FDA says Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine looks “effective” for young children

My quotation marks.

I bet they do think that.

Since it’s been so “effective” for everybody else.

Effectively killing, maiming and sterilizing people.

As far as being effective against what is was “supposedly” rolled out for?

Not so much.

But hey, let’s Jab those little fuckers too and make sure none of them make it to adulthood and breed aye?

Because that’s really what this Jab was designed for.

For the life of me I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are apparently hundreds of millions of complete fucking idiots in this country who actually trust a government who’s track record of eliminating it’s own citizens with whatever means just happen to be handy, like fire, snipers, deadly FDA approved medical drugs, chemicals in the food, air and water and God knows what else, is actually quite impressive.

But there are, millions and millions of these stupid fuckers.

Not only are they more than happy to accommodate their own demise, they are downright zealous in their efforts to cajole, coerce and threaten everybody else into joining them!

Very soon though all that is going to change.

The media is not going to be able to ignore or hide the sudden surge in people shopping around for caskets and funeral services here very shortly.

But first they have to make one last big push to try and get their needles into our future generations too.

Even though by every source I have ever seen since the beginning of this Bio Attack, children have an almost 100% chance of surviving the original Kung Flu all by themselves.

So the fact that the FDA is clamoring for them to get the Jab in the first place should make even the densest cocksuckers out there extremely leery about offering up their own offspring to be sacrificed on the altar of Covid.

I have already seen snippets of the media starting to question the apparent disappearance of a few million people.

This has been the topic of more than one Alt News and various other Conservative posts here in just the last two weeks.

It won’t be long before the MSM won’t be able to ignore that.

They have come up with every excuse they can think of to explain that while millions of people have recently been put of of work, why there were ALREADY millions of job openings going unfilled weeks before those events happened.

If you haven’t noticed, I have, that over the last month or so, the biggest radio station in the Portland area has been playing paid advertisements for unfilled job openings with ridiculous hiring bonuses and higher than normal benefits packages.

Just this evening I heard one for the City of Portland needing Bus Drivers.

I’m not talking about the usual shit like Amazon looking for stupid people to exploit either.

I’m talking about real job offers.

Stuff that you would normally see in the Help Wanted section or maybe at a Temp Placement agency.

Being advertised on the damn radio.

That is not, normal.

It costs real money to advertise on the biggest radio station in the region.

Just to find a few Bus Drivers?

Where did the ones they had go?

All of a sudden there is a shortage of Bus Drivers in Portland?

Ponder that for a minute.

That is only one example, there are others.

Truck drivers, Chain saw Chain assembly work, some other off the wall job openings

In the fifty five year memory span that I still have access to, I can’t say I ever remember hearing them do that.


I can still remember when they first started that particular radio station too, well over fifty years ago.

They are still playing the same damn songs to this day. Over and over and over and over again.

This same major radio station has also been advertising for an Outside Sales position, for their own damn radio station, for two months.

Next week it will be Airline Pilots, Doctors and Nurses.

Only if you are Pre Jabbed, of course.

Taken together it is a snap shot of a failing economy and a decided lack of qualified workers.

Both of which are part of a much bigger plan.


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  1. Ping from Igor:
    Man, oh man, oh man, oh man am I glad I’m retired.

    I now have a daughter AND a SIL being put on the chopping block!

    Hang in there, folks, and help out those that have decided to tell the Gubmint: Go To Hell, Go Straight To Hell – Do Not Pass GO, Do not collect any money!

  2. Ping from WDS:
    Vancouver restaurant offers $50K per year.  For a dishwasher.

  3. Ping from LargeMarge:
    Clusters of new-born deaths from pulmonary hemorrhaging.

    Healthy babies, dead in seventy-two hours.

    One or both parents inoculated during pregnancy.

    In approx thirty percent, mother abstained while father is inoc… apparently he passed inoc-material to her during kissing, sex, sharing food.

  4. Ping from Nemo:
    …and in other news Sweden once again bans Moderna for “crippling” heart issues. Can’t imagine how many kids will be crippled for life or be killed, once this kid’s vaccine rollout goes into high gear.


    Maybe a bunch of grieving, ,pissed off parents will be the final straw. After all, AG Growling has already declared parents domestic terrorists, so they might as well act the part.

  5. Ping from Done.:
    Any parent that injects their children with these poisons will burn in hell for eternity, and we’ll be lighting the fires to send them off.

  6. Ping from Kid:
    Tired of talking about it but –

    -vaccine’s purpose is to trigger the body’s natural immune system.

    – No one disputes 99.5+% survival rate all age groups.

    – Children recover the easiest from Covid, let them get it and let their immune system take care of it.

    Worst case the vaccine is very bad for you, best case is it’s being forced on as many people as possible so the drug maker buddies (or puppeteers) of the government rake in billions off it.

    We’re surrounded by ignorance and the government knows it and will use it to maximum benefit.

  7. Ping from SiG:
    In a sane world, not only would an emergency use only drug not be given to kids, any drug that is given to kids would require longer safety studies than drugs given to adults.

    Who’s likely to suffer more for a drug that causes problems in 20 years, a 10 year old or a 70 year old?

    Just like the so-called puberty blockers that are all the rage for the LBGQWERTY++ folks, we have no idea how many kids are being condemned to death by these.



  8. Ping from T Town:
    I hope we don’t see a large number of jabbed kids die, or develop serious health issues, but that may be what is required to wake up those who belong to the covid cult.

  9. Ping from Sabre22:
    Watched a video the other day it had a Johnson and Johnson Rep Saying the “Vaccine” was 71% effective at keeping people out of the hospital and if you got the booster it was 94% effective??????? If you are going to get covid anyway why get the Vaccine????????????

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