You think that will help?


6320cookie-checkYou think that will help?


  1. Ping from Chris:
    Will actually prevent accidents? Of course not.


    Will it reduce corporate liability when the inevitable happens? Probably.

  2. Ping from Kid:
    Looks useless to me. May even be detrimental if it gives any false sense of security.

  3. Ping from rightwingterrorist:
    Maybe, but probably not.

    I can see someone strictly watching the red lines and fucking up.



  4. Ping from anonymous:
    So the way this is supposed to work is prevent red outline from colliding ?  It sort of does make some sense, I’ve seen folks collide with the forks when nothing is being carried.  Forks in profile are skinny as hell.

  5. Ping from Dave B:
    I can see it more for pedestrian’s safety. If you are standing and the red box arrives, you need to move… or if you are walking, don’t walk into the red box.  I’ve seen plenty of instances where folks had near misses because they ventured too  close to a backing forklift.

  6. Ping from Aesop:
    And then it transpires that 1/3 of the drivers are color-blind, and can’t see the red light.

  7. Ping from enn ess:
    And if another lift truck enters the red square a vocal warning goes off Warning Warning – Brace for Impact. But a more humorous version would sound like – Bingo; You done fucked up homer.

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