Severe Weather Warnings Here Locally

They are repeating a severe weather warning on the idiot box here saying severe thunderstorms are coming along with torrential rain fall.

Telling everyone to get inside, stay on the bottom floor and not to be driving through flooded areas if you have to go somewhere.

Ho Hum, welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Something about Bomb Cyclones and shit.

In other words,

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

Of course I have to go to work later but I’m not worried about any of this shit.

The biggest worry I have is losing the power both here and at work. The latter is a BIG DEAL.

Whenever they lose power there all Hell breaks loose.

Computers shut down, generators come on and alarms by the bucket load start going off.

It inevitably turns into an hours long shit show getting things going again when the power comes back on. Even worse is when it’s just a quick blip. The same scenario happens if the damn lights flicker on and off just a bit too much.

The Wifely Unit and the kid are miserable because said Idiot Box goes out and they are lost without it.

I have lighting and if necessary, ways to cook food but without me being here they are screwed.

It’s the freezers I worry about.

Hopefully the juice will flow and I won’t have to deal with the bullshit.

Guess I’m gonna find out here shortly, the weather alert said it’s basically right on top of us right now.


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  1. Ping from itshot:
    yes, know the feeling well


    usually days of media induced panic & chaos on the flahduhh coast just to have the shitshow sideshift and hit unprepared  folks elsewhere


    hope your panic & chaos is more briefer and the shitshow unimpressive

  2. Ping from CederqX:

    OH MY GOD, the world is gonna end! Weather Armageddon, every one panic! 

  3. Ping from Terrapod:
    Kinda comical. Norther CA is in for a huge amount of rain, and they were all bitching last month about drought.  Can’t please the loonies, so mother nature will do what she wills. Hope the reservoirs all fill and over spill with some good size mudslides to boot.

  4. Ping from Greg:
    Over the years, our lab slowly put in UPS’s (uninterruptable power supplies) on everything crucial, from little one’s on the PC’s to big monsters for the robotics line and larger analyzers. We came to love them. Lights would flicker and go out until the hospital generators came online, but our UPS protected equipment didn’t even know it happened.
    I saw one installed for a CT scanner. Thing was the size of a bread van. They dug a hole in the parking lot outside of radiology and buried the monster.

    • Ping from Third Boxcar Midnight Train:
      Yeah, we had those on the oil search ships.

      Kept things running for maybe 30 minutes, so we could perform an orderly shutdown.

      • Ping from Igor:
        At KeyTronic, we had a 3-phase capacitor bank that kept the HP 3000 running for exactly 120mS, which was long enough for the memory to dump to disk.  You shoulda heard the hum when the power was restored and those capacitors were charging!

        My work area was right outside the bank…

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