A rare photo of Phil’s wife fixing the car…

I know I am going to regret this and burn in hell…


3860cookie-checkA rare photo of Phil’s wife fixing the car…


  1. Ping from Cat:
    Looks more like Phil in his fav outfit.

  2. Ping from Tim:
    Yikes.  Wuz gonna pop a blue pill for the wife tonight.  Not sure now…..

  3. Ping from Texson:
    I’m afraid I’d have to do something pitiful to somebody’s granny! (Oh, shit… I already am)

  4. Ping from Heltau:
    Hey look! Michelin tire.   Didn’t know they went that far back.  Did she fix the problem with the car?

  5. Ping from enn ess:
    You can keep the wifey unit, I’ll take the car. I’ll just bet I could stuff a big assed twin turbo Cummins in there. But then I sorta like the way it came too. Driving it down the road would just piss a lot of people off, and that part I likey.

  6. Ping from Igor:
    Believe it or don’t, my wife is actually pretty darn handy with tools.  No on Mr. Fixit’s level, but better’n most housefraus!

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