Wanna Bet?

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present a fabled “The Right Tool”. This is the only tool that can be used to remove the oil filter housing on a Lamborghini Gallardo.”

Challenge Accepted.

Now where did I put my air chisel?


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  1. Ping from taminator013:
    I don’t know how much space there is around the oil filter, but at the service station that I worked at decades ago we would ram a large screwdriver through the filter to take it off if it was being recalcitrant…..

  2. Ping from Alex G:
    Only tool my ass.

  3. Ping from Kid:
    What a piece of crap looking wrench if that comes with your Lambo

  4. Ping from Nifter:
    Why is a Ferrari in the background?

  5. Ping from Terrapod:
    I call BS, any strap wrench will work, that or a screwdriver and a hammer.

  6. Ping from Igor:
    Mr. Screwdriver for the win.

  7. Ping from Leigh:
    That is probably for a cover that threads into the oil pan, that holds a cartridge filter in place. I seem to recall having to pull something like that off of a Volkswagen in the early 90’s.



    Whitehall, NY

  8. Ping from Titan Mk6B:
    Or, if it has a center lug for the wheel it is for taking that off.


  9. Ping from Milo Mindbender:

    If I understood the challenge it contains 2 parts.

    One, remove the cannisters cover. We agree that doesn’t look undoable.

    Two, reinstall aforementioned cannisters cover with no leaks.

    A screwdriver 🪛 driven through veoyld be a fail on 2. An air chisel would be successful, on 1, but result in a “NO GO” at testing station 2



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