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Laying low

Is the “get Woke, go broke” slogan finally proving out, for the first time ever?

Buyer’s Remorse? Bud Light Goes Quiet, Hasn’t Posted on Social Media Since Making Dylan Mulvaney Its Spokestrans
Cat got your tongue, Bud Light? The giant beer corporation has been silent for over a week, ever since it came to light that pretend woman Dylan Mulvaney was the pretend beer’s new spokesman. Since then, silence. Gee, Bud Light, aren’t you proud of your front guy?

Bud Light operates one of those fun, friendly social media accounts we see quite often from corporate giants these days. On March 30, it tweeted or replied to tweets over fifteen times, with messages on the order of “Win tickets to Stagecoach for you and a friend! Travel and hotel accommodations covered” and “Have a cold one for us.” On March 31 came twenty more tweets and replies, including “There’s still time to win beer money. Which women’s team do you think will win it all?,” and a reply to a well-wisher: “Bud Light loves you back.” On April 1 it was more of the same, but we haven’t heard from Bud Light since 8:50PM that evening, when it tweeted: “Beers on us? Must be game time. For a chance to win, cheer on your team with #EasyToEnjoySweepstakes in the replies.” That was the day that Mulvaney was revealed to be Bud Light’s new spokesdude. But isn’t Bud Light proud, like all LGBTQETC activists constantly insist they are?

It isn’t just Bud Light, either. The UK’s Daily Mail reported Sunday that “The famous beer also hasn’t posted on their main Instagram feeds since March 31 and have not posted to Facebook since March 30. Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has also gone without posting since April 1.” This is unusual, for “while they have gone a few days without tweeting in the past, the @BudLight is typically fairly active, as are their other regular social channels.” What could account for this? It looks as if it’s because of Dylan Mulvaney.

It was on April 2, Bud Light’s first day of total social media silence, that Mulvaney posted a video of himself pitching Bud Light. Mulvaney added this caption: “Happy March Madness!! Just found out this had to do with sports and not just saying it’s a crazy month! In celebration of this sports thing @budlight is giving you the chance to win $15,000! Share a video with #EasyCarryContest for a chance to win!! Good luck! #budlightpartner”

One would think that since Bud Light often uses its social media accounts to tout such offers, and had just been pushing a few contests and deals in the preceding days, it would have jumped on this and pushed Mulvaney’s Easy Carry Contest on Twitter. Instead, not a word. Could it be, could it even be remotely conceivable, that Bud Light is horrified by the backlash it has received, and is actually embarrassed to be touting this ersatz woman and attention hound?

Embarrassed? Naah, not bloody likely. They’re just afraid of the effect the brouhaha might potentially have on their profits, that’s all. Thus:

The backlash has indeed been severe. Country singer Travis Tritt banned all Anheuser Busch products from his tour bus and asserted that “many other artists” were likewise dropping their Buds, but not saying so publicly for fear of being “ridiculed and canceled.” One of those who was unafraid was Kid Rock, who published a video of himself shooting at cases of Bud Light (viewable here, in case you missed it—M). One disgusted Bud Light salesman said: “I’ve never seen such little sales than this past few days.” The Daily Mail noted that “several former customers filmed themselves pouring the beer away – down the sink and toilet – while others emptied their fridge of the product into bins.”

Over the years, I’ve seen no sign whatsoever that Kid Rock is afraid of anydamnedthing whatsoever—which is one of the reasons I just love the buck-wild sumbitch all to pieces.

I mean, come on, how could you NOT like the guy? This is the one I always liked the most, personally.

A bona fide classic, that one is. “I ain’t straight outta Compton, I’m straight out the trailer.” Really now: hollowbody guitars; dirtbikes; 70s Trans Ams; big black Peterbilts; midgets; Ron Jeremy playing whorehouse piano; hot, scantily clad, trashy-slut babes—again, what’s not to like? It’s all there, as white-trash Americana as it gets, baby.

Update! In a seperate PJM piece, Spencer delves into A-B’s reason for making this colossal mistake: Fake ’n’ Ghey Inc™ strongarmed them into it.


23 thoughts on “Laying low

  1. This is the pushback – the inevitable failure of the “my fetish is sacred” is now clear.

    1. What strikes me is that most transfaggots are really not trying to be women. They are trying to be caricatures of women, in appearance and behavior. Will AB go broke? Probably not. But I have an AB distributor as a client. Talked to him this morning and he is NOT pleased. Nor are the counterparts he is talking to. Most distributors are independent businesses, and this is hitting them hard. He is already looking at alternatives should AB keep doubling down.

      1. One of my acquaintances is a large AB distributor. He’s got personal wealth so this will not cause him personal harm. But the business will suffer as there are few options. Everyone not AB already has distribution. I think alternatives are going to be tough.

      1. She’s far worse than just woke. People like that are full blown marxists.

  2. In a seperate PJM piece, Spencer delves into A-B’s reason for making this colossal mistake

    Beat me to it.

    That said, I’m not buying it. Who cares if the HRC (a more inauspicious set of initials you’ll never see) gives you a low score? A low ESG score might be more significant for some companies, but does A-B need to go to banks for loans? Is it reliant on largesse from woke government bodies? I wouldn’t think so.

    1. Investment management firms like Black rock seem to be pushing this. I also wonder how much pressure they’re putting on the larger banks to get in line.

  3. Sales of their panther piss have cratered overnight.

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

  4. The neighbor’s son is a truck driver for the local AB distributorship. He used to work 50-55 hours a week. He worked a full day last Monday but was home early afternoon every other day last week. I spoke with him on Saturday and he said he is covering his route but only delivering about a quarter of what he had last month.

  5. The more I think about it, the more interesting this story is going to be to watch. Most of the time when we say, “get woke, go broke,” we’re full of shit. The companies don’t go broke, not even close to it. They might have a small hiccup in stock values or sales, but that’s it.

    What makes this one different is that Bud Light is an identity product for its core customer base. By that, I mean that being a “Bud Light drinker” (or a Bud drinker, etc.) is a bigger part of how people view themselves. Same as their favorite sportsball team. When a “Bud Light drinker” enters a bar, they don’t think about what they are going to drink – they just order their Bud Light. This type of demographic, according to surveys I’ve seen (I have some involvement in the food and beverage industry) makes up about 50% of their customer base. That’s why (normally) the people in the beer commercials are people that their core customers want to emulate.

    However, that identity is shot for many of that core customer base. It’s hard to imagine the majority of that 50% “identity” customer base wanting to emulate a mincing transfaggot. Bud Light (and other A-B products) are losing real sales in real time at ground level over this. And not just a little bit – a lot. The conversations I’ve had with distributors back up Tsquared’s comments. They are concerned. Very concerned.

    Of course, the NFL didn’t “go broke” over BLM, so will this really affect A-B? Probably. For the NFL’s core customer base, there really isn’t a competitive product that they can consume, so they’ll just try to ignore kneeling players, the ‘end racism’ messages, and other bullshit. Frankly, most NFL fans are so brain-dead that Michael Vick could sacrifice a pit bull during the Super Bowl halftime show and they’d lose less than 1,000 viewers.

    It’s not the same with beer. Right now, as bad as A-B distributors are doing, Miller distributors are doing very well, as are others. And when an “identity product” breaks its brand promise to its customers, the reaction is very emotional – so it might be hard to do a mea culpa and get those customers back. This could affect A-B’s business for a long time to come. I fucking hope so.

    The ultimate irony is this – had A-B done these commercials with real women – attractive ones – it probably would have helped them sell more beer. Picture the bathtub commercial with a hot and well known acutal female actress – that might have actually appealed to women AND men. But the marketing skank had to prove a point rather than sell beer. This could be one of the biggest “own goals” in the current propaganda wars.

  6. Gotta love KR
    No BS
    bush needs a slap of reality, everybody i know, who had been drinking bud, is never going to buy it again. Its a piss beer anyway, drink those green bottles boys n girls, let the queers drink the piss beer, its what they like anyway

      1. Is it me or does Heineken taste just like any other mass produced beer now? IE blah

        1. Well, everyone has their own preference. I drank Heineken at the beach* for several reasons:

          #1 – it’s what my Dad would drink on our annual Outer Banks vacation when I was a kid

          #2 – it’s the only beer my wife likes

          #3 – you can get it anywhere

          #4 – I like it and there is no comparison to the typical American beers (which are fine, just not what I like)

          #5 – it goes well with a cigar

          When I can get it, I prefer Harp, an Irish beer brewed by Guinness and now brewed in Canada. They used to have it at the local grocery in Avon, but no longer. I should just take it with me I suppose. Harp is pretty robust.

          *I rarely drink any other time

          1. Do you still drink it?

            In the 80s it was definitely superior to any domestic American beer.

            I think I had one 2 years ago and it definitely tasted like the Rice Beer every American Lager now tastes like.

            I will note that my years in Hong Kong meant I was drinking British Ales and Belgium Ales so maybe my taste buds were affected.

            1. Yes, I used the wrong verb, drank should have been drink.

              I can’t tell any difference in it over the years. It is a milder form of the typical your a peeun beers for certain.

              Harp is a much stronger flavor than most of the euro brand beers, and my preference. My wife hates it, doesn’t even tolerate the smell.

              My drinking Heineken is as much tradition as anything else.

              1. I like Harp myself.

                Guinness though, is lighter and less ABV and has iron! The nitro cans make it taste pretty dang close to Guinness on Tap too.

                1. I drank my first Harp in Longford, Ireland – about 70 miles westnorthwest of Dublin.

                  A long, long time ago.

                    1. I detect no difference in the Harp brewed in Ireland and that in Canada. There was / is a lawsuit over the Canadian brew. Apparently some folks couldn’t read (brewed in Canada) and got upset the beer they thought was brewed in Ireland no longer was.

                    2. It took me a few minutes to work out just how long ago it really was.

                      I had been working in Europe for a bit over 6 weeks and flew from France back to Switzerland where I expected to be for a couple more days and then home. My Swiss agent met me at the airport and asked if I wanted the good news or bad news first.

                      The last time He met me with that question I had selected the bad first and got the news the Marine barracks in Lebanon had been bombed. His “good” news was that Reagan had invaded Granada.

                      I selected “good” news first and he told me he didn’t need me again after all (I had started out this trip in Switzerland). The bad news: “Your father called. He said to send you to London for the weekend and then on Monday you fly to Ireland for a week. Here’s your tickets”.

                      I had already been gone for 6+ weeks and wasn’t to happy about that. It turned out to be a great week. I had never been to Ireland but it turned out to be a great place to visit.

                      At the time there was one hotel in Longford, still there today. I’ve been many times since that week, but not in about 20 years now.

                      It was 1984.

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