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The shortage.
The high price.

My wife sent me out for a frozen turkey breast a couple weeks back
I ran to the store this evening for a couple of items, not Thanksgiving related. There were whole turkeys, lots of turkeys, on sale. 29 cents a pound! No shortage!

I picked up a 14.14 pounder for $4.10.


I got two 24-pounders for $0.47/lb Tuesday evening. One’s in the chest freezer and I’ll cook it when convenient. Might grab another one Thursday morning if I feel like it, and let it defrost in the garage over the next few days and then toss the meat in the freezer. No sense in letting the store’s loss leader go to waste, right?

BTW, the defrosting of the one bird in the garage isn’t going so well, likely because the garage averages right around freezing. To clarify for the benefit of those of you in North Carolina, that’s the freezing point of water, not the solidification point of lard or polyethylene or anything like that. It’s chilly. Luckily, guest plans for Thanksgiving have all been cancelled for one reason or another, so I can cook it on Saturday or whenever convenient.


not the solidification point of lard

Geez, you Yanks don’t know nothing.

24 pounds is a thawing out nightmare. 4-5 days in the fridge.

My darn freezer is full or I’d go get a couple more.

Bill Quick

I don’t want to be a pick me, but I think I can beat that price. I ordered my turkey from Kroger via a pickup, and when I got there, the employee told me that there have been a mistake in the pricing of my 14 pound turkey so she just gave it to me. Net cost me, zero cents per pound.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all hear abouts.


Well, no, that price cannot be beat. Unless they pay you to cart the bird off 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else that loves America!


I discover this morning that we are not cooking birds today, the children have that covered. So, our birds are for later. But not much later since they are thawed or thawing out.


In case anyone missed it the first time or needs a reminder: How to Talk to that One Embarrassing Kid at Thanksgiving

Last edited 3 days ago by SteveF

Hey thanks! I did need a reminder.
OTOH, I’ll not have a problem at dinner today.


Always remember:

It’s just not thanksgiving until the turkeys hit the parking lot!


I see that the media and chattering classes have decided it is time for another round of covid scariant theater, just in time for the holidays. Cases! Mutations! Scary scary scary!

Pfizer is already talking about a whole new not-vaccine, doubtless counting the billions in profit that will come rolling in. All the suckers taking the clot shots are about to become unvaxxed heretics again until they get the latest, greatest, newest clot shot. Travel restrictions are going back up, soon to be followed by fresh lockdowns and similar idiocy that won’t actually stop anything from spreading. If this new mutation has existed long enough to be recognized as a separate strain and tested for, then it has existed long enough to already spread around the world. But there will be the usual shrieking by the usual suspects to close those barn doors anyway.

Anyone got a dimensional portal handy? This timeline sucks.


Continuous until it doesn’t work anymore. It will always work on those with Teutonic minds. Hope isn’t much, but I keep hoping the moderate mushy middle that cannot make up their minds will finally wake up to the fact they are being played.

At least 30-40% of this country are fucked and will believe anything the government tells them, including that ankle and wrist chains are good for them. I just hope it’s not anymore than that.


Am I the only one who is kind of worried that Hillary Clinton has risen from her crypt in Chappaqua and is publicly opining about national issues again? She has shown up in the national media a couple times over the past week or so, talking about politics and current events as if anyone wants to know what she thinks. With old poopy-pants visibly failing and not even Democrats liking Harris, I am sensing an attempt to position herself for the future. “Hey Democrats! I’m rested, I’m ready! Shits and Giggles are obviously not going to cut it for 2024, so what do you say?”

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