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That makes two of us

I’m with him.

The trouble with researching anything having to do with Covid-19 is that from the very beginning, the numbers have been falsified. When a person died in a motorcycle accident, who also had asymptomatic Covid, determined by a test that was being improperly used, i.e., at greater than 25 cycles, above that it is wildly inaccurate it, (the PCR test for Covid was usually run at 35-45 cycles) was listed as a Covid death. This was done to create fear and panic, drive lockdowns and mask mandates, all to the benefit of the government, it was a test of the people. As early as May 2020 Colorado had to reduce the number of Covid deaths by 25%. Coincidentally, Alameda County, in California, had to reduce their number of deaths by the same 25%. I doubt that the numbers were inflated by the same rate as a matter of coincidence.

No one knows exactly how many people died of Covid across the nation, so comparing those deaths with the deaths of those taking the injection is impossible. The interest of the state and the medical community pushing the injection leads one to believe that the numbers of those adversely affected by the injection would be similarly corrupted downward as the Covid deaths were pushed upward. But using what we have available from the CDC and VAERS reporting system, of the roughly 500,000 people who have so far had adverse reactions to the injection, 1.7% of them resulted in death. To keep the message clear, 1.7% does not reflect the percentage of people dying from the shot, just 1.7% of the people who suffered adverse reactions to it.

If 161,000,000 Americans have received the injection and there have been 11,000 deaths as a result that’s not that far off as a percentage of those who supposedly died of Covid where they were otherwise healthy with no comorbidities. That was enough to shut down the entire Western world, but a similar 99.993% survivability of the injection is regarded as “safe and effective.”

Either .003% deaths caused by a virus is nothing to worry about or .003% deaths caused by the injection is enough to stop the program in its tracks. It cannot logically be both.

Some of you greybeards among CF Lifers may remember the swine-flu panic of ’76; certain echoes from that clown-car act resound pretty powerfully today.

Swine flu ‘debacle’ of 1976 is recalled
Warren D. Ward, 48, was in high school when the swine flu threat of 1976 swept the U.S. The Whittier man remembers the episode vividly because a relative died in the 1918 flu pandemic, and the 1976 illness was feared to be a direct descendant of the deadly virus.

“The government wanted everyone to get vaccinated,” Ward said. “But the epidemic never really broke out. It was a threat that never materialized.”

What did materialize were cases of a rare side effect thought to be linked to the shot. The unexpected development cut short the vaccination effort — an unprecedented national campaign — after 10 weeks.

The episode triggered an enduring public backlash against flu vaccination, embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control, now known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, his job.

The pandemic fears of the time and the resulting vaccine controversy may be fueling some of the public’s — and media’s — anxiety about the current outbreak, said health officials who recalled the previous event.

Do note that the “current outbreak”rferenced above is NOT the Fauxvid scam. It’s actually the swine-flu rerun from 2009 they’re talking about.

Starting to sounding familiar at all yet? If not, just cool your jets, people, we ain’t anywheres NEAR done.

Ward said his family discussed the vaccine in 1976 and decided not to get it. If a vaccine is ordered for this latest threat, he said, “I’m not getting it. I felt back then like it was a bunch of baloney.”

The swine flu brush of 1976 — some call it a debacle — holds crucial lessons for the government and health officials who must decide how to react to the new swine flu threat in the days and weeks ahead.

For starters, officials must keep the public informed. They must admit what they know and don’t know. They must have a plan ready should the health threat become dangerous. And they must reassure everyone that there is no need to worry in the meantime.

Okay, that’s a departure from the past year and a half’s shitshow: instead of trying to “reassure everyone that there is no need to worry,” today’s goobermint “health” and Enemedia apparatchiki have gone well out of their way to sow as much panic as they could.

Officials should be prepared for plenty of second-guessing, especially for any decisions regarding vaccination, which was at the core of the 1976 controversy, said Dr. David J. Sencer, the CDC director who led the government’s response to the threat and was later fired.

Fired, eh? Gee, if only somebody had pulled then-President Trump aside in January of 2017 and quietly re-introduced him to that word. Herr “Doktor” Fauci would have long since been frogmarched to the exit—him, and a whole bunch of others along with him— and we’d all be much better off for it.

“There were good things and bad things about it,” said Sencer, who is retired and lives in the Atlanta area. “People have to make science the priority. They have to rely on science rather than politics.”

The question of whether politics overtook science in 1976 has been the fodder of books, articles and discussions for 33 years.

Whoooa NELLIE. Not repeating, perhaps, but rhyming all to hell and gone. And now we come to the part (bold mine) that’s really gonna ring your bell.

At the CDC, Sencer solicited the opinions of infectious disease specialists nationwide and, in March, called on President Ford and Congress to begin a mass inoculation.

The $137-million program began in early October, but within days reports emerged that the vaccine appeared to increase the risk for Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition that causes temporary paralysis but can be fatal.

Waiting in long lines at schools and clinics, more than 40 million Americans — almost 25% of the population — received the swine flu vaccine before the program was halted in December after 10 weeks.

More than 500 people are thought to have developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving the vaccine; 25 died. No one completely understands the causes of Guillain-Barre, but the condition can develop after a bout with infection or following surgery or vaccination. The federal government paid millions in damages to people or their families.

Got that, folks? In 1976, 25 deaths were all it took to bring a vaccine program to a screeching, smoking halt. But that was then, and this is…not. Today, with untold thousands of deaths caused by the untested, unproven, and extremely shady chemical cocktail which they claim is a “vaccine” but which does none of the things actual vaccines are by definition supposed to do, our FederalGovCo “health” bureaucracy prefers to continue imperiously pressuring rightly-skeptical Americans into taking the NotVaxx; censoring all discussion of the various issues involved; and blacklisting those of us who have absolutely no intention of surrendering to the dubious-at-best mass propaganda campaign and submit to the Jab.

This is what is some call “progress.” Back to TL for the closer.

These globalists feel above the rest of humanity. They have no compassion or interest in letting the rest of us alone. We are a bother and a nuisance. They don’t see the rest of us as human beings, we are just the masses that eat too much, drive too much and destroy everything with our multitude. In their minds, if they could get robots to serve them food, laugh at jokes and fill the jet with fuel, etc., they could get rid of 90% of humanity and wouldn’t it be so cool to ski Aspen with just friends and family?

Keep in mind they have tried to reduce the population with wars and internal conflict, constantly finding ways to divide us. They’ve done it by destroying the nuclear family. They’ve done it by trying to pit white against black, black against Asian, Hispanic against black. They’ve done it with the influx of drugs, the increase in sexual slavery and abortion. Wherever there’s a chance to increase war or reduce population, they’ve facilitated it in any way they could. If a world war won’t do it without destroying everything they want to keep, perhaps a world-wide poisoning would be better.

Trust us, sayeth the goobermint? Not on your life, sez I.

I think it’s easier to eliminate those with such a mindset than to wipe out ninety percent of humanity to accommodate it. But that’s just me.

Not just you, buddy. And at the risk of pointing out something entirely obvious here, allow me to say that—purely as a practical matter—it would be a lot easier to eliminate THEM instead. There are far fewer of ’em, for one thing, which spares our precious Gaia from the serious harm having to dig a bunch of mass graves or burn all those greasy corpses would cause. Plus, in ethical terms it’s no more than what the rotten bastards deserve.


21 thoughts on “That makes two of us

  1. That’s funny. I was in high school in 1976, and I don’t remember that much of a panic over the swine flu. I also don’t remember there being much of a panic over the swine flu redux of 2009, either.

    I do vaguely remember hearing a lot more on the TV news about the Guillain-Barre syndrome thing than I heard about the actual swine flu epidemic.

    1. “…and I don’t remember that much of a panic over the swine flu.

      For good reason, very few were panicked. It barely registered on our radar, considered just another minor flu.

  2. The conclusions, that
    a) one should probably not get the shot, and
    b) the shot is far more unsafe than we’re being led to believe
    are not wrong, per se.

    Nor is the statement that COVID numbers for anything are unreliable to some unknown extent.

    One guy on a motorcycle, which has been flogged to death, getting dragooned into the stats (and which was both caught and run through the wringer by everyone, including the enemedia) does not therefore invalidate the entire COVID death toll in 50 states and 130+ countries, just because one wishes it were so. Cherrypicking one exemplar is a poor way to tell the truth, but a cheap way to load the card deck of an argument.

    But the contention that the CFR is anything like 0.003% is simply recockulous, beyond further arguing.

    Annual flu, since ever, kills 0.1% of those who get it.
    Annual deaths from it in any given year become a function of how widespread the annual outbreak, neither anything more or less complicated. QED.

    Coronaviruses, in general, kill at rates between 1% and 5% of victims, since ever, and since long before Covidiocy struck everyone on all sides, with an axe to grind, and minimal mathematical or reasoning abilities.

    The death rate of COVID-19 in the US from those infected with it runs between an outlier 0.5% (Hawaii), to 2.8% (NYFS) and 2.9% (Joisy).
    That’s of the 26 states plus DC that I bothered to crunch numbers for.
    The average range for any state is 1.5-2%, nationwide.

    The only way you get to some pulled-out-of-one’s-ass number like a death rate 0.003%, is by including in the “survival” pool everyone who never got it, which pool of non-victims currently includes some 300,000,000 uninfected Americans.


    To be blisteringly clear, that’s like counting everyone who never served in the US military from 1939-1945 in order to show that the Normandy Invasion wasn’t that lethal.

    It’s like driving your car from NYFC City Hall to the docks in Manhattan, loading it onboard a ship, sailing from New York to Los Angeles Around the Horn, and driving off the ship in San Pedro, and then seriously claiming your car got 15,000 MPG.

    It’s being the only guy in to room not to know you have a railroad spike through your brain, sticking a foot out of your head.

    It’s like being Joe Biden at a press conference, and thinking you actually won the 2020 election.

    It’s literally stupider than current instrumentation has the capability to measure.

    That sort of “math” is reserved for people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, and are too stupid to know that they don’t know.

    And when you can’t set the problem up correctly, getting the answer right is generally a matter of luck, not from anything recognizable as thinking or math.

    Anyone buying thoughts from such a vendor: <i>caveat emptor</i>.

    You’re going to be getting a cocktail with 98% turd and 2% punch, and sooner rather than later, because they don’t know what they don’t know, including what’s in the punch they’re serving.

    Just like if you drink the gubmint Koolaid.

    I would not recommend either plan.

    1. which has been flogged to death

      Perhaps for good reason. That one death, mis-attributed, is likely the tip of the iceberg, There are others for certain. How many? Unknown.

      Annual flu, since ever, kills 0.1% of those who get it.
      Perhaps. The same people that compile these numbers… And much of this data is suspect. We know that the normal flu bug distribution is only an estimate. Most people that even go to a doctor are not actually tested, just sent home for bed rest and aspirin with the “flu”. Trying to compare the flu to the scamChinaVirus is impossible because there is no valid data.

      The death rate of COVID-19 in the US from those infected with it…

      We have no clue what the death rate due to the scamChinaVirus is. An 80 year old on their deathbed tests positive* for the virus and the hospital is paid $39K if they call it a scamChinaVirus death. The vast majority of the deaths attributed to the scamChinaVirus were among the old and co-morbidity ridden folks. 8000 people die in the USA every day. 2000 of those deaths occur in nursing homes, where people are sent to die. 50% of new admissions to a nursing home are dead withing 6 months. So, up the positive test rates in the nursing homes and pay $39K to list the death as scamChinaVirus and you’re going to get a very high death rate that you attribute to the scamChinaVirus. It’s almost as though it was planned that way.

      *and if the positive test rates are not high enough, just raise the number of test cycles until you get the numbers you need. It’s almost as though it was planned that way.

      1. It’s almost as though it was planned that way.

        Exactly, Barry. Right from the beginning of this whole mess, the data collection has been so bad, the waters so thoroughly muddied by inconsistent and ever-changing standards, that it pretty much has to have been intentional. The people using the COVID scam to grab power don’t want anyone to be able to draw conclusions from the data. And they have made sure no one ever will, not now and not researchers/historians 50 years from now. Making certain that their BS claims can never be proven wrong is part of the scam.

        As for the CFR debate, I don’t care about some theoretical “national” CFR rate. We have known for more than a year now that certain categories of people are at significant risk, while other categories are not. Some CFR number that is based on how many elderly folks in NY/NJ care homes were slaughtered on Granny Killer Cuomo’s orders means nothing to a 30 year old in Arkansas. And quoting a theoretical 1.5-2.0% mortality rate for coronaviruses in general is as meaningless as the Imperial College models. We are not looking at 5-7 million dead in the USA from COVID; not even the most frothing-at-the-mouth Branch Covidians are still pushing that BS.

        And the whole “that includes the currently uninfected 300 million” argument is just more scare-mongering. “Just you wait! They are all GOING TO DIE!!!!! MILLIONS of them!!!! DIE!!!!!!! Just you wait!!!” Somehow all those 300 million don’t seem to be getting ill and dropping in the streets, despite the media scare-mongering about “super spreaders” and how one person can infects hundreds just by being on the same city block. Despite all the hype, COVID just is not a Hollywood-style Hot Zone plague of instant mass death chain-reacting across the country. It just isn’t.

        1. So full of horsepoo in so little space.

          There was no theoretical COVID mortality rate above. 1-5% is the historical range of all coronavirus observations since they started keeping track, and long before 2019, i.e. before people like you started thinking they could do statistics.
          1.5-2.0% is the actual CFR, from 26 states +DC, to date.
          Strike One.

          Who ever claimed there were 5-7 million dead?
          Last I looked, the Johns-Hopkins numbers are in the neighborhood of 600K deaths. Out of 34M cases.
          Which is – wait for it – a hair under a CFR of 1.8%, nationally.
          Almost like a range of 1.5-2% suggested by each state was exactly the case.
          Strike Two.

          Never attribute to actual malice anything adequately explained by pure incompetence.”
          Try to recall, you’re talking about the average government worker, who’s probably never done anything right in his entire life.
          Strike Three.

          And pointing out that 300M people never caught COVID is no such mongering, of scares, or anything else.
          It’s simple reality. On average, it hit maybe 10-11% of the country.
          Worse in NYFC; near non-existent in Wyoming or North Dakota. File that under “Duh.”
          Strike Four.

          And nobody serious ever told you this was going to kill all of humanity. So change your diapers and stop hyperventilating.
          Strike Five.

          If, by some malign horrible miracle, you had managed to infect every swinging Richard in the US, you’d get to maybe the numbers you’re talking about, but given that a year has only gotten you 35M cases, you’d need another 10-15 years, and you’d have to mandate French kissing to replace handshakes for everyone in society to get there.
          Strike Six.

          The only chicken littleing in the discussion here is you, running around headless.

          Take a breath, and break suction, then come back at this with something approaching common sense.

          Bathhouse Barry going on about a $34K “payday” for hospitals, which covers almost 15% of the hospital bill for a two-week terminal visit (which was the observed average for the last year), would be hilarious to hospital administrators still short the other 85% of that tab, especially for anyone over 65, who is completely insured by Medicare, and for which the hospitals usually receive about 2 cents on the dollar. IOW, Grandpa’s $210,000 bill to die anyway gets the hospital a government check for $4200, all in, and there’s no Magic Beans paying the bill for the rest.

          And, as we know, hospitals are rolling in dough, and despite coming up hundreds of thousands of dollars short for every patient on Medicare, they would, of course, risk criminal fraud charges, with everyone complicit in the case, all day long for complete strangers, just to only be short 78% of their costs, instead of 98%, because that’s how they roll while they’re saving lives.

          That’s a level of black-helicopter frothing moonbat paranoia mainly found only when we talk to Rosie O’Donnell about 9/11, or late night radio hosts are discussing chemtrails.

          But yet again, this is what happens when people talk about things they don’t know anything about, and worse, don’t even know what they don’t know about.

          So no, don’t get the vaxx.
          And yes, demand accountability (to include liability), and a full accounting of risks and benefits, starting with a body count of dead and injured, instead of the hopeium they’ve been pissing like a cherub fountain.

          Better yet, demand facts on the topic, and bring them, instead of running around headless, and just venting your excess fiber content, and smearing the chalkboard with diaper spackle.

          Less Three Stooges pie fight please, and more actual mathematics.

          1. “…and more actual mathematics.”

            You wouldn’t recognize mathematics if it bit you in the ass.

            You know something about bathhouses? I’m not the least bit surprised.

          2. I (usually) like math too.

            Early in 2020, the CDC official numbers for the CFR for the flu proved it was 0.1%… except it isn’t. The numbers clearly showed (and I checked those official pages back then and they DID say what TGP said… they don’t now, of course) that the ratio of attributed fatalities to estimated cases is 0.1%. The actual CFR from attributed fatalities to tested cases… want to take a guess?


            At this same time, they were screaming about how covid was 43x more deadly than the flu… when it at that time (because Italy was skewing the numbers) it had a tested CFR (not estimated) of 4.3%.

            Apples to oranges is not good mathematics.


            I’m sure there have been rare instances of truth since, but they are the exception, not the rule.

            As for your $4200 malarkey, are you truly that unaware of the reality of hospital billing? Hospitals always bill way more than the real costs so that once the insurance gets done adjusting the pricing they end up still getting paid enough to cover their costs.

            And even if they didn’t, they still would have a huge financial incentive to over-report. Unless, of course, you think that hospitals upset over ‘losing’ 197K are going to refuse to take that easy extra 34/37/39K (or whatever the actual amount is) to offset some of those ‘losses’? Not a chance!

            1. Most people who get the flu don’t get tested.
              So a CFR purporting to show the death rate among <i>tested</i> flu cases is inherently meaningless.

              It’s like testing the fatality rate of passengers only on airplanes that crash, as opposed to counting everyone who flies.

              So maybe not putting the apples in the orange bag at the start would’ve helped your argument.

              It also doesn’t help your bias against statistics when you commit the same statistical fraud you’re complaining about.

              And hospitals bill <i>you</i> (assuming you’re under 65) way more than costs, to cover what <i>government programs</i> (not to mention illegal aliens, and the uninsured/indigent/addicted/homeless) <i><b>have never</b></i> paid. It’s called “hidden taxing of the insured”.

              Hospitals can’t bill the government anything they wish, or they’d simply charge 5000% higher prices for seniors, and break even as you suggest. But it doesn’t work like that; government pays what they pay, not a penny more, and it’s 2-3¢ on the dollar to what care <i>actually costs</i>, since Medicare was invented.

              But you go on believing hospitals are going to risk fraud (and losing all payments, before we even get to the criminal charges) for what amounts to a piss in the bucket on a $200K hospital bill.

              It’s like telling me the Ferrari dealer would sell a car to homeless people because the government promised to pay $10K towards the loan. Or that McDonald’s would give away cheeseburgers for 5¢ because the government sent the nickel, and said they had to do it.

              Now go ask your employer why your health care premiums have been going up like a space rocket launch since Medicare became a thing.

          3. “Last I looked, the Johns-Hopkins numbers are in the neighborhood of 600K deaths.”

            And very likely 575K+ were old people with serious illness that were already dying. Sure, there life was shortened a few months, but they were just waiting on the last push from some illness. That’s the way it works. The rate of death went up for a few months, then right back down, and actually lower than normal. It was all a scam.

            “Bathhouse Barry going on about a $34K “payday” for hospitals, which covers almost 15% of the hospital bill for a two-week terminal visit (which was the observed average for the last year), would be hilarious to hospital administrators still short the other 85% of that tab…”

            Let’s just note the fact here. regardless of what hospital costs are, regardless if they are making a buck or losing one, the fact remains, there was a monetary incentive to have positive scamChinaVirus results and to record every death possible as a result of the scam. You are just trying to obscure the truth with phoney baloney that has nothing to do with that fact.

            Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

            You tell us masks work, and the virus is not a scam. I’d say you meet my definition of a paid government scam artist.

            1. The virus affects older people far more seriously than younger ones, obviously. But the youngest death we recorded was 27 years old. At just one hospital out of 120 in the Greater SoCal area. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t a few months from dying before COVID, according to every actuarial table in existence. My barber was 42 when it killed him, with no co-morbidities. But he’s still dead from it.

              And even you’ve conceded 600K deaths from a virus, when 80K is the flu in the worst years since 1918.
              So no, the virus isn’t a scam. It’s a pandemic.
              You’re just an anti-factual idiot to look at the obvious truth, and then close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears. Swear to God, the less you do that, the brighter you’ll become.

              And masks work as designed. Spit masks keep your slobber on your side. At a 10,000%-100,000% improvement over wearing nothing, per the only study I’ve seen that actually tested them correctly – as defense from you, not defense for you.

              It’s only a pity they don’t make one to keep your bullshit inside you as well (duct tape comes to mind), but that’s the First Amendment for you. Letting everyone speak means even you get to pop off. But you keep chopping, and no chips are flying.

              Now, if you want to talk about the stupidity of wearing masks alone in one’s car, or by yourself out in the sunshine, go ahead on. Or the stupidity of continued masking if the vaxx has anything like the 90+% effectiveness claimed. 170M people took the jab, and another 34M had the virus, meaning 2/3rds of the country is already home free. (Idiots – here or anywhere – who can’t grasp that fact having some bearing on the 300M people who never caught COVID underline the abysmal state of public education in this country going back decades, especially regarding basic science and 3rd grade math.)

              You want to talk about how a legitimate pandemic, with an anemic roughly 2% fatality rate, has been used as cover for the most egregious infringement on personal freedom since we rounded illegally up Japanese Americans and put them in American gulags, go ahead on with that too. “Never letting a crisis go to waste” is what TPTB do, since Hammurabi. Stick to that narrative, and you’re solid gold, man, coming and going. Just please, stop going beyond that reality and all the way to Full Retard just because you flunked high school math and science. I know it’s confusing, but there can be an actual pandemic, with actual consequences, and government, particularly Leftards, can also be using that to grab liberty and freedom by the throat. It’s really not that hard a concept to get your head around for most people, and it’s not that nuanced a reality. Viruses infect, and Commies gonna commie. They are not mutually exclusive.

              Noting that there’s a pittance of monetary incentive to the hospital fails to note that none of it goes to any of the people – doctors, nurses, technicians – who collect the data. In your frothing haste to assume fraud on a biblical scale by 3,000,000 people all complicityly “in on it”, you’ve forgotten to note that none of them benefit from risking their licensure, careers, and freedom to do what you suggest is commonplace. IOW, there’s no incentive for anyone to do it.

              Which sticks a lit cigar into your hydrogen-filled balloon, and makes it go all flamey-explodey in your face.

              And that’s what makes you sound crazy.
              Whether you actually are, or you’re just totally self-unaware of how you sound, is really just your problem.

              1. You’re a con man, full of shit. Simple as that. Not worth the time of day. You make shit up.

                Either the hospital gets paid more for claiming a scamChinaVirus death or they don’t. Since they do, all your BS is just BS.

                You are a spreader of the government lies like all the other marxists out there.

                1. No one from the government is going to punish you for doing exactly what the government told you to do. You’re told to take money and you take the money and write Covid.

                  Cuomo should be facing the death penalty for killing 10-15,000 or more elderly.

                  The Government just dropped the investigation. A Whitewash.

                  Follow orders and you’ll get rewarded, Comrade.

                  You cannot fathom the Government and those “regulated” by the Government are now corrupted from top to bottom. Despite 8 years of 0 and Email National Security Disasters to Ukrainian kickbacks to Biden to Fast and Furious to IRS attacks on conservatives you haven’t learned.

                  From Stolen Elections and 20 Million or more Fraud Votes to Reichstag Fires you still haven’t learned.

                  DC now funnels over $6 Trillion through it’s clutches and much of it is stolen or doled out to cronies in scams galore.

                  If you can’t see that and see how much money is at stake here you can’t understand the vast incentives they have to keep this all going for them. They’ve KILLED for less and they’ve KILLED for the Scamdemic. Epstein Didn’tKillHimself. Remember that? Remember Ashli Babbitt? Remember Seth Rich? The kid who worked on the GA Senate Republican Campaign and the car they blew up with him in it?

                  You really think a piddling thing like writing Covid Fraudulently on a document is anything more than a parking ticket violation in comparison? They’ve got the Parking Violations Court Judge in their pocket. They’ll “fix” every ticket if need be. Small potatoes when Trillions of $ are at stake.

                  Begone naíve superspreader of Government BS. Yer all wet.

              2. “But the youngest death we recorded was 27 years old. At just one hospital out of 120 in the Greater SoCal area. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t a few months from dying before COVID, according to every actuarial table in existence. My barber was 42 when it killed him, with no co-morbidities. But he’s still dead from it.”

                Meaningless drivel. Anecdotal evidence of nothing. People die from the common cold and flu on occasion for no perceptible reason. They are called anomalies. Using that as an argument means you have nothing substantive.

                “And even you’ve conceded 600K deaths from a virus, when 80K is the flu in the worst years since 1918.”

                Horseshit. I conceded nothing. I did not say 600,000 people died from a virus. I quoted your numbers you attributed to john Hopkins, you moron. Your reading skills are on par with your reasoning skills, nonexistent.

                “So no, the virus isn’t a scam. It’s a pandemic.
                You’re just an anti-factual idiot to look at the obvious truth, and then close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears. Swear to God, the less you do that, the brighter you’ll become.”

                You’re just brilliant. You are either a fool that believes the government or one of the paid government agents. I’m going with “and” in your case.

                “And masks work as designed.”

                Agreed. They were designed to create hysteria and it worked for a great number of foolish people.

                “Spit masks keep your slobber on your side. At a 10,000%-100,000% improvement over wearing nothing, per the only study I’ve seen that actually tested them correctly – as defense from you, not defense for you.”

                LOL, more horseshit from the king of horseshit. The scamChinaVirus is spread by, get this, “slober”. Only the king of horseshit can state such pathetic spittle and expect anyone would believe it.

                “You want to talk about how a legitimate pandemic, with an anemic roughly 2% fatality rate”
                “just because you flunked high school math and science.”

                I went well past high school math and science and never ever flunked, moron. As a matter of fact I use the math and physics every day. OTOH, you exhibit in everything you write a complete lack of understanding of math, statistics, or medicine. You do show a high propensity to do what the government Marxists tell you to do.

                “Noting that there’s a pittance of monetary incentive to the hospital fails to note that none of it goes to any of the people – doctors, nurses, technicians – who collect the data. In your frothing haste to assume fraud on a biblical scale by 3,000,000 people all complicityly “in on it”, you’ve forgotten to note that none of them benefit from risking their licensure, careers, and freedom to do what you suggest is commonplace. IOW, there’s no incentive for anyone to do it.”

                Right there is the indication of what a complete fool and tool you are. Those people that collect the data that you say have no “monetary incentive”? If they don’t do what is told to them and shut up about it they will be out of a job, you sub moron. Just like they are now losing their jobs if they refuse to receive experimental shots. They do what there told.

                Which sticks a lit cigar into your hydrogen-filled balloon, and makes it go all flamey-explodey in your face.

            2. O one turns down the extra money no matter how “small” you think it is. 85% of a loss is better than 100% if the cost is 0 to write “Covid”.

              We’re on to the Con.

              Pol Pot Cuomo killed a bunch of old people and then they labeled everything Covid and you fell for the Scamdemic that was WuFlu Just The Flu.

              You’re now either stupid or too stubborn to admit you were wrong. I say you’re both since trying to push the stubborn double down shit to people who get the Con is stupid.

    2. No. “All systematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS-CoV-2 infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5-2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries and locations.”

      1. No, indeed.

        1) It’s evidently a statistical study of other studies. Polling scientists’ opinions is not “data”, it is plurality of anecdotes. What it’s not is anything even vaguely medical-based.
        2) Read the details: While they published this March, they stopped looking for anything and did include anything published after September 2020. Just before the third wave of infections and deaths went batshit crazy, worldwide.

        You’ve just read a survey that is essentially a poll of sportscasters, concluding that based on their dominating performance through 4½ innings of Game 2, the Tampa Bay Rays were a shoe-in to take the 2020 World Series.


        192,753,357 cases.
        4,139,132 deaths.
        That’s a 2.1% CFR.
        Not “~0.15%.”
        (You have a computer, obviously. It should have a “calculator” function. Crunch the numbers yourself, and tell me how you tabulate that.)
        And the overwhelming bulk of that happened after last September.
        When that survey stopped looking.

        So they only missed the target by being off reality a mere 14 times worse than their conclusions. (Most people would’ve shit-canned that report at that point, but maybe they had to publish or else forfeit their research grant on pain of fraud charges, I dunno. If you read the full link, it’s basically a lot of SWAG, and very little actual on-the-ground information, because the latter is too hard. IOW, they ginned up this entire bucket of swill masquerading as stew from behind a computer in Palo Alto CA. that’s not research, is gamers on lockdown putting on white coats and pretending to be scientists. It’s funny when Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd do it as Ghostbusters; these guys, not so much.)

        BTW, it bears noting that, to have 4M+ deaths, and a CFR of 0.15%, the worldwide infection number would have to be over 2,759,412,333 cases. Which number would be, yet again, 14 times more cases than observed in reality, contrary to all available evidence and data. They cover this in footnotes with lareg swaths of assumptions, unsupported by any actual numbers. I’m sensing a trend here, and it doesn’t speak well for the people who did the survey. They should probably stick to fudging Global Warming “studies”, or tabulating votes for Biden in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

        This is why intelligence agencies stamp certain reports OBE.
        Overtaken By Events.
        Like an estimate of Soviet military moves projected from 1991-2000.
        Or JFK’s presidential itinerary from Nov. 23-December 31st, 1963.

        Nice try.
        No cigar.

        But at least you’re looking for data, which is miles ahead of people trying to do this by the seat of their pants, based on their biases.
        Props for that.

        Just don’t grab the first one with conclusions that support your own biases, and don’t stop reading at the first paragraph. Digging about five minutes longer would’ve told you exactly what I did, and you’d understand why 90%-95% of all “studies” published are non-reproduceable bullshit crapped out to get money for nothing and your (geeky) chicks for free.

        Start treating them like the internet hogwash they are, with the same accuracy and reliability as YouTube infomercials, and you’ll do much better over time.

    3. Flog that Panic Porn.

      We’ve addressed your fallacies. Ad nauseum.
      Your con does not fool the marks any longer.

      From false positives to Variants this has all been a Charade.

      Now flame away.

      1. The Fable is clearly a marxist paid agent. He’s not the first to pretend to be Mr conservative that turned out to be an agent for the other side.
        If it walks like a duck…
        If it takes the government line…

Comments are closed.

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