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The only way through it

Is to just do it.

We’ve been subjected to a lot of outrageous political double standards, but the one that says Democrats can deny – and even actively undermine – elections all they want, but Republicans go to jail for doing the same, might just be the one that tears the Republic apart.

It is very dangerous to teach a large number of people that elections are a joke and the political system is permanently rigged against them. The double standard on “election denial” is broadcasting that message with painful intensity. It’s almost gleeful mockery of democracy.

There’s basically nothing the Left can’t do to question, challenge, and undermine elections. Much of what Trump just got indicted for was a matter of widespread and open discussion on the Left after 2016. No threat of criminalizing such talk was made.

As if anyone really needed it, we’re getting a nice sneak peek at what hyper-politicized government crusades against “disinformation” will look like. Trump gets indicted, but dozens of “national security experts” who spread disinfo about Hunter’s laptop suffer no consequences. 

At this point, a meme I hijacked from our good friends over at WRSA seems pretty apropos.


Ahhh, if only. Onwards.

Democrats can do anything to win, by hook or by crook, and when they manage to lose even with ballot harvesting and “fortified” elections, they can undermine the election or actively sabotage the incoming administration. None of it will ever be treated as a crime.

Dems are even branching out from denying and undermining elections to go after other branches of government, as in their recent breathless campaign to undermine the Supreme Court, and even physically endanger justices they don’t like.

Our Republic has pulled itself off the mat after quite a few beatings, but this is the double standard we may not survive – turning elections into a “heads we win, tails you lose” joke. It fits neatly into the crisis of politicized and weaponized government agencies.

It’s an existential crisis when the permanent State uses its vast power and money to thwart elections that might threaten its interests – or to silence people who complain about its incompetence and malfeasance, very much including our Third World election process.

It’s looked for a good long while to me as if the way out of this mess has been reduced to but three options: Civil war, revolution, and/or national collapse and/or partition of some sort. Mind you, We Duh Sheeple won’t necessarily be the ones who get to decide which road to take—after the supine, even craven response to the FauxVid trial-run, we probably don’t deserve to be, can’t be trusted to be—but it seems to be narrowing rapidly to one (or perhaps some combination) of those three seriously unappetizing alternatives.

The above excerpts are from a Doc Zero thread, so of course you’ll want to read all of it.

Update! After a quick scan-through, I see that the preceding Hayward thread is well worth your time and attention as well.

The Hunter Biden saga illuminates the Biden family’s rapacious corruption, and even worse, the corruption of federal agencies to protect them. Also, it’s further evidence that we must shatter the elite bubble and force them to live in the America they made for the rest of us.

Of COURSE the corruption angle is huge, arguably the story of the century in American politics. Socialists claim they can create an all-knowing mega-government run by honest, selfless geniuses – but what they always deliver is a corrupt sewer state run by greedy mediocrities.

There are no big, honest governments, and every one of the many, many embarrassing tales of mega-corruption must be spotlighted to keep proving it, over and over again. The most important goal of civic reform today is shattering the pernicious illusion of Honest Big Government.

Hunter Biden is an absolutely perfect example of what socialism actually delivers: a privileged elite of boundless greed and degenerate morality, milking cash out of the trillion-dollar state by peddling influence and selling protection, insulated from all legal consequences.

Of COURSE that corruption slid easily into outright fascism over the past generation. It was only a matter of time before the mega-State began using its corporate Little Partners to skirt the Constitution and exert compulsive force against the people.

A-yup, you’ll never regret looking in on the good Doctah now and then.

Updated update! A Substack column I just recently became a free subscriber to ties both the above topics—the destruction of America That Was, and the FauxVid “dysfunction test”—neatly together, with a pretty little bow on top, and with the ongoing shit-typhoon of bogus Trump indictments thrown in for added spice.

Recent election interference from a weaponized Department of Justice intent on keeping Donald J. Trump from ever returning to the White House has horrified conservatives, independents, legal experts, and anyone with principles who cares about fairness, justice, and equality under the law.

They cannot fathom the banana republic transformation happening before their eyes, out in the open, and they weep for Lady Justice, who as I wrote after the shambolic New York indictment, “…hasn’t just been robbed of her blindfold, they’ve bent her over and invited every sick spook over for a gang bang.”

Watching conservatives’ confusion about recent election results and the political persecution of their favorite candidate is like watching the double-masked lockdowners waiting for Fauci to give them their next orders, except they’ll tune into the usual conservative commentariat who will never tell them the truth or risk losing their platforms that extract millions of dollars and billions of minutes of attention from these poor souls who just want their republic back.

You know the names: Bannon, Levin, Crowder, Hannity, Posobiec, Bongino, Beck, Shapiro, and the kid from Turning Point with down syndrome.

As they get their attention devotees to offer their labor to enrich their media empires, they further engender their rage while distancing them from reality.

What reality?

The reality that anyone with half a functioning brain could see coming since they orchestrated a domestic coup against Trump and spent four years undermining his Presidency.

The reality that conservative pundits failed for years to disclose to their loyal flock—Trump is not permitted to ever return to the White House. It doesn’t matter if he’s polling at 99% with all voters, he simply has two choices: Prison, or a plea deal that prevents his name from appearing on the ballot in 2024.

By George, I think he’s got it!


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