For Leigh, only good use of a Ford I can see.


3280cookie-checkFor Leigh, only good use of a Ford I can see.


  1. Ping from Henry Lee:
    Hey! Ford people matter, too.

  2. Ping from explainist:
    You are not tall. If you were tall you would know that Fords have more headroom than other vehicles.

  3. Ping from extexanwannabe:
    Strange, I would have said same about anything General Motors. I only owned one GM car, a ’68 Camaro when I was 17, and I spent all my money and spare time replacing water pumps, starters, batteries, plug wires, dist caps and rotors, tires (two at at time, 4-ply)…never could get the gas mileage below 10 MPG…a 327 it was. I was on first name basis with the local repair shop, when it had to go in…I mean, I never even heard of a ‘fusible link’, and have never heard of one since, but by God, that Camaro blew two of them, leaving me stranded. The valves tappets clicked from day one. The vinyl roof rusted, as did the rear quarter panels behind the wheels.a mechanic told me to just pull off the valve covers to tighten down the tappets just until it starts to miss, then back off; bad idea as it was done while the engine was running and oil leaked down all over the manifold, which made it a mad smoker. Engine mounts broke constantly, and the tail pipe hanger broke making it a constant rattle trap..but it was cool though…very cool.

    I’ll stick with my ’02 Ranger.

  4. Ping from Igor:
    Well, Ford *does* make the SHO, <i>but</i>…

    1) they had to put a YAMAHA racing engine in it,

    2) the original shifter used (kill me now) CABLES,

    3) when they put a ford V8 in it the SHO line went to hell.


    So I’m torn between agreeing with ya and disagreeing.

  5. Ping from Leigh:
    I’d still rather have that, than ANYTHING made by GM.

  6. Ping from WeeBrowser:
    I thought Dodge was a word meaning “to avoid”. Yo no comprendo “Chebby”!

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