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A look at the scorecard

In the late innings, with their opponents way ahead, it doesn’t look good for the home team.

The 1958 book by Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist, set forth 45 goals communists need to achieve to take over the United States without firing a shot. Some of them are outdated and immaterial. Some are debatable. Let’s see how many commie goals have been achieved.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. 
DONE. Communists were once hunted in the U.S. Today, Democrats like Bernie, AOC, and the Squad, with ideas that are clearly socialist, if not communist, are re-elected with ease.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks
DONE. Marxism has been in our schools for a while now, as pointed out brilliantly by Townhall’s Marina Medvin. Common Core is right out of the Stalin playbook. CRT is just the next step.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms”
HALF-DONE. Here is a list of 113 statues that have been toppled, defaced, or removed, though no shapeless, awkward, meaningless commie pinko forms have replaced them yet.

The list continues from there, featuring some truly depressing boxes ticked for Team Commie, to conclude thusly:

If you’re counting, that’s 17 pinko goals that have already been achieved. We can debate the others, and we should, soon, because the Marxists are succeeding at an alarming rate.

The home team will need to stage a real blowout of a bottom-of-the-9th rally if they’re gonna pull this one out.

Update! No accident, no coincidence, and most definitely related.

Most Americans have no idea how far gone their country is. We not only have the Biden regime announcing solidarity with BLM and flying the BLM flag at US embassies and consular missions, US military recruitment videos stressing recruitment of lesbian females, men dressing as women, and Americans having their genitals removed so they can become “no gender”, we have Democrat school systems teaching white people self-hate and infusing them with guilt and making them effective agents in reconstructing America as a racial caste system favoring blacks.

It is clear that white liberals have succeeded in destroying the belief of many Americans in the rule of law and the Constitution by denouncing these historic achievements as “tools of white supremacy.”

Today the states are disunited between blue and red to a far greater extent than they were in 1860. There are two countries today occupying the same geographical location. One, the red states, believe in America and its founding documents. The other, the blue states, believe that America epitomizes white supremacy evil.

The message is clear. From the Democrats the message is that white Americans must submit to blacks whom they have wronged. From the Red States the response is that whites freed the blacks from the slavery that their black brothers sold them into, whites passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution that guarantee blacks equality before the law. The claim that white Americans denied these protections to blacks is a lie by traitors guilty of treason who intend to overthrow the United States of America.

The only way out of this is civil war. We will learn if the red states have enough confidence and will to defend the Constitutional rights of white Americans.

Hey, it’s NEVER a bad time to start offing Commies. Happily, though, in the words of the great Curtis LeMay: “You’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.”


15 thoughts on “A look at the scorecard

  1. LeMay and Nimitz are the two greatest wartime leaders we have ever fielded.

  2. A little quibble. We don’t have Blue States. Almost every one of those is dominated by a very large city that overwhelms the voters in the rest of the State. Many parts of NY State are as red as any rural TX county, but have little to no say in their governance.

    What we have is a Blue Urban Dense populated areas vs Rural Red ones, with the suburbs split and still leaning Red, but some Blue ones, like mine. Mine has a large percentage of college professors and the like because of 3 major Universities in the area.

    It’s a lot messier today than in 1860 precisely because even within States there is no Unity. 90% of the land area in NYS or Oregon or other places would leave in a heartbeat if they could.

    1. Another thing not often mentioned is that the Blue Urban Dense areas are utterly dependent on the Rural Red areas or things that go through them, like railroad lines, highways, and power transmission lines. And, for example, there’s a long tunnel supplying NYC with water, same for the Colorado River and LA, and so on. And then there’s food and coal and other energy sources. You can’t eat culture.

      1. Fair enough.

        Just remember. There were Trump voters in the Cities and there are Biteme supporters outside the Cities.

        It’s much more complicated because of the very fact that Mike points out. With the direct election if Senators the coherence of States has slowly faded.

        People don’t believe they are Virginians or Carolinians or New Yorkers as an identity like they used to be. When push comes to shove will your Blue neighbors in a red area feel happy about your Red State fighting against the Leftists in the Cities or will their loyalties lie with their new tribal affiliation of Commies v Americans.

        I believe Ironbear has mentioned this. We are balkanized. They’ll be a significant potential for guerilla resistance in both Red and Blue dominated areas.

        1. Will Balkanize, rather than are Balkanized right now. At the moment, we’re Kansas and Missouri just before the Bleeding Kansas and Missouri Redlegs stage.

          And, *nod* There’s diners and stores run by old Hippies even in deep Red areas like mine.

          And don’t forget that during the Days of Rage, the Episcopalian and Presbyterian churches provided sanctuary and monetary support to a lot of the Black Radical groups of the day. The churches back then weren’t nearly as converged as they are now, either, and yet…

          On the upside, Lefties in areas like mine will keep their heads way down and do their subversion and resistance activities way below the radar as much as possible once the balloons go up – they know they’re a tiny minority and surrounded. And most people know who they are.

          Bracken’s Bosnia x Rwanda may be optimistic.

          As I said in a previous comment string: I don’t think anyone on either side is prepared for what what’s coming is going to look like. We really have no precedents for a thing like this in a country like this one.

          1. Didn’t mean to mistate your exact meaning. I was paraphrasing. Basically I get the gist of what you’re talking about.

            For example. Suppose somebody does stop the water from flowing towards NYC. How soon does Biteme’s Handlers order the air force and special forces out to take it back? How many of them obey? How many that disobey get away and to where? I imagine the two groups are all working out their contingency plans in case it turns out they’re the ones in the minority.

            1. Not only that, but… how many non-woke military decide to frag their woke officers? How many non-woke officers decide to use their units to take over their bases and purge the woke, and then declare Command to be illegitimate?

              For that matter, how many Woke service decide that the balloon going up is a ready made excuse for them to purge their non-Woke compatriots the hard and permanent way? They’re all intermingled, remember…

              Not sure. And I expect that they’re not sure either – hence why the Bidenreich is doing their damnedest to Wokify the services as fast as they can.

              It’s gonna be all kinds of fucked up. Learn to Embrace the Suck.

          2. Oh btw the term Balkanize was after the splits occured, but the fault lines were easily seen earlier.

    2. Exactly the point I was trying to make, Kenny. It’s something that, no matter which direction things may take, is going to complicate the situation incalculably. As Cpt Harris said in Platoon: Be advised, we got zips in the wire, down here. For the record, it’s my call. Dump everything you’ve got left on my POS. I say again, expend all remaining in my perimeter.

      It’s going to be a lovely fucking war.

  3. Ok let me throw out another monkey wrench.

    From my perspective, having worked in the financial sector, I believe I see a deliberate attempt to provoke a financial crisis in the works. So far it could be a massive inflation. Then what? High interest rates like Volcker used? I’m not so sure.

    Study the Weimar Inflation or many others. They start slow and all of a sudden accelerate very quickly. Sometimes the burn out from bread at $2 a loaf to $5 to $1,000 is less than 18 months. Then what?

    Weimar Inflation destroyed the Middle Class in Germany. It sent middle class respectable young women, and sometimes men, into red light districts just to get some bread and water on the table. It destroyed the fabric of society and morals.

    How many of us are prepared to spend Christmas 2022 destitute and scrambling for food? And then what? Lots of guns out there and lots of guys who won’t let they’re going ones heading for red light districts.

    It will completely change the calculus.

    PS. As all this plays out what are Russia and China and Iran and all the others going to be doing?

    Carter, in the end, chose Volcker to avoid what was coming. Perhaps he intended to do that or perhaps he just turned to the only Dem he felt was competent, but Volcker did what was necessary to avoid what was potentially Weimar in America.

    Anyone want to bet that Biteme’s Cabal will do that?

    1. A lot depends on just how stupid (and arrogant) Biden’s string-pullers really are. Big inflation tends to result in governments getting toppled, either losing elections (if that is still possible) or by force. The genius crowd in DC may think they can avoid it by rigging elections and surrounding themselves with troops and razor wire. But the ongoing purge of the military shows they already do not trust the troops, and that problem is only going to get worse.

  4. I just wish that whatever the fuck it’s going to be, would go ahead and be.

    1. It’s excruciating because I hope my kids get trained beforehand. We will need them to either fight or rebuild afterwards. Can’t choose the time on our own though.

      The movie The Patriot was interesting in that respect. Not in a good way for me.

      1. If I had younger children I’d be hoping it all went away, or at least happened later, so I can understand that. My grandchildren are too young, except for the oldest, to participate in any meaningful way.

        The truth is I wish for a peaceful reformation, and I think it’s possible, but unlikely. So I just want to get it over with and see what the country is going to look like after.

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