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All thumbs

No construction, all destruction.

The Great Replacement came to Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi. A little more than 50 years ago, Jackson was majority white. The civilization these white people was for a far different demographic than the racial group that inherited the city once white flight created a black majority.

Sustaining the infrastructure they were bequeathed via white flight (curiously, wherever white people fled to in metro Jackson, they created thriving civilizations out of the wilderness), the now nearly 90% black city of Jackson watches as the civilization regresses to the African mean.

Kersey next quotes extensively from a whole shitpile of NYT boo-hoo-hooing over the sinister racist implications of this shiftless-man-caused disaster:

Once again, Lavern Avant was spending her day scouring Mississippi’s capital city, hoping to get her hands on a basic necessity that she and many of her neighbors had gone without for weeks.

She made her newly familiar rounds, driving in and out of parking lots, picking up cases of bottled water for herself, her husband and her neighbors. This had become her new normal since mid-February, when a strong winter storm blanketed a wide swath of the state in ice and nearly collapsed the notoriously rickety municipal water system.

It was wearing her down, she said, and was “more than a mental challenge.”

The crisis, while this time protracted, is not new in Jackson, a city of about 160,000 where a majority of residents, including Ms. Avant, are Black. In Jackson, boil-water notices are common and an enduring municipal drama has played out for decades, as white flight, an eroding tax base and poor management have left the remaining residents with old and broken pipes, but without the public funding to fix them.

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba,

Oh good God.

a Democrat and African-American,

Any further questions?

has estimated that modernizing the city’s water infrastructure could cost $2 billion. Last week, he asked Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican who is white, for $47 million to help repair the city’s damaged water system.

In an interview this week, Mr. Lumumba said he hoped the current crisis would finally push both state and city officials in the direction of a long-term solution.

He’p us, he’p us, Blue Eyed Debbils! We’s in trubbah baaaad!!

“There’s a saying that you should allow no crisis to go to waste,” he said. “It’s crises like these that really allow us to take stock of conditions of where we are as a city, where we are as a state and hopefully it allows us to build the resolve to address it.”

What you need to be taking stock of is exactly what the fuck it is about you people that leaves you wholly incapable of creating a civilization on your own more complex than mud huts, grass skirts, and obtaining meals via pulling grubworms out of a hole in the ground with a stick and eating them raw…or even just maintaining one after it’s been handed to you by Whypeepo as a total turn-key operation.


13 thoughts on “All thumbs

  1. “ What you need to be taking stock of is exactly what the fuck it is about you people that leaves you wholly incapable of creating a civilization on your own more complex than mud huts, grass skirts, and obtaining meals via pulling grubworms out of a hole in the ground with a stick and eating them raw…or even just maintaining one after it’s been handed to you by Whypeepo as a total turn-key operation.”

    So Spot On! SPOT ON!!!!

    There entire continent is a absolute shit hole, by there own doing.

    Everywhere the gov’ts sends them turns into a shit hole. Doesn’t matter the Govt, pick one..
    Europe, US, etc etc.
    There just Pigs that love there own shit and wear it as a badge. Fucking Idiots.

    The youngs males, at least 75% are 100% absolutely worthless skinsacks and ruin everything they come in contact with.

    They have ZERo value and should have been aborted.

    Scan the news…every damn day a half dozen are in the news for being, Rabid Dogs or just Plain Animalsand Psycopaths.

    Even there own trying to, do good, get educated And Move up, the Pigmy People DRAG them back down, or damn well try there hardest too.
    This i got from a …well. He’s well known. Anyhow.

    Honestly, i dont know who said it…
    But they prove every damn day that they have ZERO Intelligence, ZERO Critical Thinking Skills and ZERO Respect for themselves or Anyone. And again, including there own.

    I cant help but believe that…that 75% truely are incapable of having any worth, an IQ above 5 or that they ARE NOT Geneticly Inferior.

    They have brought it upon themselves.

    The Sowells, SCJ Thomas, Colin Noir, etc etc etc.
    These are Men and Women (i admittedly dont know any women…) Owens, Faulkner(fox) …there are more, just not enough! Ahh, the Race Theory Lady that just trashed the white retard Va. school board. Love her!!!!!

    They are People with Critical Thinking, Intelligence, Character, Integrity, WORTH to there own AND Others of Every Color, Creed and Religion.
    They are some of the Top Black Thinkers I can get behind damn near 100% of the time.
    There are also as rare as a damn hens tooth.

    Too Bad.

    Anyhow…you nailed it sir. Thanx

  2. Yo, Mike: Remember this episode, in our own (shudder) city of Baltimore, Maryland? Note the attitude copped in the Baltimore Sun editorial.

    This is the evil synergy between gimme-gimme blacks and Democrats. The blacks devour, locust-like, whatever they’re given and whine when it’s gone; the Democrats then demand that Whitey step in and rescue them — through government, of course. Lather, rinse, repeat!

  3. The article claims (of course!) that there is no public funding to fix the problems with the water system. Anyone care to place a wager on how much money that city spends every year on “diversity” initiatives? On “outreach” programs for the so-called homeless? On free needles for drug addicts? On gold-plated pensions for city employees?

    Decline is a choice. The people of that city are just reverting to their natural level as they squander the infrastructure they inherited from more capable people.

    1. They are convinced whitey will bail them out. They are probably right.

      1. If whitey doesn’t, nobody does. They sure as hell won’t clean up their own messes.

        Has anyplace in the world been enhanced by being populated by negroes?

    2. It’s actually not difficult to answer those questions. This is from the Fiscal 2021 Budget from the City of Baltimore, linked online. Some lowlights:

      The budget includes $21.3 million for the newly constituted Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success. The Office will coordinate the Head Start, the Community Action Partnership, and African‐American Male Engagement programs. • The budget includes State funding of $3.5 million for the Children and Youth Fund and $1 million for Youth‐ Works. These additional funds are provided by the State’s Community Safety and Strengthening Act, which passed the Maryland General Assembly in 2019 and established the Johns Hopkins Police Department.
       The General Fund maintains funding of $9.4 million for Family League’s youth, community school, and out of school time programming, with an additional $300,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to support youth programs.

      Equitable Neighborhood Development The plan totals $136.4 million across all funding sources in support of strategies to promote the City’s economic recovery in the wake of COVID‐19. These services will work to increase jobs, employment, and visitors to Balti‐ more in Fiscal 2021. Key highlights: • $42.1 million of capital funding across multiple funding sources will support Department of Housing and Community Development projects in demolition, development, homeownership incentives, and affordable housing. This funding will compliment other sources like the Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) to continue the City’s strategic framework for community development. • $4.5 million will be generated for Visit Baltimore through the new Tourism Improvement District (TID), which is generated by a surcharge on hotel room stays. This funding will help backfill losses in Visit Bal‐ timore’s base budget that are tied to Hotel Tax receipts, and keep the City poised to restart promotional advertising as the tourism industry recovers from the effects of the COVID‐19 pandemic. • The budget includes $18.1 million of funding for a variety of art and cultural activities. Funding supports arts institutions, promotion of the City’s events and festivals, and the City’s Arts and Entertainment Districts.

      There’s a bunch more but you get the idea. Typical black political corruption and graft. Fiscal 2021 Preliminary Budget (

      1. Th thread is about Jackson, Mississippi, but I’m sure their budget would look the same.
        Every shithole democrat run city looks the same. And probably 75% of any republican cities have the same budget. They all expect you and I to pay for their water, food, and shelter. In fact, we are nothing more than modern day slaves.

        1. Are there any Republican-led cities? Large ones, anyway; I am sure there are smaller places with some non-democrats in city government.

          I agree that if there are, they will be just as corrupt and have huge amounts of wasteful spending. Most of which is cover for diverting tax dollars into politically-connected pockets. City governments, like all governments, have been corrupt for a very long time. But the better-run city machines used to understand that the looting has to be kept within limits, and basic amenities like working water and sewage have to be delivered to the public to keep the graft flowing smoothly. Skimming a percentage off the top is a lot different from having daily feasts of seed corn.

          1. Are there any Republican-led cities?

            Back in my touring days I played in just about every American city at least once, and I can’t think of any right offhand.

          2. At least one I can think of, Jacksonville, Florida. Since 1995 all but 4 years have been a republican mayor.

            But there is going to be damn few over a couple hundred thousand I’m sure. Cities attract grifters and grifters vote for other grifters.

          3. Your last part reminds me of my theory. What we are seeing peak out from behind the scenes is a war between two sociopathic factions of the Deep State.

            One wants to burn it all down and rebuild their Utopia of Engels-Lenin New Soviet Man and the other wants to steal just enough to keep them in charge of the Graft and Corruption and keep it flowing endlessly.

            The latter had the upper hand for many decades in urban areas but the former are now in ascendence. Both realize they need each other to fight against the Deplorables, but the closer they think they are to Complete Control the more their internecine fighting heats up.

            1. The “True Believers” Vs the simply corrupt. The corrupt are in control and always have been. They use the others to help maintain that control. Some of either group get sacrificed occasionally to maintain the corrupts control.

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