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Fake news

Not that I don’t believe absolutely in seizing all imaginable opportunities to slam the sorry bastards, but the “Fake White House” story really is much ado about nothing, I’m afraid. Or, shall we say, virtually nothing.

Fact Check-A fake set was not created for Biden’s COVID-19 booster shot
A misleading claim is circulating on social media sites that U.S. President Joe Biden received his booster shot for COVID-19 on a ‘fake White House set.’

A Twitter post (here) says, “Why did Joe Biden just give an interview from a fake Oval Office in a fake White House?”

The President’s immunization filming occurred at an actual location on the White House grounds.

According to Speeches and Remarks listed on the White House website (here), the Sept. 27 event was filmed and photographed at the South Court Auditorium located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. This building serves as the office of White House staff (here) and rests on the grounds of the White House next to the West Wing. A 2020 YouTube video captured during the Trump administration, which features a West Wing and Eisenhower Executive Office tour, is visible  here.

Missing context. The set used during press coverage of the President was not fake or at a fake White House. A Reuters photographer present described the set to be decorative, and it is in the South Court Auditorium located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Unsurprising in the extreme, how the shitlib propagandists at Rooters so valiantly leaped onto their snow-white chargers to ride to the rescue of their Kabuki State masters in their very hour of need, no? As I said, the whole “scandal” is perfectly explainable—a highly unusual case of FederalGovCo sleight of hand behind which there is really nothing whatever sinister. That said, though, there IS a slight problem with the overeager Rooters “debunking” above, which Bill caught right away.

The EEOB is not “the White House.” It is an entirely separate building. Even if the paid professional hack liars of Reuters received an invitation to The White House, they would not journey to the EEOB, because it is not The White House. Nor are any other structures on the grounds of the White House that are separate from the White House itself “The White House.”

So, the bottom line is: Reuters “debunked” the claim that the Joetato received his booster shot in a fake White House Office, by demonstrating that the “office” was a set (fake office) constructed in a building (the EEOB) which is not the White House.


As for the fake booster shot, I know which way I’d bet.

I’ve assumed right along that all the higher-tier ProPols showily LEADING THE WAY! by making their “vaccinations” public were actually receving a dose of saline or the like, particularly once scads of people started dropping like Tasered fawns all the place after offering themselves up to the Überreich as candidates to play the “Lab Rat” role. I may have to rethink that assumption after Kommisar Newsome so delightfully keeled over the way he did, though.

Either way, the FWH setup makes perfect sense to anybody who has ever been professionally involved in movie production, TeeWee, or recording-studio work. If you haven’t, allow me to assure you that setting up any kind of stage or set for broadcasting, audio or film recording, or videotaping purposes is a mind-bendingly slow, intricate, and backbreaking procedure. There are so many gears that must mesh flawlessly to make the magic happen: mics and/or other pickups must be exactly placed and, if directional, properly aimed; multitrack audio levels and EQ’s must be properly adjusted, both individually and in relation to each other; cameras must be placed correctly; many, MANY lights must be hung, pointed, and checked; light levels, which will change constantly as the day wears on for outdoor scenes, must be measured and fine-tuned; ambient noise must be suppressed, if not eliminated altogether.

And that’s just the start of it. Then, on a film or TV set, throw in the miles and miles of cable required so the audio, camera, monitoring, and other systems I ain’t even gonna bring up can connect and “talk” to each other, as well as the even MORE miles and miles of electrical cords to power all that gear. All that and plenty more besides—schlepping, uncrating, stringing, hanging, hooking up, adjusting, testing 1-2-1-2-1-2, fiddling with, checking again, etc etc etc—has to happen before the crew has so much as shot a single inch of film, the band has struck its opening chord in the tracking room, or your local fluffy anchorthing has begun primping in the back of the Nitwitness News!!! mobile-unit van.

And then, at the end of the long, long day, everything has to be carefully packed up, reloaded onto the trucks in an organized fashion, and hauled back to the warehouse. Next morning: lather, rinse, repeat.

So yeah, I can’t find much to get in a lather over if somebody on the White House production crew got the bright idea of using a pre-prepped set for presidential speeches, announcements, press conference meat-beatery, and such—one that didn’t have to be broken down and then reassembled every damned day. Fake it might be, but what it also is is sensible, practical, and efficient. Might be nice if one of those well-paid Barad Dur minions could carve out a minute to see to it that the fake scenery visible through the fake window in the fake president’s fake office more closely lines up with what season it is outside, sure. But what the heck.

After the endless barrage of shit sandwiches our Mordor on the Potomac masters have rammed down our gullets one after another the past nigh on two years, a Fake White House soundstage isn’t all that difficult to swallow, seems to me. Nor is it anywhere near the nastiest-tasting thing we’ve had to gag down, not by a long yard. How wonderful it would be if this was the biggest, most dangerous issue Real Americans had to worry about, eh?


1 thought on “Fake news

  1. Well, yabbut…

    Every President before the Joetato has somehow managed to make do with the Oval Office and the Press Briefing Room in the White House itself for their showbiz tomfoolery. And they tried to cover up what they were doing with the fakery.

    I have a theory. Thanks to the PlanPanicdemic, the sniveling snowflakes of the press are terrified of getting within six feet of each other. Trump used this to winnow their numbers drastically in the real Press Room, but I suspect that there were so many media Joetato lickers wanting to attend in person that they needed a lot more space to accommodate their pansified snowflake terrors.

    So, on the down low, a fake office in a fake White House. Sure, not a big deal, but I never pass up a chance to kick a commie cripple when he’s down. That’s one of the first rules about real world fighting I ever learned. If they go down, don’t let them get back up.

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