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Democracy, yes?

“Democracy,” NO.

The Façade of Democracy
Democracy today means nothing more than fulfillment of the Left’s agenda and their consolidation of power. Neither Ukraine nor America are democracies.
It appears that the definition of “democracy” is rather fluid. In fact, it doesn’t really mean democracy at all. Rather, it is an authoritarian and undemocratic term used by self-interested politicians to defend and promote their own desired outcomes. Last time I checked, violent coup d’état wasn’t emblematic of “democracy.”

The Democratic Party and even many RINOs assign the same undemocratic meaning to their use of the term “democracy” in the United States.

The United States supported the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine, which has been called a “Revolution of Dignity.” But American protesters on January 6, 2021, who were overwhelmingly peaceful—the only murder was committed by a Capitol police officer, who shot an unarmed female protestor named Ashli Babbitt—were called “insurrectionists.”

In contrast, cries of voter fraud in the Ukrainian elections of 2004 were met with serious concern by the U.S government. The mass protests were encouraged and supported and the overturning of the Ukrainian election results heralded as a win for “democracy.”

Cries of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election were summarily denounced and dismissed. The United States rushed to declare the 2004 election results in Ukraine illegitimate. The United States rushed to declare the U.S. presidential election in 2020 the most free and fair in our history.

Is America even a democracy?

Of course not; it was never supposed to be, as everyone here will know full well. The Founders, hallowed be their names, hated and feared democracy as nothing more than “mob rule,” and as time has proven beyond all debate, they were perfectly correct to shun it as they did. It amounts to yet another confirmation of their unimpeachable wisdom, which we have ignored to our own profound detriment.

Just as Democrats had no regard for our own election results in 2016, they had no regard for the election results in Ukraine, when they successfully ousted Yanukovych.

The lifeblood of a democracy is free speech and the general diffusion of knowledge, which ensures the voter is informed. Yet the Democratic Party and the FBI colluded with social media companies to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the 2020 election and falsely dismissed it as “Russian disinformation.” Was this democratic?

The Democrats continue to pursue their witch hunt against former President Trump in hopes of ultimately preventing him from running for re-election. This effort too is justified with claims of “defending” or “protecting” democracy.

Democracy is a façade in America and when the term is thrown around by Democrats its new meaning is tyranny.

Democracy today means nothing more than fulfillment of the Left’s agenda and their consolidation of power. Neither Ukraine nor America are democracies. Democracy is tantamount to destruction and both Ukraine and America are being destroyed. Democracy is under attack; in the name of protecting democracy, of course.

If Democrats succeed in protecting democracy in America, we won’t have any democracy at all.

Well, DUH. For tyrants such as they, that’s a feature, not a bug. For us as well, really, just not in quite the same way or for the same reasons.


32 thoughts on “Democracy, yes?

  1. It amounts to yet another confirmation of their unimpeachable wisdom, which we have ignored to our own profound detriment.


    The constitution isn’t perfect, but it’s damn near perfect. Were we to follow it strictly we would be far freer and wealthier men.

  2. In Ukraine in 2014 the legitimately elected government was overthrown by a mob, Sullivan and Nuland discussed it with Biteme (and guaranteed 0) and they decided who would be “in” and who would be “out” of the government even before the actual legitimate government was even considering fleeing. Nuland said “Fuck the EU” for even considering cutting a deal with that legitimate Government. So now Ukraine is a “Democracy” and worthy of us sending 120 Billion in a year there.

    That word doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    1. I wouldn’t call the 2014 government legitimate. There has never been a commie elected legitimately.
      One corrupt government owned by the Russians was replaced with another corrupt government that owns our corrupt government it appears.

      1. Y wasn’t a Commie and he was elected in 2010 and The OSCE certified the election, against the wishes if the US and others who wanted to find fraud but couldn’t.

        1. Uh huh, currently living in exile in russia. He’s a commie, just like putin is a commie. They are corrupt to the core communists.

          He was a putin puppet. Period.

          There are no free and fair elections in Ukraine. Not then, not now. The place is a cesspool of corruption and money laundering, the very reason the left is involved.

          The average Ukrainian hates both the corrupt political class and the russians.

          1. Y wasn’t a Commie and neither is Putin.

            Like Nazi, Commie has come to mean foreigner I don’t like.

            There has to be an actual Commie apparatus working.

            Putin is a Dictator.

            The OSCE certified the election of Y as free and fair. Y certainly had Russian leanings. Those were legitimate decisions he had the power to make. Just like he could decide legitimately as Head of State to take a loan from Russia instead of the IMF.

            There was an election coming up in 2015. If the people of Ukraine wanted a different direction and move back towards the West they could simply vote for a candidate who pledged that.

            The plain fact was Y was probably going to WIN AGAIN and our Deep State couldn’t have that. The PEOPLE choosing their own direction instead of listening to OUR “ELITES”? No Way, José!

            Same circumstances as with Trump. This guy had to go and 0, Biteme, Sullivan, Nuland and Blinken were tasked with getting these other people in there and then take that IMF Loan and follow the “Elites” orders’ No way they were leaving it to the People.

            So, like BLM and Antifa here, a “Grass Roots” “Protest” was ginned up via Social Media (the Twitter Reveals show they do this) and turned increasingly violent. Egged on by our Agent Provocateurs. (J6 anyone?). Then, in a Country with 30+ Million People, a half million people stormed the Government and removed the legitimate elected Government. And lo and behold the ones chosen by 0, Sullivan, Nuland et al organize a new Government.

            The violent overthrow of a Government is a Coup. It is obvious Deep State ran it.

            Its MO is so much alike as 2020 here as to be obvious that is what happened.

            It’s the MO of our Deep State via the CIA and FBI and State and IA for many, many years.

            1. Like Nazi, Commie has come to mean foreigner I don’t like.

              Baloney, Kenny. Commie in the russian sense was always a dictator. Sure they had the politburo standing in the background, but it was never going against the leader without military / KGB backing them, just like it would be today.

              I’m using commie in that absolute tradition of the word not the textbook definition. Putin is a commie and Y was a putin puppet. That’s a simple fact.

              The OSCE certified the election of Y as free and fair.
              I’m trying not to laugh. You cannot possibly believe that has any meaning.

              You wish to argue that our government is corrupt and is in the corrupt bed with ukraine. You have to know that I make no argument against that. It’s a fact.

              The only question is, is how far the corrupt Ukrainian reach goes? How many of our politicians are owned and how many are tainted? Same as for china.

              The Ukraine was corrupt. The deep state took advantage of that and took over. The only difference in that respect is who the owners are. Putin is as deeply corrupt as anyone on this planet. He is a KGB trained thug and a murderer. You can acknowledge this without being a deep state denier.

              I’ve said a thousand times since the 2020 election that it was coup. That changes nothing with respect to the facts – prior to the corrupt takeover of the Ukraine politicians by the deep state actors from this side, it was controlled by the deep state actors from the other side, putin and company.

              And I’ll just remind you that the deep state members in this country always loved the russian commies, and putin himself (Tell Vlad…)

              And last – no matter how you spin it, the russians led by putin invaded Ukraine. And they didn’t do it because of the feckless NATO threat. They did it for the same reason the commie bastards have always done it, power and control.

              1. Barry just can’t stop spouting his I know so much than you bullshit on every topic under the sun. It is to laugh.

                1. henryKaren always shows up to prove, once again, she is the dumbest bitch to comment here at CF.

                  henryKaren is doing what she does, telling other people to shut up. She told Kenny and I to shut up when we were telling the truth about the scamvirus while she was hiding in mommy’s basement, shivering with her double mask on.

                  Like all Karen’s, she can’t help herself. She doesn’t know dick about anything, so all she does is complain when someone else does. There is never a cogent thought or expression that comes from the putrid sack of shit. She’s afraid to make a statement less someone point out the stupidity of it.

                  Go blow yourself freak.

                  1. From spouting on and on to sputtering on and on. It is to roar with laughter.

                    1. Notice she still can’t come up with an original thought. She does what Karen always does.

                    2. You’re boring, chanting the same insults over and over again as tho they cast some sort of magic spell. Must be all that your peabrain can manage.

                    3. Karen comes here to be insulted, instigates the insults.
                      And never has a cogent thought.
                      Karen has nothing to say about putin/ukraine/etc, just a horseshit complaint about what?

                      Kenny and I disagree on this subject, but not in total since I also want the US out of the ukraine business. But at least Kenny is a man and says what he believes, and defends it. henryKaren is just a downvote pussy determined to embarrass herself. And she succeeds.

                    4. Considering that you and Kenny started the HenryKaren insults way back when and totally out of context to a comment or two I made here on some topic or the other who is the instigator. Also, what’s with the downvote bullshit?
                      Finally, Fuck You, War!

                    5. You still wet your panties on WuFlu and now are being shown to be absolutely totally wrong is hilarious.

                      I don’t need your “support”

                      Barry and I disagree.

                      You’re just a panty wetter. Butt out.

                    6. I don’t give a fuck what you need or don’t need, want or don’t want, care for or don’t care for. Also, I don’t support losers.

                    7. Poor henryKaren. First comment in this thread, “Barry just can’t stop spouting his I know so much than you bullshit on every topic under the sun. It is to laugh.“.

                      Hey brainiac, that’s what is called an insult. It’s all you do. When on the rare occasion you make some mind numbing comment that isn’t an insult you just get ignored. You come here to make an insult, it’s what you do, it’s who you are. And you will then be insulted right back.

                      You have said nothing in this thread other than insult.

                      Go blow yourself.

              2. Commie does NOT mean Dictator.

                Was Pinochet a Commie?

                Communism is an economic system. What Putin has is a Dictatorship, but not Commie. He allows, even encourages Christianity. His is a mixed economy of soft socialism and free markets akin to the US in the 70s and again in the 90s. They have no goal of conquering the world to impose their system on us. They avoid the decaying idiocies of the West that allow that a man can be a woman if xe says so and can go into the woman’s dressing rooms/bathrooms and compete in Women’s Sports. They abhor Drag Queen Story Hour and all the perversions of Hollywood and DC aka Sodom and Gomorrah.

                Not Communist.

                The US, under the DC thumb, is WAY more Communist than Russia is today.

                And all of that was even MORE true when Yeltsin was in charge. A flawed Leader and a dictator in the end, but decidedly not a Communist. Both Yeltsin and Putin renounced Communism.

                1. Putin grew up under the russian communist system, the Soviet Union. Of course it wasn’t really communist, which is the point. There has never been a true communist system because it doesn’t work and must immediately become a dictatorship. Calling Putin a commie is just referencing what he is, a man born into the russian communist system. The mans grandfather was Lenin and Stalin’s personal chef, he was trained by the KGB, he worked to push the terror of the red brigades in Italy and Germany. He is a fucking russian commie.

                  You explain that and I’ll listen. Understand this, it’s nothing but a distraction, what you wish to call the ex KGB murderer. He is what he is, and savior of the west ain’t part of it. He’s as bad or worse than anyone pulling the strings in DC and he isn’t doing anything to save us. Just the opposite. He wishes to rule over the old Soviet Empire.

                  Now, what is Xi? Commie or dictator, and why does it matter what label you put on him? I know what I call him, and it’s Enemy. And he and putin have aligned theirselves together, or have you missed that? Iran – enemy or friend? Aligned with putins russia. How the heck do you plan to square all this up? You cannot just handwave it away.

                  The perversions of the west have nothing to do with what putin is or what his goals are. That is nothing but a strawman argument and a distraction.

                  You cannot say NATO is a feckless incapable organization and then turn around and claim Putin is so threatened by them that he just had to invade Ukraine.

                  1. What is the Wagner group?
                    Do the commit war crimes?
                    Do they commit atrocity’s?

                    Who do they take their orders from?

                    1. That’s not an answer. Pointing to other atrocity does not absolve the murderer putin of his war crimes.

                  2. NATO is not feckless and incapable.

                    They’ve taken out a dozen governments since 1991.

                    1. I’m not going to look those up*, but places like Libya didn’t really have a government to take out. They took out Quadaffi. That is not the importance of “feckless incapable organization ” as I stated above. NATO without the USA is an incapable and weak organization that poses no threat to the russians unless the russians threaten NATO states which then invoke the USA.

                      *Because I am unable to do a quick search that returns any results. Maybe you can provide the list? Or maybe you are talking about US involvement with NATO backing in place like Iraq and Afghanistan?

                    2. OK let me be clearer. Deep State, sometimes using NATO and sometimes other means, has undertaken to try regime change/insert their puppet governments in at least a dozen States since 1991.

                      Let’s take a look.

                      1. 1991-92 NATO institutes a naval blockade off the former Yugoslavia in the Bosnian Wars. This led to direct military action against the Bosnian Republic by 1995.
                      2. NATO actions in 1999 – Serbia-Kosovo War
                      3. 2001 – NATO takes action against Albanian UCK
                      4. 2001 – NATO takes actions in Afghanistan
                      5. 2011 – The Arab Spring in Libya culminates in the death of Qadaffy

                      Now the whole Arab Spring was a Deep State operation aimed at destabilizing moderate regimes in the ME/North Africa in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Syria, amongst others. They succeeded in Libya and Egypt but in Egypt the Military there countered their Coup and reinstated a regular government after a brief Military Junta ruled.

                      2014 they ran the same operation against the Ukrainian Government under Y.

                      2020 they ran a similar, but more elaborate operation, against the Government of the USA.

                    3. OK, gotcha with those. I’m not sure every one was a nefarious operation. Some are simply the result of regional hatred like in Yugoslavia.

                      But there is one common link you’re missing, IMO – the role of communist Russia in every single place on your list. At the core of terror and murder you always find the russians. Always. They are as Reagan stated, the Evil Empire. Still are.

                      I’m going to leave it there. I don’t think I’m going to change your mind, and I grew up in the cold war – you’re not going to change mine 🙂

                    1. And putin never told a lie, never had anyone killed, and never invaded another country…

                      Of course he’s a commie, one in the soviet style.

                      But that’s just semantics and of little importance. It matters little what label you put on him. It is a fact that he came of age under soviet style communism, complete to the hardcore KGB training and action. He’s a thug and dictator and did not start a three day special operation in the ukraine to “help” people.

                    2. He’s not a Commie and those things are not what makes one a Commie. Centralized One World Control of All Assets and ending of Nation States are the hallmarks of Commies. A “Scientific” dismissal of Religion as Ascientific and not the basis for Morality is the hallmark of a Commie.

                      Countries throughout all of history invaded neighbors, lied to their people and had people killed.

                      That does not make all Bad Actors throughout History as Commies.

  3. America First.

    That REALLY makes heads explode.

    I’ve seen signs now that his campaign is Save America.

    There will be Insanity launched on that one.

    1. It damn well needs saving. But it’s going to require the efforts of all good men to help.

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