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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

33 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. “In light of this…the university will not require anyone to wear face coverings in our buildings, except when in university health care facilities and when utilizing campus public transportation, effective August 3,”

    Our neighbors to the south of us get it. The University of South Carolina ends their mask requirement after the SC attorney general says it is unconstitutional.

    Where is the NC legislature? You know, the one dominated by so called Republicans…

  2. It has been impressive just how quickly the current junta has been able to screw up pretty much everything, racing at warp speed to recreate the malaise and failures of the Carter Era. The latest installment of unwanted nostalgia is of course Ashcanistan, with the media having a mass Vietnam flashback. (I had hoped that as the Boomers finally age out of national power that we might get an end to the ‘every international event seen through the Vietnam lens’ syndrome, but not yet at least.)

    What is happening is not (or at least should not be) a surprise. All those US-trained Afghan soldiers are in fact doing a great job — it is just that most of them are fighting on the Taliban side. Withdrawing was always going to leave a mess behind, because Ashcanistan. But it did not need to be this bad if the current regime had any understanding of history or military issues. But of course they are leftists so they do not. Need 657 shades of Marxist theory? They have that one aced. But the most basic concepts of logistics and force projection are utterly unknown to them.

    It amuses me that the Dems could have let President Trump withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and deal with the fall out, but of course they could not permit the hated Orange Man to be perceived as succeding at anything. Trump would not have screwed up the withdraw process this badly, but it would still have been a huge mess with immense amounts of wasted equipment and money and heaps of blame to be shifted around. The media would have had a celebration, spending months blaming Trump for every single problem. But instead it all blows up on Rutabaga Joe’s watch. Karma can be a right bastard at times. 🙂

    1. Nothing good will ever happen in that shithole short of nuclear weapons creating a vacuum of shitholians.

      The biden regime screws up everything it touches. Worse than the Carter regime and surpassing obama for worst ever.

      Over the last 50 years or so we’ve had 12 with a decent president. The rest have been clowns and marxists.

      1. 60 years. LBJ was the one who made Vietnam into the clusterfuck it’s known as now. JFK had the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of the SVN President by the CIA and the Cuba fiasco that he barely exited while giving up our missiles in Turkey.

        Ike. Reagan. Trump. 20 out of 69 years. Unless something drastic occurs in 2024 we will chalk it up as 20 out of 72 years.

        Can you imagine if we just had a placeholder who did nothing those other 49 years how much better this Country could have been? Instead since January 2020 to now, less than 20 months, they’ve taken us back to the disastrous 70s and I imagine in another 12 months we’ll be rerunning the 30’s.

        1. True, Going back to ’52 we can add Ike’s 8 years and a bunch of bad years.

  3. So the preparations are being made for the Biden regime to announce they want everyone to take a “booster shot” of the sacred spike juice, allegedly to fend off the dreaded, horrible, will-kill-everyone-this-time-we-really-really-mean-it delta scariant.

    But as far as I have been able to find, this is just more of the same stuff that is increasingly ineffective even according to the government numbers. There is not a ‘delta formulation’ of the spike juice; they are even just mixing and matching the different brands. It is total magical thinking, pure cargo cult stuff: “Partake of more of the sacred juice to protect from heresy!”

    I am sure the government and big pharma will claim that upping the dose has useful effects. But if that is true, why didn’t they recommend a third shot from the very start? Isn’t determining the proper safe and effective dose a key goal of human clinical trials? Oh right, they skipped those steps and went straight to testing it on millions of the general public.

    The goal posts are moving so fast these days, NASA should be using them to launch stuff into orbit.

    1. More and more this is looking like a perpetual scare job and a very expensive payoff to Big Pharma to boot. Scare everyone with a “Variant” and get Jabbed once a year forever while masking and locking down all the time anyway.

      Yet millions will line up for the third shot and the fourth shot and the next ad nauseum and never question any of it.

      It’s hard to believe that the default position that our Government is ALWAYS lying to us is the right position. Even a cynical person like me couldn’t believe that just 2 years ago. Now? It’s obvious.

      For far too many people they remain Oblivious. They actually buy everything the Government spouts through NPR and CNN and WaPo and NY Times as The Gospel According to the Experts. Today, a reading from St. Fauci to the Dumbfuckistanians. Followed by a sermon from Father President Biden and then communion with the Holy Jab.

  4. I wonder how many afghans here and coming will be blackmailed into committing acts to save their families, now that the saracens are in complete control

    1. Many won’t need to be blackmailed.

      The chances they haven’t been sending Jihadis over the Southern Border for 7 months now is 0.

      A Domestic Snackbar Attack is inevitable. I wouldn’t doubt it occurs on 9/11.

  5. It’s been quite the interesting couple of days, hasn’t it? Of course, old Rutabaga Joe seems to think it is has been 4-5 days. He also got several other things confused of late, enough that people are noticing. My guess is that the urgency of the situation has forced them to bring Biden out in public more frequently than it is safe to give him his usual cocktail of drugs and stimulants, and we are seeing more of the baseline Biden mental state.

    1. More evidence piling up? Biden cancelled his scheduled 1 PM Eastern press statement without explanation. Also, rumors are floating that world leaders (including PM Johnson of Great Britain) attempted to reach Biden to discuss the Kabul situation and did not get their calls returned. Seems like Team Biden had to give old Joe a day or two off the stims so he just could not be allowed out of his basement.

      There are even rumors going around that PM Trudeau of Canada called Hillary Clinton to discuss the Afghan situation when he could not reach Biden. Kamala who?

      1. I walked by the TV and saw nod speaking (biden) with black masked winken (harris) and blinken (blinken) flanking either side of nod. So I think he did give a fairy tale presser today.

        Killary answered the phone call and requested a donation to speak is what I hear 🙂

  6. It looks like the recall vote in California is not looking good for the Newsome crew. They have filed a federal lawsuit to invalidate the entire California recall process as unconstitutional. They have also started up a “we have discovered a long history of sexist statements by Larry Elder” smear job. I am sure the fraud is being prepared as well, so I am not optimistic. But at least they are getting a solid scare.

    1. In a fair election newsome would be done. But it’s Californicate, nothing about it will be fair.

      1. Absolutely. I am seeing reports that the recall ballots and envelopes were designed so that it is possible to tell what the vote is without opening them…making it very easy to “accidentally lose” votes of the wrong type. But gosh, I am sure the government unions in the postal service would not be supporting a specific candidate in this election or anything….

        1. The left is definitely worried about the recall. The LA Times came out with a big story calling Elder “the black face of white supremacy.” RAYCISS!!!!! Break the glass and bring out the all purpose magic incantation!

          1. Yea, saw that, got a good laugh. Anyone that opposes the marxists is a rayciss.

    1. Won a War against a formidable foe.

      Lost a War against uncivilized savages.

      If Milley were in charge instead of Ike we would be speaking German today.

      1. I get your point.

        I do not however agree on the war losing part. We left the shithole, 19 years late, recognizing that savages can not be civilized or democratized.

        Milley, biden, and all the rest even screwed up leaving of course. Probably by design, but even worse than they expected.

        1. We neither achieved the stated goal of Nation Building (spit), the Taliban now control all of the Country instead of just half on 9/11/01, and we didn’t kill enough of them to make them fear US. In fact, they mock us now and will probably step up terrorist attacks again. Possibly even within the US. Plus Al-qaeda and ISIS now have a place to operate, plan and train again.

          We lost this war.

          1. “Nation Building” is not making war. We failed to build a nation. The war, such that it was, was won a year after it started. It was won by a handful of Americans, many riding horseback. The next 19 years was a wealth transfer from me and you to the deep state contractors that run the military.

            There were individual battles and there were men fighting in hellatious conditions at a local level. But war? No, there was never an effort by this country to fight a war in Afghanistan.

            1. Well, then that is technically what happened in Vietnam. We won the objective but then were betrayed by the Dems (here it was the Uniparty) and in the end lost it all including any gains we had made.

              They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Again.

              Except I have a little beef with that. We disrupted Al Qaeda in the first year. We didn’t destroy them. They are now reforming in Afghanistan with 5,000 prisoners freed. We didn’t kill Bin Laden in the first year. We did limit his ability to plan and execute more attacks. Eventually we got him more by luck. The Taliban was never disturbed and basically held their ground through the whole time.

              So, beyond a limited few gains, how did we “win” there in the first year?

              1. What was the objective, the real objective?

                To take out the bin laden terror group and kill/capture bin laden. To do that we would need to remove the taliban from control of afghanistan.

                The taliban were run into the caves, they have not been in control of afghanistan for 19 years, give or take a few months.

                We missed bin laden initially because he went to pakistan and was protected by pakistan.

                We have lost no men for the last 18 months. What kind of war do you call that? The taliban were neutralized under trump.

                We can’t lose a war that doesn’t exist and there was no war in afghanistan. Nothing but a stupid mission to do the impossible, all as cover to extract our wealth.

                No, we didn’t lose in vietnam. In fact, we never lost a major battle in vietnam. We left there and the democrats did the same thing they are doing now.

                1. That’s what I said about Vietnam as well. Republicans had it won and then Dems came in and lost it.

                  But we DID eventually lose Vietnam to the North and we have indeed lost Afghanistan to the Taliban. What that will mean to us down the road is yet to be known but it WILL have bad consequences.

                  In the end here we are pretty much in agreement up until the point where we lost in the past 7 months. Whether we lost Vietnam II and Afghanistan II is a matter of opinion, and frankly I am on board with that assessment.

                  Trump was leaving Afghanistan not as a loser, but as a winner. It would have been easy to keep the Taliban in check with the occasional air mission to destroy any incursions into no man’s land between Taliban held cities and Karzai Afghan held cities.

                  I don’t know why we expect Afghans to handle even our older planes in combat. Every Islam Air Force has shown they can’t get off the ground in any kind of combat scenario. I don’t think they even bother to get in the planes and just have them sit there and destroyed on the ground.

                  1. Taliban in control of afghanistan is inevitable unless we want to stay there forever. The afghani’s like being ruled over, it’s in their DNA. Nothing is going to change that.

                    Trump would have left in the proper manner, giving the afghani’s that wanted freedom a chance, getting our people out, and destroying whatever equipment we were leaving, but in the end unless you plan to continue to police the place…

                    The mistake was staying longer than the first year, one that many of us proclaimed loudly at the time. Sad to say I was not one of them. I wasn’t gung ho let’s take over afghan and make a democracy, but I thought a year was not enough time.

                    Ike told us, and he was more right than even he knew. The mil contractors run the military 100% and probably control the intelligence which controls the politicians in turn.

                    1. On 9/11/01 The Taliban controlled only half the country. They were being supported by Pakistan ISI elements.

                      The Afghans may like Authoritarian government but they don’t want FUNDAMENTALIST authoritarian government and were fighting against it there before we got there.

                      So something we did turned it to shit. Perhaps it was Obozo or perhaps it was just bugging out in the middle of the night by Biteme, but it was never inevitable the Taliban were going to take ALL of Afghanistan.

                      So something we did changed that and that’s called Losing.

                    2. Oh yea, Afghaniscab was a paradise before we got there.

                      In 2001 somewhere near 90% of the shithole was controlled by the taliban, not 50%. They have been at war with each other or someone outside forever. It was a shithole in 2001, it’s a shithole today, it will always be a shithole.

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