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The Daily Donnybrook

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Beautiful day today.
Whoever said “Trump has now eliminated the Clinton, Bush, and Cheney political dynasty’s” had it right.


I posted this elsewhere:

Wyoming finally caught on. Good for them. Cheney, like her satanic father, was always a corrupt deep state witch.

She’ll fade away now as soon as her tenure is over. No one will donate further to any campaign she may create. She’s history, having failed at the one job the republican party gave her – get Trump.

Do not misunderstand this. Cheney represents the republicans, the ones being quiet and some that make noise. It is the republican GOPe that poses the greatest threat to the republic.

It is the republican party that sits quietly while innocents are incarcerated in DC jails.

It is the republican party that sits quietly while Trumps home is illegally raided by the corrupt FBI / DOJ.

It is the republican party that aids the destruction of America along with their partners in crime, the democrats.


And it gets worse,

David Frum (deep state marxist) endorses Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis Wins the Coveted David Frum Endorsement – The Acceptable Republican Presidential Candidate


Hell, even Marco Rubio (small, Florida, GOPe) condemned the FBI raid on the Trump home more strongly that DeSantis.


This is disconcerting. Frum? Really?

My gut feeling that just popped up this morning is they are going to arrest Trump just before the Midterms for “heinous corruption” or “tax evasion” or some other loaded charges. That’ll gaslight the Democrats AMAZING turnaround Victory in the Midterms (Of course, they’ll cheat like mad).


I think our reservations about the Florida Gov were warranted.

Too bad, as I would like there to be some one to pick up the Trump program in 2028, or step in should something unfortunate happen to President Trump.


More confirmation on the DeSantis theater:

For Those with Eyes to See


The Darndest Thing, Alex Jones Endorses Ron DeSantis

Another from the Conservative Treehouse today.


Alex Jones has always been for Alex Jones. Fake principles in every corner. It is clear now that the GOPe is trying to use DeSantis to push Trump out and as a replacement when (and if they can) they deny Trump the nomination because he has been charged with failing to return a library book on time 42 years, 3 months, 2 days, and 12 hours ago.

Jones is going to get paid one way or another.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that notices the obvious “handling” of DeSantis, and that means GOPe.

Not stated in the article, and what DeSantis does nit have a clue about, the republican elite would prefer to lose the mid terms rather than bolster Trump, and would prefer to lose the 2024 presidential race rather than have Trump.

What the GOPe handlers have told DeSantis is that Trump will not be their nominee. They are planning to use the raid and subsequent bogus charges to accomplish this.

I said earlier that DeSantis could have said more and done more about the raid on Trumps home. I’m now convinced that they knew it was coming before it happened, and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

Team Behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Purchase First National TV Campaign Ad

The DeSantis add is just fucking creepy.


I wouldn’t say Creepy, just Pathetic.

Seriously. Top Gun memes? That leather jacket was a tight fit there Ron.

This seems so…W Redux though. At least it didn’t remind me of ¡Jeb!

Last edited 5 months ago by kennycan

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen DeSantis called a member of a Seal team. He was a lawyer (*^^$#&) assigned to a seal team. I don’t think these references are an accident.

I’ll stay with creepy 🙂




¡Worked! ¡Trabajado!


Well, it’s almost time, and in spite of the fact it should probably be flown upside down, I will remind you that the university administration is not the student body, at least in a lot of Southern schools.

From 2021.

2021 American Flag.jpg

President Trump is funded primarily from massive amounts of small contributions from small donors, the MAGA base.

Governor Ron DeSantis is funded primarily by a small group of exclusive Wall Street corporations, billionaires and hedge fund managers, and almost no small donors.

See the difference? Who is DeSantis beholden to?


Suicide and only 45 and crossed the Clintons.

Has all the hallmarks of Arkancide.


I was thinking this morning that perhaps I had been a bit hard on DeSantis, that he has been a good Gov for the state of Florida.

And then the truth bites hard, real hard, and I will not be fooled by these bastards again:

DeSantis Pulls Out of Lee Zeldin Fundraiser After Meeting with Billionaire Donor Who Just Gave More Than $400,000 to Kathy Hochul

It’s as clear as glass.

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