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New Model Army

Hypothesis: The “world’s lone superpower” is neither super nor powerful. Discuss.

As Conservatives are Aggressively Purged From the Military, Transgenders Join in Overwhelming Numbers
In what is being hailed as a victory for diversity and progress by Democrats, transgenders are now shockingly overrepresented in the Armed Forces.

A study from the National LGBTQ Task Force has shown that transgenders are two times as likely to join the Armed Forces as their counterparts who do not suffer from gender dysphoria. One reason might be the free genital mutilation surgeries offered by the woke military.

The National LGBTQ Task Force is taking their findings and demanding for more taxpayer-funded giveaways and privileges for transgenders.

“The Defense Department must allow transgender people to serve openly,” said Darlene Nipper, deputy executive director of the organization.
“It’s wrong that these brave men and women — who sacrifice so much through their service to our nation — should have to fight for their rights both as active military and then as veterans,” Nipper added.

The study showed that transgenders participating in the study blamed discrimination for their inability to hold a job. This is being used by lobbyist groups like the National LGBTQ Task Force to demand more handouts.

This is happening while conservatives and patriots are being expelled from the military for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Any true conservative or patriot should have gotten out on their own initiative by now, by hook or by crook. Evidence of which way the wind is blowing abounds, for anyone with eyes to see.

23 thoughts on “New Model Army

  1. The whole “lone superpower” thing was always a bit of a happy accident of history. A smart, serious nation could have done great things with that accident. But of course we have not been a smart or serious nation for a long time, so it was squandered. There was a “peace dividend” to spend buying votes and lining political cronies’ pockets, after all.

    Nowadays we just have immense bloated dead weight, with a very large percentage of our vast “military” budget going to things that contribute zero to military power. I fully expect the ‘Biden’ administration to get into a foreign war, thinking they can roll over people with the 24th mechanized tranny division, only to be shocked when they are UNEXPECTEDLY crushed by enemies who actually take war fighting seriously.

    As our host said, any sane patriotic Americans should get out of the military NOW, while they still can. The current leadership is going to get you killed for their own profit and political advantage.

    1. Yep, we certainly squandered the condition we found ourselves in after WW2.

      1. We especially squandered the condition we found ourselves in after Reagan!!!

    2. It was all by design.

      Bush Sr. Had a chance to wipe out the ChiComs control of China and instead signalled Saddam to attack Kuwait and start a new Never Ending War™ in the Middle East.

      I used to contribute that to incompetence but with all we’ve learned of the Bush Klan since, I believe he was Deep State back then and do it on purpose. He opposed Reagan will all his being and they hated Reagan for defeating the Soviets and stopping that Never Ending Gravy Train “conflict”.

      They just want to weaken and destroy America now because US Americans just won’t knuckle under.

    3. The current leadership is going to get you killed for their own profit and political advantage.

      Actually, that’s kinda been the case for previous administrations as well, going back at least to the Spanish American war.

  2. It’s going downhill fast IMO, but there is no rival, yet. There is no one even trying to overtake the US except China. The vast majority of the chinese troops are police forces, used to subdue the chinese population. They can’t move many of them very far, and at this point don’t have the military hardware to project force further than their own backyard.

    That will change if we continue to send our wealth to them. Their military will continue to rise while ours is sinking fast.

      1. Many serious military minds rank the US Navy as currently configured ahead of all other countries combined. Total numbers of men/equipment mean very little in this game. North Korea has a “larger” Navy than China by many accounts.

        China has a different mission than the US, protection of it’s shoreline and close in area’s. The US mission is to project substantial power anywhere in the world, which it does.

        Subject to change, but the US will be the dominant Naval power for a long time.

        1. @ Barry

          Re: “China has a different mission than the US, protection of it’s shoreline and close in area’s. The US mission is to project substantial power anywhere in the world, which it does. Subject to change, but the US will be the dominant Naval power for a long time.”

          Respectfully disagree. The U.S.Navy has not faced a peer opponent in combat since the Second World War, and it has not faced even a near-peer since. The Russians during the Cold War were certainly a peer opponent, but since that one did not go hot between the two then-super-powers, that one doesn’t count, at least not entirely.

          In the decades-long lead-up to the Second World War in the Pacific, U.S.-Japan tensions escalated slowly for many years and then much more-rapidly as December 7, 1941 approached. In fact, the respective nations had identified one another as potential adversaries decades earlier. If one examines the history of Plan Orange, the joint army-navy plan for war with Japan, it began development (in secret, of course) as early as the 1910s. And it was formally adopted in 1924.

          Likewise, Imperial Japan began war-gaming with the U.S. (and to a lesser, degree the other ABCD powers) many years before war actually broke out, and on an accelerated basis once the Washington Naval Treaties were signed, agreements which stoked a great deal of resentment in Japanese senior military leadership circles.

          Today and in the recent past, we see parallel developments between the U.S. and the PRC. The communist Chinese regime has been on war-footing vis-a-vis the U.S. since the 1990s, and has since that time been wargaming with the U.S. as its presumptive opponent, in particular the U.S. Navy, since that is our preferred means of projecting power over long distances.

          PRC weapons development has focused in recent years on various means to neutralize/knock-out American carrier task forces. Hypersonic missiles now exist in their inventory capable of sinking any U.S. carrier pretty much at their choosing. No effective counter exists to these weapons, other than perhaps the knowledge that if Beijing were to “take out” a carrier task force, it would constitute open warfare with all that implies.

          The biggest reason the Chinese won’t go to war against us openly (they are already at war with us in secret) is that they are attaining so many of their goals without needing to fire any shots whatsoever. They’ve already succeeded in installing a puppet of theirs in the White House in Joe Biden – and they have been remarkably successful in infiltrating other parts of our society. The new “woke” armed forces are almost certainly part-and-parcel of their plan to undermine our military forces from within.

          1. Georgia, I’m not sure what it is you disagree with. Your quote of me included the part where I describe the china and US missions as being different. Do you disagree with this (the up to now, not what may happen in the future)? Are you disagreeing with my assertion the US Navy is the dominant power at sea? Or that they will be for a “long time”?

            I do agree the CPC have concentrated on knocking out our sea level forces. To think we have no clue this is occurring and have some semblance of counter measures is short sighted IMO. We may never know how that battle would go.

            In any event, sea level is not the only superiority the US has over the rest of the world, by large margins. Will it stay that way? I have no clue. Events have a way of making predictions look pretty foolish.

            The US cannot face a peer opponent when there is none. During the cold war we could track every single Soviet submarine, and we did. The Soviet regime could not keep track of a single US Boomer. Among other things, the Soviet Navy was long on bluster, and way short of capability. They were not then and they are not now a peer.

            While I agree the Chinese are “at war” with us, they are in no position to go to a hot war at the moment in terms of hardware and capability. That they own a large number of our politicians including the WH resident is another story. I don’t have any disagreement on this.

            I’m well aware of the Japanese history in the lead up to WW2. In the pacific, the Japanese were superior to us in hardware and training at the beginning of the war. They were not superior to us in terms of intellect. Ultimately, their reliance on outdated thinking would hasten their demise. From Midway forward the Japanese were in retreat, and that was scarcely 7 months after Pearl.

            We should not let our guard down, but power on the water, under it, and over it lie with the USA at this point in time.

          2. Agreed ChiComs would rather subvert our military as a time saver and build their armed forces in the meantime. That was the Commie goal all along, as it was the Commie SOP since Cloward-Piven (on the Commie thought side) .

            Many places went “hot” during the Cold War.
            In both Korea and Vietnam what could not be disputed is, if we chose to do so, our Naval and Air Force forces were superior to Soviet/ChiCom capabilities and the rest of the world were woefully behind.

            Technically our Nuclear Capability remains far superior than any group of others.

            Our ground forces only “lost” since 1950 was because our leadership has failed US every time.

            The current ChiCom Plan is no more than what Hitler did in building the German Military and slowly expand. First the Ruhr, then other ‘germanic” areas like Czech and Austrian lands.

            Chamberlain advised compromise, ignoring the military buildup. Churchill saw the menace.

            1. I do worry about our current “woke” military’s ability to actually perform. We have had navy ships running into freighters, which is a pretty serious level of operational failure. And we know the rot is only getting worse as our current rulers see the military as a social engineering tool, not a fighting force. The great big oak tree still looks impressive, but how hollow is it? Will a sizable storm bring it crashing down all at once? Maybe.

              I agree with those who have noted that China does not need to fight our miltiary. They are winning, they are getting steadily stronger while we get steadily weaker. Plus they have gained control of much of our government, preventing policies (like Trump’s) that would change that ongoing shift in power.

              If an actual fight did kick off in the near future (due to miscalculation by either side, or China moving sooner due to their own internal issues), I think the US navy would take heavy losses but would also inflict heavy losses on China. I am skeptical about the whole “hypersonic missiles are unstoppable super weapons that will sink carriers with ease” narrative. Multiple nations have been developing these things for years know, everyone knows they exist and has a pretty fair idea what they can do. Which means counters to them have also been developed. Whether the missiles or the counters will work better is unknown at this point, but I see China spending tens of billions building carriers. They clearly do not think they are obsolete sitting ducks.

              Hopefully we will not find out who is right the hard way. But given the stupidity of the current junta in DC, I would not care to wager on a positive outcome.

              1. This right here. We can have all the weapons platforms in the world, but without people capable of operating them, we’re fucked. The fact that the Navy can’t keep from running ships into each other suggests that, unless the strategy is to ram opposing ships, we might not be all that capable in a fight against the Chinese.

                Left unsaid is one simple and highly politically incorrect fact. Every significant military victory scored by the US has been scored by white men. Period. Sure, there were a few minorities around the fringes in WWII, but they got nowhere near the command structure. Given the purge of ‘conservatives’ – read “white men” – and the substitution of lower-IQ minorities, womynz, along with the fags and trannies – my confidence in our ability to defeat any enemy with more firepower than, say, the Cayman Islands, is not high.

    1. At the moment China appears to be mostly interested in their own immediate area, and controlling the regions adjacent to their borders. Given their position in Asia, this includes quite a lot of critical territory. Their efforts in Africa are a bit further afield, but with the economic control they are setting up there they will soon have substantial local resources to draw upon. And since it is Africa, there is not much local opposition or much Western appetite to interfere with them.

      So China’s potential difficulties in projecting power do not seem all that likely to adversely affect their near-term plans. Unlike the US they are not trying to conduct major campaigns halfway around the globe. And with their ongoing military build up I suspect they will be able to project power in their backyard quite effectively…more than enough to handle the US navy if the current regime attempts something stupid over Taiwan or the South China Sea or whatever else flares up.

      1. Wait until they attack Taiwan and see what THAT does to this country. Most of the computer chips come from TSMC there.

        1. Wait until we blow the dam and see what that does to China…

          China is vulnerable along a number of lines. They know it and we know it.

          1. You think that Slow Joe will actually “blow the dam”???

            1. No, I think the hapless piece of shit residing in the WH is owned by the chinese.

              Should the chinese attack Taiwan and shut us out of the chip supply, that dumbass will no longer even appear to be a WH resident.

              1. But “he”, as in whomever is controlling him, has the Authority to order the strike no matter what we think of him.

                He’s surrounded by barbed wire and troops for a reason and no, I don’t think its because some middle aged Trump Voters are going to go unarmed to the Capitol again.

                Which makes me believe that their tests of loyalty for the troops is for a reason that is very, very bad for this Country. They plan to do something that will really get Americans riled up.

                Allowing Taiwan to be taken would be one of those things.

        2. The current gen fabs and the tech involved with them are the big prize in Taiwan. But they are also very vulnerable to destruction; capturing them intact with the people needed to run them effectively would be difficult. An economic take over would be much slower, but I think it would also be more likely to succeed. The CCP’s actions and governance in Hong Kong have not helped their case for convincing Taiwan that peaceful reunification would work out well for them, though. Maybe it will happen — I do not know enough about Taiwan’s internal politics to judge.

          It is interesting to see the announcement of plans to invest tens of billions of dollars in building current gen fabs in the US. Some geographic diversification can serve a number of purposes.

          1. It’s criminal what we have allowed to occur, putting ourselves at extreme risk and extreme risk of blackmail by offshoring so much critical manufacturing.

            That said, the chinese also suffer if the chip fabrication goes down in Taiwan. I have heard the Taiwanese have let the chinese know the chip fabrication lines will be destroyed in the event of any chinese invasion. How reliable that is I do not know.

            1. @ Barry

              Re: “It’s criminal what we have allowed to occur, putting ourselves at extreme risk and extreme risk of blackmail by offshoring so much critical manufacturing.”

              Yes, I quite agree. My late father (an electrical engineer by training) was a senior executive of a Fortune 500 electronics firm which did a great deal of business with the Pentagon/DOD, and he held high-level security clearances his whole working life, including some of his time serving in the navy during/after WWII. He retired in the late 1980s, and once voiced to me his greatest fear was that the U.S. would be foolish-enough to offshore or out-source industries critical to our national defense. If he was alive today, he would be horrified with what has transpired.

              For my part, I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but not about the Chi-Coms. Even as a teenager in the 1970s, I viewed “opening” relations with Red China as a huge mistake, and time has proven my fears to be prescient.

              It is germane to note that I harbor no intrinsic hostility towards ordinary Chinese whatsoever, except insofar as they parrot the regime’s animosity towards us. The mandarins in Beijing, however, are an entirely different matter. They’re dangerous, and ought to be treated as such. With “friends” like those people, who needs enemies?

              1. I can’t say I knew what the outcome of opening relations with China would be. At that age, and with something that had not been done before I thought it *might* foster a more open and free China. I knew a long time ago this was not the case. I’ve spent many weeks in China, going all the way back to when you watched the wave of bicycles coming to work each morning, some 30-40 years ago. My last trip to China was about two years ago, and I know I will never go again.

                There is much about China that I like, but I’m afraid the Chinese people accept communism even while hating it. The average Chinese doesn’t really understand that the Chinese “miracle” is built upon theft. They only know that there is now food to eat and a decent place to sleep compared to forty – fifty years back when a bowl of rice a day was all most could manage.

                Yes, the chinese are dangerous, and it is all because we gave it all away.

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