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Predator popped

Admittedly, I am of two minds on this one. Two at least, maybe more.

Minnesota mom arrested for alleged sexual romp with two boys, 15, after spat with hubby
From hot tub to hotel room, a Minnesota mom was arrested for alleged criminal sexual conduct with two boys she claimed “she wasn’t going to go through with.”

Marital issues were reportedly blamed for 39-year-old Allison Leigh Schardin’s alleged felonies in mid-January when her family found themselves staying at the same hotel as a visiting hockey team. According to a report from the Star Tribune, after being arrested Thursday the mother of two young sons admitted to sexual contact with two 15-year-old boys she’d engaged with in a poolside chat.

Faced with third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, Schardin was said to have been discussing her marital problems with team players visiting from Colorado while she, her husband and their children were having a staycation in Roseville on Jan. 14.

When the players had returned to their rooms, the Blaine, Minnesota mom was said to have sent a Snapchat asking if she could join them.

Once there, she was said to have started talking with the boys about “sex and stuff,” got into bed with two of the boys and questioned them about their sexual activity. It was then that she allegedly performed sexual acts on them and asked them to perform sexual acts on her while a third boy was said to have watched, according to the Tribune.

If convicted, the maximum sentence for the third-degree criminal sexual conduct included up to 15 years imprisonment and/or a fine up $30,000 while the penalty for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct maxed out at ten years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $20,000.

Her first court appearance was scheduled for Monday.

Okay, okay, I realize it was wrong of this dame to betray the trust bestowed on her by the Minneapolitans who put her in a position of responsibility she was patently unsuited for. I get all that, honestly I do. Nonetheless, I also remember what I was like when I was a fifteen-year-old boy; after seeing Schardin’s pic, I also know how delighted I would’ve been to…well, just take a look yourself.

See what I mean? At fifteen, if I’d had a romp with a hottie like that I woulda been fairly busting with pride, eager to dash right out and brag about the experience to any and every one of my peers who was willing to hear me out, right down to the last sweaty detail. I’m sure my mom and dad would’ve felt otherwise about it, of course, and would certainly have made their displeasure known to every authority figure within reach. But still.

The boys will have a ready-made audience at their high school, waiting for them with bated breath. They’ll be at the center of a sizable crowd whenever the grown-ups aren’t around, all a-twitter and expectant, primed to hear the thrilling tale told again and again. Hell, all the other boys will treat them like heroes, I don’t doubt. A solid percentage of the girls will probably despise them, sincerely and heatedly. Many will act as if they do for appearance’s sake, but will secretly find the taboo tryst darkly exciting, even compelling, ample cause not to shun them but to quietly seek them out.

As the old-school bikers liked to say, the ladies do love an outlaw, like a little boy loves a stray dog. From my own life-experience, I can confirm that this assessment is essentially true and accurate, if perhaps not universally so. As y’all CF Lifers© may recall, I effusively sung a jubilee of praise for such ladies many years back, in the post that first brought this humble, hitherto-unknown little websty to prominence when my friend and fellow OG-blogger Stephen Green linked to it at his pre-PJM Vodkapundit hang.

15 years and/or 30k? A felony, ferchrissake? All this for taking advantage—however unrighteous—of teenage horndogs who I guaran-damn-tee you do NOT see themselves as “victims” in any way, shape, or form, and probably never will? Who will more likely cherish fond memories of their youthful illicit adventure for the rest of their days; won’t be haunted by a moment’s remorse or regret; and will smile softly and slyly to themselves every time the memory pops into mind?

I dunno. As wrong as this MILF’s actions were; as psychologically/emotionally askew as she appears to be; as surpassingly unwise, injudicious, and just plain reckless as she inarguably is, that seems to me a mite harsh. If the punishment is supposed to fit the crime, I’m thinking the scales are way out of balance in this particular instance. Could be that’s just me though, I do admit it. But still.


5 thoughts on “Predator popped

  1. For adult women fooling around with boys 14-17, unless someone’s banging retards or doing things non-consensually, the first offense should be a misdemeanor, with a suspended sentence and court-mandated counselling for the offender, for all the reasons you covered, starting with “you can’t rape the willing”.
    The second such offense is where it should graduate to felonious, because at that point, Cougar’s got a screw loose.
    Ages 13 and under should be a felony first time, because that’s going to mess with junior’s big head as well as his little one.

    But I suspect those laws are written with homosexual relations more in mind, not hetero ones as in this case, hence the streng verboten aspect to sentencing.
    The Law is an ass.

    IIRC, long before Van Halen memorialized the concept, boys were making “Hot For Teacher” lists by NLT middle school.

  2. My take: So long as society, and in particular women, pretend that there’s no difference between men and women (and even pretend not to know what a woman is), then treat female sexual predators exactly as you would male sexual predators. Equality down the line, from arrests to conviction to sentencing. The same goes for all crimes.

    Or society can come to its senses, acknowledge that men and women are different, acknowledge that different outcomes are not proof positive of misoooooooogyny, and acknowledge that misdeeds such as the above are, in fact, different when a male teacher preys upon a female student than when a female teacher preys upon a male student.

    But we know that neither of the above is going to happen. We’re going to continue the moronic game of pretending that women are the same as men except that they’re held down by the patriarchy and need a hand up and they’re strong and independent except that when anything goes wrong they aren’t to blame. That’ll go on until the economy collapses or other hardship crashes the system, at which point we won’t have the luxury of keeping up the pretense. Whether a healthy society can grow from those ruins, I don’t know.

    1. Don’t worry.
      After the collapse, women will revert to being chattel goods, as they’ve been everywhere throughout history.
      Biology is a harsh mistress.
      And women appear to have managed to screw up every good deal they had since the Garden of Eden. Modern times will be no different.

  3. If ida been bangin that when i was 15 my friends woulda high fived me, hell half o their dads would too

  4. Pity the poor schlub she married…cucked by 10th graders.
    This is where you drop the D-bomb on her and take everything, while she’s flailing to stay out of prison.

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