Add This To The Supply Chain Woes

I know I sure as shit didn’t get any raises like that.

We are all going backwards and were trying to scramble just to keep our heads above water even before all this crap started snowballing on us.

They are touting a big increase in the Social Security monthly payment this year and it has already been swallowed by inflation before the first check went out.

It’s gonna get a lot worse too.

Oh btw, that 5.4% number is the official number.

The real inflation rate is closer to 14%.


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  1. Ping from Cederq:
    Inflation won’t hit Social Security as hard as you think, with the 6% COLA projected for January 2022, the Medicare premium is expected to rise 5.2%, a wash. Then inflation gets to take it’s big assed bite of what people will get.

  2. Ping from Grog:
    On a related note, this gnome should be banned from any public interaction with the nooz. And then permanently banished to the basement.

  3. Ping from Igor:
    Well, SS got increased by 5.9% per the letter I got last week.

    Lah-dee-dah, as was pointed out above, the REAL inflation rate is 14% or more.  The Gooberment doesn’t DARE tell The Great Unwashed Masses the actual rate or there would be Tar & Pitchforks in the streets.

    Can’t have that, now can we?

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