Wait, whut?!?

Oh. HELL. No.

As a heavily-inked individual myself, I can say with some authority that this godawful trend must be stopped immediately before it metastasizes further, by any and all possible means up to and including but by no means limited to murder, dismemberment, and flaying alive.

Unbelievable though it may seem to actual humans, though, the response is even worse.

Oh, I’m sure you will at that, you mewling pantywaist. You’ll do absolutely anything your government masters command, anything at all. I mean, hey, here in the Land of the (gag) Free and the Home of the (puke) Brave, we do as we’re told, never resist, question, or defy, and believe everything our beloved government says. That’s the American Way! Right? RIGHT?!?

Just please do me one favor, Poindexter: Keep your dainty, doughy ass the hell up in Brooklyn where it belongs. Under NO circumstances should you consider moving down South. Not ever. Not you, not your friends, not anybody at all LIKE you. Your and your kind aren’t wanted, aren’t needed, and aren’t welcome. Stay where you’re at. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

And we sometimes wonder where freedom went, and how we got ourselves into so awful a national fix. Well, look no further, folks; the answer is right there before you. In fact, it surrounds you…and outnumbers you by a pretty good margin, too. Happily, it’s also weak, cowardly, and unwilling to fight, even when its own wretched existence is at stake. So, y’know, there’s that.

There IS a positive side to all this, though: When the shooting finally starts, those vaccine tattoos and face-woobies will serve as handy-dandy targets, easily discernable from great distances with or without a scope. What better way to sort out the quick and the dead? I’ve been thinking for a while now that those who have demonstrated such eager servility, obedience, and brain-dead conformity should be among the very first to go, being so large a part of the whole problem to start with. How considerate of Zombie Americans like these, then, to unwittingly help out by making themselves such conspicuous aimpoints.

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… this godawful trend must be stopped immediately before it metastasizes further…

No, no, that’s quite all right. By all means, let the targets self identify and indelibly mark themselves with aiming points.


This thing (I certainly won’t call it a human being) will be “proud” to show the evidence of its enslavement. The mind boggles.

“Look at my shiny new slave collar! Isn’t it pretty? I am massah’s favorite!”

What a pathetic worm. Of course it “doesn’t get what the big deal is” — it is incapable of actual thought.


Yeah. Kinda makes you realize that, no wonder they all dogpiled on John Norman back in the day over the Gor novels: Norman was fucking right, only it wasn’t just Prog women that longed for the collar. It was the “men” too.


I mean, I’ve got plans for a tattoo if I get the Rona:

A supersoaker with the logo replaced by superspreader, shooting one virus per infected individual…

Secretly hoping for a diagnosis so I can get a tattoo in bad taste…



But….bitch boy says that The Mask of Retardation is there to protect everyone else, and if you don’t wear it, we all get sick and die! https://raconteurreport.blogspot.com/2021/04/covidiocy-strikes-again.html?m=1


Oh jeez, didn’t realize where the link took me 🙂 But since I’m there…

“You wear it to protect everyone else from you.”

Except of course, it doesn’t. Not in your wildest dreams.

“This is only news for people who flunked eighth grade science.”

Freaking hilarious. The guy can’t give any evidence for his assertions claims everyone else flunked science. LOL.

“In other breaking news, you don’t need one by yourself, outside in the sunshine; nor all alone in your car.”

Or anywhere else of course, since the mask does near zero in any direction.

“COVID has mainly served to illustrate how scientifically stupid most Americans are, and how thick their skulls are…”

Definitely a demonstration of that.

“If you want protection for yourself, you wear an N95 or better (if you can find one).”

3M N95, the gold standard for medical grade masks and they say nothing about any protection in any direction from the transmission of an airborne virus.

Hey, maybe 3M just isn’t up on 8th grade science.

https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Health-Care-Particulate-Respirator-and-Surgical-Mask-1860-N95-120-EA-Case/?N=5002385 3294795990&rt=rud


Yep. Masks (outside of actual surgical settings where there are open wounds/incisions in the body) are just virtue signals. They are the Just Fucking Love Science cult’s equivalent of someone who osentatiously carries a bible around and makes sure everyone sees them doing it. “Look at me! Look at MEEEEEEE!!!! See how virtuous I am! Me me me me me me me! Look at MEEEEEEE!”


Masks don’t work. Of course someone stupid enough to believe they do would be stupid enough to get a tattoo of a V. Why not just get the yellow star and line up for the cattle cars. You don’t want to be late to the Showers, now do you?

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