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All against all

JJ Sefton’s reliably dead-on Morning Report is rife today with examples confirming the grim success of the Left’s divide & conquer strategery.

Report: Austin Police Officers Quit in Droves, Texas City ‘Hostile Place’ for Conservatives

The leftist-run city of Austin, Texas, is facing a police officer shortage with current and former officers citing hostility toward law enforcement and conservatives as the driving force, the New York Post reported on Friday.

Multiple sources told the Post the city allegedly has more than 300 vacancies and officers are quitting “because they feel disrespected,” according to the report. The Austin Police Association said 77 more officers are expected to retire before the end of March. Lt. Brian Moon, who retired last month after 23 years of service, said Austin has become like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco “where if you’re at all conservative or in law enforcement, it’s become a hostile place.” 

The staffing shortage is leading to later response times and 911 calls are being redirected to the non-emergency number “because there aren’t enough cops to solve the crimes,” according to the report. Senior Police Officer Justin Berry told the publication that the department has taken detectives off of cases to act as patrol officers.

“If you come home and find your home burglarized, calls like that are now going to 311,” said police union president Thomas Villarreal. “You’re not getting a police response to many property crimes if it’s not a violent crime that is currently ongoing.”

The report notes that “entire areas of the city are left unpatrolled” at times if a large incident occurs. 

“We’ve pretty much conceded that we’re not going to show up anymore on certain calls,” Moody said. “Eventually it’s going to get to the point where it’s so bad, everyone’s going to realize that something has to be done.”

Rest assured it will be, but you ain’t gonna like it much. It’s commonly known as vigilantism. Even though they’d greatly prefer not to have to resort to it, when things get bad enough and enough people realize they’re entirely on their own and have been forced to live in a lawless society, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it than civilized, First World nations are accustomed to. At some point, it becomes too much to expect that Normals will just passively sit back and allow themselves and their families to be preyed upon indefinitely, just because that’s what shitlibs want them to do.

Moar D&C:

Critical Race Theory Teaches Kids To Hate Each Other, And The Proof Is On The Playground
Critical race theory lessons are fostering anger and aggression instead of empathy among children. This is most obvious on the playground.

In mid-February 2023, administrators at an elementary school in Springfield, Ohio, called the police to intervene in a racially charged incident on the playground. According to the police report, a group of black students forced several white students to say “black lives matter” against their will.

Around the same time in Orlando, Florida, a teacher at Howard Middle School created and posted to his personal social media account a demeaning skit using students from his classroom. In it, white students bowed to their black classmates, feeding them snacks and fanning them. The teacher, now on administrative leave, captioned the video: “Black History Month. The shortest month of the Year.” Critical race theory is permeating public education across the country and aggravating racial hostilities, even among elementary school children.

When people with authority, such as schoolteachers and administrators, tell children that one group is the oppressor and the other is oppressed, children tend to listen. These critical race theory lessons are fostering anger and aggression instead of empathy among children.

Teachers and administrators need to stick to the “three Rs” of education. Social and racial politics must be under the jurisdiction of families, not public education.

And when they refuse to, as most of them will, what then? My personal preference is for pitchforks, torches, tar, and feathers, but then I freely admit I’m an “extremist” like that.

7 thoughts on “All against all

  1. pitchforks are the finest remedy I’ve heard yet; I’ve heard that the lightest touch will reduce a fatty butt in no time

  2. The citizens in Austin should stop calling 911, shoot offenders on the spot, and walk away. No statements. No calls. Austin officials have made their beds, now let them lie in it. The pendulum will swing back to sanity in due course, and in the meantime, the courts will be sitting around with nothing to do.

    And the parents of the kids gettiong taught CRT should have a little chat with those teachers in their free time. It’s hard to teach CRT when your teeth are all over an alley somewhere, and you can barely limp from your car to class with that broken kneecap, or hold a piece of chalk in your shattered hand. Ditto with any administrators giving those teachers political cover for the practice.

    Parents not willing to straighten things out with the teachers and administrators responsible don’t deserve to complain.

    OTOH, one or two notable examples, and the practice of teaching CRT would go the way of the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon.

    “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

    1. Sure. Great idea.

      Until you realize that most of those residents in Austin are the same locust cocksuckers that infected California and mearly flew to Austin to denude that city.

      They fucked over that place same as they did in LA and San Fran.

      It was a cool city once.

      When I moved here 20 years ago, to Plano, it was the top city in to live in the US. I can confirm that. It was stunning.

      Then they elected a boofer from NYC as a Mayor. It went downhill fast.

      Real fast.

      So I moved to a HuWhite neighborhood in Richardson. To expensive, by far, for vibrants.

      Yet, not for Locusts.

      One of these motherfuckers didn’t even have his car tags changed from California before he had his BLM sign up, and alphabet flag flying.

      Luckily these fools keep these signs out – even Beto signs, so when we get our hands on an RPG, we know just where to go.

      BTW – that fuckwit above? I was behind him at a light. Kids, young ones that should have been buckled in, walking around the minivan. Wow. Motherfucker wears a mask in his car, but lets the kids walk around unsecured in the car on streets full of shithead drivers with no insurance.

      PS – the only cool thing about california transplants in Austin is the wine makers. They went to the hill country and rebuilt wineries that aren’t half bad. One of them, Texas Hill Country Olives, realized the environment was great for Olives. So you can score top notch Olive oil from Texas. His wine blows, but his Balsomic Vinegar is to die for.

      Homey there gets a pass. He’s been here over a decade.

      1. It was a cool city once.

        I liked Austin when I was there for a couple weeks, but that was almost 35 years ago. I looked into moving there some years ago but got a severe wave-off. “This ain’t your daddy’s Austin!”

        1. I have customers* in the San Antonio / Austin area and have been going there for 40+ years. Austin was a great place. Emphasis on “was”. Some of the surrounding areas are still good. Outside the Carolina’s, that area or the Texas coast would be my #1 destination.

          *well, did. Manufacturing, so we are down to one there and a couple more in other Texas locations.

  3. The problem in Texas is that all those surrounding counties and cities where the whypipo pay more had have better benefits. So cops just leave.

    Who wants to deal with vibrants when they can have an easier, better paid, life for a short commute difference. Counties and Cities where they aren’t going to even notice if Da’Metrius needs some extra counselling with a baton.

    I live on the border of Dallas and Richardson. Talking with Dallas PD is soul sucking. Let’s just say quality of life crimes aren’t allowed to be on their radar.

  4. Eventually Austin will get what Austin deserves. Too bad we can’t build a fence around the place to keep everyone in.

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