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STRONG message follows

Aesop responds unfavorably to some fretting over the more nightmarish side effects the Coming Unpleasantness will bring on.

Look, I’m sorry. Maybe you’ve been asleep for 100 years or something. Maybe you fell in a cave, and hit your head, and just got out after a year lost in the labyrinth. Maybe you’ve been in a medical coma for a decade. I don’t know.

But just to catch you up on current events: The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor last November.

An entire presidential election was stolen in plain sight, with everyone watching, and it’s so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it from orbit in space. And then they doubled down, and tried to turn a panty raid into a revolution. And then doubled down again.

The Fourth Amendment’s been in tatters for all of this century, and before. They’ve set the First Amendment on fire for the last six months and counting. Now they’re coming after the Second Amendment, and the Third Amendment is the step after that. Let me know when the penny drops for you.

Oh, it’s quite a bit worse than even that, actually. By the numbers:

Is there any real need to discuss the First? Ask anybody who has lost their livelihood, their home, their friends, and their fortune after voicing a conservative opinion, support for Trump, or dissent from Progressivist dogma just how well it performed at safeguarding the right to freedom of speech it once guaranteed.

The 2nd is all but dead, strangled by the incremental creep of registration; restrictions on what kind, how many, and how often one is allowed to buy Constitutionally-“protected” firearms; increasingly onerous requirements and/or other qualifications for buying or selling legal weaponry, along with the burdensome blizzard of paperwork those regulations generate. As I’ve said before: if one must beg the government’s permission to exercise it, then it isn’t a “right,” it’s a privilege.

What with ubiquitous cameras, satellites, drones, license plate readers, Sting Rays, and listening devices clandestinely spying on us and recording our every move, every minute of every day, any notion that the Fourth remains in meaningful effect is definitionally ludicrous.

The Fifth? Pull the other one, it has a bell on it.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,

Which the DA will happily provide with a surfeit of spurious charges, just to help them along.

except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;

Unless you’re Darren Chauvin, or any other of the numerous Americans who have faced prosecution for “civil offenses” after the prosecution failed to get them convicted and Bastilled on the original criminal charges.

nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;

Except if you own a home or property the authorities wish to sell to crony developers, in which case they’ll Eminent Domain your ass and you’ll be lucky to receive pennies on the dollar in “compensation.” Or if you’re unfortunate enough to have a lake, pond, or small creek on your property—or a mud puddle, all of which the government has decreed “protected wetlands”—in which case the EPA will perceive an opportunity to jump on your neck with both jackbooted feet, and will assuredly seize it.

nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

See above.

The Sixth? Don’t make me laugh.

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial

A trial so “speedy” that it will drag on for decades, if not the rest of the defendant’s natural life, bankrupting him regardless of outcome. In post-Constitutional “America,” the process IS the punishment.

The Seventh and Eight, which concern more or less nuts-and-bolts specifics of certain courtroom proceedings, we’ll leave alone for now. The Ninth?

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

None of which are now regarded as valid by The Power, all of which have been gleefully flung down and stomped upon.

The Tenth (poor, dear little thing)—the conceptual framework for the structure of the Founders’ government—has had a whole blown through it wide enough to drive the pathetically dysfunctional USS Ford through with room to spare, damaged by a slow-mo explosion originally set off by FDR’s New Deal commiebomb. After decades of abuse, encroachment, and neglect, the long-before-neutered Tenth was finally euthanized once and for all by the abominable Seventeeth, in accordance with the Progressivist plan.

After all that, if the penny ain’t dropped for you yet, as Aesop puts it, it’s almost certainly never going to.

That’s besides generational enemies worldwide sharpening their carving knives looking at the carcass of a once-great nation, the wholesale deliberate hamstringing and then gutting of the greatest military on the planet, and the imminent collapse of the entire world economy, starting, Gentle Reader, with your own little ricebowl, and your little patch of paradise on earth.

People have been yakking lately about the totally symbolic fart-in-a-hurricane letter from a bunch of impotent pensioned-off old-fart petty generals and admirals. You might have heard something.

It’s all nothing but ass gas from people eating soft food and wearing Depends.

The letter they should have read was from Zombie Admiral Stark, piped in from 1941 via the Twilight Zone:

So maybe, stop acting like a Baby Duck, and realize that the time for pusillanimous appeasement and pants-wetting caution went up in flames waaaaaaaaaay back, and either pitch in or fall in to commence training to reverse that, or else just resolve to taste bad when they feed you to the lions.

Really, there never IS a time for pusillanimous appeasement, which is always a must-to-avoid among men who would live free. That, in combination with complacency and lotus-eating decadence, was a major factor in bringing us to the current sorry pass. Compromise with honest, fair-minded opponents is one thing; appeasement is quite another. It is always a costly mistake, sometimes a fatal one, quite literally. Appeasement never bought anybody anything except heartache and regret.

And yet appeasement is exactly what the GOPe has been doing anyway, for years and years. Naifs that we be, we let them do it.

Our Constitutional rights weren’t so much stolen from us. We threw them away. Which brings us right ’round to…well, to where we all are. Aesop, unfortunately, is perfectly correct: like it or not, do-or-die time is nigh upon us.

11 thoughts on “STRONG message follows

  1. While the entire post is good, I would like to focus on the linked article about the boondoggle known as the USS Ford. Much like the F35, immense amounts of money have been spent (meaning “gone into connected cronies’ pockets and then a share kicked back to the congressvermin voting for it”) for supposed techno-wonder “next generation” military equipment. The visible result in each case is a years behind schedule white elephant that can not match the performance of existing equipment from decades earlier.

    The linked article focuses on the Ford’s elevators. Elevators are not exactly a revolutionary new technology. But in modern America, we are lucky to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing. Building a set of working elevators is apparently now beyond our technical capabilities, even given billions of dollars. No wonder there is a shortage of current generation semi-conductor chips…and we have to go hat in hand to foreign companies to beg them to build modern fabs in our country, since we can not do so ourselves.

    I feel sorry for younger Americans who are actually sane and attempting to build decent lives for themselves. I hope the full collapse does not happen in the years I have remaining, but I will probably see it.

    1. The “Defense” Department has been buying golden toilets and 500 dollar hammers forever. It’s corruption of course, always has been. And that corruption is now pretty complete with the entire federal government in on the take, including most if not all the top brass at the pentagram.

  2. “An entire presidential election was stolen in plain sight, with everyone watching, and it’s so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it from orbit in space.”

    I have to admit that when a guy (gal?) that comes into this place to lecture us on the importance of wearing a mask, because he/she says so, and as I recall denied the terror was a part of the plan to steal the election, I ignore anything they have to say. If you are too damn stupid to understand the simplicity of a mask not protecting against the virus then your too damn stupod to be trusted on anything more complicated.

  3. Sorry, Barry, I can’t remember if you’re Dumb or Dumber, but

    1) I didn’t lecture you on the importance of masks, nor assign any level of importance to them whatsoever. I simply told you what they were for.
    2) I provided you with a link to an actual scientific study that tested them, in response to your link to 17 studies that never tested them and never undertook to examine the exact point at issue. it turns out that wearing them provides a one thousandfold improvement over not wearing them, as any idiot (well, except you) can generally grasp without having their nose rubbed in the obvious reality.
    3)  I never denied that TPTB would use a legitimate pandemic as covering fire to endeavor to steal the election, precisely because they never let a crisis go to waste, like all good Alinskyites.
    4) If you’re too dumb to understand that masks are to protect other people from your snot, and not the other way around, and that that’s been true since decades before this current pandemic, since Ever in fact, you’re really not tall enough to participate on the internet at all, and should go back to your sandbox, rather than coming in here to scoop your best efforts out of your underpants and throw your feces when grownups are talking over your head. Talking so pointlessly about things you don’t get just underlines how hopelessly beyond your grasp the simplest subjects are, and that’s probably not the look you were going for in sharing your latest diaper spackle, but it makes it all the easier for anybody disagreeing with you to spot your nonsense for what it is. All anyone has to do is take the opposite position from you, and they’re virtually guaranteed to be on the right side of any question in nearly every case.

    5) Given that your bitchfest is 0 for 4, I can only hope your pecker is longer than your memory, otherwise you’re going to win a Darwin Award no matter how long you live.

    If that wasn’t your intent all along, you’re doing this wrong.


    Best wishes in your future endeavors.

    1. Aesop, you’re full of shit, and a liar. Anyone that reads here knows what you said.

      I doubt you have a pecker.

        1. That would suppose you’re a blank.
          So I suppose it is true.

          Why did I know the POS canadian from spain would be here to defend a chinaVirus terror monger? Still wearing your diaper henryKaren?

      1. Don’t half-step, lackwit.

        Tell us how you really feel.
        Bring your best playground crybaby-fest.

        It’s not like you have anything else to offer, nor ever have.

        1. We’re all still waiting on you to tell us the name of a mask manufacturer that states their product will inhibit the transmission of a virus in any direction, in or out.

          You are just another in a long list of liars.

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