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Origins of Empire

It’s a Progressivist thing.

It may prove in this momentous decade that the American Empire falls. But take heart, because the fall of the empire — aren’t all empires finally a bundle of conceits destined to collapse? — may lead to the revival of the American Republic.

The visions of empire and republic are as starkly different as George Washington and the founders were from Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Much of what constitutes the “American Empire” is a product of progressive doctrine. It was about domestic imperialism perhaps far more than American global dominance. Restoring the republic should be welcomed by citizens dedicated to our nation’s founding principles.

We’re reaching a culmination. The left’s decades-long march through America’s institutions succeeded. They control government, corporations, health care, sciences, media, arts and entertainment, education, nonprofits, sports…right down to the Boy and Girl Scouts. They seek to consolidate their control in a handful of larger institutions (government and corporations, principally). An American “reset” is a precursor to a global reset, per the lunatic vision of Klaus Schwab and his acolytes.

(As an aside, pray tell, what is it with Germany that it periodically spawns apocalyptic and/or messianic figures like Marx, Nietzsche, Hitler, and now this dangerous utopian, Klaus Schwab?)

If you’re feeling surrounded, don’t. There are many more of us than them. The unbelievable major serial failures of the Biden administration (who bats zero?) are waking up a broader slice of the public — waking them up through mounting costs (inflation and energy), uncertainties (crime and the border), and flagrant attempts in schools to sexually debauch our kids (Biden’s handlers support this effort), among other wanton offenses.

The progressive worldview, as translated through governance and cultural dictates, is collapsing. Progressivism is daily revealing itself as, yes, power-hungry, incompetent, ineffective, but also dark. The end of empire isn’t likely to finish with a whimper. It’ll be calamitous, confrontational, and just plain nasty. The elites won’t go gentle into that good night. They’ve far too much riding on outcomes.

No one should expect any different from them, either. All animals are most dangerous when they’re wounded.


16 thoughts on “Origins of Empire

  1. I think it was Churchill on the nature of the Hun.

    Here’s a more interesting question.
    Of all Roman Provinces the Britons spent the least time under Roman Rule. They were the last major province to be added. One day the ruling General took his troops and left to March on Rome. No one ever returned.

    For a brief respite they started getting Germans raiding and then establishing Kingdoms in what is now England. Angles, Saxons and Jutes fought various Celts near and far and eventually took over all the British Aisles. So how did the Germans stop being like their continental cousins and become British and the foundation for our own American Experiment in Freedom?

    Did the Celt and German tend to accentuate the best qualities of each other and offset their worst qualities?

    1. Well remember that more or less the entirety of Europe is “germanic” by the standards used to define Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and others involved in those invasions of Britain as “germanic”. The Roman Empire (especially the western part) basically fell from wave after wave after wave after wave of “germanic” invasions. The Franks, now France, were “germanic”. Spain and Portugal at least in part come from the Goths, Visigoths, and Ostrogoths. All “germanic”. Etc.

      In some ways I think that might help explain why the entire continent of Europe has a tendency to insanity.

      Britain and the US have some of that too. More than we wish, actually, but you may have a point that it was at least slightly ameliorated by mixing with the Celtic tribes that were there first.

      1. “…Europe has a tendency to insanity.

        I’ll say. As in the murder of millions since 3/4 of the russians live on the european end. And many, if not most, still support the murder of anyone with a Jewish background.

        Europeans are universally like our left. Yes, insane.

        1. Yet we still have our Left and that comprises a LOT of European White people.

          Perhaps also it is the abandonment of Christianity. Especially the Protestant sects and their ethics.

          England was much more stalwart when it was God, King and Country.

          Our American Enlightenment kept God with Freedom, Liberty and Country.

          Part of the reason we still have not gone fully Left? They have to Steal Elections here. In the UK they just barely got BREXIT. .But in the rest of Europe much of it is still Socialism of the National Type. I doubt Macron won cleanly. I also doubt Le Pen isn’t just a Nationalist for Socialism.

          1. Agree, for the most part.
            OTOH, I hate the king as much as the commies. And much of the “church” is no better, existing to control the masses for the powerful. Yea, fuck the king and the pope.

  2. The US has been an empire since the regime of our first progressive president, Lincoln. Yes, Lincoln was a progressive backed by communists, radical abolitionists, and corporations wanting government handouts.

    1. “…and corporations wanting government handouts.

      While I disagree a bit with “empire”, on Lincoln there is no doubt. The “Civil War” was an economic war of the north against the South. Slavery was just a false casus belli.

  3. Our leadership is only as safe as their hired guns, they will be in sadaam holes.

  4. genetic. The germans are as hopeless as the russians. Inside every green death german is a fascist waiting to send you to the gas chamber.

    1. The basic fact is that most humans are that way.

      That is why America is just slightly better. We had for the longest time attracted people who wanted to flee that majority mindset of the tribes that dominated their societies. So I find the Germans here to be as freedom loving on the whole as any Anglo people I meet.

      Unfortunately for 40 years or so we’ve brought in people for purely economic reasons and haven’t insisted they assimilate much at all.SO we don’t get those seeking Justice, Freedom and Opportunity. We get those of the same tribal mindset of their former homes and they want to suck the riches out of the marrow of America, and not earn their keep like our ancestors did.

      Plus, over the generations freedom loving people begat spoiled rich kids who are now into the same mindset.

      I think absent the Freedom we got drummed into our heads as children and we pass on to the next generation far too many in the Boomer and Late Boomer generations just popped out kids and ignored them and the Commies got to them.

      1. So I find the Germans here…

        They ain’t Germans anymore. The freedom DNA left and became American.

        When I speak of the germans, or the russians, it is those who stayed not those that left, and I assume everyone knows there are always exceptions.

        I was around 25 when I started traveling to Europe and quickly learned how the germans were down deep. I don’t know the level of exceptions, maybe it’s as high as 25%. I met many of the exceptions and they universally despised what had become of germany and where it was heading. Kind of like Americans feel now…

      2. The basic fact is that most humans are that way.

        I don’t think so. Some of the worst in humanity have risen to positions of power, but that is in spite of the goodness in most people.

        1. Many people around the world fear freedom and personal responsibility. At least at traditional American levels. That’s why is distinguished those that sought America despite leaving everything familiar and accepting the melting pot.

          Those that stay may resent the yolk, but they soon search hard for the new Strong Horse to seek security rather than freedom.

          That’s the point with most illegals. They come here seeking the slavery of welfare and/or hard labor simply.becsuse this slavery is more remunerative than where they were.

        2. It takes more than goodness. It takes the guts to fight for freedom. American English and Scots-Irish fought the British for it. Most 1800s immigrants faced hardships to get here and succeed. Then there was the Westward Ho people.

          Europe seems to be happy to get welfare and US Hegemony for Defense. They are so rich and yet mention US Out of NATO and they melt and point to EVIL PUTIN. Russia is not any threat to most of Europe. They could fight them without our aid and do it easily. That would require sacrifices.

          1. It takes the guts to fight for freedom.

            Yea. Never been any shortage of that in this country. I don’t think there is now.

      3. That is why America is just slightly better.


        I don’t know where we end up, if we are looking at the end of freedom as we have known it, or we are seeing a temporary loss. Slightly is just an understatement of massive proportion. Without the Americans this world would have sunk into a marxist/fascist hell many years ago.

        On Dec 8, 1941, kids by the thousands were at the local Army/Navy/Marine recruit centers. They went there on Sept 12, 2001 as well.

        We have a lot of problems, but we are way more than slightly better than the rest of the world.

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