Phil, when gas is too expensive, I found you some ground transportation.

Might be a problem to racking that bolt iffn’ ya hang low so to speak…


3070cookie-checkPhil, when gas is too expensive, I found you some ground transportation.


  1. Ping from Michael:
    Gew 98 and a German WW1 maybe 2 Scout Bike 🙂  Love the steel “Tires”

    Don’t underestimate the value of a good bicycle for many uses.  If drab enough color it’s quiet, easy to hide and gives the folks looking for you quite the annoyance IF they don’t know you have a bicycle.

    Modern hybrid tires often have thorn resistant tubes and a tube of Slime preloaded per tire fixes small leaks nicely.  You will know it worked because of a green spot on the tire where it self sealed.  Always carry a pump and patch kit :-).

    2 to 3 miles per hour walking Vs an easy 10 miles riding cross country on single tracks through the woods.  Quite a difference in search radii by the time they get supporting search elements even a Chopper.

    I’ve bicycled camped towing quite a large back pack (40 pounds+) equivalent with my single tired Beast of Burden trailer.  ANYWHERE I can get my handlebars through I could ride easily.  I’ve gotten the whole kit over fences and cross small creeks easily.



  2. Ping from anonymous:
    Man, dig them ‘tars’, thet is some steampunk stuff right there !!

    That appears to be one of those Swiss messenger bikes sold at Major Surplus / The Sportsman’s Guide for about a grand.  Not the tires though – never seen that before.  The Bison Blog writer is probably happy with that picture – he is a bike rider from way back.

    I do agree with the writer above – a well outfitted bicycle with a practiced rider can travel quite far in no time at all.  Can’t carry much

    • Ping from Michael:
      Anonymous cannot carry much?

      Depends on your POV I suppose.  Far more than I can hike with for any real distance. The Vietcong *might* chuckle as they carried most of their military’s supplies through Years of American Air Power bombing, napalming and in general trying to destroy the Ho Chi Minh Trail through out the Vietnam “Wargames”.

      If your looking for a low cost low signature way to get around fairly quickly, it’s hard to beat the humble bicycle.


  3. Ping from Kid:
    You’ll be taxed based on the diameter of your wheels and how many springs are attached.

  4. Ping from Paul B:
    looks like it would work.  Although I would want a rocket launcher along the top tube.  but that is just me.



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