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Tell ’em NO

To the planned Afghani “refugee” Immivasion.

The same people who tried to morally blackmail you into supporting a failed Forever War in Afghanistan—the ones who declared that you were either on board with the new international interventionist imperative or you were with the terrorists—are now trying to morally blackmail you into supporting open borders with Afghanistan and every other country that America’s incompetent elites thought they could turn into Stepford if only they invaded it hard enough. In truth, the entire foundation of the Washington establishment’s failed foreign policy is its members’ own feelings of guilt.

They felt guilty that Afghanistan looked like an awful place to live, so they set about rebuilding the country in their own image, complete with gender equity courses and lectures on how the predominantly Muslim citizens of the country need to be more like their secular Western counterparts.

They felt guilty about what they spent 20 years doing in Afghanistan—falsely offering hope of an eternal American safety net, constructed and maintained not with their own blood, sweat, and tears, but with those of enlisted American military men and women scoffed at and mocked by the smart set—so you must accept the risk posed by a terrorist who pretended to be a refugee to get across the nation’s increasingly non-existent southern border.

They feel guilty about their wealth and privilege (not guilty enough to give that wealth or privilege to anyone else, of course), so you must accept the lower wages that are the obvious result of inflating the labor supply while depressing demand through job-crushing progressive economic policy.

These concerns about the runaway costs of interventionism, however, are based firmly in reality. Take the story of an Afghan interpreter told in “Outlaw Platoon,” the spectacular war memoir by Sean Parnell, who served as a combat platoon leader in one of the most violent parts of Afghanistan.

In his book, Parnell details how one of the Afghan interpreters in his platoon, a man who had been thoroughly “vetted” and given access to some of the Army’s closest held secrets, helped engineer an improvised explosive attack that killed one of Parnell’s troops, Cpl. Jeremiah S. Cole, and seriously injured four others. That interpreter, who went by the name Yusef, also arranged for the murder of his counterpart Abdul so Yusef would have total access to all sensitive information, such as troop movements and attack plans, which he then passed along to America’s enemies.

“Knowing where Abdul had been going and the road he had used to get there, Yusef’s tip had allowed the insurgents to establish an ambush in time to catch Abdul on his way back to Bermel from his family’s house,” Parnell writes. “With Abdul dead, Yusef knew he would be promoted to head interpreter.”

“We’d gone through our year in country, judging these Afghans through the prism of our own value systems, never fully grasping what we were up against,” Parnell concluded.

Earlier this week, Parnell shared that story on Tucker Carlson’s primetime show on Fox News. Media Matters immediately responded by slicing and dicing the transcript of Parnell’s appearance to smear him as a racist for believing, based on his own personal experience with a vetted Afghan who murdered one of his brothers in arms, that America could not properly vet the thousands of Afghans wishing to immigrate to America.

This is but one story of literally millions from around the Western world, of course. Unfortunately, the Immivasion has already begun, thanks to the conniving US goobermint.

See what I meant when I mentioned priorities in the preceding post? More:

Press propagandists, government bureaucrats, and pro migrant wave activists have continued to claim that virtually all of the Afghans being imported into the United States are akin to “fully vetted” Medal of Honor recipients. These tens of thousands of Afghans are a cadre of patriotic war heroes that “helped us” in our “war on terror,” we’re told. Therefore, they are somehow immediately entitled to permanent relocation into the United States.

And this isn’t a new policy push. For several years, lawmakers have been passing massive funding in Congress to relocate Afghans to the United States on “special immigrant visas,” which entitles them to access the U.S. social welfare system immediately and in perpetuity. It also allows Afghans to avoid deportation under almost any circumstances.

While the migration wave proponents tell us that almost every Afghan is the equivalent of a “fully vetted” Captain America who remained true to the U.S. mission in the country (whatever that actually was still remains unclear), reality tells us a much more grave tale. During the 20 year war, American soldiers have been repeatedly targeted with “green-on-blue” attacks, in which supposedly vetted, trusted Afghan allies turned their US-supplied weapons against our troops.

Hundreds of American service members have been killed and wounded by Afghan army soldiers, who “helped us,” until they didn’t. After cutting a deal with the jihadists, these outwardly allied troops turned their guns on U.S. forces in Afghanistan, repeatedly and consistently.

Why is the Afghan migrant wave so U.S. centric this time around? Well, the European continent is understandably balking at the idea of taking in more Afghans. The 2014-2015 Afghan migration wave into Europe resulted in a massive uptick in criminal activity.

In Germany, which absorbed a 6-figure tally of Afghan migrants and refugees, Afghans stood out as the most frequent perpetrators of gang violence and sexual assault. Now, following the unprecedented violence committed by Afghan migrants, six EU nations are fighting to deport them back to their homeland, even despite the chaos unfolding in their home country.

The massive Afghan migration wave that is coming to the United States will represent a more grave threat to our homeland security than anything that will have occurred over the course of 20 years in the far away lands of Afghanistan.

Indeed it will.

Folks, we now stand at one of those recurring historical pivot-points, or crossroads; the fate of the nation, quite literally, hangs upon which path we choose. If that sounds as if I’m callously advocating for the Biden Bugout to be exploited for political gain…well, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. If it seems a bit cynical and opportunistic about this…well, guilty as charged. If you’re worried that the Left will try to weaponize what they’ll decry as “heartless,” “racist,” and/or “selfish” and turn a perfectly reasonable and rational opposition to the importation of hordes of unvetted, unassimilable “refugees” against us…well, of course they will. There’s only one sane response to such moral blackmail. Back over to Davis to spell out what it is.

Like one of those old magic eye posters that contained images hidden among visual white noise, once you see the American ruling elite’s reflex to resort to moral blackmail to win an argument, you can never unsee it. Every policy, every argument, every talking point asserts that you are a racist and a bad person if you believe America’s government should first and foremost protect American citizens. This is a fun game for the failed foreign policy establishment, because they reap all the benefits of using Americans’ blood and money to pump up their self-esteem while bearing precisely none of the costs.

One of the primary reasons this cadre of credentialed incompetents loathed former president Donald Trump is because, as a secular, thrice-married New York billionaire, he was impervious to the moral blackmail that had worked like a charm on everyone else for over a decade. He didn’t much care if they called him racist for wanting to secure the border and put an end to open borders. He didn’t care if they called him heartless for wanting to shut down immigration from “sh-thole countries” to preserve the wages of American workers. And he didn’t care if they called him stupid for refusing to go along with their plans for forever wars all around the globe.

For a time, America had a president who wouldn’t be bullied into doing things that weren’t in America’s national security interests. They hated him for it, and it’s why they spent every waking moment for four years, including two impeachments, desperately trying to throw him out of office.

Moral blackmail only works when the target cares what the blackmailer thinks about him. America’s interventionist elites have publicly failed in the most spectacular way possible, with the evidence of their failures playing on repeat on television for all the world to see.

Breaking their hold on power from here on out is simple: stop caring what they think, and stop caring what they say about you. Their ideas are disastrous and their rhetoric—that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist traitor—is toxic in a society built on free expression. The architects of the nation-building policies from Afghanistan to Iraq are failures and should be treated with the same disdain reserved for flat earthers or bloodletters.

Do you want to prevent the next Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Syria from being foisted on the American public at the cost of who knows how many decades, lives, or trillions of dollars? Stop giving them an inch. Stop kowtowing to their moral blackmail. Start telling them no.

Precisely. But that’s only the first step. There are others we’ll have to take, much more drastic and dark ones. But as with any journey, this first step is an absolute must. Because if it isn’t taken, the nation will be irrecoverably lost, and all those other steps will be no more than what-ifs, to be looked back on with regret.


22 thoughts on “Tell ’em NO

  1. As the Bear has noted, this is all Baked In the Cake that was the Obergroperdrüler’s Installation in the White House.

  2. Tell ’em NO.

    Lol, m’kay. That oughta do it. While you’re at it, vote HARDER too.

    Not gonna waste my time pointing out how the commies who make these decisions wouldn’t have much power without the support of “people of color” lest I be regaled again with tales of the wonders our brown and black brothers have bestowed upon America. Yay rap music and sportsball!

    Sorry but, “There are dumb and corrupt whites too!” is just not a compelling argument in favor of sub-literate, feral savages taking over America.

    Nope, I just wanted to note that between this site, Instapundit, Ace of Spades and most other “conservative” sites, the many victories of the Left will be well documented for future historians. They may wonder why those same sites never offered any solutions other than Tell em no! Vote Harder! Give them jobs! Teach them civics! Don’t be raycisss!

    It shouldn’t take them long to figure out that “right wing sites” didn’t offer any solutions because they were afraid to be kicked off teh interwebz by Leftists. And where would we be without hundreds of websites dedicated to telling us all about the Lefts’ endless string of victories?

    Maybe historians will notice that one of the few sites to offer real solutions; “sink the ships”, “send them back”, etc, was booted off the Leftist servers but still managed to stay on teh interwebz to try and deliver solutions to a beleaguered white population. Maybe that will inspire so called patriots to stop pussyfooting and deal with reality.

    One can only hope. In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the next “I’m so mad about the Left destroying America that I wrote a blog post.” Oh look, Insty has one up now!

    1. A Vox Day cultist speaks. No one is actually “sinking the ships”, are they. Maybe, Teddy Beale should shout it harder.

      1. And a Soy Boi submits.

        Nope they’re not sinking the ships. How’s that working out for you?

        How many votes would the communists have had to fake to install Biden without the minority vote? Would it have been so many that even you couldn’t ignore it?

        1. Whatever are you talking about? I agree that the ships should be sunk. Offering a solution is one thing. Acting on it yourself or having others act on it is another.

          Here, a solution often touted is: kill the Commies. Same thing. Nada.

          1. Ah, okay then. Well, the point of my comment is that we need leaders. We need those of us with a following and a reach to get on board with getting the message out that its time to start acting. There’s no point to documenting the Left’s successes anymore. The time has come to stand up.

            That doesn’t have to mean calling for revolution and getting a visit from the FBI and prosecuted as a domestic terrorist. There are millions of us ready for action but we think we’re all alone and powerless.

            Start with the basics like how to opt out of Leftist society. What are the options for cutting the cord, getting Leftist propaganda out of our lives and who to replace them with? What are the best books for homeschooling and growing our own food? What are the best weapons to buy for defense and for offense? What training should we get? How can we get the message out to likeminded people around us and organize them? How do we spot FBI agents and informants? Keep pushing people to run for school boards and local offices. Let our biggest voices call for organized civil disobedience and public marches. Make sure we can bail out people who are wrongly arrested. Use lawfare against the Left.

            A lot of it will be basic stuff that most of us already know but many don’t or are just waking up. There’s probably many more things that I’m leaving out. How do we sabotage Leftists? What ways can we make their lives even more miserable?

            We’re wasting our time focusing on what the Left is accomplishing without providing any ideas on how to respond. And when the time comes, we’ll need trusted leaders to tell us to rise up and fight. When we win, then we can make sure to sink all the ships.

            1. Actually, you don’t need “trusted leaders” or “biggest voices”. The French, in their anti-vax passport demonstrations, managed to get 1.25 million people in the streets in 180 cities and towns in France and its territories, without any sort of leader or central organization –

  3. Importing tens of thousands of men who have no real tie to our culture and modern society and, in fact, may harbor a desire to harm us.

    What could go wrong? Couldn’t we use an Ilhan Omar on every block?

    1. Importing tens of thousands of men subhuman hominids.


      Afghan tribesmen may have been human at one point, but ten or twenty generations of inbreeding caused them to regress.

  4. Botched_Lobotomy, armchair warrior whines about armchair warriors. You gotta be new to this because in the thirteen years since the tea party took off every wannabe William Wallace has said the same thing and done nothing.

    I do have to say, though, that if it helps our veterans sleep better at night I’m fine with taking in a few thousand refugees. I have yet to meet a military vet who served in The Middle East who shares the sentiments of the above comments.

    1. I have yet to meet a military vet

      Shortening that statement for the truth.

      1. Given how clever you think that response is I suspect—hell, I *know*—that statement is far more self-referential than accurate.

        Most of the folks I know did multiple deployments and have spent years over there. It doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to realize people who kept going over didn’t do it because they shared sentiments about native Afghans noted above.

        Sure they thought we needed to get out, but agreeing there is a problem doesn’t mean automatically agreeing about the cause or the solution—and I’m sure there are those who don’t agree, over the course of typing this response I realized I do in fact know one veteran who talks like you do.
        He did one deployment, came home with severe PTSD and is on disability for it.

        You think folks who went back over and over again when they could have stopped did it ‘cause they hate all middle easterners and killing?
        Average hippy from Berkeley would agree with you. So are you a hippy in conservative’s clothing?

        1. “…I realized I do in fact know one veteran who talks like you do.”

          And how is that? Given I have made exactly zero comments in this thread prior to responding, however cleverly, to your comment.

          “Average hippy from Berkeley would agree with you. So are you a hippy in conservative’s clothing?”

          Are you fucking nuts? Agree with what?

          Here let me clear up any misunderstanding you may have about my position regarding Afghanistan.

          I’d kill every man, woman, and child in that shithole 3rd century country to save one American service member.

          “…I do in fact know one veteran who talks like you do.
          He did one deployment, came home with severe PTSD and is on disability for it.”

          How convenient, the one veteran you know that agree’s with me (with an unknown to you position) has PTSD.

          “You think folks who went back over and over again when they could have stopped…”

          They followed their orders. They don’t get to “opt out”. I know a couple of young men that did not want to go back, but they did anyway. I know a father that wishes his late son never went.

          The Americans that went over there are near 100% fine men, not murderers. They went because they believed in their country. They killed because bad people were trying to kill them. They made friends with locals, as American service men always do. They want their friends out of there, understandably. I’d like to trade a few million US citizens for them myself.

          “I have yet to meet a military vet who served in The Middle East who shares the sentiments of the above comments.”

          Except for those with “PTSD” apparently. You haven’t known many veterans if you don’t understand why they were there.

          Why were they there?

          1. I actually know a lot of them with PTSD, dated a few for that matter, just the one who agrees with you also has PTSD so badly he is on disability.
            I can’t point and say all their reasons were exactly the same—‘cause they weren’t. Some joined because it was a family tradition, some joined because they wanted to serve in the wake of 9/11, some joined because wanted a sense of family.
            And yeah, they went because they were told to—but no one twisted their arm and told them they had to re-enlist—but they kept going back because they *wanted* to, they found purpose in the service they were rendering.
            Those who didn’t did one rotation, got out and stayed out.

            As far as “blowing away every human being in that 3rd world shit hole to save even one American service member” do you understand that’s the opposite of why the long-termers kept going back?

            I could tell you story after story from different veterans I know, but they aren’t my stories to tell—especially if they’re only being used to substantiate that for which logic alone suffices.

            1. Well I will be dipped in shit. Joss, how the hell are ya, girlfriend? For those who may not be aware, “jrabid” up there is a long, long, LONGtime Friend De Blogge, and of mine personally. Long time no etc, J, hope you’re hale and hearty and all.

            2. I realize that those armed forces people that went back had the best of intentions.

              The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

              There’s a reason to go to war. Stop the enemy from killing you. To do this you kill them. So in WW II we went to Europe, landed in France and swept into Germany killing as many German troops and Nazis as we could find.

              We did this until they stopped fighting.

              That’s why we won. They gave up.

              I’m sure along the way a lot of poor basterds died for their country in the fields and forests and plains of France and Germany, as well as Italians in Libya and Italy itself. War is Hell. Well, we spilled our blood for OUR Freedom. Their Freedom was their responsibility.

              We never had to go back and beat Nazis and Fascists again though.

              So instead of going there to win “Hearts and Minds” and bring “Democracy” we should go there to win the War. The rest is up to the Afghans.

              I’m sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the fact of the World outside our cozy little existence here in the US, unsullied, until recently, by such evil because we fought OUR War for Freedom centuries ago, even though that Freedom has been threatened ever since. Still, we haven’t fought any foreign enemy in CONUS since Texas and we haven’t had War in CONUS since the Civil War. So many years of the Wars being Over There have made us think War is something different than it’s always been.

              It’s always been about Winning. Do that first and the rest follows, but that is up to the locals.

            3. “…do you understand that’s the opposite of why the long-termers kept going back?

              You are absolutely wrong regarding the vast majority of men that went to Afghanistan (or any other place). In every fight that occurred in that 3rd century 3rd world shithole, the American men fighting would kill everyone on the opposite side of the field to save any member of their group. Were there a few Bergdhals scattered throughout our military? Of course. And probably most of them in the upper ranks unfortunately. But the vast majority, no, you have no understanding of them or their motivation.

              I’ll repeat, “Why were they there?

            4. I could tell you story after story from different veterans I know…

              My family is full of those veterans, men that served from WW2 through Korea and Vietnam.

              If you wish to gain some understanding, ask an American serviceman how many Afghans he would kill to save his buddy in the foxhole next to him.

              1. Barry, you speak in absolutes. That’s a great way to be wrong.
                My creds on this are immediate and extensive enough it feels weird throwing them out there—but I can tell you I was an army wife and have dealt with sending a man overseas, and I’ve lost one to suicide.

                Maybe there is a regional thing going on, but my company is national and the CXOs sent out an email that they’d set up extra mental health services for veterans in the company for the next little while.

                I’m seeing three a.m. posts detailing what happened to that hell of a guy guide/translator and his family.

                Our service members have spent the last twenty years holding back the tide and to show our gratitude we have become a nation of whiny bitches obsessed with reality TV. It might be too late for our collectively terrified asses.l, to be honest. We’re afraid of COVID, afraid of Afghanis, afraid of no masks, afraid of wearing masks—whatever. The common thread is fear. S’like a bunch of us forgot that being alive means more than having a pulse.

                “Why do they go over?” There’s no one collective answer to cover every single service person, to insist that there is one correct answer is about as ham-handedly ridiculous as insisting all white people are racist or oppressed or whatever—

                But I can tell you that those who who go back over and over again do have one thing figured out that the rest of the nation is woefully ignorant of—
                That life is more than a pulse, and paradoxically part of really being alive is knowing there are things worth laying it down over. It isn’t my job or your job to tell them why and how and when they should risk it, and it sure as hell isn’t our job to use their deaths to justify whatever dearly-held view we want justified.

                1. I look forward to the day they take back the US from those who stole it from us.

                  Stop The Steal.

                2. Barry, you speak in absolutes. That’s a great way to be wrong.

                  Perhaps you should read what you wrote to discover the “Absolutes”.

                  “Why do they go over?” There’s no one collective answer to cover every single service person, to insist that there is one correct answer is about as ham-handedly ridiculous as insisting all white people are racist or oppressed or whatever—

                  I haven’t given a “collective” answer. In fact I haven’t discussed mental health. I’m not even sure what it is you are arguing.

                  We have an all volunteer force. The men and women that join know what they are getting into. They do it anyway, most of them for the love of our great country. I’ve said near 100% are fine people.

                  I have no idea what you take issue with. I’ve said I, note the singular there, I would kill every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan to save one American life. I have not said that is why American servicemen go to Afghanistan, to kill people. I have said that when their backs are to the wall they will kill for each other, and if you don’t know what you know nothing about their training or how they fight.

                  I have yet to meet a military vet who served in The Middle East who shares the sentiments of the above comments.

                  That’s what you said that I reacted to. An Absolute. One, you haven’t met all vets, not even 1% to know what they think. Two, many of those vets think it crazy to bring people from a terrorist state here.

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