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What if they gave a war and nobody showed up?

If you lie to them repeatedly, they won’t come.

The foreign policy elite has sacrificed so many lives for so little justification. More than 7,000 service members and nearly 8,000 contractors died in combat after 9/11. An incredible 30,000 have committed suicide over the same period. Officially, some 52,000 were wounded in combat, many grievously. However, Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs reports that the real number “is exponentially larger,” given other injuries in theater and conditions diagnosed after returning home. Finally, hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians died in the misguided conflicts, innocent casualties of U.S. hubris and folly. 

It is one thing to risk your life and health for America. But to instead die in such foolish wars? And to have your sacrifice so shamefully wasted? Patriots should preserve their lives for something better.

So far, the military has no answer to the dearth in recruits. The services are simply muddling along, considering small fixes to significant shortfalls. Adding recruiters and hiking pay are obvious steps. Reaching younger Americans and adjusting military routine to modern youth culture are others. Decreasing disqualifications and increasing physical fitness would increase the recruit pool. Retaining more existing personnel would reduce the need for new recruits. So would hiring laterally for specialty roles and introducing robots. Such efforts should help at the margin. Even so, however, they are unlikely to fill personnel gaps in the thousands. 

The most important problem is that nothing has changed with U.S. foreign policy. Indeed, today’s potential wars are becoming more deadly. “We have strike groups, aircraft carriers with a Marine Expeditionary Unit outside Israel now,” observed Justin Henderson, a Marine Corps recruiter. He added, “We’re funding two wars, but we’re actually boots on the ground, drones above Gaza. So we’re already involved in there—and we’re not sure what’s happening in Taiwan. So this is a very tumultuous time for us, because we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

No, we don’t. Yet nothing good is likely to come from being involved in so many of the world’s incendiary confrontations and conflicts. Washington continues to ask young Americans to risk their lives here, there, and everywhere for no good reason.

Uncle Sam’s determination to be forever entangled in foreign wars is a very good reason not to join the armed services. The best way to solve the recruitment problem is to end frivolous interventions on behalf of peripheral interests. The armed services’ essential task is defending Americans—not sanctimonious Euroweenies, kleptocratic Saudi royals, well-heeled South Koreans, indifferent Taiwanese, and endless others. 

If the infamous Blob, as the foreign policy establishment has been called, refuses to abandon its determination to dominate the globe, it almost certainly will have to impose conscription. However, a return to the hated practice would foster resistance, intensify partisan polarization, and spur social conflict. Moreover, coercing service would reduce the quality of the U.S. military, hiking indiscipline, reducing retention, and draining morale. Doing so might put more people in uniform, but far fewer would want to be there and prepared to give their all in combat, especially in the frivolous interventions of late. 

The Washington War Party continues to spend wildly to dominate the globe, threat of national insolvency be damned. However, the challenge of finding young men and women willing to act as sentinels for a conflict-filled global empire is proving more daunting. If Americans increasingly refuse to serve, the Pentagon will have to do more than the policy equivalent of adjusting the deck chairs of the Titanic. Republicans and Democrats alike might have to again put America’s defense first.

Yet another lesson of history our damned-fool political “leaders” refuse to learn: as a nation staggers, weakens, and eventually collapses, its military does also. It’s a truism that has held up unfailingly throughout the history of human civilization; in fact, it’s how third-rate powers are made. For more information, please see Once-Great Britain, Moslem-conquered France and Germany, and the other sick men of (Western) Europe.

If you’re currently serving in the armed forces: get out, any way you can, by hook or by crook. If you’re thinking seriously of enlisting or signing on for another hitch: don’t, just…DON’T. Amerika v2.0 is in no way worth your blood, sweat, toil, and sacrifice, much less your very life. The civilian “leadership” despises its own soldiers; the majority of our pig-ignorant population loathes the soldiery in general as violent, thuggish knuckledraggers, the warrior spirit which animates and inspires any soldier worth his salt as the outdated creed of bloody-minded losers—the combination of which two represents a threat to all they consider good and decent.

The title of the article asks, “Why join the military?” The way things currently stand, I can’t think of one good reason any sane, sensible person would.


6 thoughts on “What if they gave a war and nobody showed up?

  1. Oh, the military has come up with a fine solution to the recruitment problem: they’re not letting people leave at the end of their enlistments. #Winning!

    I do think that requiring a full half of the descendants of every politician voting in favor of war, in favor of funding “foreign adventures”, and so on, to go to war — line infantry units, driving a truck over a possibly mined road — would put a stop to most of this nonsense. As has been observed in many contexts, when people don’t have any skin in the game themselves, they are free to vote for all sorts of bad programs.

  2. He left out one of the most important issues.  Since the beginning of our country, straight white men have done the heavy lifting in wartime.  Yes, we’ve been blitzed with propaganda otherwise, but when there was serious fighting to be done, send in the white guys.

    Why in the fuck would any straight white men want to join an army built around negros, hispanics, towelheads, womynz, trannies, faggots, and all other manner of freaks, degenerates, and perverts – most of whom have to have the standards lowered so they can even pass boot camp?  Answer – damn few do.

    1. Quite a good number of “negros and Hispanics” have rendered excellent service to their country – and continue to do so – in the present and in the past. The Tuskegee airmen figured out how to shoot down ME-262 jet fighters in WWII using propeller driven aircraft, and have fought valiantly in the wars since. Courage and honor is not limited to straight white men. As for the “towelheads”, a lot of the terps left behind in Afghanistan paid for their loyalty with their lives and those of their families. This kind of racism has no place in any well-disciplined fighting force, we all bleed the same color.

      1. hhluce, I agree with your points.

        However, I also largely agree with Skeptic’s points.

        Yours is that everyone has the potential to contribute to a military effort, should be allowed to do so, and should be respected for doing so.

        His is that the military, like the federal government and society as a whole, has done everything it can over the past several years to laud every group except straight, White men for their “essential characteristics” and to promote their interests as well as promote them in rank for those characteristics. Merit, effort, and accomplishment have become less important. Because it is a zero-sum game, those promotions come at the expense of straight, White men. Straight, White men have noticed this and are understandably resentful about watching non-SWMs be promoted over them and non-SWMs getting preferential access to the elite programs and non-SWMs having the all-purpose claims of “He touched me!”/”He called me a nigger!” used as irrefutable get-out-of-trouble/get-him-in-trouble cards. Beyond that, characteristics typical of straight, White men in the military are now being labeled as characteristics of potential terrorists. Straight, White men have noticed this, too.

        Overall, I’m leaning more towards Skeptic’s view. After years of ignoring or actively denigrating straight, White men, now that Our Lords and Masters are making their best effort at getting us into another shooting war, all of a sudden they want straight, White men to join up? How about, No.

        1. Black men have made up nearly 20% of the enlisted ranks for a very long time. This has caused very few problems over the last half century. Hispanic male participation is on the rise, but I read nothing about any real trouble caused by this.

          I don’t believe the military is harmed by minority participation that is at levels elevated with respect to the general population.

          Equating those folks with “towelheads, womynz, trannies, faggots, and all other manner of freaks, degenerates, and perverts” is nothing more than an attempt to smear the straight minority men that make fine military service members. I don’t know the percentage of “towelheads, womynz, trannies, faggots, and all other manner of freaks, degenerates, and perverts” currently serving but I think it is very low, especially when compared to the press that group gets.

          Of course the desire of the marxist cabal in power is to run off all straight male patriots. They will disobey orders to fire on American citizens so they must be eliminated.

  3. The destruction of the military is purposeful.
    The #1 reason they cannot get young men to join is quite simple, “they” have destroyed the image/reality of America as being a country of liberty and freedom. The type of young man you need in a real military will not willingly join up to protect a dictatorship/marxist regime.

    It goes further, the type of older men that counsel younger men and sometimes suggest to them that the military is a good choice for them are now saying – no, do not sign up.

    At this point the young men that are needed that are signing up, are doing so on the mistaken belief that we still live in a free republic. Those numbers will continue to decline until and unless the country is turned back to freedom.

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