Straight Out Of The Brine And Other Projects

What, you don’t seriously think I don’t have a bunch of shit going on do you?

I ALWAYS have a bunch of shit going on.

First up is a bucket load of the old tools Chuck across the street was going to throw away.

I threw them in my bucket of Evap O Rust Friday night and just dug those out, rinsed them and wiped them off.

There is going to be a shit load of wire wheeling going on here shortly.

Then there is the vintage Monkey Wards rototiller project for my brother.

Oh Boy.

He was wanting me to get this grungy old Briggs and Stratton 5 horse running that has literally been sitting in a shed for the last twenty something years.

It still has compression so the valves aren’t stuck but, yeah.

I bought a new carburetor for it, cleaned out the fuel tank and found a replacement air filter housing for it on EBay.

Then I found him an almost identical one on Craigslist that is way newer and in overall way better shape except the fuel tank is fucked and the gears for driving the tines are shot.

$60 I think.

Worth every penny.

I was going to fix that engine and swap it. It already has the pulley’s and levers and all that shit on it.

Take the new carb and cleaned up fuel tank and just swap them out.

Then I picked up yet another old B&S 5 horse for free from my buddy’s Dad that has been sitting around for a few years.

I spent part of the day Friday messing with that.

DamnifIknow why the sound ain’t working.

I had to pull the flywheel and clean up the points, put some new oil in it, some gas and there ya go.

I like it.

So between the 3 freaking engines I am pretty confident that I am going to get the rusty old rototiller going for him. I am going to make damn sure there is some fuel stabilizer in it first though.

Never a dull moment ya know?


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  1. Ping from CederqX:

    Phil, the small engine whisperer…

  2. Ping from John Wilder:
    “Where is Phil?”

    “In the garage, pounding his chisel.”

    Man, you’ve been smacking that thing . . .

  3. Ping from gray:
    Just got my ’87-’89 Agway Special running but the return spring for the pull cord went sproing and snapped. Can’t find a part #. Any idea/help would be appreciated. S

  4. Ping from NOG:
    You need a brother like mine. Little shit (well, he was when I was 6- now 6’3 and about 225) will steal tools like white on rice. He built a 40X60 shop, then had to build a second floor over half to hold “a little more stuff”.  I was looking around up stairs and I saw it. Our Father had a nice LOCKING metal cabinet out in the shop for special tools. I jokingly used a perm marker on it saying “keep your fucking hands off, it’s mine”.  I forgot all about it. He just giggles like a little bitch, knowing I won’t even try to move it. At least my garage is clean and I can walk around in it. And don’t worry, I won’t share your site with him, least he shows up one day giggling.  If he does, hide your whiskey, hide your woman and GUARD your garage.

  5. Ping from Bear Claw Chris Lapp:
    Monkey Wards. Miss that place. I was gifted a kids saddle bought from there. I was told you could buy guns there no papers. No papers, yes no papers. What a country.

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