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Downing tools

Bitter Centurion has had a gutful of it.

I think it might be time for me to shut down for awhile. I don’t know how many people out there actually read the gibberish and rantings of a guy like me, but I’ve appreciated all who did. There are some out there, many of whom are accomplished bloggers in their own right (Glen Filthie and Big Country Expat are two that come to mind) whom I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of exchanging with.

The other thing is, what’s left to rant about? Sure, I could write posts and posts about how much Justin Trudeau and his confederacy of assholes and idiots are fucking Canada up beyond all possible means of repair. But anyone reading my blog already knows that and the ones who aren’t either a.) don’t have a problem with any of that, or b.) don’t give a shit – which is pretty much the same as point a.).  His government is entirely lawless and extremely dangerous, putting every person living in this country in severe peril. But we know this already.

I could even write more about how betrayed and hurt I felt after I, and anyone else out there who took a stand against that fucker Trudeau and his mandates – which, clearly by now, were designed ONLY to hurt the people who he doesn’t like (RE: the blue collar, middle class working people who don’t live in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, or any other government town) – were basically cast out and treated as pariahs by people who, NOT MORE THAN A WEEK before the mandates went into effect, I was going to high risk calls and putting my ass on the line with.  Because of that, I saw the true colours of people I never in a million years thought I’d ever see. Yes, I saw a good number of those people as the vindictive and cruel assholes I always knew them to be, but to my surprise I saw even more people turning out to be scared, self interested cowards who actually wouldn’t take a bullet, not even a figurative one, for a brother/sister officer. A hard pill to swallow, yes…but maybe not as shocking in the end as it ought to be.

I could talk a fair deal about how the RCMP, an organization I had joined with the intent to serve and protect the people of Canada and their rights and freedoms, knowing that it had more than its fair share of problems and scandals, has shown itself for all to see to be nothing more than a political blunt instrument for the Liberal Party of Canada, loyal at the end of the day to them and NOT the Canadian people or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Today, it’s not even a shadow of the image it has sold itself to the country and the world to be, let alone a tribute to its predecessors. Sure…I could write about that shit until the cows come home. But would I really be telling anyone anything they didn’t already know?

Well, the answer to all that is ‘no’. All of these things bring up a lot of negative emotions, from pissing me right the fuck off, to being deeply saddening, to causing enough worry and despair to have me seriously consider buying a shit ton of shares in Maalox. But what does bitching about it and centering my life around it contributing, in the grand scheme of things?

It’s like this article I read the other night:

This was partly my breaking point, where I decided I’d had enough fear porn. It’s like, ‘Yeah. No fucking shit, asshole. The vast majority of people who would be reading an article like this already know we, and most of the world at large, are run by a cabal of corrupt, greedy motherfuckers in government who collude with and get paid dump trucks full of money by corrupt, greedy motherfuckers in corporate and absolutely none of them, not a single one, gives a rusty fuck who gets hurt or killed or what gets destroyed along the way. We already fucking knew that. But do you have any solutions, oh grand and brilliant tech CEO? No? Really? Huh…gotta say, I’m fucking shocked.’

It’s like getting the shit beaten out of you every, single day. After awhile, you get numb to it and stop giving a damn. I think that’s the point where I’m at now.

I’ve rassled with this issue my own self, and know exactly where BC is coming from with this. Now, it ain’t for me to be offering advice to the man, and such is not my aim. But I feel obliged to say that more than twenty years of toiling in this strange and wonderful field has led me to conclude that there IS considerable intrinsic worth in carrying on with this bloggery thingamabobber, even if I’m only restating stuff Our Side knows all about already. A few reasons why I think so:

  • I like to think CF is a source of at least some small support and encouragement for folks who find precious little of any such from the usual information-and-opinion outlets, a counter to the feeling of isolation the liberal media works so hard to inculcate in us
  • The venting thing BC mentions ain’t no small beer to a hot-tempered, can’t-shut-him-up loudmouth like myself; had I not been able to sit down behind a keyboard to shout my hatred, rage, and frustration to the heavens for lo, these many years, I’d have probably fallen over dead from a suppressed-rage induced coronary event back during Bathhouse Barry’s first term
  • As a blogger, I’ve repeatedly been reminded that you really never know how many good people out there are counting on you and the forum you provide to help them get through their day without getting disheartened
  • Everybody involved in them—whether as active participants or lurkers—benefits from a vigorous, lively comments section; no matter how smart or well-read one may be, there’s always something new to be learned in those discussions
  • However small a minority we may be—whether or not our combined voices can ever carry far enough to truly matter when it comes to having any real impact—if we all go dark the resulting silence will certainly breed a dangerous confidence in the Left that they’ve won at last, and God only knows what hideous catastrophes THAT would bring about
  • Likewise, when we carry on with all our shouting at the moon we remind all and sundry that we ain’t defeated just yet—that we remain undaunted, defiant, and a general pain in the ass to them still

Those things may not amount to reason enough to keep on keepin’ on for every Righty blogger, of course. But speaking strictly for my own self, they’ll do quite nicely for now. Bitter Centurion, all best wishes to you from here, brother; from what I can see, you’re exactly the kind of blogger AND cop that we will never have enough of and can ill afford to lose, and you will be missed by more than you’ll ever know. Keep the faith, do your best to stay positive despite everything, and, as my biker bros like to say: Illegitimi non carborundum.


7 thoughts on “Downing tools

  1. Hell yes! to the entire rationale for continuing with doing what we do.

    If I were a quadraplegic, and the only thing I could continue to do to piss off TPTB was to resolve to taste bad, I’d shit myself just for the satisfaction of knowing it would be the last thing they tasted as they consumed this bag of bones I inhabit, BFYTW.
    And to provide any encouragement possible to countless hordes out there who read our dribblings everyday, and occasionally share that they appreciate the effort.

    Khan’s last words to Capt. Kirk will be my benediction to the douchecanoes out to destroy the republic and subjugate humanity:
    From Hell’s heart I stab at thee. For Hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at me.

    And rest assured, if I end up not peacefully ending existence in my deathbed, but rather up against a wall or on a gibbet platform, if they don’t tie me securely in place, my last act before the bullets fly or the trap door opens, will be to turn and fart in my executioners’ faces. I can only hope and pray it’s a wet one.

    1. Ahh, Captain Ahab’s furious vow to the White Whale. One of my own all-timers, that one is.

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the institutions of government are corrupt and have been a long time. Some were corrupt from their very inception (FBI).
    I’ve known a fair number of cops in my life, some that went that route right out of high school, some went that route after the military. All the ones with one exception were good men that always tried to do the right thing. That includes one that got fed up with what he believed to be corruption and transferred from his commanding officer role to internal affairs. When it became clear to him that was corrupt he quit.

    And that’s the problem, especially now. Where are all the cops that quit in protest of jailing a man because George Floyd the felon died of a drug overdose? Where are the FBI rank and file that have quit because of the obvious deep corruption in the upper levels of the FBI?

    I know it’s not easy, but the people that can effect the change need to do it. You want the courts to put the murderers, rioters, looters, and thieves in jail? Just have all the police step aside and say so. The citizens that get a degree of protection from the policing will quickly step in to fill the role and the courts will reform pretty damn quick. That’s just addressing one problem, the criminals allowed to roam the streets. And they are allowed to roam the streets. Ask yourself why?

    Most of our problems are solvable. You don’t like the way the school is leading your children? Get them out. You don’t like the Coca Cola telling the voters of Georgia how to run their elections – stop buying coke products. You get the drill.

    As individuals we have the power of the purse. Make disney pay. Groups within government have the ability to change the government policy.

    I think “gibberish and rantings of a guy like me” are important. People like Mike are good at writing and easy to read. They pick up on the important topics and cut through most of the bullshit used to hide the true issues.

    I’ve never read Bitter Centurion and thus cannot pass judgement. I understand the frustration.

    Keep writing and point out the obvious. Many people have no idea how easy it is to solve most of our issues if the people just insist on it. Maybe they will happen to read and learn something.

    1. Good point.

      There’s so much BS out there that it’s really all White Noise.

      They used to control us by controlling a Big Three Networks News Media.

      Then the internet and blogs came along and they lost that gatekeeper role.

      Now they’re trying to funnel everything and everybody through “Social Media” in order to re-establish the “gatekeepers”.

      Individual bloggers are all I read and only a few nowadays. Mike is the best at sifting through the White Noise they try to use to funnel you towards Social Media and getting some alternative voices.

      Insty and many others are now just echo Chambers for establishment lite sources who filter a tiny center right or center left set of blogs and tweets to you to sell the “stay calm, we’ll get ’em in the Midterms” Narrative. The New Soma of Media Narratives.

      1. Agreed. They owned the networks and still do. They also own the big media voices like CNN/MSNBC/NYTimes/Washington Post/etc. Every employee is told/guided in what to say/print.

        They sold us through that media, then the internets came along and suddenly voiceless but intelligent people had a platform. And those platforms grew as a thirsty populace discovered writers of truth.

        America is it. The freedom and liberty of the entire world depend upon what we do. Like it or not, Americans are the only thing standing in the way of the global communist order.

        The founders new all this. It’s amazing how smart they were. The 1st and 2nd are the backstop, everything flows from that. No 2nd, no weapons, no 1st, then complete domination. Most things are actually pretty simple. This is one of them.

  3. Agreed. If I couldn’t vent through here and there I’d have short circuited years ago.

    Plus, it is good to see how many people do “get it”, same as you.

    Especially people who are stuck amongst a purple or blue district where the BLM and I Believe signs pop up like mushrooms. If Cold Fury were never there, or went dark one day, I’d really start feeling isolated.

    For all those reading here now.

    You are not alone. You are not the only ones who are thinking what you’re thinking. You hear it here and take comfort in that. America is still there. Plus, knowing what you know, and knowing what we know, take comfort that in some ways people are thinking about what we know cannot be talked about here.

    I’ll leave it at that.

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