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Illegitami? Non carborundum

Daddy, tell me the story again about how we can live peaceably with these “people.” That one’s my favorite.

If you are under 40, you grew up in a world in which a Republican being President was deemed per se illegitimate. You grew up in a world where what those illegitimate Presidents did was per se illegitimate. It is the air you breathed and the water you drank. This is what you know.

This is simply the truth. Bush was installed by the Supreme Court and then did *handwave* something wrong to be re-elected, after all, he shouldn’t have been President in the first place. Republicans play a game with the Electoral College, which is anti-democratic, to win.

Every Republican President is wrong and everything they do is wrong, and Trump let Russians change votes to make him President so what he did was extra super wrong. Since everything they did is wrong, then every action they took is wrong and SCOTUS is illegitimate. It’s logic.

It is irrelevant whether this is true. It is what two generations of people have been told. People believe this because why would those people who are the experts in politics say this if it wasn’t true? That’s what they are paid to do, that’s what they know, they wouldn’t lie.

I comprehend the urge to eyeroll when the wailing starts about how SCOTUS is illegitimate because the justices were appointed by Presidents who did not win the popular vote and thus are illegitimate. It is eyeroll worthy. However. Enormous numbers of people who vote believe this.

Many a pixel has been slain, and that’s just by me, decrying the total lack of knowledge of how the American electoral system works. Many more have been slain noting how destructive this is to public discourse. I am here to tell you that it will only get worse.

Another part of my internet life is very Left indeed. I keep my mouth shut over there because that’s where I go to try to escape politics. I am here to tell you that the Kids These Days do not understand what Dobbs did. They believe, utterly, that abortion was just banned.

They believe that Republicans are an existential threat to democracy and that Republicans should be banned from all manner of things, practicing medicine, practicing law, going to college at all, holding jobs, partaking in society at large. Because Republicans are evil and cheat.

A very few people there know that I have a JD and I was asked privately to explain what Dobbs meant. When I told those people that Dobbs meant states decided abortion laws and that CA and NY now have some of the most permissive laws in the world, I was met with shock.

Why? Because all the news sources they consume told them otherwise. I was accused of lying. I was accused of making it up. And when they went and checked and found out I was correct, the utter cognitive dissonance was painful to behold. Because these sources they trust lied.

The response was not to question worldview and whether those sources were lying to them about other matters. The response was ego defense. Okay well this is wrong but TX banned and that’s what the rest of the country will do and they weren’t lying, they were just upset!

That is the mental barrier with which messaging that’s not fully of the Left, let alone being of the Right, is up against. Two generations of being told that Republicans are evil cheaters who aren’t a legitimate political party. Two generations of no civics education, not really.

People don’t like to question priors because doing so means admitting you did not interpret the world correctly and the ego will defend against that. It’s been +/- 18 years since I’ve had to admit my view of Middle Eastern geopolitics was absolutely wrong. I’m still bitter.

We discuss Othering and that is also a problem. But there are two generations of Americans for whom a baseline worldview is that if the Republicans win, that can be ignored because it’s not legitimate. And that I don’t see changing. It’s only going to get uglier from here.

As is alexthechick’s usual wont, she’s right, and you know she is.

It becomes more undeniable with every passing day that the Left really, truly does want us eliminated, that they want a war with us; hell, they’re now to the point of saying so explicitly and unequivocally, not even bothering with the usual evasion and dissembling. We avoid acknowledging this brutal reality at our own mortal peril. Just this once, they should be given exactly what they say they want, just as hard and ferociously as it can possibly be given to them: unrestricted war, no-shit war, HOT war. War to the knife, knife to the fucking hilt. Shoot them, stab them, garrote them, beat them bloody with fists and feet. Let the pitiful remnant of shell-shocked survivors of our long-postponed wrath lapse into full-bore catatonia at the merest suggestion they might ever even DREAM of fucking with us again.


15 thoughts on “Illegitami? Non carborundum

  1. My Dad told me when someone says they hate you, believe them. Whether they are angry, kidding, or drunk. We as a nation have failed to do this for years. People need to wake up and know we are two warring tribes.

  2. If things do go hot we’ll lose. They have almost all the organized violence. We have some people beating their chest on the internet about what badasses they are, if only someone else would just make the first move.

    1. “we’ll”?
      Bullshit, 100% pure bullshit.
      We tolerate them. If “things do go hot” we will not.

      1. OK boomer. If them coming to neuter our children, and kill them in droves with fake vaccines isn’t enough for our tolerance to end then nothing will. They have all the levers of power, including organized violence. We have a bunch of individuals whining on the internet about how some day maybe someone will do something.

        1. OK boomer.

          Oh hep me, zorost has called me a boomer. Nice name actually, unless your one of the enemy. Our boomers sit off your coast, waiting silently to destroy everything in your shit country in <30 minutes. One Boomer, one country gone.

          They may neuter your children, but not mine. I didn’t let the bastards conduct an experiment (at best) on me. And they never will.

    2. The armed forces are organized and most ex-military is Patriots.

      Then it comes down to what the current military is willing to do.

      Their pathetic “organized” violence only works when the authorities stand down and they attack defenseless targets.

      Rittenhouse proved their dullardness in violence.

      1. Yes, the armed forces are organized… under woke generals. Even pre-Obama the military had no problems helping to confiscate firearms after hurricane Katrina. They also had no problems going door to door doing warrantless searches after various attacks, such as the boston marathon bomber.

        The military is organized to follow orders, and they will. Ex-military might also be waiting to follow orders, but there is no one organizing to give those orders. We are a bunch of individuals, not a team. Individuals rarely rise up, and never win when they do.

        1. “…the military had no problems helping to confiscate firearms…
          They also had no problems going door to door doing warrantless searches… 

          I think you are confusing the police with the military. I’m sure there is an exception, especially with the military response to Katrina, but it was the cops not the military violating the rights of citizens.

          “The military is organized to follow orders, and they will.” They are not required to follow illegal orders. How many will follow illegal orders is a question. It’s not a slam dunk as you say “and they will”. I know a couple of Army captains that would not. I suspect there are many more.

          I don’t think you have a clue.

          1. A Boomer Doomer of a Zoomer read this all in an internet meme is just repeating the NPC lines it’s been fed.

  3. I went to a funeral today, my uncle. North Carolina mountains. 14 kids in my dads family, evenly split boy/girl. Two (dad and older brother) are WW2 vets, 3 three were career military. I have well over 30 cousins on that side of the family. We’re all getting older, the oldest of us cousins are now in the 70’s.

    Some amazing things – 13 children survived, one aunt perished to a viral infection as a child. But that is the only death not due to old age. Not a single accidental death among the 13 that survived or their children in a car accident or a drug overdose, and none perished in the various wars served in (WW2, Korea,Vietnam, Gulf wars).

    I looked around today, quite a few big men, mountain types, and I realized that I could start a pretty effective Army just from that room, complete with learned skill sets.

    So, no, if things go hot those men will get nasty and do the job Americans have always done. It’s up to the other side really. If they wish, then death will visit them early.

    Kipling understood.

    1. “I realized that I could start a pretty effective Army just from that room, complete with learned skill sets.”

      But you didn’t start an effective Army, you just posted about it on the internet.

      1. That’s right. And that is all you’re doing, posting your idiotic thoughts on the internet.

      2. There is a point to that story. It went right over your head of course.

      3. Minutemen.

        If one did organize an army would they brag about it on the internet?

        1. You got it Kenny. Small town America. That story, maybe in smaller family numbers, is repeated over and over throughout America.

          They are not threatened and have no reason to respond. But when they are they will.

          Hundreds of thousands of men, trained men, armed men, are just sitting out grilling steaks and hamburgers and having a good time. They can move freely about in the china/scam world. They are patriots and allowed freedom of movement to be restricted for a time because they didn’t know. Now they know and that will not work again.

          Most people live in the major metropolitan area’s and have no clue what lives outside their enclaves and ghettos.

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