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A culture of faith and force

When it clashes—as it inevitably must—with a culture bereft of either and wildly, reflexively averse to both, guess who comes out the winner every time?

Here’s a story about CENTCOM Commander Gen. Frank McKenzie meeting with the heads of the bloody subhumans comprising Taliban, at Doha, in order to beg permission to scuttle out of Kabul without, at best, his people getting their asses chewed off by AAA-fire before the landing gear is in the wells.

That’s where that all is, now.

The second video clip on the page is among the most harrowing that I’ve seen in the whole catastrophe, so far. I can see everything implicit in a scene of illiterate Southwest Asian peasants running alongside and climbing, where they can, onto a C-117 heavy-lift jet airplane, cheering it along a taxiway like some uncanny burden-beast in an appearance in the village festival parade.

We’re talking about the pre-scientific mind. Their leaders have for generations suppressed and overthrown every approach to modern life, all of which is born and borne in the West. Everything they have that’s modern, came from the minds and work of people the like of which they have never raised.

Now, they have fallen to the ravages of this murderously anti-human scourge, the Taliban, among whose stated intents is to bring the whole world under their blade. It’s awful to see anyone driven to such abject mortal terror. Among the recurring attractions of my eye in watching various Kabul videos is the children, almost always holding tightly to an adult hand, illustrating the last shred of trust that someone is going to do something to make everyone stop running and screaming.

This is a very old culture of faith and force, virtually untouched by the attributes of reason which are an essential characteristic of the Western mind, except in various expedient mimicries: they can machine an AK-47 right there in front of their hut, but they’re not interested to work-up what it takes to invent something like that and everything that goes into genuine industry of anything on a national scale.

Their sketch of “government” is Victorian, at best, foggily-lensed as a sort-of cargo-cult apprehension of form and baksheesh in practice — at worst, it’s plainly medieval and it’s about to get medievaler.

For now, the world is just going to have to suffer this one. This; on top of twenty years of America doing its own suffering at just living with a constant state of war so sublime that it takes something like the past forty-eight hours of Afghanistan for even CENTCOM to finally take it seriously as it really is. The imaginable horrors awaiting that place harrow up the soul.

Just imagine the horrors awaiting US, once we’ve upped the importation of these primordials to, say, Merkelian standards.

It’s Billy Beck talking, so you know what you must do, Glasshoppa.


6 thoughts on “A culture of faith and force

  1. This is gonna be a long one. But it perfectly sums up what’s going to happen.
    To see what Biden’s puppet-master Obama is likely up to with the Afghanistan debacle recall the incident in Obama’s first term when Muslim pirates boarded a commercial shipping vessel off the coast of Yemen, the Maersk Alabama, and took part of the crew hostage. 

    In a foreshadowing of Obama’s behavior in the Benghazi terror attack he tried to stop our quick reaction forces from mustering a quick response to the piracy attack but he was too slow. Seal teams were already en route to the Maersk Alabama where they got set up and took out the pirates. 

    My analysis at the time was that Obama, raised as a Muslim, had tried to block a military response because he wanted to use the Maersk Alabama incident to set a precedent for the paying of ransom for hostages taken by Muslim raiders.
    Remember this is what America’s first foreign war was fought over (“the shores of Tripoli”), and Muslims (Obama), are always fixated first on trying to undo past losses. Bin Laden explained the 9/11 attacks as revenge for Christians taking back Moorish Spain.

    Hostage taking and ransom demands are not just an integral part of traditional Islamic warfare, they are necessary for Islam to in any way to prosper because by themselves Islamic societies are inherently very unproductive. This is first because Muhammad made a religion out of criminality. He started as a caravan raider and turned it into a religion where the first cornerstone is the Koranic verse: “Booty has been made lawful for you.”

    Instead of “thou shalt not steal,” Islam says: “thou shalt steal.” And on down to every other crime: thou shalt rape, though shalt murder, thou shalt bear false witness. 
    Every crime is enabled if it advances Islamic conquest.

    Crime is not productive. It is a parasite on the productive people, making a crime-based religion inherently unproductive. Secondly Islam is a totalitarian religion in the sense that it dictates endless details of everyday life, keeping Islamic society stuck in the stone-age patterns of Muhammad. Thus to prosper Islam has historically relied on exorbitant taxes (Jizya) extracted from subjugated non-Muslims (dhimmi Christians and Jews), and it has relied on booty and ransom from its relentless attacks on non-Muslims. 

    Islam is a predatory animal. If it can’t find prey it starves and Obama does not want it to starve. He wants it to conquer the world. So now, as the voice in sponge-brained Biden’s ear, Obama has arranged a military withdrawal that has left 10-40 thousand American civilians in Taliban hands, an absolutely massive haul of hostages, and Obama already has Biden promising that he is going to work with the Taliban to free these hostages. 

    Obviously this is setting up a transaction. Biden will be paying ransom money for the hostages, and don’t expect it to be anything less than multiple millions of dollars apiece. Obama already set the going price of a single hostage at $5billion plus 5 Taliban chiefs for the wretched traitor Bowe Bergdahl. I wouldn’t expect anything less than $10 million apiece for the current many thousands of hostages. That’s 20,000 hostages times $10m apiece = $200b. Anything less would be an insult to the Taliban, and it could go a lot higher.

    After all, the Taliban will be setting the going price for hostage ransoms going forward so they have strong incentive to drive a hard bargain, while Biden, who has Taliban-ally Obama in his ear, will be driving a very soft bargain. Don’t be surprised if Biden tries to give them a trillion dollars with which to launch a thousand more hostage raids and terror attacks.

    1. When you say 0 I realize that what you really mean is “the people behind 0”. 0 was a dope smoking derelict who happened to be Muslim and in no way greased the skids of his rise to the Presidency on his own. If you hypothesize that some combination of Muslims and Black Power groups arranged his “birth certificate” in Hawaii, sent him to Indonesia to be trained in Islamic ways, then laundered him back through Hawaii into top Private Schools and Universities, and then shepherded him through Marxist training as a Community Organizer, then greased the skids for his political rise to the Presidency in such a short time, it explains everything.

      He’s a product of a combination of Islamic Fanatics, anti-colonialist West hating radicals and Marxist American Fellow Travelers.

      My guess is they have torpedoed the Clinton wing of the Dems, and Biteme is a compromise with the ChiComs to get the Marxist piece of the action. It also makes sense that they’re clearing the decks of other factions in NY and Cali that have their own preferred candidates (like Cuomo and Newsome).

      I still think that Biteme’s failure and removal was intended sooner rather than later and I do not think Kamel Humps is the end game either. The only thing about Her BJness is, as a Vagina POC, she has the magic deflector shield that 0 had, but one checkmark better. So let’s see who they install as Veep once Joetato rots away and Kamel Humps becomes the HISTORIC FIRST VAGINA.

      1. Fuels comment is spot on, but I also believe obama is just a front and radical Islam is just a useful idiot. The real power has no religion except they are the god.

        1. I believe both the Islamic religionists and the Marxist religionists believe that in the end they will each beat the other at their own game.

          For as barbaric as Islam has been throughout its history, the Marxists have been able to chalk up an incredible body count in comparison. Magnitudes higher.

          1. Yea, 100 million + higher, and still going. The islamists are pikers compared with the marxists.

      2. Kamel Humps becomes the HISTORIC FIRST VAGINA.

        I can’t believe that Democrats still think that means anything. Don’t they know that sex is only a social construct?

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