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Sweden has fallen

Bet Mark Steyn has come to really hate being proved right all the time.

I may not know much, but I know Malmö – although eighteen years ago one of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s many in-house lefties, Jill Singer, accused me of exaggerating the city’s transformation. I offered to fly the late Ms Singer and an ABC crew to Sweden so that she could accompany me on what, by 2006, had already become my annual ritual in Malmö. The eminent presenter declined, being more concerned, fulminating-theocrat-wise, by George W Bush, on the grounds that “a faith-based US President …scares the bejesus out of me”. So, as in previous years, I walked my walk alone:

After that conference with Lars in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, I took the train over the water to Malmö in Sweden. Malmö was one of the first Christian cities in what was then Denmark. It’s now on course to become the first Muslim city in Sweden. I sat and had a coffee in a nice little place in a beautiful medieval square in the heart of town. Aside from a few modernist excrescences, it would not have looked so different in the early days of the Lutheran church. I got lucky, and fell into conversation with a couple of cute Swedish blondes. Fine-looking ladies. I shall miss Scandinavian blondes when they’re extinct. At dusk, and against their advice, I took a 20-minute walk to Rosengård. As you stroll the sidewalk, the gaps between blondes grow longer, and the gaps between young bearded Muslim men grow shorter. And then eventually you’re in the housing projects, and all the young boys kicking a soccer ball around are Muslim, and every single woman is covered – including many who came from “moderate” Muslim countries and did not adopt the headscarf or hijab until they emigrated to Sweden, where it’s compulsory, at least in Rosengård.

Do you remember the rationalization Israel used at the Oslo Accords? “Land for peace”? In Sweden, which is about as far as you can get from Gaza and the West Bank, they’re also trading land for peace, and as in Gaza unlikely to wind up with either. The Jews are already fleeing Malmö: Soon it will be like Tangiers or Baghdad or any other Arab town with a weed-strewn, decaying “old Jewish cemetery” and no one left to tend it. But it’s not just the Jewish graveyard that’s destined to be abandoned, but the Lutheran ones, too.

I would urge anyone to do that twilight walk from downtown Malmö to Rosengård, as the blondes thin and the bearded men multiply. That’s Europe’s future walking toward you.

For around a decade-and-a-half it was a more-or-less scientific experiment. Until the Covid clobbered my jetsetting, each year I would mark the precise point at which the last blonde was glimpsed and the beards took over – and each year that point advanced just a little more towards the centre of Malmö. By 2008 (which is a long time ago now: Greta Thunberg was in kindergarten) the “foreign-born” population of Rosengård was already 86 per cent. Sixty per cent had not completed elementary school.

How’s that working out? Sweden is not to everyone’s tastes, but it was, until recently, a peaceful and well-ordered society. Today, in a wholly transformed land where you can be shot dead in the crossfire at a pub and the courts say child gang-rape does not count as a serious crime, you might think that the ire of ethnic Swedes would be directed other than toward Jews. But in 2016 in Östersund I talked to a young lady whose daughter and her friends had been sexually assaulted in the municipal swimming baths by “migrants”. The staff who witnessed it sized up the cocksure young lads, swimming in the pool (in defiance of regulations) in their urine-stained and malodorous underwear, and declined to attempt their removal.

“There must have been other men there,” I said. “Didn’t they do anything?”

My friend laughed. “Swedish men are manginas,” she said – a portmanteau of “man” and “vagina” with which I was not hitherto familiar.

It is the logic of arithmetic: Follow the science, as Greta’s climate chums say. A keffiyeh is a little light accessorising; the full body bag will come later. So I’ll repeat my observation from almost two decades back: The Swedes are also trading land for peace, and will wind up with neither. A society that has nothing to die for has nothing to live for, and thus the last Europeans rush to embrace those who will supplant them.

If preferring Israel and ((((DemPeskyJOOOOOZ!!!))) to yodeling jihadi weirdbeards and any of their hellish Muzzrat theocracies you’d care to name is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. As the Bible (almost, kinda-sorta, okay, not really) says, by their friends shall ye know them. Any position that places me alongside “people” like tard-baby terror-symp Greta T; sundry campus-protest pussyfarts; Faux Jaux Bribem & the D卐M☭CRATs, and the whole squalid panoply of Jew-haters, Jew-baiters, the Mad Mullahs, Enemedia liars, and historically-illiterate Libtard shitwits who have not the first fucking clue about the Middle East generally, Pisslam, and exactly why and how Western Civ got itself into this sorry pass to begin with…well, thanks, but no thanks. That is NOT anyplace I want to be standing, these are NOT people I want to be associated with in any way, shape, or form.

A suggestion of even slight congruity between my own viewpoints, beliefs, or casual assumptions and their own is grounds for immediate, careful reconsideration on my part, to help me figure out where I might have gone so horribly wrong, and put things right again.

I hope BiBi tells Usurper Jaux in no uncertain terms to go take himself a flying fuck at a rolling donut; goes through the Rafah rat’s nest like shit through a goose—buildings, homes, streets, and tunnels, the whole God-bedamned megilla; and offs every last pus-nutted, goat-buggering Hamas filthbag currently stinking up the joint. Not one brick left standing upon another, Mr Prime Minister, sir, that’s my advice. In the immortal words of Kevin Costner portraying old-school G-man Elliott Ness:

And there you have it, Mr Netanyahu. Damn the naysayers who hate you no matter what, with their squee-squee-squeeing for a phonus-balonus “peace” agreement that would be tantamount to suicide for your proud, undauntable people. Collateral damage, “civilian” casualties, “disproportionate” force? Boo fucking HOO, assholes. PRO TIP for murdering Mooselimb savages now crying their widdle eyes out over “genocide” and other such rot: Don’t start none, won’t be none. The current conflict, initiated by Hamas at the unwise instigation of their Iranian overlords, must now end in one and only one way: total, uncompromising victory for Israel.


12 thoughts on “Sweden has fallen

  1. I’m with ya and would go so far as to say we need a present day Crusades to rid the world of the muslim hordes. That said, I’m no fan of Israel either. According to AIPAC, “all 48 AIPAC endorsed Democrats won their primary races in 2024”. I’m at a loss as to why so many conservatives, particularly white christians, are such vehement supporters of a group that overwhelmingly votes Democrat.  Do we give a shit when blacks are murdered by blacks in Baltimore or Chicago? No, we say they got what they voted for. If the Jews want to elect Democrats who want them dead then they should get exactly what they voted for too. I’m rooting for the two groups of Democrats (muslims and jews) to annihilate each other. I’d be fine with the homos, the trannies, the pedophiles and every other Democrat constituency killing each other off too. Fvck em all and let God sort em out.

  2. If Bibi kills them off there, dulce et decorum est.
    FAFO, and all that.

    What I’m leery of is that the same assbags who’ve been shipping the Turd World here hand over fist since 2021 will shovel over a crapload of Hamas “refugees”, and in less than a generation, we’ll be having to kill them off here instead.
    Detroitistan and Minneapolistan are already at that point, right now.

    If they all get offed over there, now, all well and good.

    And any Jews already here who hanker for Hamas et al to be let alone should be shipped to the Middle East, in haste and permanently, to make their case for that over there.
    That discussion ended hereabouts 9/11/2001.

    1. They’re already floating that exact same idea, Ase. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to learn that the secret flights to “rescue the poor refugees!” have already been scheduled by the “Biden” junta, the C17 Globemasters prepped, the aircrews on fifteen-minute standby alert waiting to execute their unlawful “humanitarian” orders.

  3. You have to wonder if people like Costner ever actually listened to the words other people wrote and put in their mouths as characters.

  4. Just remember that those who believe “there is no other god than allah” will not stop killing/converting non-believers – period!
    The Middle East is just one small segment of their territory; Gaza vs. Israel is a very tiny flea-bite on an elephant’s ass: their bigger war (the Great Satan) is more important in their eyes – and they’re winning – in DC, at the universities, even at the grade school level.
    Wake up people! This is not Muslims vs. Jews: this is Islam trying to take over the world.

  5. I’m remembering that Sweden, for all their faults, was one of a handful of countries, and I believe the only western country, to ignore the calls for scam covid lock downs. They didn’t close the schools or the business’s.

    Contrast Sweden with the USA where we locked down nearly everywhere (excepting Noem (SD) and Stitt (OK) I think) and we have places just as bad or worse than Malmo.

    Glass houses and all.

      1. Sure, but then newark/dearborn/the others “ever used to be anything like that, ever.”

        Sweden has a big problem. So do we.

  6. It’s a shame, the way the culture has fallen.  Out of the goodness of my heart, I’m offering to sponsor the Swedish Bikini Team in their plight. Certainly they must feel threatened in the current conditions, and deserving of speedy approval of asylum applications.


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