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OOOOPS, my bad

Looking more and more as if I may have spoken WAY too soon with my threat/promise in the Eyrie post that it would probably be the one and only post I do on the Hamas/Israel thang.

WAAAY too soon.

“Palestine is not Ukraine. If America intervenes directly, all American locations in the region will become legitimate targets of the resistance axis and will face our attacks. And on this day there will be no red line left.” —Hezbollah Official Statement

Uh HUH. Now tell me again, “race realists,” all about how the Muzzrats are “our natural allies,” much to be preferred over our false friends, Dem Pesky, Scheming, Hook-Nosed ((((JOOOOOZ!!!)))), why don’tcha. That one’s my favorite.

So, it came as a big surprise when southern Israel was overrun by Hamas dudes in tricked-out pickup trucks and para-gliders on Saturday, who carried home hundreds of nubile young women to have sport with, after slaughtering hundreds more people of all ages, like rampaging bronze age Philistines. That fresh enormity is, shall we say, quite a ways from resolution at this time. I’ll tell you what will be an even bigger surprise, though: when some organized unit of those aforesaid mutts of unknown origin who snuck across our border sets off something like a dirty bomb in New York, Los Angeles, or Washington DC. Or takes over a nuclear power station. Or…well, I wouldn’t want to put any ideas in a bad actor’s head. But you get the picture, I’m sure.

So, we’re in something that smells like uncharted territory this autumn Monday, and events are galloping faster than anyone can process. The scene looks a little bit like World War Three. At least any child of twelve could game it out that way in three easy steps. Say, the chief mullah in Teheran issues some crude remark about how Israel had it coming, yadda yadda…and the IDF forthwith fires a cruise missile up his qabaa…and next thing you know, so many mushroom clouds rise over the Levant that it looks like a shitake farm.

All this while the USA struggles to restore its political mental health after years of domestic abuse at the hands of our own government. A big question here is what kind of correction will it require to straighten out that abusive government…or can anything at all avail before having to shred the whole goshdarn operation and start over? Quien sabe? (As they say in Plattsburgh nowadays.)

Ahh, but therein lies the rub, you see: Real Americans have enemies aplenty to deal with right here at home—up to and including who knows how many jihadi sleeper agents ushered across our former southern border, then quietly swept off to Undisclosed Locations by our own FederalGovCo—before we can even consider coming to Israel’s rescue.

Inline update! The remainder of this post below the fold, because length.

Yeah, geddafuggouddaheah with your “natural allies” bushwa.

This is Not About Israel, It’s About Islam
We can stand together or fight and die alone.

Butbutbut ((((JOOJOOJOOJOOOOOOO!!!)))

This war was declared over 1,000 years ago

Flying planes into skyscrapers, running over French pedestrians with a truck, massacring Indian families, and Israeli concertgoers is the same war.

Islamic terrorists and their allies try to make every attack about the specific context of a situation in a particular corner of the world.

That’s a lie that too many fall for.

Even countries that are the victims of Islamic terrorism often draw lines between the “good” and “bad” Islamic terrorism. We do it ourselves. But there is no such line. Whether a country is good or bad makes no difference. Islamic terrorists come for every country eventually. There is no major nation that has not faced Islamic terrorist attacks as long as it has a significant Muslim population within or near its borders.

America, India, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil (a planned Olympic massacre) are just a few of the examples. The smaller countries that have come under attack are nearly endless. If you exist, you’re a target.

Of course, Daniel Greenfieldsteinbergowitzmanblum is a ((((JOOOJOOOJOOOOOOO!!!)))), so please take all the above with a large-ish grain of salt. He has hidden ulterior motives, y’know—((((Tribe)))) motives, ((((Cabal)))) motives, none of which bode Whypeepuh any good. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!


Say, did somebody just mention having enemies aplenty right here on our own shores a moment ago? Why yes, I believe someone did.

After the horrifying images of what Hamas did in Israel on Saturday went around the world, it’s hard to believe that anyone came out in support of the Palestinian jihad. But numerous leftists found a way and seized the opportunity of the bloody massacre of hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians to advance anti-Israel talking points.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) led the way with a statement that was a masterpiece of blame-shifting and displacement of responsibility. After seeing ordinary Israelis massacred wholesale at a peace festival, on the street, and in their homes, Tlaib began by putting the perpetrators and their victims on equal footing: “I grieve the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost yesterday, today, and every day. I am determined as ever to fight for a just future where everyone can live in peace, without fear and with true freedom, equal rights, and human dignity.”

Once she had that boilerplate out of the way, Tlaib detailed what she thinks could be done to establish that gloriously just and peaceful future: “The path to that future must include lifting the blockade, ending the occupation, and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance.” Translation: all those dead Israelis an aghast world saw Saturday were Israel’s fault. Israel must lift the blockade, that is, allow a free flow of the latest, most sophisticated weaponry into Gaza and the West Bank. It must end the “occupation,” which would involve leaving lands to which only Israel has any actual legal right. And it must dismantle the “apartheid system,” that is, let each and every Palestinian, even ones who are armed to the teeth and screaming “Death to Israel,” enter the country without any screening whatsoever. About Hamas’ atrocities, meanwhile, Tlaib said nary a word.

Other leftists fell into lockstep as well. Code Pink tweeted on Sunday — the day after massacres took place all over Israel because its security measures were breached — “PALESTINE WILL BE FREE! In D.C. today, we called on Biden to stop arming apartheid and impose sanctions on Israel!” On Monday, the old leftist flagship publication, The Nation, ran a piece entitled, “Gaza Is a Nightmare Today, but We Will Not Stop Dreaming of Freedom.” The subtitle: “This war is happening for one reason: the prolonged suffering and occupation that Palestinians have endured for seven decades.”

Leftist celebrities didn’t lag behind. Adin Ross, who is identified as a “widely recognized Kick streamer,” whatever that is, and has apparently made enough money doing it to have a million dollars to give to genocidal killers, is doing just that. MEAWW (Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide) reported Monday that he “has garnered significant attention from social media users due to recent reports suggesting a potential donation of $1,000,000 to Palestine amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.” The celebrity influencer Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, convert to Islam, and controversial misogynist who claims to reject the left primarily for its attack on masculinity but nonetheless echoes leftist talking points on Israel, is likewise sending $200,000 to the jihadis.

Whatever the intentions of Ross and Tate may be, this money will go to jihadis and be used to murder more innocent Israeli civilians.

What kind of sickness overtakes people that they can see what the “Palestinian” jihadis did to innocent people on Saturday and think, “I’ve got to speak out in support of the attackers,” or even worse, “I’ve got to give those people some money”?

It’s not sickness, Spence. It’s EVIL, plain and simple.

Then again, that’s posted on a website owned and run by ((((JOOOOOOZ!!!)))), so what the hell do they know.

/sarc OFF

On a more serious note, Spencer is kinda-sorta on board with the recommendation my Eyrie post ended with.

Now Hamas Wants a Truce. Here’s Why Israel Shouldn’t Give Them One.
After brutally massacring over 600 Israelis and then suffering some retaliatory strikes from Israel, the bloodthirsty jihadis of Hamas now want a truce. The Israeli government is virtually certain to get immense pressure to agree to such a truce, but this is actually the last thing that Israel should do at this point.

The establishment media and the leftist political elites will receive this with hosannas and take it as the dawning of a new era of peace — if only those dastardly warmongering Israelis will take Hamas’ olive branch. That is, however, not really what it is at all. For Hamas to be asking for a truce on Monday evening Gaza time, it must have had an extremely bad Sunday and Monday. For Islamic law only allows for a truce if Muslims are weak and need to gather strength to fight later more effectively, or if they’re fighting non-Muslims whom they think may accept Islam. “If Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud…Interests that justify making a truce are such things as Muslim weakness because of lack of numbers or materiel, or the hope of an enemy becoming Muslim…” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o9.16). This idea is founded on the Qur’an itself: “So do not falter and cry out for peace when you have the upper hand…” (47:35).

Western authorities never, ever demonstrate even the slightest understanding of this point, but this means that when a jihad group asks for a truce, it is admitting that it is losing and needs time to recover. The last thing that its non-Muslim foe should do at that point is actually grant it a truce. What it should do instead is press on toward final victory.

Spencer stops short of spelling out what “final victory” must necessarily entail, although having studied the Muzzrats, their blood-drenched Murder Book (ie, the Koran), and over a thousand years’ worth of jihadi history, I suspect he knows well enough. Unless and until they are crushed so utterly that the very word “war” has become anathema to them, they will always rise from the ashes of the most bitter defeat to try, try again, if it takes them several hundred years. Like our Enemies, Domestic on the Left, the jihadis are patient; they play the long game, the realization of their dreams of conquest merely postponed, never abandoned.

With these savages, the infidel (that would be us, in case you weren’t sure) is to be given one of two (2) choices: convert, or die. I say we switch it around, offering the same two (2) choices for them to make, instead. Sounds as if Netanyahu might be on board with it:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised during a Monday speech that Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack over the weekend will “echo for generations,” according to a live translation of the speech.

“This war was forced upon us by a dreaded enemy, animals that kill women, children and old people,” Netanyahu said during his address, according to a translation provided by CNBC. “Hamas is ISIS, and we will beat them, just like the Western world has beaten ISIS. This terrible enemy wanted a war, and it will receive a war.”

“It was a terrible mistake to attack Israel,” Netanyahu continued, according to the translation. “What we will do to our enemy in the next few days will echo for generations.”

Hamas has threatened that it will begin to execute hostages live on television if Israel continues to target structures in the Gaza Strip without providing advanced warning.

Which they assuredly will, without hesitation or remorse. So be it, then; stick to your guns and see it through, BiBi. Take a page from Curtis LeMay’s book: If you  kill enough of them, they stop fighting. It’s too bad, but another of LeMay’s famous aphorisms, the one about “bombing them back to the Stone Age,” isn’t applicable here—if only because they never LEFT the Stone Age in the first fucking place.

“Natural allies,” my baggy white ass.


3 thoughts on “OOOOPS, my bad

  1. “Whatever the intentions of Ross and Tate may be…”
    Quite simple, their intention is to help fund the killing of Israeli’s, the rape, torture, and murder of their women, the death mad dismemberment of little children. It is the only capability the swine* palestinians have.

    I do admire General LeMay.
    “If you kill all of them they will never fight again” – Barry

    *apology’s to pigs

  2. Fianl victory is probably going to mean turning GAZA into a very large parking lot – lots of gravel, no asphalt. Gaza has been a breeding ground for terrorists for decades, no sane nation would put up with something like that on its borders. As for hostages, it should be presumed that they died for their country. Hostage taking is done to get bargaining power in a negotiation, that’s why the Islamists – since the Barbary Pirates – do it. Make bargains and negotiate, and they’ll continue to do it – it works. Same case for Putin’s nuclear sabre rattling, he’ll continue to do it because it works, so far it has scared the West from getting involved in the Ukraine war to the extent needed to defeat the Russians, and this is what we end up with. It ends up being World War III, because that was Putin’s intent all along. Back in the 1950s, Curtis LeMay took the entire US B-52 nuclear armed bomber fleet and did an overflight of the entire Soviet Union, from Vladivostok to Kalingrad, and dared them to try something. They didn’t. The only thing some people recognize is plain old force, that’s what keeps the peace.

  3. Like the hilarity which ensues when the U.S. Marshals send letters offering free trips to Vegas and color TVs to wanted fugitives, the main homegrown result of the Hamas attack has been to lure out all those people in this country who miss the good old days when they gathered around a flaming cross in a bedsheet and hood with their dearest friends and neighbors, and have them gush about those fond memories from days of yore.

    Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond would be proud.

    Which is never a good look, yet they cannot help themselves.

    Atticus Finch was the archtype: rabid dogs need a good shooting in the head, ASAP, by the first person available to do the deed.
    True for individuals, and true for nations.


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