Death, told ya I lived in a trailer for awhile. Just didn’t tell ya where or what.


2830cookie-checkDeath, told ya I lived in a trailer for awhile. Just didn’t tell ya where or what.


  1. Ping from Glypto Dropem:
    Too bad only those of us of a certain age got this.

    Here’s a little help for the young `uns that had this go right over their little heads.

  2. Ping from Fred Horn:
    I lived in a trailer in Port Orchard Washington on Long Lake for 6 months from fall 1973 to winter 1974. That was some of the funnest times of my life.

  3. Ping from Third Boxcar Midnight Train:
    That was my dad’s favorite song.


  4. Ping from Deathray:
    Served my time in a vintage 70’s model myself. Just loved that quest plumbing they used back then.

  5. Ping from Paul B:
    Live in a trailer once that was parked on the spot the previous trailer had vacated due to a tornado.  Did not even tie it down.  Tornados don’t hit the same spot twice.

  6. Ping from Kid:
    Dang Me is another good one. 🙂

    • Ping from Mikey:
      Did you know that the released single of “Dang Me” is actually a rehearsal track.  That’s why you Roger say “one more”.  He’s talking to the band.

  7. Ping from Igor:
    Had the “proud privilege” of living in the Base Housing trailer park, 14′ X 70′ – not tied down, one winter the wind tried to blow it off the blocks.  At -30 degrees that would NOT have been fun.  We survived…

  8. Ping from Titan Mk6B:
    Around here we call them the Oklahoma State Birds.

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