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The losing tradition

David Solway examines some evidence that Real Americans are mired up to the axles in one.

Why Do We Almost Always Lose?
One of the besetting vices of the conservative disposition is the tendency to regard potential or likely victories in contested situations as inevitable. The conservative mind is not happy with the reality principle. It prefers not to see that menacing and intractable elements often lie beneath the cover of apparent failure. Such tranced insensibility is always quick to snatch fantasy from reality, proof that conservative analysis is often unreliable and prone to underestimating the cleverness and determination of the Left. This seems to be one reason (there are others) that conservatives have trouble winning.

Let’s consider three current examples of this unfortunate tropism. 

1) Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake’s case against Katie Hobbs on grounds of electoral impropriety and mismanagement, citing compelling evidence that had many commentators confident of courtroom success, was predictably tossed by the presiding judge, Peter A. Thompson. I say “predictably” by which I mean “utterly obvious to anyone with eyes to see.” As I wrote in a earlier article for PJM, the belief that Kari Lake’s evidence-based lawsuit against electoral fraud would bear fruit — “Kari Lake Just Ended Katie Hobbs” is the title of one conservative video — is another indication of wishful thinking rather than sober insight. The evidence of electoral malfeasance was dispositive but, given the state of the judiciary in a heavily left-oriented county, there was never any possibility of a fair judgment. Kari Lake had truth and justice on her side, which, in the ideological universe of the Left, meant she didn’t have a chance. Any astute observer would have seen that. 

2) Among conservative sites like Turley Talks, The Five, and others, the general jubilating consensus in the Fani Willis travesty was that Willis would surely be cited for various forms of obvious misconduct, possibly disbarred, and certainly would not be permitted to proceed with her election interference prosecution of Donald Trump. The list of misdemeanors was so absurdly extensive as to read like a plot by the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, that is, like a comedy trying hard not to be a tragedy. Watching these programs and interviews, my wife and I were struck by the debilitating naivety of the various commentators. We knew well before the fact, and for a fact, that the presiding Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee would effectively punt the case, despite the overwhelming evidence that there was an actual conflict of interest, violation of ethical rules, perjury, and unprofessional conduct on the part of Willis. Alan Dershowitz and Victoria Taft have eviscerated the judge’s ruling, but it should have been plain from the get-go that the verdict was pre-ordained. We note also that McAfee will be facing a black primary challenger in in a Democrat-run, largely black county. Just saying.

3) Most significantly, many commentators have wondered why the Democrat Party would run an obviously senile, incompetent, corrupt, and half-demented failed president as a candidate for re-election against a hale and vigorous challenger. Following his clearly medically amped-up State of the Union Address, writes Matt Margolis, “we’ve seen Biden return to his usual low-energy, gaffe-prone self,” which does not augur well for his electoral prospects. Indeed, many of the pundits and talking heads representing the Republican side of the political divide are exulting in a sure victory, a decisive sweep of the electoral college, a favorable march of battleground states, and are perhaps even more exuberant than they were in 2020 and 2022 when victory was also presumably assured. They did not allow for a massive game of three-card monte then and, while acknowledging that the Democrats are up to their old tricks now, believe that Trump is sufficiently popular to effortlessly clear the margin of fraud. 

Wrong again. The Democrats can run a doddering and decrepit excuse for a functioning politician and a demonstrably nasty human being because they are convinced that they will win again. We recall that Katie Hobbs did not bother to debate her immensely popular gubernatorial opponent Kari Lake, no doubt because she knew beforehand that, as Secretary of State presiding over the official certification, and with a compliant judiciary, friendly media sumpters, and biddable tabulators, she had the election won. Similarly, the federal Democrats are supremely confident that they have the election already in their pocket via a strategy of relentless lawfare and financial extortion against Trump, weaponized justice and policing agencies, a suborned media apparatus, digital collaborators, a degenerate university system, ballot harvesting tactics, a crew of vote counters, an army of mules to carry out their instructions, and, as Ben Bartee at PJM points out, the very real possibility of unleashing a COVID 2.0 pandemic “if and when they believe it will be politically expedient, potentially even existential, for them.” The Democrats are not to be underestimated. They could run a mummified cadaver and still win handily.

As Jeffrey Tucker points out, “this president is plunging us straight into lawlessness and dictatorship,” his dimwitted and narcoleptic condition notwithstanding. But enough of the dictatorial machine is already in place to plausibly guarantee a resounding triumph, since most of the votes will be Monopoly votes, no doubt deposited under cover of darkness as in 2020.

A-yup—as we shall soon see yet again, then refuse to learn from…yet again. One of my biggest gripes about Rush Limbaugh over the years was his mulish insistence that the FUSA was “a conservative-majority nation,” when that manifestly was, and is, NOT the case.

It’s doubtful in the extreme that seriously liberty-minded individuals have ever constituted more than a tiny minority in ANY nation, throughout human history. In this one, where even among self-proclaimed “staunch conservatives” the instantaneous reaction to any problem, conundrum, or conflict is always to tub-thump for more government involvement as the “solution”? Gedouddaheah, ya makin’ me laugh wid dat shit /end Brooklyn accent.


13 thoughts on “The losing tradition

  1. As to #2, never forget that the legislatures in those swing states were controlled by the Republican party, which made the rules regarding mail-in ballots and the dropboxes and so forth, which set up the steal, and then, after the election, certified the results and sent the Biden electors to DC. And they knew full well that courts would do nothing, since by the Constitution, it’s the Legislatures which control the elections, and no court will intervene, and there’s plenty of case law on that. So the steal was bipartisan, if the Republicans hadn’t done what they did, both before, and after, it wouldn’t have happened.

    1. The republicans are the real problem. Were there an actual opposition party none of the current or going back 30 years crap would happen. The R party is the pretend party.

    2. Most but not all, was done by Executive Order and by SoS by fiat in the Executive Branch.

      They SHOULD have exercised their Power and stopped it though, since it was THEIRS to make the changes. Better to remain silent and hope to avoid blame.

      So, you are absolutely correct, if not technically accurate.

      1. Two years the republicans had control of both houses and Trump in the oval office and they didn’t do anything except oppose the American agenda of Trump. They could have codified all manner of important issues and they not only sat on their hands, they actively helped the other side. All across the country republican legislatures change the voting rules to allow the marxist election theft. Republicans.

        I’m technically accurate.

        1. For all of his shortcomings, McConnell did block Garland from getting onto the Supreme court during Obuttsuck’s misadministration, then helped to push through all of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.

          That’s not much, compared to the endless obstructionism, but it was fairly big something.

          1. Q: Who did McConnell think was going to be next in the white house? Clinton or Trump?

            A: Clinton

            McConnell wasn’t preserving the seat as a conservative choice at all, he was conserving it for “her”.

            All of Trump’s appointee’s were federalist approved, which as it turns out is nothing more than republican deep state shit.

          2. But had him approved for AG.

            2 Things.
            McConnell was asserting his Power and showing what he could do.

            McConnell had no issues with Garland himself.

            I think we just got lucky there that our interests and his aligned for once.

        2. Actually very few legislatures instituted the new voting laws.

          The most important point against the PA elections that the other 27 States filed a suit to the SC was this very fact.

          The Legislature in PA did NOT make new laws changing the voting procedures, as the Constitution requires.

          Which is why Roberts and the SC should have taken the case.

          1. To clarify, laws were made in some cases, laws were broken in others without the republican legislature stepping in, but rather stepping aside.

            Without quoting the constitution directly, for those not recalling their schooling, the constitution gives the power of creating the electors to the state legislatures. The founders did not wish for the president to be popularly elected as is done in every state now. The history of why this is is available for those that wish further reading/clarification, but suffice it to say the idea is a basic failure.

            In any event, it is the legislature of each state that controls the federal election and they can do it basically as they wish as long as they create a slate of electors.

            1. I checked this back in 2020 and early 2021.

              MOST changes were made without ANY Legislative Action.

              I think only MI had some Legislative actions taken.

              But PA was the largest and most egregious example and a Swing State and this is why the TX AG targeted that for the SC challenge.

              Roberts obviously punted because it was such a clear cut case that any evidence presented would have to be ruled for TX’s favor.

              Opening the way for the other challenges.

              1. You’re correct. The R legislatures in most states stepped aside, approving the lawlessness by their inaction to assert the very law that governed the elections.

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