Since gas is going up, Phil decided to get a more economical car to drive to his new job.

He is going to use one of those old 5HP Briggs and Stratton engines he acquired


6350cookie-checkSince gas is going up, Phil decided to get a more economical car to drive to his new job.


  1. Ping from StBernardnot:
    I wonder what is in that pipe?

  2. Ping from BusTed-Phil:

    Don’t gimme any ideas, I have enough fucking projects…

  3. Ping from Mike_C:
    I like the cyclops single headlight. Paint it yellow and it’d be a “Minion” car.


    Might be fun, but with the oblivious drivers here in East Massholia, your life expectancy in that thing would be about the same as that of a mayfly.

  4. Ping from anonymous:
    Shit its small.  You could drive up to front office, hoist it over your shoulder, walk inside and hang it on the coat rack.

  5. Ping from Cedar L Sanderson:
    That is the cutest little thing! I’d be terrified to drive it on my commute, but it would be fun to tool around country roads with.

  6. Ping from Kid:
    Watch those hard corners man.

  7. Ping from Nemo:
    That has SPLAT! written all over it.

  8. Ping from Mikey:
    I tend to get triggered around 3 wheelers.  I had the privilege and pleasure of knowing the late great Lou Richards, designer and builder of the Tri Hawk.  Harley Davidson bought the company from him and shelved it but there are still a few around.  The Tri Hawk had a true front wheel drive transverse mounted Citroen engine and a few years ago someone proves that it can still out handle the ridiculous rubber band powered rear wheel drive slingshot.

  9. Ping from Michael:
    Interesting thing is IF your building a Replica of a Historical Car you CAN actually build such a “toy” car and get it licensed for the road :-).

    Might be crazy to drive it but hey “Live Free or Die” eh?


  10. Ping from extexanwannabe:
    Does it have pedals too? if so, then it’s a hybrid!

  11. Ping from enn ess:
    That looks like it could be a hoot, with the addition of a roll bar around the entire thing side to side and front to back. Looks about as big as my dear old dads Cushman scooter back in the fiddy & 60’s.

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