsizing Americans. I work in state IT and they are hoping to replace us with H1B immigrants. They replaced all of the developers contracted through IBM, now they want to replace the rest of IT (test, deployment and customer support).

      • Ping from Kid:
        No surprise.   Wife works at Costco, Mason OH.  Place is chock full of HIB’s from mostly India, all using EBT cards to buy expensive food like King Crab.  What doesn’t go on EBT they pull out a wad of $100’s to pay for it.

    • Ping from Poor Richard:
      You hit the nail on the head. Machinists and other intelligent, well trained individuals are hard to fire. In normal times. Lay off the machinists, mechanics, and other skilled trades under the guise of public health and voila, no HR issues.

      The next step has already been taken in short supplying raw materials, such as magnesium needed for aluminum products. The material shortages make it easier to lay off workers at all levels without HR issues and in many cases, the firings that are vaccine mandate related prevent you from collecting retirement, unemployment and other benefits.

      The last part is the opening up of the supply chain and the demand for workers that aren’t there. Perfect excuse to send the work to China, or Vietnam, or some other third world shithole where they will do the job for $0.10 an hour.

      Let us, together, do what Americans have always done; get our heads facing forward and use the skills we have to make a future for ourselves. Trade, barter, deal in cash. Hang up the phone and disconnect the social media IV. Become ungovernable. Every one of us who collects Social Security will not be paying anything in, only taking out. Give the bastards as little of your money as possible. Run for local office to control your environment. Be the mayor, chief of police, election commissioner, or dog catcher. Take control of your personal house and then take control of your community. The rest will take care of itself.

      • Ping from CederqX:

        Poor, my mother told a family story of her uncle who was a gas field supervisor in Western Pennsylvania. This was just before and during and even after the Depression. He would keep his work crews working if there was no well, gas pumps, jacks and tanks that didn’t need fixing or maintenance to repair farmers fences, water tanks, barns and whatever a farmer needed that the well or jack or pipeline crossed his land. My great uncle and the company he supervised for wanted to keep those skilled mechanics, technicians and even roughnecks employed for it was cheaper to retain them then employ new men and having to train them. Now, compare that to today… they want to get rid of high paying skill and hire wetbacks and H1Bs cheaper.

  16. Ping from Jerry:

    I’m 58. Was told Dec 8 is the mandate. Told my supervisor that I will give 100% til they walk me out. It’s in my blood to always work . I will not comply

  17. Ping from Aesop:
    1) Not happening. EVER.

    2) I do not intend to sit idly by and watch my savings dwindle to nothing, and become homeless and starving, at the whims of our would-be overlords.

    3) Long before that day, it’s going to be Independence Day, and retribution is going to be a m*****f****r.

    This whole mandate idea is not only monstrously evil, but bad, in a biblically epic way, and that’s going to be obvious by the time the blood is only ankle deep.

  18. Ping from Mill Tone:
    Maintenance is an *essential* operation.  Maintenance men are essential to the operation.

    Federal asshat burro-crats are expendable, and the business men that follow their lead,  will find out.  Their business is expendable.

    Nothing good has come out of the federal burro-cracie in my lifetime.  Time is coming when it shall be burnt down.


    Burn, baby, burn.


    Mill Tone

  19. Ping from Wild, wild west:
    This whole mandatory vaccine thing has encouraged me to come out of the closet and proclaim to all of you that I’m #LGBFJB and my preferred pronouns are them, them, fuck them.

    No.  Not an inch.  I’ve had the bat flu already and they can kiss my ass, both sides.

  20. Ping from Rob:
    Social security.. you can put in for it 3 months ahead of time.

    The month you turn 62 it starts (month 1). The next month they put it away for you (month 2), the 3rd month they give you your first SS check…

    62 in Jan, Feb they hold it and in March you get your first payment.

  21. Ping from Igor:
    Turned 66 two years ago in April, but waited until May because of Stock Options.  Man, was I lucky to get out when I could!

    God watches over fools and small children.  I’m not a little child any more (my wife says otherwise, what does SHE know!).

  22. Ping from lastkingofscotland:

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