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33 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. I was reading some posts around and about the intarwebs with the latest data on covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths as broken down by vaxx status. And I realized something that has probably been obvious to everyone else for ages, but I had somehow missed. (Don’t you hate it when that happens? Not the realizing, but the “How did I miss that for so long? DUH!” feeling.)

    The biomedical tyrants have been playing games with definitions from the start of this whole insanity, what with the “from covid” vs. “with covid” lies. One of their favorite tricks is counting anyone who got their most recent jab within the prior 21 days “unvaccinated” so they can make the shots look like they sort of work, or at least reduce severity of symptoms/hospitalizations/death. The pseudo-logic seems to be that anyone who shows symptoms soon after a jab MUST have gotten the virus before the jab, because they just MUST have.

    Anway, what hit me is that this is why they have to keep rolling out booster jabs one after another. Only by keeping those goal posts moving can they keep playing the “<21 days == unvaccinated” game. They have to keep most of the population “unvaccinated” or else it will become (even more) blindingly obvious that the whole “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative is a huge lie.

    As I said, I am probably the next to last person on earth who had not already caught on to this. But I wanted to share, since it explains a lot.

    Also, my favorite recent “blindingly obvious failure that can’t be admitted to be a failure” headline: “Scientists study whether delta or omicron spreads fastest in vaccinated populations.” Just pause for a minute and savor that one. Their ability to ignore the rampaging elephant in the room is impressive, I will say that for them.

    1. They changed the definition of “case” and “vaccinated” and now “vaccinated” again.

      Those who had no symptoms in the olden days (before Jan 1, 2020) were not a case.

      Those who were vaccinated against a disease had immunity conferred, which meant it was a million to one chance they caught the disease. After all, nothing is perfect because of the odd genetic abnormality or such.

      Flu shots were not “vaccines”, but “shots” In other words, prophylactics that were less effective than say, condoms. In other words, you could still get flu, transmit flu when you got it, and get ill and even die from it. All it did was make it less likely to happen.

      The final piece of BS is how they can tell what is spreading when millions of tests are being administered.

      First, the test kits are flawed. If the cycle rates are set too high, 50%+ false positives are generated. Then, they can’t tell WuFlu from coronavirus colds or even regular flu virus. It requires another round of tests of the sample to determine that. But why spend the extra money to determine that if that ends the BONUS money for WuFlu? THEN, it also needs to be further studied, at further expense (marginal perhaps but still extra expense) to determine the actual strain of the WuFlu if it is in fact WuFlu.

      It’s all BS, it’s not being done, and the data is crap.

      Oh and now there is supposedly a new strain of “Flurona”. Flu and Coronavirus together.

      Flurona has jumped the Sharknado.

    2. The entire scamdemic: virus, distancing (6 ft!), masks, vaccine, treatment is just one giant scam.

      It Worked

        1. They’re not even willing to make a counter comment. They got nothing.

          But admitting they were wrong and we were right galls them to no end and so with childish anger they tantrum on the Downvote Button.

  2. It seems clear there has been a change in the government lies about the scam virus. The new lies allow wiggle room for the future. Don’t fall for it.

    Every study conducted in a place with the ability to gather real medical data shows the “vaccine” is a joke, dangerous, and that it could not possibly be unknown to Big Pharma. So what is the purpose of the shot?

    Likely, among other things, to increase your chance of getting a disease, of getting a scam virus variant, with the hope they can scam their way through the next set of elections.

    One thing is certain, the powers know that the shot is not a vaccine. That is clear. So, there has to be another reason. Some will say it’s just $$$ to the pharma companies. There is that, but there is more. Way more.

    The perpetrators of this fraud are murderer’s. They deserve nothing less than what they have sown.

    1. Agree, Barry. It is just not plausible that the pharma companies and the FDA did not know about the effects of the shots. Many people with serious expertise and credentials were warning of specific potential side effects from very early on, and the more data that becomes publicly available the more they have been shown to have been correct. The insiders have had way more data than the public for a long time; it just is not reasonable to believe that they did not see the same things much earlier. The intentional spoiling of the control groups in the safety trials by giving them the shots, preventing comparison of longer term outcomes, looks damn suspicious.

      So why have they pushed the shots so hard, to the point of government mandates wrecking entire industries to get needles in as many arms as possible? It is also not plausible that it is concern for public health, as it has been clear since very early on (shortly after the Diamond Princess) that despite the coordinated media fear campaign Covid just is not all that deadly to the population as a whole. If they had stuck to pushing protective measures and shots for the most vulnerable, maybe public health would be a believable reason. But instead they intentionally seeded infected people among the most vulnerable and have pushed the shots on people (especially children) who are at very minimal risk.

      Everything they have done looks crazy…unless there is another purpose behind the shots. Given plenty of public statements about a global reset and global depopulation by some of the most prominent people pushing the shots…well, it is difficult to avoid drawing certain conclusions.

      1. …well, it is difficult to avoid drawing certain conclusions.

        Well, anyone with brain cells anyway. That seems to exclude a large swath of the population.

    1. They have not given up trying to keep the Panic Porn going.

      In my area 99.8% of people are STILL masked up and afraid.

      Even after the CDC admitted that 75% of deaths occurred in people who had FOUR OR MORE comorbidities.

      That’s 75% with FOUR! How many with just 3 or 2 or 1?

      Scamdemic this whole time.

      1. With the OMIGOD-icron scariant being so mild, they are back to pushing the “case-demic” fear porn extra hard again. Cases, cases, look at all the cases! And of course they are handing out “free” test kits so the hypochondriac Branch Covidians can test themselves repeatedly (despite having no symptoms) and drive up the numbers even more.

        1. I just saw the CDC gave out a Travel Warning to CANADA! Rising Cases! ZOMG!!

          Scamdemic is becoming ScamLunacy.

          1. “…becoming ScamLunacy.

            I think we passed that mark about 18 months ago 🙂

                1. And speaking of escalating lunacy, the idiots on Team Brandon are apparently thinking about mandating N95 masks. Wonder who has the contract to provide those to the government at wildly inflated prices?

                  The average person doesn’t even wear the basic face diaper correctly, and somehow they are all going to obtain and start properly wearing carefully fitted N95 masks?

                  And why now? Omicron is signficantly less dangerous than earlier strains, which were not really all that deadly to the non-immune-compromised in the first place. So as the actual threat decreases, they want to ramp up the intensity of the fear porn? I have read some speculation around the web that the left will try to de-escalate the fear porn and find an exit strategy for covid, due to the political damage they are taking. But I really do not see any signs of this; instead it looks like the left will double down (again).

                  1. They will never let this end. It is their ticket to Rule us and never have to worry about an election.

                    100 million early and absentee ballots were counted before Election day. Every one had a Chain of Custody issue.

                    Joetato got 65 million to 35 million for Trump. Joetato only needed 9 million more on Election Day to exceed Trump’s supposed total. Of course he didn’t and they had to cheat the last 2-3 million in the old fashioned 3am Vote dump to target the Electoral College correctly.

                    If Joetato supposedly got 81 Million that 65m represents 80% of his vote total. It also means that at best on Election Day he got 81-65-2 = 14 million votes. How many of those were algorithmically shifted from Trump to Joetato that day? 3 or 4%?

                    There were massive opportunities in a myriad of different ways to cheat in the 2020 Election at ALL levels and that was all made possible because just a third or half the population were induced to Mass Hysteria by WuFlu. No way they were going to push Joetato over the line by traditional fraud. He lost by 20-30 million legitimate votes.

                    So it is imperative that in some way they keep the Panic and keep the Election Procedures as Mail-In sent to all potential voters, keep the registration lists polluted and allow massive two or three week voting windows in place for 2022 and thereafter.

                    The more they Steal the more they can Steal. Steal².

                    1. I agree that the Dems will never let go of the vote fraud they put into place for 2020. This is why they are pushing to nationalize the election laws with this “reform” package that will lock in all their cheating despite individual states trying to strengthen voting integrity.

                      But the covid insanity seems to be a global phenomenon, or at least all the western (formerly) industrial nations have been infected (in several senses of the word) by it. And at least in some places, there are signs of significant covid fatigue and the people are getting restive. If covid sanity breaks out anywhere, it will put a lot of pressure on the Faucists.

                      I think that is why they hate Florida so much. Some of it is because they see De Santis as a threat for 2024, of course. But a lot of it is because having a relatively sane state without lockdowns and mask mandates blows up their theories. There are no huge piles of corpses like the fear-mongers hysterically predicted would happen if all the holy mandates were not followed

                    2. It allows Tyrants all over the world to exercise “Emergency” Powers.

                      Look at the Fascists in Australia.

                      Also, remember that Trump wasn’t just making life miserable for our Deep State, Dems, GOPe, Bureaucrats and Globalists (Lots of overlap). He was really hitting places like Iran, China, The EU, Russia and others hard too.

                      Plus, once a Global Panic gets started somewhere it spreads of its own even to countries it doen’t necessarily need to be spread.

                      They get CNN International all over the World and if they say a Plague is killing millions and will kill millions more the Sheeple of those places panic as well. Their Leadership didn’t necessarily see a good reason to calm them down.

                      Except in places like Sweden or Israel, where more rational, measured steps were taken and then a clear eyed assessment made over a few months told them otherwise.

                      Most places in the World WANT a Panic population that they can control.

                    3. Also, remember that Trump wasn’t just making life miserable for our Deep State, Dems, GOPe, Bureaucrats and Globalists (Lots of overlap). He was really hitting places like Iran, China, The EU, Russia and others hard too.

                      Bingo. The scam is international because the corruption is international and depends upon a corrupt USA. Trump showed the average man that it doesn’t have to be like this, that the right economic policy (America First!) produces results quickly. That could not be allowed to stand in most of the international capitals.

                      I’ll note the Japs appear to be our only real friends.

                      And the kids in Hong Kong.

  3. Mask Madness

    With the predicted major snow and ice storm beginning in about 24 hours I decided to go to the grocery store for a few things. I haven’t been in a while, but my wife reported that they have new signs up requiring masks.

    Off I went and sure enough, big sign saying a mask is required. I have a special anti viral mask on my face. Its called skin and is a formidable anti viral mask. Built in, requires washing occasionally 🙂

    The store is packed and I saw one other person with the same style skin mask as mine. The rest were wearing something less effective, as in near zero or less. I admit to being surprised by this sorry state of affairs. I had not realized that the current topic being hard sold by the media had frightened the shoppers into the belief that a piece of cloth worn under the nose, often as chin decoration, might inhibit the transmission of an airborne virus.

    What a sad country of sheep we have become.

    1. Sadly my experience too.

      What’s even worse is watching college basketball where people wear the mask and tug them up and down over and over.

      Most unhygienic thing I’ve ever seen.

      1. Yeah, the ‘mask on chin below nose’ people really make me wonder. Maybe a few are mocking the whole mask idiocy, but I suspect most really are just that stupid. Our public mal-education system turns out legions of morons who would not recognize actual science if it slapped their faces. This is third grade stuff at most, it really is not that difficult to grasp. Yet tens of millions around the USA don’t get it, and are proud of that fact.

        1. I’m certain some are wearing the mask through the door and then pulling it down. They are intimidated by the “rules” or perhaps just don’t have the same rebellious freedom and liberty streak that many of us have.

          As I was walking in, a woman exited with a mask and a plastic shield clamped to her head. I would not have been surprised had I noticed tin foil covering the top of her head.

        2. I think it’s cowardice more than stupidity. There’s a sign on the store’s door and everyone else has a face diaper. Joe Dipwad doesn’t want to be bothered by the mask but doesn’t have the guts to just walk around without it and risk glares or even -gasp!- confrontation, so he half-assedly puts a face diaper on but away from his nose or mouth to keep it from interfering with his breathing.

          EDIT: Right. What Barry just said.

      2. Most unhygienic thing I’ve ever seen.

        I suspect this to be an untrue statement. You have raised children, haven’t you?

    2. predicted major snow and ice storm

      Another bust for the weather men. I heard the early prediction was for 24 inches of snow. When I first checked several days before the scheduled event, it was 12 inches. Then early yesterday the prediction had become 2 – 6 inches.

      I think the snow we received was less than an inch. We have some freezing rain coming down now but it is expected to be less than half an inch.

      Around these parts Ice is a killer though, knocking out power and making fools of the Yankee’s that can drive through anything* 🙂

      A real bust which is what 99% of the “real big and bad” predictions are.

      *well, I can. But 1) I’m not a yankee, and 2) I’m a very experienced and trained driver

  4. So it looks likely the neocons are going to get their long-desired war with Russia soon. I suspect it will not go at all as they think it will. It isn’t the 1990s or early 2000s any more, as the pathetic performance of the woke US military in the Afghan exit should have informed them.

    But I am curious as to just how the whole thing will kick off.

    a) Putin invades Ukraine (straight up)
    b) Russian false flag to justify invasion
    c) Ukrainian false flag to get US intervention
    d) US false flag to intervene for MIC profits galore
    e) Chinese false flag to get US and Russia to fight
    f) (((Israel))) (((false))) (((flag))) [did I get enough parentheses?] to get US and Russia to fight
    g) Other?

    So far, it looks like the US, Russia, and Ukraine have all pre-emptively denounced the others for planning to create a false flag event. So the entire thing is getting very meta. But there is still time to place your bets! I am thinking (d) myself, as Team Brandon really needs a distraction from domestic failures and seems convinced this would work.

    1. I’m of the mind it’s all hooey and nothing is going to happen.
      OTOH, I can see all of the greatest enemies taking the opportunity to score while the USA is in the hands of the most corrupt. The current crop of corrupt will seek to profit from any and all international events. I suppose that goes along with your selection D to some degree.

    1. You would have thought an EU dominated by France and Germany, as the most populous and rich countries there, would have become intolerable long ago.

      Only Britain did Brexit and and MOST in areas outside England (except London) and Wales voted to stay in.

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