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Who’s in charge?

At this point, the only thing we know for certain is that it damned sure ain’t Pedo Joe.

Perhaps we should be thankful. Considering inflation, energy shortages and a world teetering on the brink, maybe the less Biden is involved, the better.

All of which were brought on by the Biden marionette’s handlers. Which means that statement applies equally to them, too.

To understand what’s happening, it’s best not to think of this as a Biden Presidency, but a Biden Regency.

The term was regularly used in the age of kings and empires. If an 8-year-old princess was placed on the throne or an incapable king couldn’t perform his duties, one or several regents would handle the day-to-day operations.

In like manner, Biden is surrounded with longtime D.C. power players, such as Ron Klain, Susan Rice, Anita Dunn, John Podesta, Gene Sperling – a veritable “who’s who” of Beltway knife fights and insider skullduggery. Throughout their long careers, they’ve never sought credit or voter approval. Just power.

And the less Joe is around, the more their regency can accomplish.

Which ain’t a good thing, for anybody.

These competing power centers explain the contradictory policies coming out of the Oval Office these days. Aggressively pushing a new Iran Nuclear Deal while Russia buys Iranian drones to fight Ukrainians. When there’s no one to say “the buck stops here,” the bucks turn up in pretty strange places.

It reminds me of the confusing end of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. For his last 18 months in office, he was incapacitated with a stroke. First lady Edith Wilson and a handful of confidantes covered it up and ran the country themselves.

As with Wilson, historians will one day explain the Biden Regency more fully. But someone is running the country, and not very well.

How sure can we be of even that much, really? The Leviathan-state has become so massive, so ubiquitous, so many-fingered and multi-tentacled, that it begins to look more and more as if the infernal machine is essentially running on autopilot, an overcrowded clown car with a brick on the accelerator pedal coasting down into the ditch under its own power with nobody at the wheel. That could also account for those contradictory, nonsensical, and self-defeating policies easily enough, about as well as anything else does. But no, it definitely ain’t Grampy Gropey steering this thing; for one thing, he’s too old, senile, and decrepit to drive. Compare, contrast.


Heh. Nice snag, Mr President.


28 thoughts on “Who’s in charge?

  1. I don’t believe the gov is just running along on inertia. There is a definite plan to take over permanently. Who is running things I do not know. It involves front men like obama, but it’s not him, he’s too stupid to do it.

    I suspect it’s a handful of players starting with the wealthy and evil, Gates, Blackrock, etc.

      1. Sure did, because it ain’t them. Those are front men only, like all the other catholics.

        1. I would say Soros and Zuckerberg are in on it.

          Sanders is certainly another paid actor in the Gov Theater though.

          Bloomberg is sort of a tweener. Most of them don’t like to actually get into the limelight and get dirty in politics.

          Sort of like Mafia Dons before John Gotti. You buy the politicians, police and AGs. You don’t become one.

          1. I long ago came to the conclusion that if you can easily name them, like soros, then they are not part of the real power.

            1. Politicians yes.

              But how can you say Soros has not been instrumental in all this.

              He made a good $100 Billion in all this and spent all but about $10 Billion to fund “charity” or advocacy foundations that are heavily impacting political events. His drive to get AGs and DoJ officials elected everywhere in the US has paid off handsomely. Granted, he’s old now and not as active as he used to be, but he’s seeded a lot of Deep State growth over 5 decades.

              So Soros was powerful and his legacy is laying in those he chose to join inner circles going forward.

              Same with Buffett. He seeded a lot of the younger blood now coming into power. He mentored Gates, who was more apolitical and libertarian before the anti-trust movement converted him in the 90s. Who do you think was behind much of that? Soros and Buffett and others.

              Follow the money has always been a good motto.

              Not follow the Tribe. That’s a misdirection.

              1. I haven’t stated soros was not instrumental, only that he is a front man. Perhaps some of that money was shoveled his way. You must know that the markets get manipulated, but you don’t know who truly does the manipulation.

                Soros isn’t that smart but he is that corrupt.

                I stand by my comment. The ones that have been out front are not the ones that are in control. Those are just now starting to become known, and maybe they are false as well. I’m not sure we have a true picture.

                1. Soros is a brilliant, evil man.

                  But he’s old. He no longer is the force he used to be. But two decades ago he was.

                  He was crushing it in the Markets in the 70s well before anyone heard of him and making 1 billion was a feat no one had done. He and Jim Rogers had a hedge fund that made a billion in commodities for each of them before people even had heard of a “Hedge Fund”.

                  The BoE breaking was after he already had turned that billion into 60 Billion.

                  He’s given away much of his fortune as well. Mostly to Leftist Organizations that soldier on today.

                  Do NOT underestimate Soros. He was, and is, a brilliant man.

                  1. He was crushing it in the Markets in the 70s well before anyone heard of him and making 1 billion was a feat no one had done.

                    I suggest he had help.

                    1. You have a way to prove that?

                      On the other hand, going after all the State AG and DoJ heads in order to get Wokes inserted there was a brilliant move.

                      I have first hand direct experience with people who dealt with him all the time. He didn’t need help. He and Michael Steinhardt were two of the sharpest Hedge Fund managers back when being a Top Dog meant you had to deliver. Not the 1,000,000 hedge funds that just ride the credit cycle momentum we have these days.

                    2. Sure, same way you can prove anything regarding the deep state. It’s obvious.

                      As my friend that plays high stakes poker (has won several million) says: “it requires some intelligence but mostly it requires the ability to put it all at risk.
                      If they game were just rigged.”

                      You think soros has done the state AG and DOJ heads on his own? You think no cheating is involved? You think the deep state powers have nothing to do with is?

                      Soros is tasked with providing the money, gained through illegal activity.

                      When did you lose your powers of observation?

                    3. I don’t really understand why you don’t get that I knew people who dealt with him all the time. The people I knew were smart and they could take the dumb ones to the cleaners all the time.

                      They knew Soros personally. They said he’s very intelligent.

                      So I’m not just guessing things from stories on the internet.

                      I really don’t like to pat myself on the back either, as I was a small potatoes in a Big Fabulous Farm of intelligent people. So normally I’m humble about things. But when I’m sure of something, I’ll tell you.

                      I am absolutely sure Soros is smart.It wasn’t a rigged game when he did it.

                      The other thing you might want to do is read his book on markets. Soros knows like Bo Knows Football.

                    4. I have not said soros was stupid, just that he wasn’t that smart, not smart enough or lucky enough to do what he did and do it without going to jail.

                      He was aided by the real power. If you don’t think they manipulate the markets to their benefit then that Brooklyn bridge is still for sale. The CIA gamed all this out 50+ years ago, right down to the psychological responses of normal people and financial people.

                      When programmed trading came into play, game over. They have all the algorithms, they can and do, do as they please. And that includes transferring wealth to evil people that then do as they’re told, like soros.

                      Your financial genius’s just didn’t know it, and the few that did were in on the game. They’ve been at it a long time, since before you were born.

                      How do you know soros wrote the book? How do you know the book isn’t intended to get you to think a certain way?

                    5. There was no algo trading and no electronic high speed networks in the 70-mid 90s when he made his fortune.

                      You can’t fake “smart” to the guys I worked with. They were literally rocket scientists and some of the smartest people in the world. IQs off the charts. Great traders themselves. When Soros talked markets he knew what he was doing. That’s why it was so pathetic when the Madoff scandal broke. The guy had no strategy and a moderate understanding of markets. He SHOULD have been outed as a phony long before that.

                      Now the source of his funds was a different story. No one was required to ask back then. But the people who probably DID give him money expected results.

                      So, do you know him personally or know someone who knows him personally? Because WE were not rigging markets and we saw his trades as market makers.

                    6. You believe the deep sate leaves the markets alone?

                      You think they just started with Trump?

                      You think they rigged the last election, but you can’t prove it, just like I can’t “prove” soros was the beneficiary of the deep state largess.

                      Lets look at the facts:

                      Soros is a convicted financial crook.

                      His wins far outnumber his losses, and his ratio is far better that other bona fide financial experts. He worked in an area where insider information and market manipulation, all illegal, can make one a big winner. He didn’t build anything, he scammed the money.

                      And the big tell – he has spent 30 billion supporting the deep state cause. Money that belongs to them since they engineered the theft. That’s the payoff.

                      Clear as glass. Soros is a crook, and the deep state worked with him and engineered the theft. It just got easier when the electrons were perfected. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen before, which seems obvious.

                      He’s not only not a financial genius, he’s a crook, a thief, and a marxist. He’s owned by the same people running biden, pelosi, and the rest of the scumbags.

                      You going to tell me Nancy Pelosi is a financial genius next? Pull the other one.

                    7. They didn’t have the capabilities and hadn’t infiltrated the markets in the 70s to mid 90s.
                      Heck they were still settling government mortgage bonds with paper certificate deliveries until the late 80s.

                      So, no they didn’t rig the markets for him because we were his market makers and we weren’t rigging it. We competed with other major banks and brokerages as well. No one was large enough to “rig” the markets back then without detection.

                      That’s why BJ Clinton cursed the Bond Market when Rubin explained to him that he couldn’t just do what he wanted as he was constrained by interest rates rising. So he famously fumed that he was “beholden to the f*cking bond market”.

                      Soros primarily worked in large liquid markets with his main funds. That was US and International Treasury Bond and Currency Markets. They were not riggable at the time. They were trillion dollar markets when the largest hedge fund had 12 billion in capital and 100 Billion in assets. Later as emerging Markets grew he developed smaller funds that invested there. Once again, there were no players large enough to affect markets on their own.

                      Not even the US Government could do it and BJs remarks to Rubin highlighted that.

                    8. They were not riggable at the time.

                      I’ll leave this with one last comment –

                      The CIA and deep state were rigging markets and providing inside information to “their” people. I know it goes back to 1951 at least. Read up on the CIA, Dulles, and Guatemala.

                      The CIA certainly rigged markets just like they created coups in governments around the world. Insider information was routinely passed on to the favored ones. This has all been reported on over the years. Just like Pelosi and her magic increase in wealth, soros was the beneficiary of CIA information and manipulation.

                      Hillary Clinton in 1978 and the cattle futures – and you want to tell me that it couldn’t be done in the 70’s to the mid 90’s?

    1. Buffett, Bezos and a host of International figures like Klaus Schwab.

      Plus, the ChiComs amd Islamics have a seat at the table, even though at some point those two will have to get kicked out. I don’t want to ever get to see that Civil War. Let’s stop this before then, I hope.

  2. Trump is quite something, first catching a hat, then the sharpie to sign it. The sharpie wasn’t an easy catch for most people, much less older ones.

    1. How long until the Media insist there was metal in the Sharpie and that Trump had a magnet in his hand?

    1. Commies are the Devil’s minions so, yeah.

      As well as all the other flavors of Collectivist Ideology too numerous to list here.

  3. You zeroed right in on the heart of the matter, Mike.

    “Perhaps we should be thankful. Considering inflation, energy shortages and a world teetering on the brink, maybe the less Biden is involved, the better.”

    All of which were brought on by the Biden marionette’s handlers. Which means that statement applies equally to them, too.

    Plus, it’s no accident. If they were trying to do right and were incompetent, they’d be getting some things right or at least partially right.
    But they’re telling us directly that these results are their Goal. They’re not even trying to hide it.

    Failure, at all things and at every level, for America, is their Plan™.

    This is all done deliberately.

  4. Aggressively pushing a new Iran Nuclear Deal while Russia buys Iranian drones to fight Ukrainians. 

    Chaos and destabilization are the goals. Russia isn’t an enemy no more than Ukraine is their friend and Iran is an enemy. They are just ways to create chaos and then step into the gaps.

    Was Qaddaffy their enemy? Was AQ their friends? Yet they still supported Islamic Jihadist groups taking out a neutral to the Terrorism Wars Libya and replacing it with Islamic Jihadist warlords.

    Why? To loot Libya and funnel arms to Syria for MORE destabilization.

    Which is the same thing they did to Ukraine in 2014. Foment an internal chaotic revolt and then install their own Puppet. To further Chaos and War in Eastern Europe. Ultimately they hope to do that in Russia and loot their vast resources by getting rid of Putin and putting their Puppet in. I’m sure they had Abe in Japan killed as well.

    Like Libya though, Russia may backfire with massive unforeseen bad consequences.

    At one point we had Sanctions on Russia AND Russia running the “peace Deal” negotiations with Iran. When some people pointed that out, it was a step too far and they pulled the Russians out of that middle man position.

    The Ukrainians and Russians and American people, as well as the Polish and Iranian people and others are merely cannon fodder or serfs and slaves or extraneous to their needs.

    There are those in the inner circle that wouldn’t mind getting rid of 80% of the people. They think with robots and 500 Million slaves they can accomplish everything they can now and controlling the World’s land and Resources is all they need for wealth.

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