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Losing faith

I hate to say this, I swear I do, but sometimes I really wish that Trump would just shut the hell up already.

Trump issues statement on Gen. Milley; calls him liar, trying to ‘impress radical left,’ calls for resignation
Milley later issued an embarrassing and groveling apology for walking at my side to St. John’s Church, which far-left rioters almost burned to the ground the day before. Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself—a humiliation for our Military. A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool.

Now, in yet another desperate ploy to impress the Radical Left and keep his job, Milley made-up a false story that he yelled at me in the Situation Room. This is totally Fake News. If he had displayed such disrespect for his Commander-in-Chief I would have fired him immediately.

To further ingratiate himself with Biden, progressive Media, and the Radical Left, Milley went to Congress and actually defended Critical Race Theory being shoved down the throats of our soldiers. This Marxist, racist anti-American propaganda has no place in our Military—I banned these training programs, now Biden and the Pentagon have resumed them. As soon as possible, Congress must defund this racist indoctrination.

Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be replaced with someone who is actually willing to defend our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag.

Understand: there’s no love lost for Milley around these parts—NONE. Not for him, nor for any other of the Politicized Perfumed Princes of the Puzzle Palace. I deeply respect America’s true and faithful warriors, however many of them are left after the recent purges, and hold them in the highest esteem. The wretched, backstabbing Blue Falcons of the higher command echelons—Milley, Austin, and the rest? Eh, not so much.

All that said, there’s a leeeeetle problem with Trump’s richly-deserved condemnation of the Wokester rumpswab Milley. At this point, it should be simplicity itself to guess what it is.

Trump Appoints Gen. Mark Milley Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff
President Trump made the announcement via Twitter on Saturday.

“I am pleased to announce my nomination of four-star Gen. Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the United States Army — as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing General Joe Dunford, who will be retiring,” Trump wrote. “I am thankful to both of these incredible men for their service to our Country! Date of transition to be determined.”

Trump will attend the Army-Navy football game on Saturday afternoon. On Friday, Trump said he is nominating William Barr for attorney general, and Heather Nauert for U.N. ambassador.

“Ought to resign,” eh? Please tell me, if you can: WHY THE FUCKING FUCK did you appoint the lousy bastard in the first gott-damned place? Or, since you DID appoint his worthless ass, why did he not get the old heave-ho at the first intimation of his clearly duplicitous nature, something that became apparent pretty early on? What the hell ever happened to all that “I’ll hire only the best people” bushwa, anyway?

I know, I know. Trump was naive; he was too trusting; he was in over his head; he had no idea how bad things really were in the Swamp; he was beset on every side, had no support, all that. So stipulated.


He was also President of the United States of America. That is NOT a purely symbolic office. While he was certainly hampered and hindered by all the Deep State anklebiting, he was by NO means without recourse, power, ability, or options, not at any point. No President is. Previous ones cleaned Executive Branch house upon first taking office as a matter of course, putting their own people in place throughout. Hell, his odious predecessor did that very thing. Trump swore all along that that’s what he would be doing.

But somehow, incomprehensibly and to not only his own but the nation’s detriment, he didn’t. Worse, even after repeated betrayals he allowed the selfsame scoundrels who had put their knives in his back to keep their cushy sinecures. Which only enabled them to do it again, and again, and again. The only one I can recall him firing right offhand was Comey, and that was well after the damage had been done.

No, don’t tell me why Trump couldn’t have fired these snakes-in-the-grass; he damned sure could have, and he damned sure should have. I don’t care to hear any more about why he couldn’t; what I’m interested in now is why he didn’t. Sure, the media and Demonrats would have screamed blue murder over it. So fucking what? They were going to anyway, and did, and still are.

Whatever the reason, if any, Trump passively let his enemies have their way with him, never lifting a finger to do what so obviously needed to be done: get rid of them. This out-of-character passivity not only cost him the Presidency, it may yet land him behind bars. Complaining about them now, saying they “ought to resign,” when he could have and should have taken action when he had the chance, is starting to sound too much like sniveling for my comfort.

Remember, this is the guy who for years hosted a highly successful and quite popular TeeWee show called The Apprentice, whose first-order raison d’etre was that on each episode…TRUMP WOULD FIRE SOMEBODY’S ASS. So we know that handing out the ol’ pink slips was not something he was ever reluctant to do.

Until he became President.

I still don’t think Trump is stupid. Nor is he weak, timid, indecisive, or incompetent. So I can come up with no reasonable explanation for the failure to exercise his clear prerogative as head of the Executive Branch to remove disloyal underlings who were openly defying and undermining him—many of whom were hired or appointed by him in the first damned place—and installing more trustworthy replacements willing to respect him personally and cooperate with him professionally. It’s beyond baffling.

What the hell is going on here, exactly?

(Via Bill)


23 thoughts on “Losing faith

  1. Trump is really good at two things:
    Communicating and Making Deals.

    He has an awful, awful habit of choosing the worst people to surround himself with.

    1. I agree he made many bad choices.
      How on earth would you have made better choices?

      1. By doing exactly what he said he would do. Or at least trying. But he wouldn’t even go that far. Instead of playing wall-building charades, grab a few billion of the money that is always available from some slush fund or other, and actually build new walls. Then dare his opponents to stop him.

        Start out by firing everybody who even remotely needs it, and replacing them with people he can at least hope to trust.

        Comey and the rest of his mob should have been fired en masse as soon as Trump knew about their Cabal.

        He should have fired Jeff Sessions the moment he recused himself, and mobilized all his forces against Mitch the Snitch to get his next choice through the nominating process.

        Wash, rinse, repeat.

        Trump’s biggest weakness was his “strength” at making deals.

        He was never a “we shall fight on the beaches,
        we shall fight on the landing grounds,
        we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
        we shall fight in the hills;
        we shall never surrender”

        Type of guy. Nor was he a fight to the death sort of combatant.

        If there wasn’t a deal to be made, he simply walked away and moved on to something else.

        We thought we liked Trump because “he fights.” But he never did. Not really. Not even to save his own ass.

        1. There is always a check and balance on every aspect of the Federal Government.

          The Ultimate Check is Removal from Office.

          It is now clear that the Deep State is ascendant since at least the HW Bush admin and the Uniparty only checks and balances non-Deep State actions. It was cemented in place when they toppled Gingrich. The rest has been Boob Bait for the Bubbas.

          Government Shutdowns? It’s just a chance to get Bubbas from both Factions to send campaign funds to their side to “fight” the other side. When they’re both the same side.

          Foreign Never Ending Wars? Neither side ever actually ends them. They just roll them over into new ones if the steam is running out of one. Anti-War Protests that end as soon as a Dem is installed in the White House. When a President like Trump actually tries to end them and get Peace Deals he is excoriated for it by the very same people who were Marching In The Streets in 2002-2008.

          It’s all Theater.

          We are not Voting our way out of something we did not Vote our way into in the first place.

          Trump never had a chance. Deep State has a 1000 different ways to get you.

          1. The Ultimate Check is Removal from Office.

            You think we have elections honest enough to remove ruling class tools from office? Your naivete is so cute!

            1. Let me be clearer: Impeachment by the House Kangaroo Court Style and Removal by the Senate.

              And no, I do not believe we have honest Elections.

              The question now would be when we had an honest Election besides 2016 (which had plenty of Fraud, just not enough to change the results).

        2. Bullshit. Most of it.
          The failure is as much yours as anyone in the “blogosphere”. You pushed a phony virus, the intent of which was nothing short of removing Trump from office, which would guarantee that any and all changes and improvements he made would fail, since he had to do them on his own with no help from the GOP, all the while under a phony investigation and illegal surveillance. Not one person that he didn’t fire would have changed that one bit.

          Very few of the bad choices he made, and he made plenty of them, were clear at the time. You certainly didn’t know Sessions was worthless or corrupt, the same for Mattis and Kelly, and most of the others.

          There was a delicate balance required of an outsider to try and keep the country working while making the required changes.
          Trumps intent was to make the country better, not destroy it in the process. And it was working, in spite of you and Ann Coulter. The economy was humming and getting better which was the #1 thing that had to be done above all else. Everything flows from good economic conditions which is precisely why the left wants it dead.

          No one else would take on China, and do it in such a way as to give American companies located there time to make rational American decisions. And if they didn’t then tough shit. Trump took them on and the result was the republicans colluding with the Chinese to steal the election.

          Trump is the only fucking President we’ve had since Eisenhower that would truly take on the left, and you abandoned him.

          Perfect? Hell no, not by a long shot. But it’s the spineless supporters that are most to blame.

  2. sometimes I really wish that Trump would just shut the hell up already

    While I agree that it would often be prudent of him to do so, might as well wish for water to stop being wet.

  3. While I appreciate some things that he did, maybe woke some people up & gave a voice to the need for realignment on multiple fronts & issues, there’s too many obvious things he could & should have done but didn’t. He didn’t act when he had the power to act & his time is done now. He’s only a distraction at this point.

    He simply didn’t have either the strength/courage/wisdom/or insight to do what needed to be done most, clean house. We’ll never know what the reason was, but it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t up to the task & that’s all there is to it. Everyone should accept that & move on, him included.

    He didn’t fight when he needed to, period. Doesn’t matter the reason. There’s no second chances when that happens.

    But don’t despair folks. There is hope.

    Vote MrHead for President!

    I will fire fucking EVERYBODY!!!

    lol But seriously, I really would. The place would be a ghost town.

    Taxes lowered by whatever the savings would be on no longer having to pay the (previously) unaccountable bureaucracies’ salaries, for starters.

    Having those as your top two promises & not being a complete moron (i.e. a member of the Uniparty) on the other issues would probably make anyone a shoe in.

    1. I will fire fucking EVERYBODY!!!

      -scoff- milquetoast

      I will KILL fucking everybody.

      I’ll start by killing 10% of the federal employees, chosen randomly. Tell them that in a week I’d kill another 10%.

      But that’s too slow, so before anyone has the chance to quit, I’ll pull the military out of Washington DC (except for the Pentagon; leave them in place) and then I’d call on the Strategic Air Command to nuke DC.

      1. Aside from the massive civilian collateral damage, it’s hard to find fault with your first 100 days plan.

        But then, perhaps the DC civilian casualties are a feature in this scenario, rather than a bug? Probably lots of collaborators & the like in their ranks.

        This is your chance to explain the nuances of your policies to the American people.

        Alternatively, you could leave things a bit vague, & then upon opening things up for questions, just start shooting reporters in the face who have the gall to question your judgment. It would really set the tone for your new administration.

        Either way, its good press, & great TV!

  4. The only clear explanation is Mitch would have pushed for Removal had he made certain moves without Turtle’s permission.

    Here is the clear answer. Turtle refused to Recess the Senate and allow Trump to make Recess Appointment of his own choosing.

    So Trump took a chance on the people on the list he felt were possibly not Deep State. That turned out to be only a few of them. Pompeo perhaps and…


    There is your problem. The List was almost all Deep State. Pompeo was perhaps pretend Deep State and slipped in despite being really MAGA.

    There is 0 indication Trump makes these bad personnel decisions for his own companies and so I have to believe this is the only reasonable explanation aside from Trump also being Deep State.

    That last part flies in the face of everything ELSE he did right. Why would the Deep State even want him to run when they could have just installed Her Herness The Vagina-Enabled One over the hapless Jeb Campaign in 2016 and finished the job Bush/BJ/Bush/0 had started? What a perfect bookend to end that string of 2 Bush and 2 Clintons and an Empty Suit Fake African-American.

    1. He didn’t make those personnel mistakes with his own companies because he knew his business, his competitors, and where to find good, trustworthy people.

      When it came to governing the United States as President, he knew just about zero about any of those things.

  5. I doubt that Trump had much freedom of action in office. It’s been that way since JFK got taken out. When his brother Bobby tried a run, he got taken out, too – and he had powder burns behind his right ear, which would be difficult to do by a gun fired six feet in front of him. Details: All that has to happen is for Trump to get told that he’s in for similar treatment unless he gets with the program. If he doesn’t, Mike Pence can easily step in, and play the music as directed. What we have here is a National Security State – – and the elections can be real or fake, it doesn’t matter, because the elected government doesn’t run the country or set policy, and it’s been that way for a long time:

    So Trump can talk all he wants and he’ll have the same success at changing policy as every single president since JFK – none.

    1. Yep, lots of constraints.

      You can’t walk into a situation like that expecting to clean house without understanding that you’re there to be a predator THE predator.

      As the President, all the tools are there for you to do that, you just have to have the coconuts to use them.

      Eat, or get eaten.

      Once you look past the window dressing & stage theater, the simple & primal nature of the game being played is not very complicated.

      The Kennedy’s were extremely naïve to think they were going to make enemies of nearly everyone & then, A) neglect/not take a personal interest in their own security, & B) not go on the offensive with the full force & weight of the tools available to them rather than waiting for their enemies to attack.

      They simply did not understand the nature of the game they were playing. They thought something like “gentlemen’s rules” were in effect, & that they could make powerful enemies & “the system” would still protect them.

      They were naïve.

      Power has never worked that way. (Save perhaps during the Peace of Westphalia, now long dead.)

      They believed in the pretty & palatable window dressing that’s meant for the public & fell prey to the brutal reality that it’s erected to disguise.

      Predators kill the weak & unaware. Even in a world with the thin veneer of civilization over it. Like it or not, it’s the reality of the world we live in.

      Though I never had the good fortune of living under it, I miss the Peace of Westphalia. It seems to me, a wise civilization would have as its goal, getting back to a time when honor meant enough to people that you could trust even your enemy to keep their word.

  6. The importance is to LEARN from the mistakes.

    The big problem now is that Trump is not in office. Repeat this, the big problem is that Trump is not in office.

    It is not that he didn’t build enough new wall to suit you. The wall is worthless without enforcement. The wall is an aid to enforcement, nothing more. Trump changed the situation on the border and he did it working around the R and D uniparty. This was no small accomplishment. It is not and cannot be perfect since the next administration can continue to ignore the law. A wall will not change this.

    It is not that he didn’t fire enough people to suit you. You had no idea those people he hired were all bad. I didn’t know. Trump couldn’t know. He couldn’t fire everyone immediately without creating chaos and giving the squishes who were against him the freedom to do so publicly. Had he done those things the presidency would have come down and crumbled on top of him.

    Go ahead, make us a list of the “good” people the next president needs to surround himself with should an election be able to result in a Trump, DeSantis, or Mr Unknown. No one wishes to be truthful and admit the obvious, you don’t know who those people are any better than Trump. And if they are cabinet level they have to get through the corrupt senate you elected. Good luck with your list. I know we’ll never see it.

    Trumps biggest mistake? Believing the medical wing of the marxist government of the USA. It is reported Trump is a germaphobe. I’m not sure how true this is given his propensity for getting into crowds. In any event, he fell for it. I don’t know that the leader of the USA had a choice in this, at least initially. He had to take it seriously. He can’t know everything and has to rely on medical people to be truthful. It turns out they are liars. He should know this now.

    Sour grapes. Trump took on the corrupt government, a corruption much deeper than most of us thought. Now we know. And you moan and bitch about the fact that Trumps work is getting undone. That’s our fault. Trump took action in the only avenues available and made it work. We removed him, all of us. The problem is that he is not in office.

    There is no one, not one person, that could have done more or managed to do it any better than Trump did. Not if you wanted to rescue the country rather than burning it to the ground. Everyone that wants to burn it to the ground, grab a can of gasoline and get started. Tapping at keys on your keyboard is just BS. You want someone else to burn it down, and you want a little carve out around your place. You just like to place the blame elsewhere. We’re to blame.

  7. I think that I’m inured to the reality that memory on the internet lasts about four weeks, and then four short years go by and something like this comes along, and I’m amazed all over again.

    “Trump’s not our candidate, he’s our murder weapon.”

    No, Mike, Bill, Barry, Kenny, et al, a majority of us didn’t vote for or support Trump thinking he was going to actually drain the swamp and fix things.

    We supported him because he was The Mule and a wrecker.

    Remember this? “Burn it down. Trump 2016 – Because fuck you, that’s why.”

    Trump failed?

    Time to get a new murder weapon.

    That’s what that means, and that’s all that it means.

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    1. Trump was pathetic as a murder weapon, so your vote was as in vain as mine.

      1. No political solutions to the problems created by politics: all votes are in vain.

        I found it amusing and entertaining, so it wasn’t in vain.

        You apparently missed:

        Trump failed?

        Time to get a new murder weapon.

        There will eventually be a murder weapon that’s not pathetic, or something else will happen that renders it moot.

        1. My take on the “murder weapon” was Trump with respect to the GOP. That is still a work in progress.

    2. For a lot of people he murdered the last illusions they had that the Government as it stands now is salvageable. That there were plenty of good people in DC and just the fish was rotting from the head was also an illusion.

      Far too many people don’t understand yet that the Deep State has the Swamp set up exactly to their liking and that The Swamp has rendered the whole edifice in DC rotten to the core and that is a fact in a lot of State and Municipalities as well.

      At this point I hope those people come around soon because the Window of Opportunity has closed for a non-violent solution. So each day the violent solution becomes bloodier and bloodier, for both sides. At some point it will be too late to prevail.

      They’ll be standing there on their front porch, waiting for the approaching Troops of the Tyrants and they will never come. The electricity will go out, their stockpiles will dwindle and then they’ll venture out looking for civilization to restock and it will be gone.

      Or a swarm of drones will take them out in the middle of the night.

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