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Amygdala Fever

I said from the very start that once We Duh Sheeple accepted The Mask Of Submission, we’d never be rid of the blasted bacteria-traps. Bad Cat examines why I was right, and how it came to pass that the MOS would blight American lives and liberty forever.

of masks and masquarades
how pushing the idea of “duty” onto others engenders rage and helplessness

i think it’s always going to be with us. the damage was too deep and there is a certain sort of person who is just never going to let it go.

because this was their happy place.

i think the mask-querade really came down to one potent messaging mantra repeated endlessly until it broke brains and shunted aside critical faculties thereby becoming endlessly integrated into medical mythology:

“your mask protects me.”

“your mask protects me” was made up science but it was phenomenal propaganda.

this pseudo-moralistic psyop probably cannot ever be cured among the anxious and authority craving. it was just too perfect.

this pervasive propaganda essentially reframed the issue of wearing masks from being a “choice” into being a “duty.” that’s powerful stuff.

that’s how you take away the perception of freedom to act.

it’s also how you give everyone who complies permission to attack those who do not comply.

“why are you threatening me!”

it turns your aspirations toward autonomy into perceived assault on/by others. in this, it represents the perfect way to pit society against itself and turn it into its own self-policing tyranny.

those who comply are instantly furious with any who do not. “i’m caring for you, why won’t you care for me!?!” is permission to act beastly while cloaked in purported virtue. and that’s impossibly seductive stuff for the addled, anxious, and angry.

truly, it was an astonishing piece of messaging.

El Gatio goes on at length from there to apply this analytical framework to sundry other psychological-warfare campaigns, notably including the ongoing “misgendering me/denying me unrestricted sexual access to your children/refusing to honor my choice of pronouns is GENOCIDE” overhype-extravaganza. It’s rich, heady stuff indeed, of which you should definitely read the all. In fact, I thought highly enough of it that I’m gonna try to figure out how Substack’s “Cross post” option works, and make good use of it if I can get it straight.

Update! SUCCESS! The cross-post thingamabobber works like a charm. Nobody ever believes me when I tell ‘em so, but I’m a damned genius, I am. A-HENH!

38 thoughts on “Amygdala Fever

  1. Before I start, let’s get the politics over with. I am an elderly male, registered Republican who voted for Trump twice and hopes to do so again. I am convinced that our so called health care experts have lied about many things and hope that Fauci goes to prison. I think that having children wear masks is useless and unnecessary. Adults, another matter.
    Masks are not a magic bullet. They are not a drug.
    – The purpose of the mask is NOT to protect the wearer, although they may do some small good since they will get some water goblets.
    – The purpose of the masks is to REDUCE the number of viruses that an INFECTED person will spread while talking, sneezing, or coughing. (Think of dust blowing through an open window with a screen. Some dust gets through, some do not.)
     – This REDUCES what is called a viral load so others may or may not become infected. Whether or not a person is infected depends on their immune system and the amount of virus they receive. This is a highly variable number that is different for each individual.
    – What we do know is the younger and healthier the person is the less likely they will become sick and die. Inversely the older and/or sicker with other diseases the more likely you are to get the disease and die. In the 65+ range it is around 30%.
    – Another way that people become infected is to touch a surface that has the virus deposited on them by infected people’s water goblets that contain the virus. The virus’ survival rate depends on many things; temperature, surface, amount, etc. You can research the estimated time for various scenarios.
    – Now we need to go back to what the mask does. It REDUCES the amount of virus expelled which reduces the amount picked up by the individual in the air and/or on surfaces.
    That’s it. No magic bullets. Just a process that, like my grandmother did when she boiled sheets, reduces the spread.
    In those countries that have a history of wearing masks the death rate is dramatically lower. Japan, which has long worn masks in crowded conditions has a death rate of around 600 per million. We are in the 3600 range, around 6 times worse.
    That tells me that wearing masks has a positive effect.

    1. We are in the 3600 range, around 6 times worse.

      Does that include those who “died with”?

      Does that include those who died before test kits were distributed, with official guidance specifying that SARS-CoV2-2019 should be included on causes of death if the doctor observed or was informed that the patient had some symptoms consistent with the Chinese bioweapon? (I think that was the wording; it was something close to that.)

      Does that include those whose death certificates were altered by hospital admin staff in order to get the bonus payment from the federal government?

        1. Cause of Death – COD- is determined by the attending physician and may or may not be reviewed by the local coroner. It is a line item on the death certificate along with contributing factors. The physician must sign the certificate and is legally responsible for its accuracy.

          COD is determined this way. If a patient is suffering from a disease and if the patient is being SUFFCESSFULLY treated for the disease, say diabetes or others, and IF the patient becomes infected with another disease, say COVID, and then dies, the COD is the second disease (COVID or some other). The original disease will be listed as contributing.

          Much has been made that the doctors lie about the patient having COVID so the hospital can receive money from the government. For that to be true the admitting doctor would have to lie. The lab tech who analyzes the blood work up would have to lie. The attending nurses would have to ignore the lies and become part of the lie. And the various doctors who service the patient would have to ignore the lies. So, what you have is a conspiracy to defraud the government for the benefit of the owners/managers of the hospital. If caught, those engaged in the conspiracy face large fines, loss of licenses (right to practice medicine) and probable jail time. BTW – The criminals receive none of the hospitals ill-gotten gain. Puts “take one for the team” in a special category.

          And this must be repeated in hospitals across the country.

          Much also has been made regarding the accuracy of the various COVID tests administered in doctor’s offices where the patient is then sent to the hospital ER. The admitting document will show COVID, but in the various state collecting points it will be listed as “Pending.” If the later blood tests in the hospital show it to be COVID, the record will be changed to Confirmed. If not, it will be removed and placed in another category such as Flu, etc.

          Were mistakes made? Yes. Perhaps one of the best known is where a person was killed in a car accident but listed as COVID. What is not well known is that the mistake was caught and corrected.

          The real complaint should be that in mid March 2020 it was known that the vaccines worked to prevent the disease and if the patient had taken the vaccines the diseases symptoms were greatly reduced. Hospital admissions plummeted. There was no reason to shut the country down.

          So why did they do it? Because if the ones who knew it wasn’t needed had loudly objected to the shut down were wrong their careers would be over. Plus, the Lefties first move is always to obtain more control. This was a perfect storm and they used it.

          1. There were no “vaccines” in mid-March 2020. And when the clot shots were finally rolled out they did nothing to stem the disease. In other words they did not work.

            1. Henry – sorry, my typo – should have been 2021 – I got my first 1/13/21..

              The CDC told us that the efficacy, how a vaccine performs in a controlled test, of the Pfizer and the Moderna yielded results of around 93%. It can be expected that in the wide wide world the effectiveness will be lower. Various figures have been kicked around. I settle on 85%. That means that 15% of the people taking the vaccine will not be protected.

              Is the number the same for the various mutations since then? It appears so, but then the vaccines have also been modified.

              No claim was made as to how long they would be effective, or that they would be effective in REDUCING symptoms.

              It is unfortunate that the publics belief in magic bullets and the media, fostered by our government health care professionals, produced a backlash when it became clear that the length of infection protection varied with the individual. What was largely ignored was that the vaccines did reduce the symptoms. I.e. You got sick but it was more flu like and hospital admissions plummeted. Various local media published that but not the national.

              Which is a shame. Take the vaccine and you have a good chance of being protected for an unknown period. That’s not particularly good. That you most likely will not need to be admitted to a hospital, be put on a ventilator and die is very good news. Your choice.

              There was a good deal of politics. The Left, while Trump was in office, condemned the vaccines to be, yet blessed them when Sleepy Joe was anointed.

              Numerous people magically knew someone who died/became ill from the vaccines. Unfortunately most of them were relying on information from their bartender’s girl friend who heard it from her hair dresser who had worked in a drug store while in high school.

              Were there some problems? The CDC continues to issue updates.

              My take? If 400 million people started walking through my home some would die between the front door and back.

                1. You didn’t ask my position on who should take the vaccine.

                  I have always said the vaccine should be reserved for the elderly and those whose immune system is compromised. Children, teens and adults, no.

                  “In 2019, there were almost 42 million adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 in the United States, and adolescents made up 12.8 percent of the population. ”

                  1% would be 420,000. 100,000 would be around .025%.

                  “In rare cases, people have experienced more significant adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination. Any health problem that happens after vaccination is considered an adverse event. An adverse event can be caused by the vaccine or can be caused by a coincidental event not related to the vaccine, such as an unrelated fever, that happened following vaccination.”

                  Brenson has been against the vaccine since day 1. He’s near being ant-vaxer but my guess is he’s just been looking for clicks and $$$$.


         2019, there were almost,12.8 percent of the population.&text=As the U.S. population ages,proportion of the total population.

                  1. Forget Berenson, the CDC data are the point. Your position on who should take the “vaccine” is irrelevant.

                    The vast majority of doctors (or nurses) quite willingly (and dare I say enthusiastically) injected the populace across the entire age range, even babies, manifesting absolutely no medical integrity.

                    The vast majority of doctors also ignored or even downplayed the effectiveness of Ivermectin as a prophylatic against covid and as an effective early treatment.

                    So tell us again why we should trust doctors or anybody in the medical profession regarding anything relating to covid.

                    1. Henry, you don’t even know what you don’t even know.

                      Before you casually damn a couple of professions, there are about 3,000,000 registered nurses in the U.S., and another 700K or so LVNs. Those are the only people legally and educationally entitled to the title “nurse”.

                      Vaccines were and are overwhelmingly administered by less than 1% of them, at most (probably not even half that), and most vaccinations, particularly for COVID. weren’t and aren’t even administered by RNs or LVNs. Unlicensed personnel: medical office assistants, pharmacy techs, etc. do and did most of that heavy lifting. So we’re talking about people with a 4-8 wk. vocational school education.

                      They are only “nurses” in your head, or on a continuum of “slightly more educated than witch doctors”. Doctor’s offices rarely pay enough to attract RNs or even LVNs, so most of the people you see there are medical office assistants, who are trained to an even lower standard than nursing assistants, and roughly equivalent to the training given to the french fry guy at the local drive thru. Sorry if that’s news to anyone, but it’s been like that for decades. There aren’t enough nurses for important jobs, and taking temperatures and giving shots at the local doc-in-the-box can’t compete with real salaries.

                      Rule of thumb hint: the more white anyone is wearing, the lower they probably are on the medical totem pole.

                      People likely got their shots from the people at the very bottom, without any state licensure, and with IQs to match, to a 99% certainty, for any value of “anyone in America who got The Jab.” The exceptions are truly going to be the 1%. Anecdotally, I see people’s COVID vaxx cards regularly, and most of them were drive-thru Jab-fests, run by such medical powerhouses as Disneyland and CVS, in the parking lots.

                      So if you’re that out-of-the-loop on that little factoid, what else do you not know that you thought you did?

                      Just wondering…

                    2. Aesop, I live in Spain. I was referring to here and other Western Euro countries.

                      But I take your point. Instead of saying “doctors” and “nurses” I should have said the “medical community”.

                    3. “Before you casually damn a couple of professions…”

                      Nothing casual about it. Regardless of the fact that many if not most of the shots are administered by the lower level medical folks, the vast majority of doctors, nurses, and medical administration went along with the government line. Fear of retribution played a part, but very few had the courage to speak up and many that did were fired.

                      So damn the ones that kept silent. There was no shortage of them, they were the vast majority.

          2. “Much has been made that the doctors lie…”

            Of course they lie, they lied about the COD, they lied about masks, and they lied about the “vaccine”.
            Just today I see the AMA has now decided that attending physicians cannot put the gender of a baby on the birth certificate because it is “impossible” for the doctor to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. That’s about all the proof a normal human being with a sound mind needs to determine that doctors lie.

            “The real complaint should be that in mid March 2020 it was known that the vaccines worked to prevent the disease…”

            OK, so you have lined yourself up with the liars and we can safely dismiss you as a fool. The vaccines kill people in greater numbers than the damn federal-Gov/chinese/fauci created virus.

            EDIT: Forgot to add – everything you are writing is just bullshit. If you believe then you are a sad fool. Otherwise you are just another liar shilling for the deep state.

            Masks do not impede the transmission of airborne virus. There is no proof they do, your Japan reference is the reference of a hack. Your lungs do not have enough power to move air through a medium designed to trap a virus. It was all part of the kubucki theater designed to further the power of the communist cabal that has taken over, and you support them.

            1. “That’s about all the proof a normal human being with a sound mind needs to determine that doctors lie.”

              Ah Barry, so you believe that millions of doctors, lab technicians, nurses and low level administrator types, all of who could be fired, charged, tried, fined, lose their licenses and jobs, fined and jailed……lied as part of a great conspiracy.

              I think you should reconsider who is a fool.

              And AMA guidelines are just that. Guidelines. The individual doctors can continue to identify and the information is still collected.

              BTW – Why not complete the sentence…” “The real complaint should be that in mid March 2020 it was known that the vaccines worked to prevent the disease…”

              BTW – The masks in question are just garden variety cloth masks.

              And is “we” your preferred pronoun????

              1. Blow yourself. There is no one on this site that doesn’t know what you are doing. And yes, millions of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and administrators at all levels were threatened with being fired if they didn’t do what the government demanded. Some are just outright corrupt, people like you. Others were just to weak to stand up to them. And others did stand up to them, with many getting fired for doing so.

                And then there are the thousands upon thousands of medical professionals that stood up only to be silenced by the government censors.

                So go blow yourself. You are a liar.

                1. So if you don’t agree with what someone says you attack them verbally.
                  A fine supporter of the First Amendment you are.
                  So the government had thousands of people threatening the medical community.
                  Got any proof?
                  Barry, I’ve given you facts. Try thinking about them, it won’t hurt a lot.

                  1. Your FOS, you give no facts, you spout propaganda. In fact, you are likely a government funded con artist, paid to spread lies and disinformation. The first tell is to proclaim “registered Republican who voted for Trump twice and hopes to do so again”.

                    If you are not a government plant you are a willing dupe, or a dumber than dog turd sociopath.

    2. Nope. You’re wrong, 100% wrong. Masks do not stop the transmission of airborne virus in any direction you care to choose from. Masks may make the person wearing them sicker due to lower oxygen levels.

      There is no, none with a big fat zero, evidence that masks work. Claiming Japans death rate from china/fauci/virus proves anything is bogus. That isn’t a study, it’s cherry picking results that suit you and claiming that mask wear is the reason for certain recorded results. It’s bogus, 100% bogus.

      The Indians don’t wear masks like the chinese japanese*, have damn near zero health care for the vast majority, and they have a death rate almost half that of Japan. Proof masks don’t do a damn thing? By your standard, yes.


      1. Barry, your problem is that your seek perfection. Masks REDUCE the amount sprayed. Nothing else. But that they do.

        The numbers from World Meter are just numbers collected. Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia all are much better than western countries are all from historically mask wearing countries and all are better than ours. Open the link. Read the numbers. And yes, masks are worn in India.

        Coincidence? I think not.

        1. “And yes, masks are worn in India.”

          Yea, they were worn here in the USA as well. So what?
          You’re lying. I’ve been to these countries. Indians cannot afford masks and they don’t wear them like the Japanese do. The Japs wear them to filter out the pollution coming from china.

          It’s simply false to imply masks work. It’s a lie and I think you know it’s a lie.

          “Masks REDUCE the amount sprayed.”
          No, they don’t. They don’t do a damn thing to stop the transmission of airborne virus. Not even a little bit.

        2. “Barry, your problem is that your seek perfection.”

          I don’t have a problem, you do. You tell lies and then try to cover it with stupid statements about someone seeking perfection.

          1. Barry, have you ever seen a window screen where then window has been open a while? Notice the dust particles cling to the wire grid? Better yet, try this. Get yourself a hand full of marbles. Find an American Wire fence. Stand back about four feet and make an underhand toss with the marbles at the fence. Notice how some get through and others hit a wire and fall to the ground.

            And open the link and read it. Education is a good thing.


            1. You ignorant fck. A “screen” comparison is just pure bullshit from a con artist. You need to go over to one of the marxist websites populated by dumb bastards that will eat that putrid shit up.

              We know what size the USA made/china/fauci virus is and we know what the mask pore size is. If you wish to be accurate, the best masks humans can wear and still breath without forced airflow are the n95 masks which have openings 3 times the size of the USA made/china/fauci virus. Sure, some opening in the mask are smaller, but it matters not one bit since they don’t trap a virus.

              The best N95 masks in the world are made by 3M. If the 3M mask would protect a person from viral spread, 3M would say so. They don’t because they don’t.

              And let’s not forget that N95 masks were not being pushed by the CDC or any other agency. ANY mask would do they said. A bandanna would do.

              ANYTHING to create hysteria over a virus no worse then the flu, something they knew because they created it.

          2. And yes. The American population has been spoiled by all the wonder drugs we now have. We expect to be cured quickly and mostly painless. And when a drug doesn’t work as quickly and perfectly as we have been led to believe we become angry. We forgot how personal hygiene was pushed in the not too distant pass. Covid has brought that back.

            1. More pure unadulterated bullshit from a con artist sent to spread lies.

              The USA made/china/fauci virus “vaccine” doesn’t work. It is likely a larger killer than the virus itself. Most of the deaths attributed to the virus were probably simple murders committed by the hospitals by shoving intubation tubes down their throats cooking their lungs with nearly pure oxygen. The medical establishment knew damn well that intubation was a short term use option to prevent deaths for those that could not breathe on their own. They killed those people and collected $$$ by putting “death by covid” on the death certificates.

        1. Right.
          Which proves absolutely nothing about the point in question.

          People who thought they were wearing simple face masks to protect themselves, probably think that bumpers are to prevent the car from crashing.

          Anyone that stupid is beyond rational discussion.

          1. Anyone that thinks people wear masks to protect others from airborne virus’s is stupid beyond rational discussion.

  2. I got this far before The Stupid became overwhelming:

    “your mask protects me.”

    And that’s where boriquagato skids off the Road to Reason and off the cliff into the Abyss Of Stupidity, because that’s exactly how that science works.

    You could look it up, FFS.

    A grand total of one study during COVID actually measured the efficacy of masks vs. virus transmission in general, and the COVID virus in particular, and it only showed an improvement of between 100X-1000X better when contrasted to wearing nothing. QED

    We’ve referenced it so many times we finally put it on our menu on speed-dial:

    Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks | Nature Medicine

    There are dozens, even dozens of dozens, of fraudulent, vacuous, and/or irredeemably flawed pseudo-studies from 2020-2023 that are entirely discountable, usually with about 5 seconds of investigation, the bulk of which we flogged the shit out of, over the course of a week earlier this year:

    Raconteur Report: Sciency Isn’t Science

    So at this point, the only argument that avails against such a monumental level of profound mental retardation that would lead to anyone making such a statement is a baseball bat with embedded spikes, to the head.

    It’s like any time anyone, in far over their heads, wants to discuss COVID and science, they can’t help validating every line of Dunning-Kruger’s hypothesis in spades.

    He still thinks all masks are for self-protection, apparently, because he never took a chance on junior high science, or else he had a lot of cycle accidents without a helmet. The only other possible excuses are an IQ in the mid-60s, or a severe stroke.

    The problem with masking mandates and policies, however, even given bare masking efficiencies, is that they require absolute 100% compliance 24/7/365 to work on a societal level, (including at home amongst potentially infective family and friends, including your own little juvenile petri dishes, who drive all epidemics since ever), which was not only never going to happen, but TPTB KNEW it was never going to happenand yet they did it anyways.

    Which makes them, one and all, either as profoundly mentally retarded as boriquagato, or else irredeemably evil.

    I’m going with “B” there.

    We’ve explained this since the outset with both COVID and masks, and many times since, and yet the persistence of the counter-factual myths from the Retarderatii still endure, like the three Cs of cancer, cockroaches, and communism. I humbly beseech you, stop spreading their bullshit.

    Damn the asinine and control-freak policies and mandates from here to Hell all you want. We’ll subscribe to your newsletter and march in your parade.

    But stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater and going one step beyond demonstrable reality into “masks don’t work”.

    Masks work (or fail to) to exactly the same degree seatbelts and parachutes do: only when they’re present and used as directed.

    Just like ever.

    And just like brains.

    1. As you have stated many times, and still wrong. There is no truthful study that shows masks work. None, zero, nada. No need to go further. I respect your various opinions, but on this one you remain wrong, 100% wrong. A mask doesn’t work unless it is powered airflow because no lung powered mask is capable of stopping airborne virus’s and allowing the mask wearer to still breathe.

      Which is why the mask makers don’t claim ANY efficiency at stopping a virus.

      1. The online equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “La!La!La! I can’t hear you!” and imagining reality will thereby comport to one’s delusion is the clinical definition of psychosis.

        The study is there. It’s documented.
        Pre-empting anyone’s baseless contentions to the contrary is why the links were provided.
        You’re now in the unfortunate position of arguing against reality.
        Reality always wins.

        You have an out, but it requires the intellectual rigor to try it.
        Feel free to show any identical test under the same conditions that cannot reproduce those results. Then you have dueling studies, and some grounds to dispute the findings.
        Otherwise, kick rocks.

        Viruses don’t travel solo, like powdered cocoa.
        They travel within (relatively) huge saliva droplets.
        That’s why mask makers don’t make simple masks to STOP a virus.
        They make them to stop outward droplet transmission.
        Testing them at that function has documented that they reduced outward virus transmission from a range of 100-1000 viral particles at 6′, down to 0-1.
        Those are the actual numbers.
        We call that “working”.

        If anyone tries to argue they were ever to prevent transmission inward, they’re guilty of moving the goalposts (10 yard penalty and loss of possession), and/or being a deliberate moron.

        As Yoda said to Luke, “That is why you fail.”

        When you care to actually discuss the use of masks as designed, feel free.
        Complaining they don’t do what they were never intended to do is fatuous codswallop, and contributes nothing to the point at issue except communicating an inability to grasp the fundamental concepts of the argument.

        If we need any of that, there’s always boriquagato, and an online Legion of Idiots beyond number.
        Facts, OTOH, are stubborn things, and delusions stand no chance against them.

        1. The study is sophomoric bullshit, read it before. They are not “facts”, the measures are BS.

          There is only one way in the real world to measure the efficacy of a mask and that is does wearing one keep you from getting the USA made/China/fauci virus? And the answer is no it doesn’t. If it doesn’t do that then it’s a worthless piece of sickening crap wrapped around your face.

          You can write buckets of bullshit, as you have, to support you’re wrong position on the efficacy of masks, you can once again point to useless studies that don’t tell the story about viral transmission of an airborne virus 1/3 the size of the typical passage through the very best mask but confuse it with spittle verbiage.

          Yea, fact are facts, and damn near everyone that got covid wore the useless mask to no effect.

          Which is why the medical establishment didn’t tell people to wear masks to stop other airborne virus’s like the flu.

          You were wrong then and you are wrong now. You have no study that proves anything other than that those that do “studies” will do anything to prove their hypotheses is correct, will do anything to support the government funders of the study. They are corrupt and YOU of all people should recognize this.

          1. The study disproves your defenseless position, and leaves you naked in the glare of reality. That’s your choice. You should own it with pride.

            Your pulled-out-of-your-ass “efficacy test” is what’s sophomoric bullshit. You should have taken a chance on a junior high science class if you’re going to hold forth on the topic.

            But don’t believe me: just tell the class where you lifted that definition, besides your own Fruit Of The Looms.

            The rest is more bluster and bullshit, generating nothing on the topic but smell, but no light, because it’s all you’ve got. Again, your choice. Own it.

            Which, like the OP link, is all that comes out on the entire subject since about May of 2020, from all sides, 99.9999% of the time. Generally from people too stupid to separate a baby from the bath water before throwing both out, because just like their medieval ancestors, they’re certain that taking baths causes death, and that soap is witchcraft.

            The only case you’re making is that you are totally unable and deliberately unwilling to reason your way to rational conclusions, and refuse to listen to actual facts germane to any discussion of this topic that don’t jerk off your own confirmation bias until you get a happy ending.

            Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, boy. Give your fingers a rest, and give your eyes and ears a chance once in awhile. You’ll get a far more harmonious outcome, and if you’re diligent, you might learn a thing or two despite your best efforts.

            1. You can write buckets of Bullshit, which is all you really do when it comes to masks. The fact of the matter is that real world results are in, and masks didn’t do shit to stop the spread of the china/fauci/US Government virus.

              Your profession murdered people. The CDC participated in those murders. Nature medicine would print whatever the government liars tell them to print, making them complicit.
              People wore masks and got the virus. Fact.

              Everything you write with respect to masks is absolute bullshit created by the same government that first told the truth, that masks would not do a damn thing, then realized they needed the hysteria created by the face diapers.

              You bought it, you own it, and you should be ashamed of participating in the big lie.

              1. If only ignoring reality and inconvenient facts were all that was necessary to disprove an argument, you could be Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Issac Newton, and Einstein all rolled into one.

                The real world is harder than that.

                Of course people who “wore masks” got the virus. Because other people didn’t. Including their family and friends, and millions of hard-headed light-on-IQ assholes who were too smart to listen to actual facts. That’s before we get to the people who cut gaping holes in them, hung them on their chins, and wore them on their heads, as if “close” counts.

                Which was exactly what I TOLD YOU was going to happen, which is why masking mandates were asinine and pointless from Day Zero.

                Yet again, YOU COULD LOOK IT UP.
                If you’d paid any attention when I wrote it, now pushing four years ago, before most of you could even spell COVID, you could probably have found someone smart enough to explain it to you by now.

                My profession “murdered” no one.
                Fuck you and the horse you rode into town on for alleging otherwise, because only an ignorant braying jackass would spew such pure shitheaded horseshit. You have no wild idea how wrong you are. Yet again.

                All you’ve contributed since Day One was invective and rank assholery, as if either one was in short supply on the topic, and you haven’t learned a single god-damned thing since, if ever, which is why you’re dug in like a tick on trying to be right on this.
                You fucked up: you trusted yourself. Mssrs. Dunning and Kruger high-five into eternity on people like you.

                All you’d have to do is disprove the study referenced (as if you could), but you’re too baselessly and self-assuredly smart for that. It could probably be done for under a couple of grand on a weekend.

                So you’re not just intellectually bankrupt on the topic, you’re a gutless cheapskate as well.

                Shame on you for having such low reading comprehension then, and now, and never bothering to check yourself before you wrecked yourself.

                Anything you write on the topic is merely your underpants nailed to the wall, and it’s not art, no matter what your mother told you. If you can’t do anything but show us how you’ve soiled yourself, you’d probably be much better off excusing yourself than continuing to do so in front of the whole world..

                Why don’t we just agree that you can’t discuss the topic rationally, rather than belabor your shortcomings further?

                1. “Why don’t we just agree that you can’t discuss the topic rationally, rather than belabor your shortcomings further?”

                  I do love it when your nice side outs your dimwitted buckets of writing horseshit side. Which is all you’ve got, horseshit.

                  The “medical establishment” are the ones that pushed a “vaccine” that does more harm than good*, the same ones that fired their own that refused to take what is an experimental drug with no real testing and with those paltry test results lied about and hidden, and you are all offended that I say they are guilty of murder.

                  The “medical establishment” are the ones that put folks on ventilators until they died, in spite of the fact that most if not all of that establishment knew that ventilators were not wise to use long term.

                  And the same people tell us masks will stop this airborne virus even though they have never suggested they would stop the cold or flu virus.

                  Murder? Yea, outright murder. Paid to do it.

                  *I use the term “good” loosely here as there is no evidence there is any “good”, and I’m assuming there is no other nefarious reason for the clot shot beyond stealing $$$ and creating hysteria

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