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Coming unglued

Is Trump losing his grip?

What Is He Thinking? Trump Attacks His Former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
On Tuesday evening, former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social and launched an assault on his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. He leveled accusations against her, claiming that she distorted poll figures during her appearance on Fox News.

“Kayleigh ‘Milktoast’ [sic] McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on Fox News. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up. While 25 is great, it’s not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll,” Trump wrote.“The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!”

Trump decided to attack McEnany, who is now a co-host of Fox News’ Outnumbered, where she reported on polling data from Iowa indicating that Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is “closing the gap” with Donald Trump since officially announcing his candidacy last week.

Trump’s use of “milktoast” is an apparent misspelling of the term “milquetoast,” which refers to a timid or weak person. How exactly can Trump justify using such a term to describe McEnany, given how she effectively and aggressively handled the media during her time as White House Press Secretary?

Indeed, Trump’s attack on McEnany is unacceptable. She demonstrated unwavering loyalty to the former president, even enduring personal attacks on his behalf. And for what reason did he turn on her — reporting on a poll? Trump has attacked many people who served him loyally, but it’s still hard to believe that McEnany is now on that list.

President Trump did great things for this country, but his attack on McEnany — and frankly, most of his attacks on people who chose to serve in (his) administration — have been unhinged and childish. I suspect they will drive more people away from supporting him in 2024.

Not that post-Ailes Faux News is exactly a paragon of journalistic virtue or anything, mind, but I remember liking McEnany a lot myself when she was in Trump’s employ as press secretary. She was aggressive, well-prepared, and never took a single ounce of the horseshit lobbed by shitlib propagandists during their ceaseless attacks on her and her boss lying down. “Milktoast”? Oh, puh-LEEZE. She was never anything of the sort, and Trump ought to know that better than just about anybody.

Frankly, it bears careful thinking over; like pRetend “president” Biden, Trump is no spring chicken himself, and we’re all susceptible to gradual loss of mental acuity and emotional outbursts as we age. Unlike Biden, Trump has held up remarkably well, both physically and mentally, but that doesn’t mean that this will remain so forever. I’ll hold off for the nonce on offering a firm opinion on what the real deal here might be, but this overwrought, ugly, and wholly pointless blue-on-blue diatribe against McEnerny over a completely trivial non-issue is somewhat worrisome.

This inexplicable fusillade against one of the best of his very few good hiring decisions having been provoked by what at this early stage amounts to no more than a rounding error, it’s all too clear that Ron DeSantis is now living in Trump’s head rent-free and full-time. If Trump hopes to regain the Presidency, he needs to tighten up and get back on track again—to focus more tightly on America’s enemies, not his own.

Update! In light of my choice for post title, looks like this might be the perfect opportunity to run my favorite STP tune, I think.

But DAMN, ain’t that wine-red-finish, single-bound Les Paul a beauty!

Updated update! Stripping all the gears.

The thing is, I’m likely to vote for Trump, and it wouldn’t be the first time. I know what I’m getting. I like his foreign policy, as far as his anti-war stance, and impressive diplomacy, given his personality quirks. It’s DeSantis who has something to prove to me. There are things I’m waiting to hear that would help me view him on a national and global stage, instead of my current perspective which is “America’s Governor.” Everyone calm down! Yes, I’m an undecided voter, heaven forbid.

But, I keep saying to myself, and even posting on social media: “I swear Trump wants me to vote for DeSantis.” I also keep saying that it doesn’t seem like anyone is competing for my vote, because it’s just a bunch of internet shaming on one side or the other. Am I required to vote for who has the best internet trolls, or am I supposed to cast a ballot based on which meme is the most disparaging? Pray tell.

And, perhaps Trump is running his worst campaign, ever. This seems hard to do, next to DeSantis’ Twitter Spaces kickoff where I was given a migraine but gathered no new information. True story.

On Tuesday, Team Trump posted their latest criticism of DeSantis, claiming that he voted in 2017 to confirm Christopher Wray as the Director of the FBI. Sick burn, except…DeSantis was a member of the House, and it’s the Senate that confirms appointments. There is no way that I just started my day by correcting a multi-hundred-million-dollar campaign about how Congress works, right? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Not only this, but Wray was Trump’s appointment…that was the quality work that can be ascribed to Trump. Had Wray not been selected by the President, no member of the Senate could have cast a vote to confirm him. So, Team Trump, this isn’t the “own” you think it is, and you should probably not taunt people for voting for Trump’s nominations in the future. It wasn’t DeSantis’ job to pick an FBI Director, it was Trump’s.


Update to the updated update! There’s a simple, obvious solution to the underlying problem here, which we will almost certainly never avail ourselves of. Since the Constitution sets a firm floor for a President’s age (35), should we not consider establishing a formal, black-letter age ceiling as well? Or must we forever resign ourselves to being ruled by a neverending procession of addled, decrepit old fossils?

“Ageist discrimination,” you complain? Meh—so what, who cares? For many years now, I’ve wished in vain to see our ruling gerontocracy at last broken up, at the very least via a tacit mass refusal to support any nominee in his 70s. Maybe the issue could be addressed as part of that sweeping, comprehensive election-reform package we’re never going to get around to actually, y’know, doing.


8 thoughts on “Coming unglued

  1. I think the problem is that Trump is just a little bit of a sociopath. That’s not a huge criticism — most highly successful leaders score relatively high in sociopathy. It makes sense. One of the thing leaders must do is make decisions that are good for an organization but bad for an individual employee (or in the military, necessary for victory but bad for an individual soldier). It takes a bit of sociopathy to make those kinds of decisions, accepting the idea of hurting another person as the cost of success.

    What this means is that sometimes these people will do things that seem OK from a tactical perspective without really giving full weight to the effect it might have on an individual. The feeling is that if it’s not a killer, it’s just not that big a deal, and any damage to the relationship can be cleaned up later. And if it’s not cleaned up, then the object didn’t deserve the consideration.

    It’s easy for people like this to view others strongly in terms of usefulness and as assets rather than some sort of emotional relationships. And, outside of a small core group, everyone is an asset. People who work for and with these folk often misinterpret their relationship with the sociopath. Because they feel so little,sociopaths are masters at understanding and manipulating people, often giving the impression of being more invested in the relationship than the are.

    That doesn’t mean that Trump doesn’t have good ideas. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have principles. But it means that he will use people and abuse them as he feels necessary. He’s been successful with these “mean tweets” in the past, so there’s no reason to stop as long as he gets a response.

  2. “Clown World is getting clownier and clownier by the day. But Trump can hardly complain. This is what happens when you chicken out at the Rubicon”.

  3. Well, I’m 70 and I can outwork* and out think damn near all 35 year olds, so I don’t see an upper age limit as being meaningful. The problem isn’t old people running for office, it’s the dopes that vote for marxists and that includes most of the republican party. Outlaw them and you’ll have something useful.

    As for Trump, you would think after nearly seven (7) years you folks would figure out by now that Trump is a natural at politics and needs no help. Fox “news” is anti-Trump now even more than they were when they tried to sick Megyn Kelly on him. Sean Hannity’s girlfriend is just another Fox designated get Trump girl now. It doesn’t matter what she did in the past, if you work for Murdoch and Paul Ryan you will be anti Trump or be gone. Witness Tucker Carlson who was never a Trump fan previously, and then the eyes began to open. Carlson, with the big cable audience had to go as a result. ANYONE not gone is simply part of the anti-Trump cabal.

    This is elementary stuff, and as usual Trump has it right.

    Fox news, along with the rest of the alphabet news, the GOP, and the democrats are all on the same side and that side is aligned with the globalist marxist/chinese cabal of crooks.

    *after finishing my work day today I came home and dug large holes in the clay we have around here to plant new camellias. Just an “old man”, his shovel, and a wheelbarrow.

    1. Agreed. I saw the same thing as 27yo know nothing’s came into the Financial Markets in the 2000s.

      Investing in “emerging markets” without any knowledge of the history of the booms and busts of that form of investing which had taken heads off in every investment cycle ever. Those that survived 20 years and 4 or 5 cycles were considered “dinosaurs” who didn’t know that “this time was different”.

      I had the added advantage that, as a 27yo I was listening to those dinosaurs who had survived the 70s and Walter Wriston idiocy at Citibank and learning from them instead of dismissing them.

      1. The only way someone under 55 or so makes a good president –

        He hires people older to tell him what to do.

        Experience is gained by time and a 40-50 year old ain’t got it.

  4. When she worked with Trump she had a good command if the facts.

    Now that she works for Fox she gets the facts wrong and the “mistake” is against the interests of Trump.


    Maybe she just gets paid to be pretty and deliver whatever she’s paid to deliver? And now she’s being paid to deliver NeverTrump?

    1. She is paid to deliver the Fox news network propaganda lies. It’s that or get fired. I don’t care what she did before or what she looks like.

      When a network fires it’s single biggest star for no reason other than he refuses to speak only the company lies, it will not tolerate anything outside the company line from anyone else. Any deviation you see is for the purpose of fooling the viewer, approved and planned, nothing more.

      Has Fox ever explained how they made that Arizona call for Biden?
      No, because they cannot. They made the call because the fix was in and they knew it. Trump just won so big it jeopardized the fix and made Fox look like the fakes they are. Fox is corrupt to the core and everyone they support is corrupt. Murdoch paid DeSantis millions if reports are accurate. The deal has remained undisclosed by Murdoch or DeSantis. Paid. The Government Man is a paid man.


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