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Sleep, sleeeeeep

Since the successful theft of the 2020 “election,” the installation of Befuddled Joey Diddleyfingers as figurehead of the Occupation Government, and the likewise-fraudulently overhyped Jan 6th tempest in a teapot, I find myself becoming more and more impatient with all the purblind Pollyannas of the Vote Harderer!™ movement. This has led me to give up reading a depressing number of Righty pundits who I had previously much admired, and whose take on things I reliably agreed with.

It saddens me deeply to have to add the once-great Kurt Schlichter to that ever-lengthening list.

Clean House in 2025

Shoulda been done in 2017, too late to do it now. Trump’s baffling failure to do so—whether out of naive cluelessness, or because he was always in on the Swamp scam himself as some assert—is the main reason he’s out in the cold now and is going to stay that way, no matter how many new websites he launches.

When President DeSantis is sworn in at 12:00 pm on January 20, 2025, he should give a short speech and by 12:10 be firing people. Lots of people.

Okay, it might not be the current Florida governor – we do know it’s not going to be Gov. Nikki! Haley (R – Establishment) or Kristi! Noem (R-NCAA) – but whoever beats Kamala Harris like a drum needs to come into the Oval Office ready to clear-cut the bureaucracy.

Riiiight. Because, having just pulled off the greatest political hijacking of all time, there’s absolutely no reason at all to think the Uniparty cabal would dare to do it again next time around.


Every keen observer understands that Donald Trump’s first and foremost failure as president was personnel. He did not get it right until the end, and then it was far too late. There are two reasons for this. The first is that for all his iconoclasm, Trump used to believe in our institutions and it took him a while to see how totally corrupt they truly are. For years, he gave the NYT interviews even as it trashed him because, well, it was the Times and the Times was prestigious.

For much of his term, he had that same kind of deference to establishment figures. He thought Rex Tillerson would be great because he was a rich head of a huge corporation. He thought generals were impressive because they had medals, and he famously got shafted by each and every one of them that he relied upon. He thought, for too long, that the DoJ and FBI and other agencies really had America’s interests at heart instead of the liberal establishment’s priorities. 
It was all baloney.

They were all terrible, and they all worked ceaselessly to undermine and even imprison him. It was only at the end that Trump found trustworthy folks who would do their jobs instead of pursue outside agendas. For example, Trump’s third National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, was the best National Security Advisor maybe ever – gee, he only oversaw peace achieving in the Middle East – and the reason you might not recognize his name is because he never became the story like McMaster or Bolton. Mike Pompeo – who also will never be president, sorry – was likewise a loyal and effective Secretary of State. But it took almost four years to get the team on-board.

Fine and well so far; so stipulated, without demur. And then off the rails we go again.

The other issue was that Trump had no Rolodex. The other issue was that Trump had no Rolodex. The Bush cabal had thousands of loyal obedient minions/potential staffers to call upon in the off-chance that hell froze over and Jeb! got elected to something other than “Most Likely to Fail.” Trump had no one to call. That’s a big part of why his administration was staffed with people who had zero loyalty and spent their time undermining him and his policies.

Dude, SRSLY?!? One of the most successful, savvy, well-known, and well-connected NYC movers and shakers in history “had no Rolodex”? It’s difficult for me to accept that there could still be anybody out there with intact powers of observation who truly believes that.

President De Santis will not have that problem – there’s a whole generation of experienced conservatives out there to call upon to staff his administration. And they will to be ready to separate the wheat form the chaff when they take up their places.

President De Santis will certainly not have that problem, right enough…because there ain’t gonna BE any “President De Santis,” and whichever mental-defective, rumpswab, or common con artist the Uniparty fiends put on offer will assuredly NOT be beaten like a drum. As for that “whole generation of experienced conservatives” bushwa: what, you mean there weren’t any of those available before, but now they all of a sudden sprout up just when they’re needed most? Puh-LEEZE.

He needs to get to firing. And right away.

No, Trump needed to do that. He was the last desperate throw of the dice; the opportunity was missed, and there ain’t no do-overs or second chances in this game.

It just goes on from there, all adding up to yet another clueless, pointless Meat Beat Manifesto—the same sad daydream, unvaried and futile as ever.

Update! WE’RE SAVED!!!

GOP Now Threatening to Break up Facebook After Decision Upholding Ban on Trump


As we reported earlier today, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the social media platform’s indefinite ban on President Donald Trump, despite also finding that an indefinite ban violated Facebook’s own rules and calling on the platform to “determine and justify a proportionate response that is consistent with the rules that are applied to other users of its platform.” They gave the platform six months to come up with that proportionate response.

The decision was not well received by Republicans who already feel that the platform has not been fair to them and imposes its rules unevenly.

Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff decried the decision and said that members of Congress were looking into whether they needed to break up Facebook.

Coming soon: the appointment of a blue ribbon panel to look into this very, very, very grave issue. Follows, Congressional hearings, in which Fuckerberg will be brought in to lie his ass off like he did the last seventeen times. After that, another rigged election to convince all you pesky rubes that you really DO have a say in how you’re governed. Then: FREE COOKIES!!!


20 thoughts on “Sleep, sleeeeeep

  1. Yep. Sad to see Schlichter is living in dreamland. Who the GOP nominates in 2024 matters not in the least, because they will have zero chance of winning. Not little chance, zero chance.

    And even if the GOP somehow won, we would just end up with the exact same people who advised W, or Yeb, or Kasich, or Ryan, or McCain, or Romney. That “generation of experienced conservatives” is precisely the problem, since those are the people who make up the GOP establishment. Always going along to get along, always “reaching out to their good friends across the aisle,” always accepting the left’s narrative and premises about everything. Always losing, because they are happy to do so as long as they get theirs.

    1. Ayup.

      And, assuming for the sake of argument that DeSantis isn’t Deep State being groomed for a role, then “President” DeSantis needs to stay Governor DeSantis of Florida where he can maybe actually do some good.

      All politics is local these days: Mordor on the Potomac is unreformable.

  2. Shoulda been done in 2017, too late to do it now. Trump’s baffling failure to do so—whether out of naive cluelessness, or because he was always in on the Swamp scam himself as some assert…

    Inability, I think. I don’t believe any longer that the swamp can be cleared short of blood and gunsmoke. Trump was trying to do it peacefully and within the system…

    And there’s an old saying about the foxes guarding the hen house. There’s no political solution to the problems created by politics. They will never be induced to police or reform their own.

    The longer I go, the more prescient Billy Beck proves to have been back in the early 90s.

  3. I can’t see how Trump could have seen what they did to Flynn and not have caught on to the gargantuan task ahead.

    I also can’t see why Pelosi and Co would have run the shitshows they did if Trump were just in on it. All it did is convince many more people that they should never be in charge and we need to stop them at all costs (not enough yet to get something done, but growing). Why wouldn’t they have just run the same attacks on Trump as they ran on Bush, if he were in on it. No, I think they really believed he was working hard to Drain The Swamp and was a real threat.

    Which leads us back to the original question. Why didn’t Trump clean house and install his own people he knew he could trust. Why wasn’t Giuliani AG? He certainly spent the whole four years fully engaged in helping Trump anyway. So why not give him the Power the Office of AG confers?

    I still have to believe that The Turtle and Ryan were neck deep Swamp Creatures as well as almost all of the GOP.

    1. Trump did not name Giuliani AG because he never would have been confirmed. The swamp critters in DC know very well how important control of the DoJ is to keeping all their asses out of prison, and they were never going to permit anyone effective to become AG.

      Note how the senate, officially in GOP control for much of Trump’s term, never once went officially out of session. They always maintained a pro forma ‘session’ so that Trump could never perform any recess appointments. They knew he would install someone like Giuliani as acting AG if he got the chance, and they were not going to permit that.

      I agree with Ironbear: DC is impossible to reform from within the system. Draining the swamp would require killing 90+% of the politicians, intel agencies, lobbyists, bureaucrats, and media in DC. A nuke or a French Revolution style reign of terror would be necessary.

      1. “…because he never would have been confirmed.”

        Or anyone else for anything of importance that didn’t come with the deep state seal of approval.

        It’s hard to put yourself in Trump’s shoes. First, he did not wish to wreck the country. Doing so, even for good reason, would hurt the average American far worse and far more than the overlord class of killers we are currently saddled with. I believe* Trump thought he could reform the system by helping push the marginal ones his way, nor do I think he realized how deep the deep state really was. Who did?

        Be honest. You knew the country was fucked up. Did you have any idea it was this fucked? There were those that did, but it was just something they thought. Trump exposed them, they had to come out because he was close to killing it, very close. The chinese were in a world of trouble. You don’t see it in our media but they were in real trouble. And they own our deep state, that much is clear.

        *Just what I think, nothing more

        1. Agree, Barry. Trump attempted to impose reform on DC by working within the system, because I think Trump believed (or at least did so as of 2016) that the system could still work and be reformed. He made a very stong attempt, and ended up proving that it could not be done.

          Maybe he was overly optimistic. But Trump has performed a very useful service by making the attempt. He delayed the glabalists, forced a ton of people to reveal where they truly stood, and demonstrated that reform within the system is no longer possible. It needed to be tried, to clear the decks for future options.

          Those future options are not good ones. But I do not blame Trump for that. The rot in DC has been spreading and eating away the foundations for decades. At least the facade has been ripped away and the swarming mass of termites exposed to public view.

          1. Agreed with that. Trump had successfully maneuvered NYC and NJ politicians into making the deals that would get him what he wanted because he knew their motivations were primarily their own self interest, greed and vanity. He probably thought that DC was just a larger version of that cesspool and he could maneuver them in the same way.

            The problem with DC must go way deeper than we think. It’s not just self interest, vanity and greed that drives the people behind the people of the Deep State. It must an Ideological Purity in the Marxist Hard Core Believers. Plus the stakes are much higher. For all the money that sloshes around NYC and NYS coffers and the ample opportunities to enrich oneself there, DC seems to be 1000x larger. So the pool of people running the grift is 1000x more motivated. Plus there is all the sleaze we are now just understanding. Pizzagate sounded farfetched 6 years ago. Now, after Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself, I think it is not only real, but very, very big business (not necessarily the Pizza Parlor part of it, but the idea that sex slavery and child porn and prostitution of both hetero and homo types are run out of DC and Hollywood and NYC etc., and by officials in our Government being heavily involved, is a given.)

            I do admit to being flabbergasted by the Scampeachment, then the Scamdemic, then the Election Steal, then the Senate Steal, and then The Reichstag Fire event on Jan 6, 2021, and finally the Censorship of Trump/Stop The Steal and the Installation of Biteme Harris. It’s way beyond what I could have imagined they would have the nerve to do if you asked me 6 years ago. Now we have trillions being spent and we’re not even 4 months into The Usurper’s Reign.

            Not only is the rot and corruption Deeper than we had imagined, it appears to be even Deeper than we can imagine.

            1. “…it appears to be even Deeper than we can imagine.”

              Well, I’d say it used to be but no longer is. I think most of the answer is the ownership. It’s not Obama and company or any of the party power branches. They are just the front men. It’s way deeper – they are owned by the chinese IMO. The CCP has been purchasing them for 25 years. They outright own them. And us.

      2. I agree.

        The “tell” was that The Turtle refused to allow recess appointments by never allowing a recess.

        You nailed it.

        1. Yes. That a GOP-controlled senate would not permit the (officially) GOP president to make recess appointments is a huge tell. But how many low info voters are even aware that it happened? They just get the media spin that Trump was an idiot who could not pick good people.

          1. A lot of supposed “right” people also make the claim Trump was an idiot with his picks, never acknowledging the truth.

            1. Agreed. Trump did make some mistakes with picking certain people. But his available options were a lot more constrained than many people realize.

  4. The ‘no rolodex’ thing has bugged me for a long time.  It is one of the most ridiculous and obvious flaws, as all he would have had to do was contact a few law school chapters of the Federalist Society to get fire-breathers that have dreamed of the day they get to crap on liberals.  Some would fail, but there would be a never-ending stream of replacements begging for the chance.

    1. “Federalist Society”

      Maybe, maybe not. The Federalist Society is who Trump turned to for a number of things including Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barret. Not a name among those that I associate with freedom and liberty given their work/rulings on the court. In fact, with those three the damn marxist party has no need to “stack the court”. Throw in another FS alumnus, Chief Justice John Roberts for another worthless corrupt asshole on the court with the Federalist Society stamp of approval/membership.

      Law school chapters? Maybe, maybe they have yet to be corrupted.

      Frankly, Trump would be better to come to Mike, IronBear, Kenny, and Haz for advice. They would get something wrong on occasion, but would recognize it, hit it with a hammer, and move on. And they would get it right 90% of the time instead almost always wrong.

      1. *blush* Aw, shucks.

        “Most days, I suspect that we could get a better government by picking 535 people at random. On bad days, I’m certain we’d get a better government by picking 535 people at random from lunatic asylums.”

        1. Agree, Ironbear. A random group would be far better than what we currently have as “national leadership.” I am not sure about random lunatics, though — that might be a little too close to the current group.

      2. Agree about the Federalist Society. I’m hard pressed to think of a single “conservative” institution that isn’t corrupt at this point.

    2. I grew up with a guy a few years older than me who ended up in Law School and then a very successful Lawyer career. We played softball in the streets around my house a lot as teens. Very good guy. Very Conservative. Pretty much a straight up Trump Team kind of guy. He ran for Office and lost a close Election for I believe a State Assembly position. Probably got rigged out of it, as he was very popular around the district he lived in.

      I bet in a heartbeat he could be a perfect pick for a Drain The Swamp Judge position. I’d rather go with people like him than anyone even the Federalist Society and the all the Ivy League “Conservatives” would recommend. I think that’s one of the problems. Absent Ivy League Credentials, one cannot get in the “Club”, and that is not an accident. They are Gatekeepers to make sure everyone that gets in the Club cannot make a difference. I think that’s more true today than it was even 30 years ago when Clarence Thomas and Scalia etc. were moving up the Ladder.

      1. “…and that is not an accident.”

        See my comment above regarding the chinese.

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