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Tyranny comes to your house

It’s roosting on our friend Wes’s doorstep even now.

Yesterday a news headline came to my attention that will affect mine and my families lives.

Charlotte hospitals announce mandatory COVID vaccine requirement for all employees

Charlotte hospital systems Atrium Health and Novant Health will begin requiring all workers get the COVID-19 vaccinations, hospital officials confirmed Thursday.

Atirum Health will require all workers — including remote workers, physicians, medical residents, faculty, fellows, trainees, contractors, medical staff, students, temporary workers and volunteer staff — to get vaccinated or have an approved medical or religious exemption by Oct. 31.

And Novant Health will require the same for all of its employees, contractors, vendors and students by Sept. 15.

My wife is a NICU Nurse and a damn good one. She loves saving babies. She doesn’t want to take the jab and refuses to take this experimental poison.

The fight it seems has now landed at my door. Will anyone help me? Or is it just my problem since your lives aren’t affected by this decision. I’ve got many friends whose wives are nurses and I heard from many of them yesterday. “What do we do?” was the question I was asked. The first option is to try for the religious exemption. Not sure how that is going to go over though with over half of their staff trying to claim it. Hospitals already don’t have enough staff for their patients, what happens when they lose even more staff due to the refusal to take their mandated poison? The second option? Well let’s just say they hope we don’t have to go there. Honestly though, the second option for me is the first, if you know what I mean.

The time to throw down draws near. Sooner or later it’s going to affect us all. All major employers will end up mandating the poison as a condition of employment, due to pressure from TPTB. Or how about if you have to have it to collect Social Security, unemployment, or just being a government employee. I’m tired of waiting for trouble to come to my door. Sadly they are slowly but surely backing good people into a corner. Trouble is here America, and 99% of the people have no clue how bad things can and will get.

Wes is one of a handful of blogosphere colleagues and allies I regularly correspond with; I know him as a good guy and consider him a friend, although we haven’t met face to face. The predicament he now finds himself in is extremely upsetting, even moreso since he’s also literally a neighbor of mine, located no more than 15-20 miles from where I live. Troubling doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it.

And that’s only the personal side of all this. Bottom line is, there’s some seriously unsavory shit going on, and it is now or soon will be on everyone’s agenda, not just one poor ol’ blogger and his spouse. The Überstate’s (Not)Vaxx goon squads are out and about, and they’re all around us. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, they’re coming for you. As Wes said, they are slowly but surely backing good people into a corner.

By now y’all know what I always say about these malefactors: They will not stop; they will have to BE stopped. As they relentlessly, arrogantly snatch all other options away from us one after another, we will soon find ourselves left with but one last, desperate resort. I don’t have to tell you folks what that is. I don’t know what I can possibly do to assist Wes, what any of us can do. What I DO know is that the inflection point, the hour of decision, is nigh upon us all. And none of us—not Wes, not me, not you —should have to face it alone.

Spicy time cometh, and that right soon. Gird your loins, people. Be ready.


18 thoughts on “Tyranny comes to your house

  1. There is already a nursing shortage. If 20-25% of the nurses got together and said “Hell no”, there would be trouble for the hospitals.

    What we need right now are leaders that can be effective in leading the resistance. Disjointed efforts do not work.

    “United We Stand, Divided we Fall”

    1. Anyone who dares to try to provide such leadership will face the full coercive powers of the Big Government/Big Tech/Big Media conglomerate. The ruling class knows they have to hammer down any outliers to keep the general population docile. They have a lot of practice at doing so.

      Such leaders are certainly needed. But the road ahead is a very difficult one.

  2. I know this is a payoff to Big Pharma, who were told to shut up about Ivermectin and other treatments and told to push the Vaxx and they’ll get paid.

    I also see this as a test for TPTB to see how far they can coerce us into doing things we don’t like without directly ordering us.

    As an example, the State of NC University system is not requiring vaccination to attend this fall. However, unvaxxed must get tested weekly. That means at some point even a false positive will have a student out of class for two weeks, putting them at a decided disadvantage for that semester. Athletes playing for their major sports are under enormous pressure to vaxx. Vaxx and there is no testing. But the Unvaxxed on the team will get tested and once again, even a false positive will get all unvaxxed off the field for two weeks and will get Vaxxed players tested. They did this to the Baseball team in the College World Series. 9 unvaxxed players tossed for positive test(s). They still went out and played and almost won. So then 4 VAXXED players out of 12 tested positive and they had to forfeit.

    What good is these vaccines of 1/3 still test positive? Frankly I smell more than a rat. I smell the whole cast of rats from the movie Ben.

    On sports websites the Fans are screaming for coaches to make it mandatory to vaxx or don’t play. Kicked off the team. Because hey, a fan’s entertainment for a season is more important than the rights of a player not to take a chance on a potentially lifelong side effect ruining the rest of their lives. Butnkf course last year when they shut everything down those fans who thought it was stupid were told THEY have no say. It’s just One Season, you can give that up. Right?

    If not for Double Standards they’d have no standards at all. The hypocritical lot of them.

    We have far too many people who will sit there saying “Nurses” are CRUCIAL and ESSENTIAL. They will be penalized if they refuse to get the Jab and get canned. No UNEMPLOYMENT!! FINES!!! JAIL TIME!!!!

    I can see a lot of people thinking just that way now. America, please show me I’m wrong here.

  3. My first time offering free, cheap advice, on this website. Some governing bodies who may have influence on this hospital admin.- Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, County and or municipal boards. The only thing that you have as an employee that the hospital desperately needs is your labor. Fortunately I am retired and do not have to accept the crap your wife may or may not have to face.The Hospital will have a contingency plan set up to cover a walk-out, but maybe not a full scale shut down.

    1. That contingency plan will train-wreck the money flow. A former hospital employer has jammed patient timeslots so tightly together that any glitch blows the system apart. Others will be cross-purposed to the duties of the nurses. But only the attending physicians, PAs, NPs and residents can do all the things a nurse is allowed to do. But all four of those employee types are further up the value chain in terms of $/hour produced by their labor. Plus the fact that those folks are already working full time in their real jobs means that a 1 day strike without any or minimal notice would be devastating.

  4. What a surprise!
    Not to anyone paying attention and with an IQ above 50.

    “The RT-PCR tests they’ve been touting for 17-months are suddenly being blacklisted by the CDC. They lied from the start and they’re switching to new lies for whatever is coming around the corner. Question everything, folks.”

    In other words, all those tests that were positive that we knew were a lie? They were a lie.

    And if you didn’t know before, now you know where the flu went. It was repackaged as the scamChinaVirus.

    CDC Quietly Revokes RT-PCR Emergency Use Authorization Because They Counted Covid-19 and Influenza Together

  5. Agree with Barry. A national nurses strike for 1 day would be a great way to monkeywrench the system. While hospital administrators (a bunch of morons with teeth) would like to retaliate, there aren’t enough nurses to simply fire and hire. The big hospitals, especially the teaching ones, are short on labor at all positions and removing part of the labor chain for even one day would screw them up for weeks. Years ago, the administrator/morons eagerly adopted the electronic medical record, perhaps the worst thing ever for productivity (I watched it happen). If you pulled the nurses out for a day, every other part of the hospital would have to jump in to do some manner of nursing triage. That of course deprives other links in the chain of the ability to process the patient load while doctors and residents are attending the electronic medical record instead of patients.
    The take home message is that nurses have the hospitals by ‘the short and curlies’ as an old friend once said. This is how we push back.

    1. Yep, the “secret” is that the hospitals run on the backs of the nurses. With a shortage already, the hospital is on precarious footing. Not to mention the doctors that may refuse the experimental shot.

      1. Sounds like a Plan then.

        Never thought I’d say this but: Be French! Walkout For A Day!!!

  6. It’s not about the disease, it’s about compliance. It’s just the next counterfactual that the Left demands you believe and act on. It’s the slippery slope: “well, if they don’t mind taking experimental drugs, perhaps we can convince them to let us indoctrinate their children . . . ” oh, too late.

    1. I’m getting closer and closer to voting for “Shoot Fucking Everybody”.

      Meh. What am I saying. I voted a long time ago that we Fucking Impale Everybody! 🙂

      Old school is the best school.

  7. It’s my strong suspicion that the virus and vaccines are a sort of binary weapon – the “vaccines” are kill/neuter shots. No vaccine fails to provide immunity or fails to stop transmission of disease. It’s like giving a TB shot which fails to stop infection or stop spread. No one would take such a shot. So these aren’t vaccines in any sense of the word. It’s about depopulation – population reduction – in a world facing resource depletion and scarcity – 

    “The confusion is that of economists and scientists building models based on past history. These models miss the turning points that occur as limits approach. They assume that future patterns will replicate past patterns, but this is not what happens in a finite world. If we lived in a world without limits, their models would be correct. This confusion is very much built into today’s thinking. In fact, we are living in an economic system/ecosystem that has brakes to it. These brakes are being applied now, even though 99%+ of the population isn’t aware of the problem. The system will protect itself, quite possibly using the approach of evicting most humans.”

    Why Collapse Occurs; Why It May Not Be Far Away

    So if you look at this “vaccine campaign” in terms of population reduction, it makes sense. “The system will protect itself, quite possibly using the approach of evicting most humans.” So instead of sending out Einsatzgruppen, which would meet with armed resistance, the government overcomes the will of people with a neat trick called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and gets them to voluntarily take poison which will result in their premature death. They seem to have figured this out in the UK first – – and they’re trying to do it to as many people as possible before people catch on and the jig is up.

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