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Burn it down, salt the earth

Root. Branch. Bough.

The solution to the abuses we now endure is not just to subject the FBI to another fruitless inspector general investigation but to dismantle it completely. The bureau cannot be the focus of yet another congressional hearing. FBI Director Christopher Wray, like his predecessors, is more than happy to sit smirking while a handful of grandstanding congressmen and senators pound the table and yell on C-SPAN. Then he’ll jet off for a holiday vacation on a taxpayer-funded private jet while the same congressmen vote to increase his budget. Again.

No, the FBI must be rendered into component parts and distributed to the four winds.

The bureau has always had its problems and its detractors. Since the days of J. Edgar Hoover keeping his own “private” files on elected politicians and famous persons, the FBI has had a political streak. As an agency it has always been savvy about its reputation, bureaucratically out-dueling federal departments that sought to infringe on the bureau’s perceived preeminence in the fields of federal law enforcement and counterintelligence. But most of the FBI’s politicization had to do with maintaining its own administrative superiority and independence, not serving as muscle for a particular political party.

That’s no longer the case.

The FBI’s actions over the past six years make perfectly clear that the FBI is more than willing to serve as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. It serves as its patron’s shield in matters large and small. It exonerated Hillary Clinton for her illicit server. It raided James O’Keefe and Project Veritas when Joe Biden’s daughter lost her diary. It eliminated investigation into Black Lives Matter and other black identity extremists because those pursuits annoyed the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus. It refuses even to utter the word “Antifa” while churches and pregnancy centers are fire-bombed. It continues to cover up for Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with enemy nations, along with his indulgence in criminal prostitution and drug abuse.

But the FBI has also served as the Democrats’ sword as well. It knowingly laundered the Russian collusion hoax, lying in order to secure FISA warrants. It ambushed the president’s sitting national security advisor in a nonsense perjury trap. The FBI hunts down January 6 protesters while dodging congressional inquiries about the role of federal agents in provoking the incident. The FBI ginned up a fake kidnapping plot in Michigan to instill fear of right-wing terrorism, manhandled the former president’s lawyer, and shackled one of his former high-level aides.

And it has now raided the former president’s home under a mere pretext, while the Democrats openly crow on cable news about using a political prosecution to prevent Trump from ever again being able to serve in office.

Other attempts to rein in the FBI short of its abolition have failed. The FBI shows nothing but contempt for those authorized to oversee it. It routinely ignores inspector general investigations. It fails to prosecute or punish those who overtly violate established policies. It refuses to answer legitimate questions from Republican committee members. It doesn’t even respond to congressional letters of inquiry. It punishes FBI whistleblowers and seeks to purge from its midst those agents who aren’t in lockstep with its new praetorian guard role.

Never gonna happen, of course, for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which can be inferred from what I said last night: “At long last, Real Americans must recognize that our FBI problem doesn’t begin and end with the FBI alone; what we have here is, in truth, a big government problem, encompassing the damnable Federal edifice entire.” Even Reagan couldn’t eliminate the Dept of Education way back when, an agency of acutely dubious Constitutional remit which was only two years old at the time, nothing like as securely dug into the FederalGovCo corpus as the FBI is today. All that being so, I still think it’s important that a case be made for killing it off nonetheless, if for nothing more useful than an intellectual exercise, what Heinlein used to call “skull sweat.” Certainly, Shideler has constructed an airtight one here.

A few bad apples update! Panty raid!!!

FBI agents scoured Melania Trump’s wardrobe and spent several hours combing through Donald Trump’s private office, breaking open his safe and rifling through drawers when they raided the former First Family’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida Monday morning.

Oh, I just bet they did at that. Wonder how many sets of Melania’s criminally-dangerous frilly unmentionables wound up taken into Bureau custody strictly for private sniffing-session purposes back at Quantico by these pud-pulling Fibbie scumsacks?

11 thoughts on “Burn it down, salt the earth

  1. Mike I don’t think they have any heterosexuals left at the Bureau, so underwear will probably be on ebay.

  2. Au contraire.
    1) Fire every current FBI agent, for cause, and with a lifetime ban on any federal employment, not even the postal service.
    2) Court martial those holding reservist ranks, and drum them out of the military as well.
    3) Ditto for anyone who didn’t retire before 2015.
    4) Put them all on the No Fly list for life.
    5) Prosecute anyone above field agent, and deal with them appropriately.
    6) Convert Hoover HQ into a federal prison building, and incarcerate them there for their full terms of imprisonment, in Chateu D’If isolation, in 1-man cells, with a plate of food twice daily through a slot, and a weekly exchange of sh*t buckets their sole contact with the world, except for their tiny porthole to see the outside world continuing minus their presence until the glorious day the food plate remains untouched.
    7) All sentencing and convictions, and any early plea confessions, to play on endless loops on giant TV screens at street level in perpetuity.
    8) No federal retirement or pensions for the lot, <i>for cause</i>.
    9) Bulldoze the entire FBI training Academy at Quantico, and turn it into a Federal Holocaust Museum, detailing in depth every one of their abuses and usurpations, and those of every other federal agency, from inception to present, free, and open to the public 364 days a year.
    10) Carved into the ceiling of each cell would be the biblical message, “It is appointed unto men once to die; and after that, the Judgement“. The first thing they’d see every morning, and the last every night, until time fulfills that promise.

    Pour encourager les autres.

    11) The sentimentalist in me would hang the most egregiously culpable in 10-person batches on a purpose-built scaffold in Lafayette Park in view of the White House, and televised worldwide in real time, but that glorious day will have to wait until the aftermath of the coming Revolution.

    But come it will.
    It always does, in all of recorded history.
    No lesson of mankind is writ more clearly and plainly.

    1. Oh look, the little pussy downvote devil doesn’t like Aesop’s proscription.

    2. Sounds great. What you don’t say is this is after war crime trials. That is the only way it could happen

    3. “But it will.”

      You repeatedly predicted that Civil War 2 was on the verge of breaking out at any moment following the theft of the 2020 presidential election and all the slimy atrocities that followed.

      But it didn’t happen, just like nobody in Putin’s inner circle put a bullet in the back of his head as you often said would happen following the “failed” military operation in Ukraine.

      Your predictive ability for grand events is abysmal.

      1. But come it will.

        Contains no timeline. And we are well along a path of tyranny which will lead to a revolution.

        1. Well, it seems clear something big is going to happen. I hope it turns out well for you folks, maybe even something YUGE.

      2. I hope your pecker’s longer than your memory, Henry.
        I said it would happen if Vlad lost his shit and decided to play nuclear marbles.
        Now tell the class that he’s done that, and specify the target upon which he initiated that launch. Didn’t happen? Hmmm.

        I also said it was more likely than not if he ever admitted failure, or suffered overwhelming catastrophic defeat in Ukraine, which is why he’s tied himself to pursuing an unattainable victory like Ahab against the White Whale, and is now stuck moving at a glacial pace, despite losses, and continued doubling down, bleeding his own forces white, in a campaign that will achieve victory, at the present rate of progress, by sometime around 2045.

        Meanwhile, various and multiple reports floating around suggest that he’s had more than a couple of failed coup attempts since February, and he’s even more insulated and isolated than ever as a result.

        That’s not how you roll when you have the unmitigated support of the other sharks at the topmost tier. He’s sitting on a ticking bomb, which he cannot defuse, and dare not abandon, in pursuit of mythical victory in an unwinnable war.

        If he’s very lucky, he’ll die on his own, before someone puts an exclamation point at the end of his sentence. It’s 50:50, on his best day. And he hasn’t had many good days these last 6 months.

        Well-played, sir. You sure showed me.

        1. Ah, yes, those multiple reports floating around about failed coup attempts. Hmmm. Did Vogue magazine carry those?

          Also, you were predicting overwhelming catastrophic defeat for Putin’s forces in Ukraine. Multiple reports floating around say it’s not happening.

          1. I should add that maybe those in Putin’s inner circle are the ones who want him to go nuclear and he’s the one resisting. You just don’t know, so stop pretending you do. Class dismissed.

            1. There are things we know with absolute certainty.

              1) The Russian military is as poorly equipped as the chinese military when it comes to troop transport and logistical tails. In other words, the russians are not capable of fighting any action that is not possible by land routes. Comparing their conscripted “military” to that of the USA is nothing short of a joke. Anyone that does so favorably is either ignorant, stupid, or both.

              2) The russians are highly concerned that much of their nuclear arsenal will be failures. Much of it was built by conscripted labor that made sure it would fail. There is uncertainty in their use. OTOH, we know our nuclear arsenal will work with some 95+% confidence.

              3) Putin is the same KGB torturer and murderer he has always been. Everything he does is done to yield him power and money. Anyone that tells you putin is just protecting Christianity is completely nuts.

              4) The russians did not invade the Ukraine because of NATO. NATO has never presented an offensive threat to the russians. The invasion was for rubles and power, and oil $$$ is high on the list

              5) Russians are masters of propaganda. Whenever someone points out what they believe to be ukrainian propaganda and doesn’t point out the russian propaganda is on the side of the russians.

              The russian population is roughly 5 times that of Ukraine, of course they should be able to overwhelm the much smaller country. Why haven’t they done so?

              Putin’s problem now is quite simple. Everyone, including the chinese, know the russians are paper tigers, not to be feared.

              Talk of going nuclear was just putin trying to frighten the feckless Europeans. That was never going to happen, because see #2 above.

              In short, a country that is 5 times the size of the Ukraine and on its border should have been capable of rolling over the Ukraine. They have not, even though they may eventually be the winners.

              Some win. Hidden in that win will be massive loss, including economics. Lets recall the words of obama “Tell vlad I’ll be able to bend over further after the election”. Now understand what the destruction of the American energy sector was for. But it will only prop them up until the Americans decide to produce energy again.

              None of this should be construed as support for the corrupt regime in the Ukraine. I wish for the Ukraine regime the same as I wish for the biden regime, total destruction. Perhaps from ashes something worthwhile will grow.

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