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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

45 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Denninger, again, nails it down.

    2020 excess deaths are less than 2017 excess deaths. We were lied to repeatedly.

    As Kenny, Haz, and I were saying back in March of 2020.

    The people that cooked this up knew the facts. 250K people die every month in the USA. 50% of those that enter a nursing home are dead in 6 months. 25% of our monthly deaths occur in nursing homes, so about 60K per month. Just cook up a scenario to blame a portion of those deaths on, and walla, you have your fake pandemic and an excuse to massively steal an election. Create hysteria by forcing people to wear masks that have zero effect on an airborne virus.

    As Denninger points out, Trump is also culpable. He should have fought this.

    Hat tip to Vox –

    1. Ummm….I said from the start that Trump was partially culpable and should have fought it. And you kept babbling that I was wrong. Trump was our last line of defense.

      1. I didn’t babble at all. I’ve said the same thing from February of last year. Trump, along with all the political leadership had to take the virus seriously. They are not doctors, or scientists, nor epidemiologists and do not have the specific knowledge required to make an instant decision that the chinaVirus is a scam. As time went by they should have figured it out. Some did, some didn’t, and not at the same speed.

        So now point out where I was babbling in the way you say. Look real hard. I’m more than happy to say Trump should be saying what I’ve been saying, the “vaccine” is worse than the virus and should be avoided by all but those most at risk.

        1. Trump’s performance on the WuFlu was not good in some ways and good in others.

          He was calling for two weeks to flatten the curve. I think that was a mistake based on the fact he accepted Fauci and Birx’s advice uncritically. However, after two weeks or so he was calling for reopening by Easter. The damage has been done though. The mere fact that he lent credence to Fauci and the other scammers was enough to send most Dems and half of the “Republicans” into paroxysms of fear. Nothing could persuade them to the contrary for a vast number of them,.to the point where merely questioning the Panic was enough to get you harassed, vilified, called all sorts of vile things, accused of hating Grandmas and other living things, shunned, banned, and labeled a Science Denier.

          That was just from people supposedly on the Right!!

          I suppose the rationale on the Vaccine was it would alleviate the Panic in enough people to get people back thinking and acting rationally. Another mistake.

          Even today there is a number of people who STILL don’t get it and even when vaccinated they distance and mask up and generally are still afraid of going back to how normal was defined in December 2019.

          How do we deal with people that irrational?

          1. “How do we deal with people that irrational?”

            Hmm, I’m going to defer to SteveF on that one…

          2. Trump’s performance was horrendous. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and as soon as a few people got sick, he allowed a thousand petty tyrants around the country to suspend the Constitution – not for two weeks, but in some cases, it’s still going on. And he did jack fucking shit about it – he Tweeted.

            Now, this is where Barry comes in with a passionate diatribe about how ‘powerless’ he was. Bullshit. He’s the President of the Formerly United Fucking States. He’s the executive – the chief law enforcement officer. In the past, Presidents have shown no restraint when it came to enforcing Federal law, be it in accordance with the Constitution or not.

            Trump made gods out of Fauci and Birx and then pretended to be helpless to them.

            What happened should have been easily predictable. The Democrats used the Chinaflu to steal the goddamned country through mail-in voting fraud. Again – things that Trump should have foreseen. He spent 2020 worrying about re-election and what the media would say about him, as if the media could hate him any more. Now he’s going to be shocked, shocked, shocked, when he and some of his family are indicted and imprisoned. Again – easily foreseeable.

            Nor was it coincidental that the main damage from the Chinaflu diktats fell on his own supporters – businesspeople and those in the private economy. Yet, Trump didn’t fight for us. Not one fucking bit.

            Trump fucked up the way that Republicans always fuck up. He accepted the premise of the enemy and then fought over details. From the moment that he accepted the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve,’ we were fucking DONE as a country. Period. That was the ultimate destruction of the United States of America – never in peacetime has there been that level of government tyranny.

            Michael Anton referred to the 2016 election as the “Flight 93 election.” Well, we didn’t get a Flight 93 President.

            Now, I also don’t think Trump was some sort of a “plant.” Here’s what I think. In private business, when a new CEO takes over and makes changes, most of the lower managers go along with the changes, and those that don’t either quit or get fired pretty quickly. But you don’t see the outright warfare on a CEO. I think Trump believed that it would work like that – he could keep the holdovers from the Half Blood Prince and they’d simply accept his new direction. That was a fatal mistake – for his Presidency and the country.

            1. I would note that in the first week in March if you even mentioned that the WuFlu was not the Plague and the apocalypse, right wing sites and right wing people would scream at you, bann you from commenting, calling you a moron and every other fucking name in the book and generally shun, ostracize, censor and deplatform you.

              When 75% or more of the Country were clamoring for Lockdowns and Masks and screeching WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE there isn’t much anyone can do.

              Trump listened to the will of the people. A mistake as surely as any other dumbass thing.

              But how many people stepped up in the face of the Howling Monkeys Of The Apocalypse?

              Noem in SD and Stitt in OK and that’s about it.

              I recall perhaps Rand Paul was calling for some perspective. Maybe. I’m not sure. I can’t think of anyone else having Trump’s back if he had taken the Stance to stand down even if that was the right course.

              Trump certainly failed but aside from you and me and Our esteemed Host Mike, Barry and IB and SteveF and some others, we were voices drowned out by the Howls.

              Americans are not the people they used to be.

              1. Hindsight is always 20/20.

                Skeptic, were you calling this out back in March of 2020? It’s a question, not an accusation.

                Perhaps you’d be so kind as to point out my babbling.

                1. Absomotherfuckinglutely I was calling it out in March. From the very fucking beginning, I saw it as the fraud that it is. Your babbling? Well, scroll up a few posts where you blame everybody but Trump. That’s a good start.

                  He campaigned on being the LEADER of the free world. The LEADER. He didn’t lead. As Kenny pointed out, Noem and Stitt were stronger than Trump.

                  1. As I thought, crickets. The world is more complex than your simple thoughts and a president has to live in that world, not the one you contrive. When a president is faced with what he is being told is a super bug he has no choice but to listen and respond in a legal and justifiable fashion based upon what he thinks the situation is.

                    What is it that Trump did? Did he shut down business’s? No, that was the states that did that. In fact, what Trump primarily did was to mobilize a response at the federal level to deal with what he was told was a killer virus. Hospital beds, ventilators, hospital ships, testing, those types of things. You seem to blame Trump for every ill perpetrated by the states.

                    Show me where you stated as far back as March that Fauci and Birx were liars. Perhaps you did, I can’t say. The fact is any president that didn’t do what Trump did would be derelict in his duties as president. Was he perfect? No, of course not. No one else was either.

                    Did he fail to protect the election? Yes. A big failure, but how was he supposed to do that? Give us the answer. Trump had zero help from the R party and nearly zero help from the apparatus of the government. Who runs the elections? The states, not Trump. If the republicans in states like Georgia would not be honest why do you blame Trump?

                    The failure is not Trump, it’s the every day average US citizen. They failed.

                    1. As expected – typical Barry babble. Wanna see where I said back in March that it was bullshit? Search the fucking archives here. I was vocal about it from the get-go. In fact, I think Mike made one of my comments a full blog post.

                      What’s funny – you at once see Trump as all-powerful and yet completely powerless. He was the President of the United States. His predecessor was not shy about unilateral action, Constitution be damned. Obama is evil – but he had far more fucking balls than Trump.

                      Done with you.

                    2. You’re pathetic, captured by a simple mind. Tell us what you would have done Skeptic, as president of the USA. Tell us what Trump did wrong, and right. At least I can make a reasonable argument about it, you just whine that he didn’t do what you wanted, but can’t define what that is.

                      “Babbling”, it’s your middle name. It is all you do.

                    3. Hey skeptic I have to agree with Barry on the Election. Trump called vociferously for an audit of the votes and dclared openly that they cheated and stole it from him. He stated that directly at 3:30 AM on Nov 4, 2020 and maintained that stance ever since.

                      He hired lawyers to fight the Steal and those law firms were threatened and forced to withdraw. Republican Governors and SoS refused to review the voting under a full audit. Republican Leaders and most of the GOP refused to even listen to anyone even stating there may have been Election Fraud. Republican controlled legislatures refused to stop the Governors and SoS from making Election Laws, which is illegal and the Legislatures then voted to certify the results anyway, despite massive Fraud evident. The Courts refused to hear his cases and the Supreme Court, with three Judges he appointed voting with the side of the Leftists, refused to hear any cases related to The Stolen Election.

                      Face it. It was Trump and Giuliani/Powell against the World and no one was going to let Trump do anything about the Election Fraud. Then Jan 6, 2021 they murdered an unarmed woman in a bid to discredit us as Insurrectionists so we could not protest the Fraud.

                      Then Congress certified the Fraudulent Election Results.

                      I’ve got more if you want but just there is enough for me to conclude that both the Dems and the GOP pulled off a Coup and there was no one on Our Side.

                      The only answer to that situation would be to show up armed and Fight the Coup ourselves. America is just not ready to do that. America may NEVER be ready to do that.

                      That last point is also germane to the WuFlu response by Trump. America was READY to Lockdown and Mask Up for the vast Majority of US.
                      Noem and Stitt were able to stand tall because they are Governors of States that are still largely dominated by Real Americans. The kind that don’t wet their knickers at the hype of a virus that was no more lethal than any flu we faced. Unless of course, you mishandled it and deliberately exposed people ready to die to it.

                      Trump was forced by Americans to do what he did. It would have taken a Force of Will beyond what anyone had ever seen to buck the trend in the second week of March and call for people to remain calm and do Nothing when 75% of us thought it was The Apocalypse.

                      There are very few people in History who have ever stood up against what was coming at them.

                      The Founders. The WW II Leaders, especially Churchill and The Queen and King of England. Charles Martel against the Islamic Invasion. The Polish King at the Siege of Vienna. All situations where one man led an Insurrection or a War against an ascendant enemy where the odds of success were decidedly against them.

                      Trump was just not that kind of Warrior. But more than that, he had No Army.

                      I doubt anything Trump could have said or done would have prevented the Governors of 48 States from Locking Down and Masking Up and destroying those businesses and Stealing that Election. Once again, the Republicans helped them and with WuFlu it was a time where the Republicans were actually doing what a Majority of Republican voters wanted done. Stop The Virus and KEEP US SAFE, AT ALL COSTS!

                      So I can’t see your anger directed at Trump as valid. Disappointment, certainly. I wished he was the Warrior we thought we had, and for the most part, he did spend Five Years fighting the whole Deep State without much help.

                      The Deep State Won. Direct your vitriol at them. It’s going to take more than One Man to get this job done, if we Americans have the mettle to do it anymore.

                    4. C’mon Skeptic, be real now. The situation was a lot different than any other POTUS.

                      He occupied the Office of the President of the United States, but he didn’t have the Power of the POTUS.

                      People actively and publicly disobeyed his orders. The Military even secretly disobeyed a direct order to pull our troops out of Syria.

                      Mitch Turtle refused to allow the Senate to go out of Session and into Recess so Trump was not allowed to make Recess Appointments. His own Party Congressional Leadership were actively and publicly taking his Powers away. If you don’t think he was told flat out by Turtle they wouldn’t allow anyone but their choices through the Senate then I think you’re being disingenuous.

                      It was obvious that they were Spying on his Campaign and spying on him all throughout his Presidency.

                      Turtle held the cards to take Trump out too. Shampeachment only failed because Mitch got something from Trump, or else Turtle would have Removed Him from Office and the Voters Be Damned.

                      Which is Exactly what they di with the ShamElection. The Dems Stole It and the GOP helped.

                      The Deep State holds ALL the Power. The were running a Coup against Trump from the very day he threw his hat in the Ring.

                      It is NOT The United States of America and it hasn’t been since at least 2012 when Romney took a Dive and 0 stole re-election. It’s probably been that way a LOT longer than just then. But it’s no longer the President that makes decisions. It’s an Unelected Deep State Tyrants who run our Country and Trump was trying to take it back.

                      Your argument makes it sound like America didn’t die somewhere under the first or second Bush Klan.

                      America is Dead. Our Pretend POTUS is a Puppet and it’s been that way for a while.

                    5. Skeptic: “What’s funny – you at once see Trump as all-powerful and yet completely powerless.”

                      What’s really funny? The voices in your head telling you shit that never happened. Give us any example of where I made Trump out as all powerful, or completely powerless. It’s just bullshit. Seems to be all you have.

    1. Didn’t need Deninger for that. I said quite awhile back that I wasn’t volunteering to be a part of anyone’s vaccine beta test. I’ve been following the “vaccination” deaths and adverse reactions all around the web.

      1. Denninger sums it it up in a nice neat package for the less well informed.

        1. At this point in time, the only reason for someone to be less well informed is for them to have had their fingers stuck in their ears going, “Lalalallalalalalala! I can’t hear you!”

          And willfully cognitively impaired to boot.

  2. Doggy teeth. Apparently dogs can have significant teeth decay and not be bothered by it as us humans are. We had our 14 year old beagles teeth cleaned yesterday, something I had avoided as unnecessary. I always ask what dogs did before vets? Of course I know there are two things at a minimum that are different, the food they eat and the fact they live to be much older than they used to. So, I relented and spent the big bucks to have her teeth cleaned. They put them under for this, X ray the teeth/jaw, extract any bad teeth, and clean the rest.

    She had ten teeth extracted. Some dogs end up with all of them extracted. I would never have known judging by the dogs behavior. She exhibited no sign of pain or distress, and ate dry food just fine (with water).

    She did have bad breath. Hopefully this clears that up. The decay can be detrimental to their overall health and to their kidneys. No sign of any problems with our dog thankfully. They do blood work prior to this procedure.

    Anyway, just a public service announcement to all you dog owners.

    Oh, and the beagle is doing quite well today. Ate last night after surgery.

    1. Unfortunately smaller breeds have more problems. Our 9 hear old had 3 teeth removed last year.

      Unfortunately there’s not much preventative you can do either. We split her food into some regular small dog hard food and grain free hard food for the little one. The slightly larger one has a special hard food because she tends to get UT infections and this encourages urination. The former just turned 9 and the latter 8.

      The two Pomeranians I had in Hong Kong lived to 18 years old. The smaller one only had a few teeth left when she passed away.

      PS it’s best to never feed them human food or table scraps even as a snack.

      1. The beagle eats dry food exclusively and has her entire life. A table scrap of fatty meat occasionally.

        It was news to me. Our vet has suggested this for a couple years, but I resisted because I didn’t like the thought of putting her under at this age. The vet’s a darn good one and as usual, she was right.

        1. Day two, after cleaning. She’s doing just fine this morning, sleepy.

          What I didn’t think about before was the change in diet post surgery. She’s eating wet food now. No problem so far though, but I should have thought to transition her a few days prior.

    2. The Prexy Pom just had all his teeth extracted, which surprised both of us. But he’s recovered fully now, and in many ways seems like a new dog. And his atrocious breath has vanished.

      1. Ouch. I had read, and been told, that losing all of them was a possibility. Sad to hear the Prexy Pom lost them all, but good to hear he’s doing well after. The beagle’s bad breath seems to have gone with the bad teeth.

        I wish we had done this earlier. I was just afraid to put her under, but the risk of doing that became less than the risk of not cleaning / extracting the bad teeth.
        I’ve had a lot of dogs and this is a first.

  3. Interesting observation about continued mask stupidity.  I’m in Vegas right now, which is now a ‘mask optional’ place, and is mostly opened back up.  Yes, there are signs saying that masks are optional if you’ve had the jab – but few people truly give a shit.  What this means is that if someone is wearing a mask it’s because they are a true believer.  There is a definite ethnic component to this.

    Walking around the Strip (both outside and inside the casinos), it appears to break down like this:

    About 5% or less of the whites are walking around with the face diaper.  Those who are tend to be either elderly or of the soyboy/granola girl variety.

    About 1/4 of the Asians are masked – this is to be expected.

    Somewhere around 10% of the Hispanics are masked.

    But – the interesting part.  Easily over half of the blacks walking around are still masking.  They are by far the most masked group on the Strip.

    Interesting to see.

    1. Look at the FBI’s Uniform Crime Statistics. Blacks (specifically in America, but actually everywhere) are more likely to commit crime. They know this and they know we know this, so they like the anonymity of walking around in a mask.


      1. There also the most easily frightened group. They believe the government lies.

        I see the same thing here in NC now that the mask mandate has been lifted, just not as low a % as Skeptic is seeing in Vegas.

        1. My head hurts and my blood pressure rises and my teeth grate when I hear any of our NC “Health” “Experts” speak.

          I see people without masks. What is the actual policy they went to here Barry? Is it you have to have been Jabbed to go maskless or is it back to complete voluntary?

        2. I live near the chunk of California in the middle of Texas (Austin), and still see lots of people wearing the submission signal. Yesterday some business took me to a smaller town a couple hundred miles away, and it was a different world. Most people were not wearing masks, and seemed pretty happy about it. I felt like I had woken up from an extended nightmare. Two months ago this same place was fully masked up, stores had constant audio loops reminding people to wear masks, etc. Now, no signs or warnings and people just went about their business. It was wonderful.

          I would estimate maybe 15-20% were wearing masks. No real patterns I could see, so probably the true believers or the especially health-concerned. The fraction masked up was small enough that none of them seemed to have the confidence to confront anyone without one.

          1. I think small towns are inhabited by sensible people for the most part, the ones that do actual work instead of feeding of of government. I’m not surprised by what you see in Austin Vs small town Texas. It’s pretty much the same here, Charlotte = Austin, but the smaller towns and surrounding area are more like small town Texas.

            1. Sizable chunks of Austin are still pretty fanatical about masks, especially if you go into core Austin near the government or University of Texas. The idiots in charge are trying their hardest to turn Austin into San Francisco, complete with homeless encampments, lax or non-existent law enforcement, etc. If you stick to the outer suburbs things are more reasonable, especially once you get across the county line and escape Travis county’s leftist control. There are still big pockets of Covidians to deal with, though.

              1. I’ve been through Austin on the way to points south, usually fly into San Antonio or Houston though. Sad that Austin has become a little SanFran. Nice area and I’d be happy to live in the area between little SanFran and San Antonio. Good people, good food, nice country. I’ve always said it’s #3 on my list just after NC and SC.

                1. East Texas out around Longview might be to your liking, also. The terrain out there isn’t to dissimilar in places from parts of the East Coast Southern states I’ve been through.

                  Very pretty area, and pretty heavily rural in most areas, too.

                  I like the south Texas area and the Big Thicket, also, but they’re a lot different from where I grew up in North Central Texas.

                  1. Well heck, when you get down to it I like every place I’ve been in Texas, east, west, south, north. As with almost all places I don’t much care for the cities over about 100K in size, the lone exception being Paris, France.

          2. I live near the chunk of California in the middle of Texas (Austin),

            Or Moscow on the Brazos as we used to call it.

  4. “They confronted a firmly nationalist, non-accommodationist American President. He had broad popular support and a swiftly accumulating record of success, and he was determined to end their seizures of American IP and their pilferage of American manufacturing jobs. They could not budge him. So he had to go – but wait: We could attack his one known personal weakness: his germophobic willingness to trust medical authorities, even after they’ve been proved wrong. And there’s a laboratory in Wuhan, under tight military control as are all such labs in Red China, that has just what we need for the job…”

    Perhaps the best paragraph ever written on the subject. It is 100% accurate IMO.

    So Perhaps We Weren’t Crazy After All?

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