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A pathetic personal problem

A look at the sad, cowardly neurosis of the Masked Forever, Forever Masked poltroons.

Those among us who are perfectly healthy and remain dutifully masked despite the general lifting of mask mandates are making a political statement. For them, the masks meant something they continue to hold dear, cannot relinquish.

The masks were an important, probably the most important tool in the toolbox needed to destroy President Trump and the threat he posed to the Deep State and Democrat ruling class. For that ruling class, the masks were an evil genius deployment in a pseudo-crisis; for those who continue masking despite good health, the end of mandated masking abandons them to an unsure condition of political flux. The masks represent a kind of yoke, and to the still-masked among us, the end of masking means a return to an uneasy freedom that could lead to a vast majority of voters coming to their senses and re-electing Trump, for what many are convinced will be the second time.

But it is much more than Donald Trump they fear.

Freedom, self-reliance, limited government, and rugged individualism are values that do not rest easy on their minds. Living in a society where everyone is forced to hide behind an N95 is cocoon-like, comforting in a dysfunctional way. It signals the ultimate power of the nanny state they need to not feel adrift in a sea of American freedom.

The message sent by otherwise healthy maskers is that “we voted for Biden, we fear a return of Trump, we believe in the existential racism of the United States, we believe that a pandemic lie was justified to remove Trump and demoralize his supporters, and we think it’s better, just to be sure, that everyone continues to wear masks up until some unspecified period of time.”

And in the ultimate irony, the final proof of the grand masking spoof, as Title 42 expires, after forcing masks on the populace, the Democrat enforcers stand ready to open the immigration floodgates to an invasion of unvaccinated illegal aliens.

It is just so much bulls**t.

It is that, and always was. No matter; as Jesus said of the poor, these, ye shall always have with you. I called this thing from Day One, CF Lifers will recall: we’ll never again see a time in America with no Masked retards mincing nervously among us, as in Olden Thymes. We’re stuck with the damned things forever now—both Masks and the morons who love them, take your pick—and there’s a reason for that.

It worked, you see, the mask mandates. The fear campaign. The horrible illness that overcame an election, an economy, the psychological health of our children and grandchildren, our rugged individualist entrepreneurialism. Our freedom.

True, dat. Ellis concludes by over-optimism declaring that “The tables have turned…Unmasked America is rising up to unmask the maskers,” a spot of baseless, too-much-too-soon jingoism to which I can only respond with a question: Who, exactly, and how? The Masked feebs will only be uncovered via physical force, yanking their precious wubbies from off their sallow, pimply faces—a campaign I would certainly support, at least in theory, but which I can’t see ever getting off the ground. There’s a reason for that also, a good and reasonable one in this case. To wit: the very people most likely to be accepting of a broad, aggressive mask-off program would really rather just be left the hell alone, nothing more. As long as Masked mopes aren’t all up in OUR grills, we just aren’t terribly interested in putting ourselves all up in THEIRS.

In addition to the politics of the thing, the Mask is also a precious opportunity for some full-throttle virtue signalling, a thing no Karen in the lowing, cud-chewing herd has ever yet been known to let pass them by. Yet another angle—sheer blank stupidity,as evinced by the all-too-common muttonheads wearing their Face Wubbie over a full beard—we’ll just tiptoe quietly past for the nonce, I think.

PFunny, innit, how practically every problem confronting us today comes right back to the same old conflict, between those whose primary wish is to be left alone and those meddlesome puds for whom such forbearance just isn’t on the menu. Convince those assholes to tend to their own damned knitting and keep their noses out of our’n, and so much of all this angst and aggro goes away overnight. Unless and until we steel ourselves to doing whatever it takes to accomplish that end, however, The Mask and those contemptible tools enamored of them will remain with us.

Update! Whilst being schlepped around by my cousin and former badass Playboys drummer Mark on various cripple-maintenance errands today, he related an infuriating tale. It seems that the choir director at our church was forced out of his job by one of these Forever Masked bluenoses. Apparently, this woman was haranguing the director about not having a mask on during church, prattling witlessly on about how his selfish irresponsibility created a very real threat to her life. The director—a gentle, affable, and wholly conciliatory man who’s worked himself ragged for many years in the service of our church family—gently chided her with something along the lines of, ” MIz ____, you DO know those cloth masks do nothing, right?” Whereupon the old biddy (actually, if I’m not mistaken the woman is a few years younger than me) took it upon her obnoxious self to complain bitterly about being “intimidated” and “feeling threatened” and such-like at the next meeting of the church board. The miserable bint kept the pressure on relentlessly, until finally the director decided to pull the plug on the whole ridiculous non-troversy and resign his post, in the interest of restoring comity and calm before the bint had made things even worse for all concerned.

So, the direct result of this woman’s cowardice, ignorance, and petty vindictiveness is:

  • The church has been robbed of a tireless and irreplaceable asset
  • A good and decent man is out of a job he dearly loved, to which he had given of himself unstintingly for many, many years
  • The church has had some mighty big shoes dumped in its lap; filling them will be no simple task
  • Finding a replacement will also take a lot of time, I expect; it will be arduous, time-consuming, and will demand much of the congregants charged with getting it done—just more uneccessary cost imposed
  • It is unlikely in the extreme that the new director will be anything close to as diligent, as devoted, as musically talented, and as personable as the man they just lost for no good reason at all

This is exactly the sort of nonsense that can really wreck a church community, creating intra-personal rifts and a general miasma of unpleasantness and distrust, inflicting serious wounds that will be a long time healing. Ultimately, we can chalk it all up as yet another gratuitous cost extracted bythe Plandemic, one among innumerable others. This one in particular may look to outsiders like small beer when compared to the loss of one’s job, one’s life savings, one’s business, or one’s home. But neither is it nothing and should not be dismissed as such, if only because it was all so completely unwarranted. Tot up the final bill, and the Fauxvid Tyranny Test Run looks more and more like being a bona fide atrocity, a shoo-in for the title of Crime of the Century.

The homunculous Falsi and his abominable cohorts must all be made to pay for the havoc and misery they so cruelly wrought, and I mean pay goddamned dearly, too. Decades-long prison terms—in a REAL prison too, not some vacation enjoying the posh amenities of Club Fed—ought to be the least of their worries. Nobody seriously expects any such thing, of course. No, they’ll skate away clean, every man Jack of them—which might well be the greatest crime of all.

8 thoughts on “A pathetic personal problem

  1. Most people I see don’t wear masks, although I saw one retired district judge I’ve known for 20 years wearing one today. I suppose I should have given him my folding N95 mask I have out in the car, but forgot – if I see him again, I’ll give it to him. He’s definitely in an at-risk population, and the mask he’s wearing really only gives him some degree of mental comfort, no real protection. I didn’t bring the matter up in conversation. Incidentally, the local law library is named after him – a well-deserved honor. Raising the issue is generally pointless, science rarely overcomes induced fear, and most Americans know little if anything about science – and scientists aren’t generally very good at communicating knowledge to non-scientists (my PhD is in physical/organic chemistry).

    1. …and most Americans know little if anything about science -…

      FIFY, it’s not just “Americans”. In fact, I’d guess Americans on average are more science literate than most of the rest of the world.

      Regarding masks, even some “intelligent” people believe they will help slow the spread of airborne virus, in spite of the fact mountains of evidence exist to counter any such belief. Beats me all to hell how they can believe such utter horseshit, but they do.

      1. In fact, I’d guess Americans on average are more science literate than most of the rest of the world.

        I am going to have to disagree on this one, Barry. The US mis-education system has been indoctrinating rather than teaching for a long, long time now. And it is especially bad at imparting any knowledge of math or science, since a lot of teachers are not exactly good at those subjects themselves. Sizable parts of the rest of the world have instead emphasized math and science education, correctly seeing it as the basis of a modern technological economy.

        So I suspect that overall, Americans are not very well positioned relative to the world on math and science. Lots of Americans think they know a lot of math and science, but much of what they “know” just is not true. Global warming, anyone? Wind power and solar make awesome base load power sources? Men can become women by wishing for it hard enough? Trillion dollar budget deficits can be run forever without consequences? Far too many Americans believe all of the above.

        1. Sizable parts of the rest of the world have instead emphasized math and science education, correctly seeing it as the basis of a modern technological economy.

          What parts are those Haz? The uropeeuns led us by years in the indoctrination business. The chinese barely educate a small portion of their citizens and most of those have a very narrow education, the rest are almost all indoctrination all the time. They do not innovate, they copy. I will grant that the South Koreans take education seriously prior to the college level, as do the Japanese. But once the education lottery is won in those countries, innovative education grinds to a halt and once again their job is to copy.

          Which is not to say there are not very intelligent people all over the world because there are. However, most Americans know damn well wind and solar are a losing proposition. Just because they are afraid to say so loudly doesn’t mean they don’t know. Not a single friend or family member doesn’t know it’s a joke.

          I’ve been all over the world and Americans in general have always been smarter than the average, way smarter. Smartness is difficult to measure. Define intelligence. It’s rather difficult if not impossible (I can’t do it). Throwing out the “and most Americans know little if anything about science” is not a supportable position if you are suggesting that non-Americans do. That’s my objection, because they don’t. My experience is that Americans in general have more scientific understanding than say the average wind and solar German, the ones that will be shivering in the winter without using Putin’s gas.

          I’m still waiting on a non_American to step foot on the moon. Maybe they’ll manage it in the second half century after the Americans did it.

          1. The South Koreans and Japanese were some of those I had in mind. The folks in Taiwan have done pretty well, too, and are leading the world in semi conductor manufacturing and process tech. (They don’t design the chips, but making them is pretty serious tech in its own right these days.) India does pretty well for certain segments (castes) of its population. Israel has some pretty good engineers and tech folks. And of course the Russians still have some very good people, although how much longer they can sustain that as the Soviet-trained generations get older is a big question.

            For Americans, it is difficult to be certain how many actually know the green stuff is a scam and how many are true believers. The information is out there for anyone who cares enough to actually dig for it, but they do have to choose to dig for it — the media and the public indoctrination system certainly are not going to bring it to their attention.

            I am skeptical about how much science the average American really understands, because the average American has a terribly poor foundation in math and especially in statistics. And it is tough to get very far in science without decent math…which is why the public school systems have spent decades sabotaging children in math with garbage like “New” math and Common Core math.

            1. South Koreans have a GDP 1/2 of ours for a reason, they are not innovators, they are copiers. The Japanese GDP is 2/3’s of ours. Taiwanese is less than that of South Korea, so less than half the USA. Even the Israeli’s have roughly 2/3’s of the American GDP. These are all per capita values.

              Does GDP = intelligence? Maybe, maybe not. It’s certainly not the only part, as work ethic certainly plays a part. The Japs have a pretty solid work ethic and still lag the Americans by quite a bit.

              I’ll say this, there is certainly a correlation between intelligence and wealth, and if that is true I’d say we are as intelligent or more intelligent as a group than any other group on this planet.

              It seems popular to run down everything American these days.

              I call bullshit. We are still the freest and wealthiest place on earth. And the damn smartest too. There is simply no metric that imply’s Americans are dumber than any other group on this planet.

              Get back to me when some other country has people walking on the moon. They’ll only be a half century or more behind at that point.

  2. That is how Karens work. They’re bullies but not to the person who might fight back. Instead they go after the managers who just want to please the customers and not have the store become a fighting ring or a circus.

    In this case it’s the Church Board and it’s the same idea at play.

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